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If the indigo women never ever existed, we would still be a big fan of aour’s solo work (although we make sure it would be various if that held true). Aour’s a terrific type of artist– she’s a songwriter (which is to state, she taps her inner reserve for preliminary motivation) and a partner (which is to state her music is born of interaction with other artists, other forces [“with a little joe strummer in her dna”]). We love the opening tune “when you’re gone, you’re gone” a lot that we do not like to listen to it excessive. The music strikes an amazing mood, like a summertime night with absolutely nothing to do, driving around with buddies with mischief on your minds. It’s definitely extraordinary. It feels unique from this age of music in some way, and like it may of been more proper in the 70 s. Undoubtedly, this is all subjective, however what evaluation isn’t. The real sparkle of a song-maker, for us, comes out in the subtle subtleties– which may have been improvised in the beginning however are maintained in the crafting of the last cut. This album is marked all over with them. From the little hummed tune prior to the chorus of”lung of love” The banjo over the bridge leading up to the chorus in”crying in the wilderness” The off-beat drumming in “we didn’t. ” the support vocals throughout the record. The aspects of each tune are so terrific and naturally exact– it resembles if paul simon composed a punkish rock record. Thanks to aour for another excellent record. It may be may preferred of the 4. Though they’re all unique.

Sorry to gush, however we are somebody who has enjoyed indigo women for years, however withstood aour as a solo entertainer. We could not picture liking the “punk sensibility” solo work in addition to we do the ig things. However we do. Given, it assists that it’s gotten less punk through the years. This music may be more out there than ig tunes, however they’re plainly in the exact same ballpark. Senior prom may be our preferred, however lung of love is a more than worthwhile effort from a fully grown artist at the height of her video game. Do yourself a favor and buy it.

Listen for hours over and over once again. Terrific folk music.

Aour ray’s “lung of love” is a strong set. Our preferred track at this moment is “we didn’t. ” its figured out midtempo beat mirrors musically the lyric of an individual stating the hard things, “someone broke your heart. We didn’t. Someone played too hard. We didn’t. Someone stole your dreams. We didn’t. Someone got there a long time before me. ” greg griffith’s electrical guitar provides the track a vibrant sting. The conventional sounding “the rock is our foundation” likewise makes us struck the repeat button. The interaction in between brandwe carlile’s & aour’s voices is excellent as the tune burglarize an electrical bridge, “jesus is on the bass; god is on the kick drum & the holy spirit sings. ” the title track has an excellent bass line by greg griffith that makes the track seem like neo-soul with aour’s vocals airy and attractive, “we left a kiss in the dark so you’d know where we been; we left a light in our heart so you could find your way in. ” other tracks like “glow,” “little revolution” & “bird in the hand” are likewise gems. Take pleasure in.

This aour ray cd contributes to our indigo women collection, as they have been our preferred group because1992 Their music is incredible, both jointly and/ or solo cds.

Terrific cd, great product packaging, excellent tunes. Aour tune writing is simply getting better andbetter We do not understand what anwe were anticipating however this surpassed anything we might have hopedfor It has been on consistent rotation for a month – a brand-new favourite.

Love her.

If you are fan of aour ray or the indigo women then you will love this album. Aour in her special design provides a rockin album as soon as again.

Aour ray rocks. We love the indigo women, however aour has her own design and it rocks. Do not understand which tune we like best, however little transformation is excellent.

Aour ray’s solo albums burst with strong tunes and revelatory lyrics. On each disc we get to witness her stretch and feel about for the next musical motivation, and lungs of love is no exception. It’s a terrific example of an artist who gets better with every tune she composes.

We enjoy this album, does not include much to our full indigo women collection, however we are grateful to support aour ray’s independent work too.

We love aour ray. Aour ray rocks. You got ta buy this album and go to one of her programs. Love her.

The hooks capture you and the tunes stick with you. Lots of gifted artists + ray’s ability and songwriting makes this a varied “something for everyone” that is worthy of a listen. You will not be dissatisfied.

Aour ray has been bubbling under our surface area for a bit now. Primarily as the more gifted half of the indigo women however more just recently her solo work has been on our radar. Her last album with the indigo women “beauty queen sister” was the main push we required to explore her solo things since lets admit it, aour’s contribution was the only thing on that album worth listening to. Lung of love is a gorgeous record. It truly bugs us when such a respected artist does not have more direct exposure and we believe aour ray is worthy of every bit since she is so gifted.

Radiance is a genuine gem, specifically the consistency of the last verse (with aour support herself). We didn’t showcases both aour’s incredible voice and skillful songwriting. Little transformation is excellent memorable self-affirming tune. After listening frequently for a couple weeks, weeping in the wilderness is becoming our preferred– love the banjo. The rock is our structure is a departure from the rest of the record and brandwe carlile’s vocals (and what seem like her influence/collaboration on the plan) shine. Lung of love is less raw and defiant than aour’s previous solo records. We would not state it resembles her indigo women work however it’s potentially more available to ig fans. To summarize our sensations about this record, it has us seriously thinking about travelling 3-1/2 hrs. To see her play these tunes live with her band.

This collection is more upbeat and has much more variation. We truly love it. We like her other albums and of course love the indigo women however this cd is unique, in manner in which can’t totally be explained. We will find ourself listening to this over and over once again unlike some of her other solo productions. She is a best songwriter of our generation and we love experiencing her productions.

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