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Aduro Sport Adurance Breathing Exercise Device

Aduro Sport Adurance Breathing Exercise Device

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Aduro Sport Adurance Breathing Exercise Device.

  • BREATHING EXERCISE – Adurance breathing exercise device challenges yourself to perform the better workout and improvement of your overall stamina
  • LUNG CAPACITY – It helps to expand and improve your lung capacity without having to do a ton of cardio and risk burning calories
  • PORTABLE DEVICE – Adurance lung breathing trainer is extremely compact. With this device, perform your daily training wherever you are
  • WORKS GREAT – Adjustable resistance dial makes simplest tasks tougher and workouts more intense as your needs
  • WARRANTY – Backed by Aduro Sport Lifetime Limited Warranty and friendly US customer service, buy this Elevation Workout Mask with confidence

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Aduro Sport Adurance Breathing Exercise Device.

Question Question 1

How Do We Use This?

You would wear it like a mouthgard.You can adjust the resistance by turning the black piece on the end either left or right.This device helps restrict your breathing to train better oxygen efficiency.

Question Question 2

How Does This Product Compare To The Airphysio?

works great for us when we are on our trainer.

Question Question 3

The Mouthpiece Is One-Size Fits All?

Hi valued customer,Yes and it has one size only.

Question Question 4

Does It Work For Both Inhaling And Exhaling?

Yes.It is adjustable for whatever amount of restrictive air flow you need.You simply adjust the dial to provide more or less resistance for both inhaling and exhaling.

Question Question 5

Can This Be Taken Apart For Cleaning?How Often Does It Need To Be Cleaned?

Yes, you can take this apart and clean it anytime you want. we would like to ask you if you re liking it. It doesn t seem to make sense to me. we bought for having a longer breathing in our meditation, in fact, but it doesn t seem to help me. Do you like it? Thank you.

Question Question 6

Can It Be Worn While Sleeping?

No. Not the purpose of this device.

Question Question 7

Where Is It Made?

It doesn’t say. Distributed by a NJ firm.

Question Question 8

Can We Just Rinse This Off?

Yes.we just rinse it off under the tap.we think the instructions will tell you more in depth cleaning process.

Question Question 9

Would This Be Useful For Someone Who Just Quit Smoking?

we still smoke an it helped me. So you would think it would help more if you quit

Question Question 10

We Don’T See “Top” On The Mouthpiece. How Can We Tell Which Is Up?

It has a mouth guard on one side

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Aduro Sport Adurance Breathing Exercise Device, these might be useful for better understanding.

We grabbed this one because it was very similar to another seller’s but the price was much better. We didn’t need something super intense at a higher price point, this isn’t for high altitude training. We are glad we bought it, we feel it’s helping strengthen our spouses breathing. Adult onset asthma sucks but medicine and training the body to work more efficiently has made a big difference. We would buy this one again.

We thought this would be a great little exercise for our lungs, we have copd, it s easy to use, we would recommend this to anyone.

We considered several other breath trainers, even ordered the training mask brand at $100 and it wouldn t stay on our head. This is perfect. Stays put, easy to travel with, easy to clean, nothing to slip down your face. The adjustments can be made quickly as you go, no need to stop and adjust the resistance. Working great for our altitude training.

We love this we wish we had this looking time ago, helped our lungs out alot we can breathe a little better, great when working out .

This thing is awesome, we can quickly feel an improvement in lung function and im excited to use this for a couple months and see the results. We just quit smoking cigarettes and this time its foreal, and im using this to help regain some lung function. The only issue is the mouthpiece is a little big so you gag on it on occasion, haha.

Seems to work very well for breathing exercises but wasn t the one we wanted originally. We wish we could clean it better but we wereh under hot water. Easy to use for the most part.

Love it use it twice a day.

It works you can instantly feel the difference havnt had it for that long but so far over all we like it.

Just got it and started using it and we feel the difference after doing 3 sets of 10 minute breathing sessions. At first it hard but after you adjust it it doable. Great product.

Decent buy. We would buy another one.

Easy to use and works great.

Strengthened our lungs during covid-19.

Excellent for helping you work on your breathing. Easy to use. Adjustable. Thanks.

Excellent tool for building breathing strengthwe are swimmer that struggles with panic while breathing as we swim. This tool is giving us confidence as we strengthen our lungs. Thank you.

Very nice.

Great product for when we go for ride.

The only thing dislike holds saliva.

We do have the original version of this device. They are, for all intents, the same, however, this device was slightly harder to turn, slightly easier to breathe through on the highest/hardest setting. That being said, this is an excellent and much lower priced alternative. For someone who needs that top setting, the “very hard to breathe” setting, which you are only meant to use once you have exercised your lungs to the point where it isn’t that hard to breathe on that setting, then the original is needed. For someone looking to improve lung capacity and function, to breathe easier, then this is fantastic. We have to be honest in reviews, so, this gets four stars because there is a better device out there, but, this is far less expensive and works very well. For all but the most hard-core lung-exercising individuals, this will more than meet your needs. We highly recommend this device for anyone who is not in need of perfection. If you are navy seal, you have the other, the original, the one we use. This is a close second and works very well. If you are the average user, we can tell you that this will work very well for your needs. Good luck.

With our breathing problems and compromised lungs, we have had to do exercises to try to strengthen our lungs. One of the exercises we have have had to do was take a deep breath and then let it out very slowly through resistance like pursed lips, etc. So far it has been challenging and easier than having to just sit here and breathe slowly through the resistance of our mouth. We won’t know for some time how effective it is, but for now, we like how it works and the fact that it’s adjustable. 5 stars.

There are several y*utube videos to help you get the most of this device. We highly recommended viewing those for optimal results. We are true beginner, and this is a good starting point for us to expand our lung capacity.

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