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Adult Ultra Soft Oxygen Cannula - green tubing

Adult Ultra Soft Oxygen Cannula – green tubing

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Adult Ultra Soft Oxygen Cannula – green tubing.

  • Ultra soft design alleviates the pain and rubbing brought on by conventional cannula wear. Created to avoid the advancement of sores behind the ears.
  • 7 foot length, non- kinking, 6 channel star lumen tubing
  • Green tubing for included presence throughout usage
  • Latex free
  • Pack 5

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Adult Ultra Soft Oxygen Cannula – green tubing.
Unlike standard PVC cannulas, which are hard and develop substantial friction and shear forces when dragged throughout the skin, Convenience Soft Plus is extremely flexible and alleviates pressure on and behind the ears, consequently avoiding pressure ulcer. Whatever they call it, no other soft cannula from any other producer, carries out in addition to Westmed Convenience Soft Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Adult Ultra Soft Oxygen Cannula – green tubing.

Question Question 1

Can These Be Cleaned Up With Alcohol?

Alcohol might engage with this cannula and trigger it to “harden”; we would simply utilize warm soapy water and alter the product relatively typically.

Question Question 2

Is This Cannula Dehp Free?

This product is NOT DEHP free.It is just latex and BPA free.

Question Question 3

How Do You Tidy This Canula?

These cannulas are non reusable, implied for one time usage and not advised to be cleaned up.

Question Question 4

How Long Is The Tube That Goes Into The Nostril?

the 2 little tubes that enter into the nostril have to do with 1/2 inch long.

Question Question 5

Is This One Cannula For $8.04 Or Five Cannulas In A Pack For This Cost?

The rate is for a bag of 5. They are extremely comfy.

Question Question 6

The Cannula We Have Are Too Fat And Thickto Remain In Our Nostrils.The One We Had Prior To Were Closer Together And Much Thinner.What About This Size?


Question Question 7

How Lots Of Cannulas Remain In The Pack?

The cannulas are connected to thetubing Being 5 to the pack, there are 5 cannulas. Hope this assists you.

Question Question 8

Can The Tubing Link To Each Other?

we do not comprehend what you indicate by link to each other.It will link to the regulator on your oxygen tank.

Question Question 9

Will These Deal With A Cpap Maker?

No,, A CPAP device needs more of a tube to provide the quantity of air that is required to preserve breathing throughout sleep. we make sure there is something made for cpap usage that is made from this product. our mama likes the brand-new cannulas.makes it a lot simpler for her and her ears do not injure any longer from the other tubing t No,, A CPAP device needs more of a tube to provide the quantity of air that is required to preserve breathing throughout sleep. we make sure there is something made for cpap usage that is made from this product. our mama likes the brand-new cannulas.makes it a lot simpler for her and her ears do not injure any longer from the other tubing that rubs her ears incorrect and made them raw.

Question Question 10

How Does This Link To Our Cpap? Our Feed Pipe Is A Lot Larger?

Sorry, we are not knowledgeable about a tube adapter in between a CPAP device and a Oxygen Cannula.’ Tip: contact CPAP mfgr.

Question Question 11

Does This Product Have A Nose Piece?

Yes, obviously it does.The nose piece is much smaller sized than those found on lots of other cannulas.That is the factor that we like it.The little nose piece and the light rubber tubing resulting in the nose piece is what the ultra soft is everything about. If you choose a big and heavy nose piece appearance elsewhere.

Question Question 12

It States GreenTubing Does It Start Out Clear Than Go Green?

No, the tubing is a clear green color.It does not begin clear and go to green.

Question Question 13

Will These Support 4 Lpm?

we have actually turned my own to 5 if we are up operating in the kitchen area, then turn it down to 3 1/2 to 4 after.

Question Question 14

Trying To Find Cannula Thats Clear?

we have clear cannula readily available. please send us a note of it

Question Question 15

Are These High Circulation? (6 – 8 Lpm And Greater)? Likewise, Can I Get 4. Rather Of 7. If Not, Are Tools Offered To Shortent And Re- Crimp?

These are not created for high flow.We (RRI) do offer high circulation cannulas in 4 feet length on – you will require to look for that in the product description.

Question Question 16

Are These Canula’S Nostril Segments (For Absence Of Authorities Terms) Long And Thin? We Dislike The Brief Fat Ones That Hardly Fit Into The Nostrils.?

Yes, they are thin and long. we comprehend your issues about the brief ones that do not fit effectively, however these one will fit you well. We likewise Have oxygen cannula. look forUs PROGENERICA Yes, they are thin and long. we comprehend your issues about the brief ones that do not fit effectively, however these one will fit you well. We likewise Have oxygen cannula. look forUs PROGENERICASincerely, Francis Plaza

Question Question 17

Is It Possible To Get The Soft Cannula With Soft 7’Tubing?The 7′ Tubing On This Product Appears Quite Stiff.The Cannula Is Great.?

our cannulas that we acquired appeared soft to us the description specified soft oxygen cannula 7 ft. they appeared soft to me.

Question Question 18

How Can You Inform What Circulation Rate These Benefit.?

Great as much as 5 lpm.Over that you would have a high circulation concentrator & know that you require high circulation cannulas which are generally green.

Question Question 19

How Severely Do The Filthy Offgassing Voc’S From These Tubes Damage Our Health?

Sorry, we do not understand, however we questioned likewise.

Question Question 20

What Is The Distinction In Between Green Tubing And Clear Tubing?

None that we can inform. Considering that the clear is the 4 feet length and tbe green, the 7 feet length; colors may just separate the lengths. However thats just our guess.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Adult Ultra Soft Oxygen Cannula – green tubing, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Will acquire once again without doubt. Our granny has actually been on oxygen 24/ 7 for almost 2 years now. She has actually constantly had problems with the cannula annoying her nose, which began triggering bleeds and rashes throughout dry times of the year. We want we would have purchased these faster for her. She attempted one on and she might instantly feel the distinction. She has actually been utilizing it for simply over a week now and her nose is no longer inflamed. An included reward is televisions that rest versus her cheeks are extremely soft likewise. She no longer has red marks on her face from televisions triggering friction all the time. The location of the tubing under the her chin is likewise more comfy. It does not twist up and pinch her skin. Over all, we advise these for anybody utilizing oxygen. Our granny is a lot more comfy with these tubes vs the brand name provided by her oxygen supplier. We feel bad we didn’t order these 2 years ago for her. Will absolutely be purchased once again.

We are brand-new to the world of nasal cannulas. Following a more than weeklong hospitalization for extreme pneumonia, we have actually been sent out house on continuous oxygen with a nasal cannula. We understood that we required to get more of the cannuals (as cleaning up the monsters appear to be beyond our ability level at the minute.) we found these on with the exact same fit and length of the salter 1600 that we had actually been utilizing. We purchased and attempted them as they showed up the next day (yes, we got five however make sure to buy from the more respectable sellers here with greater scores even if the rate is greater. )we observed a chemical odor that vanished relatively rapidly. Whatever linked well and appeared to be working excellent. The product is quality with a soft feel. Nevertheless, about a half hour in, we observed a pressure or rubbing up high within among our nostrils. Over the next hour, it ended up being unpleasant adequate to alter back to our salter. In altering back, we observed a number of little things that left our preliminary view of the product. One, the length of the nostril tubes are longer than our other. 2, the horizontal spacing of those tubes were somewhat broader. We understood the issue lay with the physical elements of our nose– we simply do not have adequate nose for this product. By going greater and broader into our nostril, the tubing had no place to go on us however into nose tissue. We are back to our salter however would still advise these to anybody who has a longer or broader nose than mine. While that might appear a ridiculous declaration, we believe those people with smaller sized noses understand who we are.

These are terrific. Really soft, particularly the upper location where it divides and increases to the in- nose location. We are on oxygen 24/ 7, so one remains in continuous usage. It still was simply over 2 and a half (2 & 1/2) weeks prior to it started to solidify up. Excellent life on it, 19+ days, compared to the 7- 9 days we have actually obtained from those provided by medicare supplier. And, much much much more comfy to utilize. There is a small brand-new automobile odor to them, we have find oubd it disappears in about 8 hours of usage. We will ** absolutely ** be purchasing these once again– although we might be getting lower ones free thru medicare. Certainly worth the expense. Update: we have now re- acquired these a number of times. They are still the only cannulas we buy, deliberately the only ones. Cuz there definitely are lots of other options. Our only caution is a small choice. We take them out of their plastic baggie a day or 2 prior to altering to a brand-new one– in order to provide time to lose that brand-new plastic odor. If we forget, & can t stand to utilize the old one even one more day, it s still not too obnoxious to utilize one fresh out of its baggie. As we stated, it s simply a small personal choice.

We are extremely glad that westmed is using soft cannulas on as our oxygen supply business lincare has actually returned to salter labs for providing cannulas, and have actually stopped offering soft cannulas in any length. This is the worst news anybody who requires extra oxygen can get, they are just using the old design hard plastic in any length. We wish to ask wastmed to provide the 4ft cannulas too. Asking you to provide us back some convenience by offering these in little amounts. Thank you beforehand.

Felines like something about cannula tubing and this is what we required to change (after much effort to tape up tooth holes. )these are so soft versus our face unlike our old ones that injure our ears, creased our face and were stiffly formed into shape that would twist and tangle. The rate was suddenly low, and for 5 systems how might you fail. Grievances about the odor. It disappears for one of the most part and what has actually stuck around after 24 hours isn’t troubling me. Lastly, shipping was remarkably quickly. We might have held our breath.

When we were required to start utilizing oxygen, we had lots of issues keeping the cannula in location, and even worse, the hard plastic produced an abrasion on the within a nostril. The ultra soft cannula has actually considerably enhanced the scenario. Due to the fact that of the softness, we no longer have the scrape. That’ was why we picked the product, however there is an unforeseen advantage: the specific prongs that enter into the nostrils are simply a bit longer, remaining in location muchbetter This product is a low-cost way to assist make life simpler for oxygen users.

The westmed #0556 adult ultra soft oxygen cannula, (green tubing) 7ft. (5pk.) is rather the deal at a spending plan rate of just $5. 30 plus free shipping. What you get: product description: ———————— westmed’s convenience soft plus nasal cannulas (likewise called extremely soft cannulas) include extremely soft tubing around the face and ears to optimize convenience and get rid of the rubbing and pain typically brought on by conventional cannulas. Each convenience soft plus consists of a 7- foot green, kink resistant oxygen supply tube with a basic adapter end. Product specifications: —————– product producer: westmedpart #: wm0556 hcpcs code: a4615 gtin/ upc code: 00709078002960 native land: mexico (common) product color: green tubingmaterials: natural rubber latex free productmax cannula circulation: 6 lpm air flowcannula prong design: front profile = straightside profile: slanted angle towards usersupply tubing design: 6 channel supply tubecannula length: 8. 5 feet (7 foot oxygen supply tube, 1. 5 foot bolo) (pack of 5) faceplate width: 1. 5 inchesprong length: 0. 4375 – 0. 5 inchesprong width: 0. 125 – 0. 1875 inchesprong separation: 0. 4375 – 0. 5 inches * note: each oxygen cannula tube must be changed every 14 days after usage. The 5 pack must last you 2. 5 months if you are switching them out every 2 weeks. So it just costs you $5. 30 every 2. 5 months to resupply, not a bad offer at all.

The product is soft and the oxygen streamed easily. Our mom needed to utilize a number of these and we want we had found this faster. It is unpleasant enough to need to utilize oxygen; anything that might make it more comfy deserves it. We advise this product.

We are so delighted that we lastly got the ideal cannulas to use that does not rip our hair out around our ears and pluck them or injure our face or make us have zits around our around the hosing on our face, we attempted getting this specific design of cannula from our oxygen supply business and they never ever have it and we are tired of it due to the fact that the ones we have actually been utilizing are hard and they make us have zits or pimples around where the hoes fulfills our face we had a line and now that we have actually been utilizing these although yes they have an odor in the start however you must actually rinse your cannulas out anyhow when you first get them they might be sterilized however there is still a plastic odor in a great deal of them so make certain you rinse it out first cuz you will get a strong smell let your o2 circulation through it for a while then put it on and you’ll be simply great the odor disappears and you’ll be a lot better you do not even understands it’s on your face and we are extremely delighted we simply want it was available in for feet and not 7 due to the fact that we get captured up in our wheelchair with the 7- foot ones however it deserves it to get captured up in our wheelchair and have this then to get zits all over our face where the cannula rests on it and it does not injure our nose it does not injure our ears any longer and our hair does not get ripped out around our ears you hardly notification these and they are comfy and that’s hard to state when you need to stick oxygen pipe on your face at all times 24/ 7. So buy these if you need to if you may get your insurance coverage to pay for them or you can’t get the business to get them it deserves it we are so relieved we would rather pay for these and have numerous of them due to the fact that you’re just altering one or one or two times a week anyhow so these will last us a while and we are going to make certain that we keep them tidy we are going to clean them out after we utilize them anyhow and utilize a drop of bleach and make certain they’re great and tidy and utilize them once again so do not lose your time with the hard ones with that hard plastic that is hard to form around your ear and it likewise gets captured in your glasses and whatever get this kind due to the fact that it is so comfy we are so delighted. ?????? go for it do not get any more zits pimples or lines on your face from the other hard oxygen tubing we are extremely extremely delighted with this purchase we simply want our insurance coverage would have covered it we are going to examine and see if our insurance coverage will reimburse us given that the oxygen supply business does not bring it anyhow. So simply do it, buy these and begin washing them out a few times and let the oxygen circulation through it for a while and then put it on your face and you will not get that odor.?????????????? so delighted ive lastly got enuff to have tidy comfy o2 hosing and barely understand im using them at all.

We are reordered what more can we state. If you are on oxygen provide a shot, you will not be sorry.

Wow, anticipated on 11/26, as you can see by this evaluation we got it previously. We got it 2 or three days back. Love the cannulas, well if one might like a cannula. Not a fan of needing to use them. We would been utilizing salton or comparable name, cannulas from the medical supply business which were covered by insurance coverage. They inflamed our nose, made it burn all the way inside it. So we chose to attempt a various brand name and get soft ones. We would likewise attempted soft ones from the medical supply business. These are over and above softer and more comfy. However even if they weren’t, no horrible odor and no irritation in our nose. We are most likely going to need to go to a mask due to the fact that we are mouth breather however if you utilize a cannula we can not advise them more extremely. We will constantly have these on hand. We will pay for them over getting the others free to be able to be comfy. And the expense is very little. Get the five pack and see for yourself. That’s what we did. We are from missourwe and yes, real to form, we are reveal me kinda gal. They did.

We just recently visited our mama just to find her oxygen cannula had actually ended up being extremely stiff and hard. This had actually triggered her ears and the within her nostrils to end up being aching. We instantly looked into and purchased these oxygen cannulas. They showed up in 2 days, as assured. This was extremely essential as we were just there for a 5- day go to and live 10 hours away. These cannulas are extremely soft and flexible and she stated they are extremely comfy on her ears and the within her nostrils. In addition, the pressure of the tubing on her face is considerably minimized by the softness of this cannula. We will be sending her more to keep on hand. We will constantly do whatever is possible to assist guarantee our mama is as comfy as possible and this is one little economical way to assist do that. Terrific product. No issues to consist of here.

This cannula was precisely what we were lookingfor It is extremely soft and comfy. The curved “nose prongs” have simply the correct amount of curve and are set broad adequate apart to be comfy with less rubbing and chafing on the within your nose. The product is extremely comfy as it fits around the ears and does not appear to leave marks throughout your face. They do have a small “new plastic” odor that we are all familiar with, however it appears to dissipate in simply a number of hours. Product showed up in mail- box on time with no hold-ups. We will definitely be buying this product from this supplier as required.

Dislike: when you first open the bundle the cannula has a frustrating odor of brand-new plastic. We had the ability to git rid of the majority of the odor by putting some meal soap in television and flushing it out with warm water. This left an enjoyable odor of the soap for a few hours and after a few hours of usage both the soap and plastic odor was all however gone. You may attempt alcohol, 70 or 99% however do not understand how that would impact the product. Like/love: television that crosses face and nose is so soft it barely seems like it exists. We use glasses and it provides less pressure around ears and glass frames. Sleeping it provides extremely little pressure on cheek. Diameter of feed tube from tank is smaller sized than most so it is less large. Care. The soft tube appears to flatten out under where the glass frame presses on it however does not appear to impact circulation. We discover many individuals grumble the odor triggers headaches or other signs. We believe this product consists of latex so may examine thatout So we like the product.

We like these quite after attempting others. We would extremely recco some swivel( s) and the roscoe 25′ pipe too. We entwined my own together with half of the long pipe, making around a 20′ pipe, with an extra. Utilize a little alcohol to squeeze together, and you can utilize little pieces of the white latex pipe to fit completions of the longer pipe. We utilize for bad air quality where we live. Really handy. Several years later on, we like biochemistry and our own customized tubes.

Odor first: we let it go by itself on the concentrator while we utilize a walking tank or go without. After some time it ends up being bearable to me, however ymmv. The odor is the least offensive we have actually attempted up until now. To stop the stopper from moving down simply take an almost unnoticeable dot of chewing gum to hold into location a small heap of tissue jammed into the extra area holding the 2 tubes. This provides the stopper lots of resistance while enabling it to increase and down relatively easily. Personal note: skin level of sensitivity takes place after a few hours so we have actually covered the worst locations with 3m micropore for now, and we’ll see if the bumps return or not. If this works we will make something elegant:-RRB-.

We are so delighted that these hose pipes are readily available from this seller. Our mom has actually copd which she requires brief nasal air pipe to her portable tank whenever we leave your house. Our issue is everybody takes that brief pipe far from us, and not return it??. The healthcare facilities are the worst at this when they put her in their oxygen with our own pipe. Then they attempt to state it s theirs??. So the journey house the bad dear does have it to utilize in the automobile. Our air provider will not enables more, informs us to utilize the extremely long pipe that links to the conductor. Uh, no??. Now our mom has a number of extra brief nasal hose pipes in case of emergency situation. Thank you *****.

These are the softest cannulas we have actually ever utilized. We like that the whole face piece and around the ears is soft flexible product. Took us for ever to find tbis product and a number of trial and mistakes. I m stsying with this one.

They are he just cannula that does not tear our nose or ears. They are so soft and flexible. We extremely advise.

Bought these for the ultrasoft nasal cannula, and they are extremely soft. The magnificent extra reward is that the tubing itself is so soft, our ears feel a lotbetter We can not think the distinction. It was extremely unpleasant everytime we needed to put the cannula back on– our ears were”screaming” They actually must utilize these in the healthcare facilities rather of those instruments of abuse they provide you.

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