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3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope - Rainbow-Finish Chestpiece

3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope – Rainbow-Finish Chestpiece

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope – Rainbow-Finish Chestpiece.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Monitor and assess a wide range of patients
  • Detect normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms
  • Useful in non critical care environments such as a medical office, general ward, OB/GYN, ambulatory clinic or urgent care
  • 5 year warranty. Soft-sealing ear-tips provide optimal comfort and excellent sound occlusion

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More Info:

Here are some more information on 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope – Rainbow-Finish Chestpiece.
Color:Black Tube, Stem and Headset  |  Chestpiece Style:Rainbow-Finish ChestpieceProduct DescriptionLove your stethoscope The compact and sensitive Littmann Classic III stethoscope is the perfect instrument for clinicians who monitor and assess children or adults in non-critical environments. Manufactured with strong yet lightweight materials for hours of comfortable use. Education at your fingertips. Get exclusive training content on your mobile device that will help you improve your auscultation skills and use your stethoscope more effectively. The 3M Littmann Learning Institute App includes self-paced lessons with heart and lung sounds, patient scenarios to help improve your diagnostic thinking, self-tests to track your progress, a sound library, and more. Get the app and start training today. Here s how: Find Find the Littmann Learning Institute App in the App Store or Google Play. Download Download the free app to your mobile device. Unlock Enter the serial number, found on your 3M Littmann Stethoscope chestpiece, or voucher code to unlock unique educational content.Manufacturer Contact Information651-575-5000

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope – Rainbow-Finish Chestpiece.

Question Question 1

We Will Be An Emt Student Soon, Would This Stethoscope Be Sufficient? Or Is It Overkill. Suggestions Are Appreciated.?

Former EMT, currently in med school: This is absolute overkill for EMT (if they don’t have steths on your rig, get something in the $15-30 range). This is perfectly fine for usd school (it’s what almost everyone in our class has).

Question Question 2

Is This Good For A New Nursing Student Bsn?

It’s better than good, it’s ideal for all your professional career.

Question Question 3

Is There A Warranty?

yes, it has 5 years warranty

Question Question 4

Isn’T The “Black Edition” Supposed To Be Like Black Matte Finish? On The Earpieces & Bell. When We Click Black It Looks More Like The Smoke Finish. ??

The bell does not have a matte black finish. The olives and diaphragm are finished in matte black. we just bought it 15 days ago. we are happy with the finish of the stethoscope. It depends on the tastes of each one. Regards

Question Question 5

Would This Be Good For An Emt Who Is Hard Of Hearing? We Are Trying To Find A Stethoscope To Invest In.?

we think it would be a challenge if you are hearing impaired. You may want to try a stethoscope with a volume adjustment setting

Question Question 6

We Are Looking For A Good Stethoscope. Currently In Nursing School And We Are 100% Deaf In Our Left Ear. Anyone Know Of A Good One For Deafness?

Get an Ultrascope. They have many cute deisgns, they are customizable, and superior hearing quality. Mine has lasted 10 plus years. If tubing breaks, the company will send the tubing for free.

Question Question 7

Is It In The Original Box?

Mine was in the box with a little brochure and extra ear pieces.

Question Question 8

Is It A Good One To Use In Pediatrics? We Are Midwife Assistant .?

Yes, this Stethoscope can be used for for pediatric and adults. For your reference, a link to an applicable review has been included below:https://www. .com/3M-Littmann-Classic-Stethoscope-Plum/product-reviews/B0081DFEA4/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_viewopt_kywd?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=helpful&pageNumber=1&filterByKey Yes, this Stethoscope can be used for for pediatric and adults. For your reference, a link to an applicable review has been included below:https://www. .com/3M-Littmann-Classic-Stethoscope-Plum/product-reviews/B0081DFEA4/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_viewopt_kywd?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=helpful&pageNumber=1&filterByKeyword=pediThanks.

Question Question 9

Is There A Document That Shows It Is Latex Free? We Need To Present Documentation To Our Nursing School That It Is Latex Free?

Couldn t tell

Question Question 10

What Is The Difference Between The Black Tube And The Black?

we have no idea. Black isn’t our forte so we don t look or judge things in that color. Sorry we didn’t help.

Question Question 11

Does This Stethoscope Have A Dual Lumen?

No, the Cardiology models have the double lumen (the little connector between the left and right side.

Question Question 12

Do You Engrave?


Question Question 13

Is It In The Litmann Box?

It came in the cardboard litmann box not a special box meant for storing a stethoscope but the box is sturdy and has the foam inserts made for the stethoscope. we hope this helps.

Question Question 14

Does The Littmann Classic Iiwe Sold By Includes The 3M Warranty Card?


Question Question 15

Is It Possible To Personalise This Item?

Yes.It can be engraved.

Question Question 16

Do You Ship To Paraguay?


Question Question 17

Can We Ask For Writing Some Personal Words On It?

what do you mean exactly by writing some personal words on it? Do you mean writing a card to go with it or more so n engraving? Since these orders are fulfilled by themselves the best thing to do is give them a call and find out if they can do it. we know that as of this time, they do not do engraving. Hop what do you mean exactly by writing some personal words on it? Do you mean writing a card to go with it or more so n engraving? Since these orders are fulfilled by themselves the best thing to do is give them a call and find out if they can do it. we know that as of this time, they do not do engraving. Hope this was helpful.

Question Question 18

It Comes With A Box ?

Yes it comes with box

Question Question 19

Is It Plated In 24K Gold ?

This is not plated in 24K gold.Thank you,Customer Service

Question Question 20

Do You Ship To Mexico?

Unfortunately at this time we only ship within the USA and Canada.Thank you,Customer Service

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope – Rainbow-Finish Chestpiece, these might be useful for better understanding.

So at the risk of sounding really ridiculous — we also have the littmann lightweight and the cardiology iv. In comparison:the classic iiwe is much lighter weight than the cardiology iv but does not sound even close to as clear (which makes sense). It is still good sound quality and we will use it for our lung sounds and gwe sounds but not for ct-icu patients. In comparison to the littmann lightweight, it is obviously much heavier of a stethoscope to carry around. The sound is much more high quality than the lightweight so we like to use this one on day shift when we need more noise cancellation. We also think the sound quality of the classic iwe is very similar to the iii. The tubing is sturdier on the iiwe and noticeably heavier.

This is, hands down, our favorite stethoscope ever. Our first stethoscope as an rn was a littmann classic ii, which we loved. Unfortunately, it disappeared in spite of having our name engraved on it, never to be seen again. As a replacement, we purchased the littmann lightweight iwe s. E. , which for us, was a dud. We know some people love it, but maybe we were spoiled by the performance of our missing classic ii. After giving the lightweight a chance, we decided to go ahead and spend the money on a classic iwe again, but they were not easy to find (maybe it’s being phased out??) and it wasn’t available in the bright color that we wanted. On the recommendation of a doc that we work with, we ordered this stethoscope and wow. We are so impressed with the classic iii’s acoustic sensitivity. We get the clearest heart, lung and bowel sounds without any of the light vs firm pressure nonsense of the lightweight s. E. No matter how much noise is in the background, we never have an issue with auscultation. Just as a test, we listened to our daughter’s heart and lungs through her thick robe (of course not how we would listen to a patient) and it was still incredibly clear. We ordered the bright yellow so that we could spot it easily and so far no color transfer or any other issues.

We work as a veterinary technician at a small animal practice and we have a 12 year old great pyrenees mix, so of course he was our first test run. His heart sounds great by the way 🙂 we did not expect to hear so clearly with this, although we should have since it has great reviews. Our boss is the only one with a littmann, and now we understand why she doesn t share hers. We have listened with a prestige medical and a cheap off-brand for 3 1/2 years now at this clinic, and we can definitely tell the difference with this stethoscope. The ear buds feel so nice, and our ears don t hurt after wearing this for a few minutes as opposed to the other stethoscopes we have used. The color is true to picture. We picked the caribbean blue. Five stars for littmann. P. S. We read quite a few reviews that stated the delivery packaging was awful. Seems to have improved this as our littmann came in an box with air packaging. Not just a taped up littmann box. Very pleased.

We are an rrt and this stethoscope beats the cardiology iv. Seriously people, in our career we have owned many stethoscopes, but this one is the best. Lightweight and long enough that we don’t have to smell our patients breath when listening to breath sounds, and we can hear the s1 and s2 heart sounds. With vent alarms and monitors going off we can hear faint crackles. You won’t be disapointed.

We had a cheap stethoscope that cost like $15-20. We got it to start rt school. We noticed we couldnt hear what they were discribing in class and the examples online. So we decided to try the classic bc we were still learning and thought we would get the more expensive later. The moment we put them on and tested them, our eyes and mouth popped wide open. We were totally shocked in the huge difference between the two and what we could now hear. A huge smile then followed. It was amazing to finally hear those sounds and with such clarity. We are sure the more expensive ones are even better but we love these and for now we are very satisfied.

As a field paramedic, we have never seen the need to buy a $150-$200 stethoscope for use in the field. A littmann classic is more than adequate at half that cost. This one delivers high-quality breath sounds and coils neatly into the side pocket of our bdus when not in use. Sturdy, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing, it’s tough to go wrong with a littmann classic iii.

We normally don’t post reviews but we always look at them before buying something. We just received our littmann classic iiwe and we are in love with it. Came well packaged and it’s beautiful. It has very good acoustics and we can’t wait to use it during nursing school. If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate. Go for it.

We have been using an mdf instruments for the first 3 semesters of nursing school. Here we are thinking that we are just not doing something right because it is so hard for us to decipher sounds. After receiving this stethoscope, we realize that it was our stethoscope that prevented us from being able to hear. Immediately, we could hear 10 times better. We are so excited to be able to start using it in our next semester.

We began nursing school using a cheap-o stethoscope that we purchased for our cna class. We quickly realized that we needed to upgrade as we were struggling to get manual bps in our geriatric patients. Unfortunately we had to struggle through most of the first quarter with our cheapo until we could afford to invest in a quality stethoscope. Clearly we got the litmann classic iii, and we haven t had to redo a blood pressure since. No longer do we have little old ladies annoyed with us because we have to squeeze their arm more than once. Improved our repatoir at the nursing home by a lot. Our only complaint is the shipping. The stethoscope was delivered in the retail box (not inside an box) and the box was not even taped closed. The top half of the box simply fits over the bottom half. Nothing was missing from the unsecured box, luckily, but very easily could have been.

As soon as the littmann classic iiwe we purchased on sold by hocare, arrived, we had a small suspicion that it was a fake but had nothing to compare it to so we assumed it was the real littmann. After starting school and comparing our classic iiwe to those of our classmates’, we noticed small differences that made us realize that it was definitely not the original. We immediately contacted . They were extremely helpful and gave us a full refund and we received a new one (this time sold from ) just two days later. Differences between the real littmann and the fake littmann:1. Box:-the real box has a smooth shine and surface. -the word littmann on the fake box is a slightly thicker font than on the real box. -on the side of the box where the product name, number, color, and design is located, the real box showed a proper representation of the tube color and chest piece finish color while the fake box had off looking colors. -on the side of the bar code, the real littmann has a vertical sticker with small littmann logos that reflects light when turning the box from side to side. -the purple on the real and fake box are different. The real one has a more pink-purple and the fake one is a darker purple. -the inside of the fake box has a black foam and the foam around the chest piece is not a proper circle (chest piece does not fit nicely inside)2. Chest piece:-the seal around the fake littmann seemed more rubbery (like an eraser) and has a damaged look. When rubbing the seal of the real littmann, nothing should rub off. -the littmann logo should be a strong black. -the serial number engraved on the chest piece of the real littmann has the letters closer together than the fake one. 3. Tubing:-the fake one has a slightly thicker tubing and a slightly darker/blueish color to it. -where the tubing meets the chest piece, the fake littmann goes over the metal and is wider, whereas on the real one, the tubing gets narrower and meets the metal smoothly. 4. Ear pieces-the fake littmann has a more rubbery ear pieces. -the metal tubing of the fake littmann is bent at a stronger angle causing discomfort when in the ears (even after wearing for a while).

When we were in school we were issued a stethoscope and we couldn’t hear much and thought a higher end one would be the same. We were wrong. There is a massive difference between a cheap one and a quality one. If you assess your patients and carry a stethoscope on you this is a must. You can hear a rat fart in a wall two blocks away with this. Honestly it’s a great investment.

We bought this when we started nursing school. Honestly, it feels more expensive than our mdf, it s heavier with a better feeling tube, but honestly we do not think it conducts sound as well as the mdf. We feel like the littmann is such good quality that it picks up all the noise from our fingers while we are holding the bell. It s hard to explain but we just don t like it as much and we can t distinguish between heart sounds and artifact noises. It s a pain when taking bps. Was that a systolic beat or just our fingers moving over the bell? maybe we will never know.

Best stethoscope so far. Especially for veternarians and others in the animal field. Even though we are paid much less too have to learn much more , as far as so many species, we do matter. We require an even better stethoscope , due to the fact we require auscultation of very deep chested breeds, i. E. Dobermans, great danes. 0;). We love our dobermans and they were the first for us to take this for a spin. Excellent sound on deep chested breeds. 0;). Came well packaged, timely, in excellent condition. Do not bother with the more costly ones , this works as well as them.

We received this gift on valentines day and it was perfect. This stethoscope is 100x more gorgeous in person.

We have been a paramedic for the last 8 years and have always used a littmann lightweight as our daily stethoscope. One thing we never liked about it was the ambient noise it would pick up. We just started nursing school and decided to upgrade a bit. We wanted to go with a cardiac iv but the price point and chance of misplacing it or it growing legs and walking away made us think twice about it. We saw the sale on the classic 3 and figured we would give it a try. Comparison to the lightweight:weight: the classic 3 is definitely a touch heavier but that was to be expected. We carry mine in the cargo pocket of our scrubs so it really isn’t an issue. Build quality:it appears to be a bit stouter than the lightweight in regard to tube and overall materials. We just received it so we can t voice any experience on longevity. What we can say is our lightweight lasted us the last 8 years without an issue so we believe this one will last just as long, if not longer. We bought the burgundy one with black chest piece and was a little disappointed at how dark the burgundy is in real life compared to the pictures. Overall though it is a great looking stethoscope and is definitely a different look than the traditional black ones you usually see. Sound quality:ok, this is where we were blown away. We have tested it on heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds and bp. The adjustability by just increasing or decreasing pressure to hone in on tone frequencies is amazing. Plus, the reduction of ambient sound really sets the classic iiwe apart from the lightweight. We are able to hear sounds we were never able to hear with our lightweight. For the $77 we paid for this we are definitely happy with our purchase. Condition upon arrival:some reviewers have had issues with their purchase and stated it appeared used or a knock off. We know has warehouse options so maybe that was what they were sent. Mine was brand new in the box with absolutely no defects. Summary:if you are looking to upgrade or purchase your first stethoscope, the classic iiwe will not disappoint. The only reason we gave it 4 stars is because we just bought it and cannot rate the longevity of it.

So to start off before this stethoscope the only one we ever had was the littman lightweight which for our first year in nursing school did very decent, but since we would be graduating soon we decided to buy this one. It is very good quality wise, it feels pretty tough and hearing wise its a definite upgrade (that’s probably the important part) from our lightweight we always seemed to get these really muffled noises which through off our assessment and we hated it but from this stethoscope it is very clear now its not like a whole lot of a difference but its enough to feel like we know that what we are listening to is what we should be listening to, now for the price eh. We get it but its pretty up there. Over all we are pretty happy with it.

We are still a first term nursing student, and this is our second stethoscope. We began on the cheap and bought a mdf stethoscope upon another students recommendation to save money. Upon not being able to hear a thing, we researched and found this beauty which solved all of those problems fast. Oscillating the heart, lungs, and abdominal is quite clear without much effort to listen. Save yourself the time and effort and start with this one.

Love this stethoscope. We are rn so we use it constantly and it gets tossed in our work bag and stands up to the abuse. Only reason we gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because it came in the wrong color. The color we ordered is correct on the website and even on the box but when we opened it the stethoscope inside was a light pearly blue. We ordered it last minute and needed it for work so we just kept it and said screw it. We like blue in any shade anyway.

This stethoscope is extraordinary. We love littmann and when looking for a stethoscope, will turn to littmann every time, and let us just say, this lived up to the littmann name and did not disappoint. We are emt and paramedic student and the sounds are so crisp, loud and clear you can hear them even when going 60mph on a bumpy highway with the lights and horns blazing, it really is that good. We debated buying the cardiology option because we did not know how clear this would be but we can honestly say, from experience, we do not regret buying this over the cardiology stethoscope. And did we mention how gorgeous it looks. We bought the black stethoscope with the rainbow chest piece and we can’t stop staring at the beauty of it. Great buy.

We don’t know if you can tell the difference between stethoscopes, but this one performed well enough, though price was at the top. We compared it to another littmann-a lightweight 2, and another brand, prestige-classic 1, and the prestige won. Certainly for price, but sound quality was right there too, though it is heavy. We are no audiophile, or expert, and only looking for a home stethoscope for our needs. If you can afford it, and are serious student or you are already in the medical field, then go with the proven littmann brand which will probably stay the course in the long run. Otherwise, try the prestige, and see how it performs for you. The weight is heavy, but you might overlook that if your finances are on the short side, and you get the prestige on a downswing in price as we did for one of the colors available. As is often the case on . It requires a little more shopping time to get what you want, but it may be worth it in the end if you can wait to buy.

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