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ADDIPAK Unit Dose Solutions – 3ml (100 ea/Box)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ADDIPAK Unit Dose Solutions.

Question Question 1

We Desired The Addipak And Not The Generic Modudose That Comes Stuck Together In Packs OfFive Please Confirm Which One Ships? Is It The One Revealed?

In some cases the Addipak comes separated, often stuck in packs of five. They all state Addipak. we have never ever had one open while tearing them off.

Question Question 2

Can You Evaluate The Twist Top To Utilize The Staying Option Later On? Tks?

No. It twist totally off.

Question Question 3

Does It Required To Be Tossed Out After It Has Been Opened?

Yes, they are single usage and non reusable after opening

Question Question 4

Is This A Box Of 100 That’S For Sale?

Yes it is a box of 100 3 mL vials

Question Question 5

Is This The Like Lacwe Pure?

AddiPak Unit Dose Saline is a sterilized 0.9% saline option preservative-free and consists of no bacteriostatic representatives. LacriPure is a preservative free 0.9% salt chloride option (saline) so yes they are the very same. Possible options to think about are Modudose (bigger 15 mL/ 0.51 oz sizing, and stands by itself) and AddiPak Unit Dose Saline is a sterilized 0.9% saline option preservative-free and consists of no bacteriostatic representatives. LacriPure is a preservative free 0.9% salt chloride option (saline) so yes they are the very same. Possible options to think about are Modudose (bigger 15 mL/ 0.51 oz sizing, and stands by itself) and Purilens Plus Saline (buffered).

Question Question 6

Why Does It Have A Cal Prop 65 Caution On The Brand-new Deliveries?

It does not have a chemical or anything else in it other than sterilized saline. The Cal prop 65 caution needs to do with the plastic vials.

Question Question 7

Is This Made In U.S.A.?

Yes, they are made in the U.S.A..

Question Question 8

Does This Have Benzalkonium Chloride And Sulfuric Acid In It?

NO. It is 3 ml sterilized 0.9% NaCl option for inhalation USP

Question Question 9

Is This Water?

No, it’s sterilized saline option for usage in nebulizers. we utilize it as saline option for our contacts for travel or to keep in our handbag for emergency situation usage.

Question Question 10

Can You Recycle The Addipak Plastic Containers?

Iwould state no be trigger the little size may nasty up their equipment.As it is the getting cou shots are discarding the plastic and it is winding up in the ocean.

Question Question 11

Is This A Sterilized Option?

Yes it was responded to in another question: we are looking for addippak 3ml 0.9% nacl, is this it?Answer: Yes this is 3mL sterilized NaCl

Question Question 12

Why Is A Box Of 2 More Pricey Than 2 Boxes Of 100?


Question Question 13

Addipak Is The Like Abuterol???

No, Albuterol is a pharmaceutical medication. Addipak is a 0.9% Regular Saline option.

Question Question 14

Can This Product Be Utilized To Oil A Hydrophilic Catheter?

It would be better to utilize a sterilized lubricant.There are some with private plans.

Question Question 15

Can This Be Usage To Clean The Skin?

This is mainly utilized as eye drops.Use something else to clean the skin.

Question Question 16

Is This Product Regular Saline 0.9% 3 Ml?

Yes it is. Salt chloride 0.9% in a 3ml ampule.

Question Question 17

What’S The Distinction In Between The Various Colors?We Just Usage The Pink Ones, Can’T Usage The Fat Ones – Can We Simply Buy The Skinny Ones?

we like slim ones better simply personal choice.

Question Question 18

Does This Contain 0.9% Salt Chloride And Utilized For Contact Option?

Yes, we are a Registered Nurse and wished to make certain the option is 0.9% NS. we use scleral lens and this works the finest. Dream it was on subscribe & conserve.

Question Question 19

The Vials Can Be Found In Blue, Pink, Green, And Larger Red.What Is The Distinction Amongst The Colors?

we have bought these 2 times (3ml and 5ml), we have never ever defined color however we have constantly got red, however we believe that color is simply the product of the pods, the material needs to be the very same.

Question Question 20

This Work For Injection?

NO. It is utilized as eye drops.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ADDIPAK Unit Dose Solutions, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have never ever attempted saline option in our nebulizer and wished to offer it a shot. We have utilized albuterol which has no result on me. We are coming off a flare up ideal (extreme asthma) and after much research it appears that saline would assist with loosening and eliminating congestion. After inspecting at a number of drug stores. Prescription needed. Why, it’s saline option?? so here on is precisely what we are looking for and it is likewise prime. We simply finished 2 treatments and am currently feeling muchbetter We bought package of 100 ampules. Initially look ampules are half full, however take a look at the determined dose. Our albuterol 3 ml ampules are smaller sized however full. Everything comes out to an equivalent 3ml dose. Will certainly be reordered in the future.

These vials were bought for scleral contact lenses. The 3ml volume was more than enough for the contacts. The just other choice we had was to buy them through our regional drug store however it was a lot simpler to buy them through. They came quicker than guaranteed. We will certainly reorder.

This product is simply what we were looking for, a saline eye drop with no preservatives. Our eye dr. Told us to get 0. 9% saline option. We understand this product mentions that it is for inhalation however however it can likewise be utilized as drops for dry eyes. It is really easy to utilize. After we open it, we cover it in a tidy napkin and then put it in a plastic baggy to keep it sterilized. We utilize it for 2 days and then toss it away. We had no issues with it and we have really delicate eyes. We are really pleased with this product.

We have hypersensitive eyes and can not utilize normal contact solutions, not even the delicate eye solutions. We utilized to utilize unisol up until it was no longer offered and now we utilize purilens as our saline option. These little dose packs are best for travel or to keep a couple in your handbag in case of emergency situation e. G. If somebody has something stuck in their eye or if a contact comesout Things we should not promote, however it is what we do: throughout travel, we utilize one vial for about 4-5 days and have even put it in our handbag, opened, without it dripping. We certainly continue utilizing after expiration, too. Simply keep the idea rather secured.

We like these 3 ml vials for utilizing with our nebulizer, flushing our eyes, cleaning up cuts and dampening a dry nose. We have dry eyes and they frequently feel scratchy so in between our prescription drops we utilize this to make certain absolutely nothing remains in our eye/s. We keep some with us in our bag and they have been practical when a little friend skins a knee. We flush the location with this and cover with plaster up until we are house. We take lots of medications that can make whatever dry. That consists of the nose. Typically we can utilize one vial for our eyes and nose to keep them moist. Like others have stated, these do not burn and the size is easy to stick in a pocket, bag of handbag. While it most likely isn’t made for this, we have even moistened our lips and mouth when our water bottle was empty. There are 100 vials in package so they last a very long time. We like them a lot we are on our 3rd order.

It’s fantastic. The colors of the plastic vials made us reconsider prior to buying. Now that we got the product, it’s best. We utilize it in our kid’s nebulizer.

We purchased due to the fact that the brand name we were utilizing was no longer made. We were uncertain about purchasing single does. We believed we would seem like we wereted the staying option. We can get 2 times out of one pack. Happily please. Great for travel. Last longer than we believed it would. We do suggest purchasing the 3 ml if you are utilizing as a single dose. Our eye dr. Bought the bigger ones and we attempted a few loads. It is way to much for a single person. Really inefficient. Buy the 3ml. Advise and will be buying once again.

We purchased these to keep our different brand-new piercings tidy. This is an excellent way to have and shop sterilized saline for this function. Do not listen to piercers who state you can dispose salt into pure water, it’s not sterilized. Usage something like this and understand for sure that what you’re utilizing is totally tidy.

We bought this, hoping we would get a smaller sized vial with 3ml saline option to make travel simpler in our diaper bag. Nevertheless, it is available in the 5ml vial size, just around half full (3ml option). The size of the vial is much larger than we believed, and while it will work for our desired function, it will make it a tighter fit and we will not have the ability to bring as lots of along with us when we take a trip. A point in the description suggesting the length of the vial would be practical, as the picture reveals 4 various ones and it’s unclear which one you will get when you position an order.

Our other half usage these for his sclera contacts and states it’s the best quantity of option. He tosses them in his work and fitness center bag in case he requires to take one out for any factor and likewise every early morning prior to he puts them back in. These are simpler to break from each other than ones we have purchased in the past.

We saw the service technicians at our ophthalmology physicians workplace utilizing these and believed why not. When you put on t require big quantities of saline option or wish to be extra mindful about sterility, this the way to go. We use scleral contacts that need the bubble that vaults of your corneas to be filled with saline. In our case it takes 17 or 18 drops to fill the bubble. With the addipak we can meter that quantity out really rapidly and quickly. One 3ml pack will quickly fill both of lenses with more to spare, even if we have extract and reinsert a lens.

These are really useful. Bought for a damage ruduction type iv usage and they were quickly embraced by all. There suffices in the 3ml vial for a number of dosages, which is not advised however better than folks utilizing faucet water. One more action to safelty for those who do iv drugs.

Hassle-free, low-cost. Our eye doctor’s nurse informed us to utilize them to rinse our contacts, however we utilize them for more than that: nasal rinse, eye rinse, when we sit too long without blinking and our contacts get sticky.

Easy open, usage for blending with breathed in steroid in nebulizer. Easy and fast are 2 really crucial words when one can not breathe. Will buy once again.

We utilize this preservative free option to place our by hybrid contacts from synergeyes. Perfect for insertion considering that the lens needs to be filled with saline prior to we serting. Biotrue inflamed our eyes and this one does not.

We were looking for something that we might utilize with an eye cup to revitalize our eyes in the early morning. These came half filled and sufficed for 2 usages. We were utilizing single usage vial refresh drops. These are more affordable formore We required preservative-free and these fit the costs.

In case you were puzzled by the photo, this is in fact the long slim pink tube left wing. Terrific worth we utilize these for our hard contacts. Revealed our eye doctor and he began purchasing them due to the fact that lacripure is so costly.

We like this business. We utilize this sterilized saline to put in our scleral contacts and it works completely. The 3ml one is simply enough. Terrific cost also.

We liked how easy to get a single dose vial lacked ripping open a unit by mishap. We have stubby fingers and this product was excellent for us. Effectiveness is excellent and the product does what it is implied to do.

We utilize these in location of eye drops. They were advised by our eye cosmetic surgeon and optician after cornea transplants to utilize throughout allergy season. Actually assists with the itching. Simply want they had a cap. A couple of drops and we need to toss the container away when taking a trip or out for the day. No other way to keep them from dripping in our handbag or pocket.

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