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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ancestral Supplements Beef Lung.

  • Based on the concept “like supports like,” consuming lung supports our own lung and respiratory health*
  • Provides all the building blocks. specific proteins, peptides, enzymes & cofactors along with molecular biodirectors (DNA instructions) to code and/or express the building of healthy tissue.
  • Lung contains arteries, capillaries and veins in the approximate proportions that they exist throughout the body. Moreover, these tissues encompass the widely varied anatomy and physiology of the systemic circulatory system, including thickness, elasticity, muscularity and functions. Lung appears to be natures all-natural arteriovascular supplement.
  • Recommended as an integral part of a nose-to-tail keto or carnivore diet by Paul Saladino, MD (author of The Carnivore Code)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ancestral Supplements Beef Lung.
Traditional peoples, Native Americans and early ancestral healers believed that eating the organs from a healthy animal would strengthen and support the health of the corresponding organ of the individual.  For instance, the traditional way of treating a person with a weak heart was to feed the person the heart of a healthy animal. Similarly, eating the kidneys of a healthy animal was believed to nourish urinary ailments, boost vitality and support overall kidney health. Pancreas was fed to people with digestive and endocrine problems. spleen was fed to people with immune and blood deficiencies.  lung tissue has historically been used by those with respiratory conditions.  Modern day functional practitioners use lung glandular to support lung conditions as well as to support arteriovascular conditions related to  arteriovascular support (vascular malfunctions, varicose and spider veins, etc).   GRASS FED LUNG (W/ LIVER) CONTAINS. Arteriovascular and Lung-Specific Building Blocks, Peptides and Enzymes Remarkable Density of Widely Differentiated Blood Vessels (i.e. arteries, capillaries and veins in the approximate proportions that they exist throughout the body) Molecular Biodirectors DNA Blueprints To Build and Repair Healthy Tissue     GRASS FED LUNG (W/ LIVER) SUPPORTS.   Optimal Lung Health Based On “Like Supports Like” Optimal Arteriovascular Health Based On “Like Supports Like” Upper Respiratory Conditions Arteriovascular Conditions (i.e. arteries, capillaries, veins)  NOTE: The lung features a unique, remarkable density of widely differentiated blood vessels. Moreover, these tissues encompass the widely varied anatomy and physiology of the systemic circulatory system, including thickness, elasticity, muscularity and functions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ancestral Supplements Beef Lung.

Question Question 1

How Bbn Do L Getin Touch With Brian ,Anyone Knowplease L Need Himto Get In Touch Asp?

Go to Ancestral supplements home page they have a contact us ;}

Question Question 2

Anyone Knows Where To Get Brian’S Contact? We Couldn’T See It On Their Website.?

Just go to where it says contact seller and send him a message.He will get rightback to you.

Question Question 3

How Long Does It Take To See Any Results From This Supplement?

we give to our dog and he seemed to respond about days he is still on n it he takes 8 pills a day

Question Question 4

Could This Help A 40 Year Old Athlete Looking For Improvements In Vo2 Max?

Absolutely This product does everything that it say that it will do It has been a game changer for us we are 68 year old woman and our lungs have been strengthen by this product

Question Question 5

How Will This Help With Someone Use Smokes Cannabis And Tabacco?

Helps us with colds in lungs.we don’t ask docs thet don’t know. Try it and see if it works and quit smoking.that last sentence was a cheap shot but that is the thing that works best.

Question Question 6

Hola Podria Servir Para La Fibrosis Pulmonar Idiopática?

Muchos clientes han mejorado las condiciones respiratorias, como la fibrosis pulmonar idiopática, al tomar nuestro pulmón de res. El pulmón presenta una densidad única y notable de vasos sanguíneos ampliamente diferenciados. El pulmón también es una fuente de bloques de construcción, péptidos y enzimas específicos para Muchos clientes han mejorado las condiciones respiratorias, como la fibrosis pulmonar idiopática, al tomar nuestro pulmón de res. El pulmón presenta una densidad única y notable de vasos sanguíneos ampliamente diferenciados. El pulmón también es una fuente de bloques de construcción, péptidos y enzimas específicos para los pulmones. Históricamente, el tejido pulmonar ha sido utilizado por personas con trastornos respiratorios (como bronquitis, asma, tos crónica, resfriados torácicos), etapas convalecientes (de neumonía, resfriados, gripe) y complicaciones pulmonares (incluidos accidentes, humos industriales e inhalación de polvo).Jake Tollefson, Experiencia del ClienteAncestral Supplements

Question Question 7

Whats The Proper Dosage For Max Results ?

For most customers, we suggest starting at just one capsule per day of each supplement for the first 3 – 4 days. then, go up to two capsules of each per day for the next 3 – 4 days. then, three capsules per day of each. and so on. Until you reach the best therapeutic dose for your unique biology. Yes, this will ta For most customers, we suggest starting at just one capsule per day of each supplement for the first 3 – 4 days. then, go up to two capsules of each per day for the next 3 – 4 days. then, three capsules per day of each. and so on. Until you reach the best therapeutic dose for your unique biology. Yes, this will take some time to reach the suggested dosages but this greatly helps to ensure tolerability of this deep nourishment so that it has a chance to do good.As you’re searching for the ideal dose, you’ll really need to pay attention to your body. Try to limit the number of variables that change at any one time. we have a background in biochemistry so it’s ingrained in us to limit variables. change one thing at a time. When our customers follow this protocol, it greatly improves tolerability so that this incredible nourishment has the chance to do good. Feel free to go at your own method, but we really want to see you love our products as much as we do. we want you to have more energy. better mood. better vibrancy, health, and happiness. If at any time you feel that you’re not getting what you want out of our products, please send us an email. we would like to try to help. we will always be around if you need anything.Michael Rullan, Customer ExperienceAncestral Supplements

Question Question 8

How Do We Contact Seller For This Product That We Just Ordered? We Don T See An Email Address Anywhere. Thanks?

Go to the home page they have a contact us

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Ancestral Supplements Beef Lung, these might be useful for better understanding.

Just outstanding products. We truly believe you are on to something and these product are top notch. If you remember our relative took the beef lung for about 3 months straight and before that nothing could shake her cough that was leftover from a terrible case of pneumonia about a year ago. She had a residual cough that just would not go away. Well between great nutrition, the addition of beef lung and turmeric her cough is basically non-existent. Per your advise we have been taking the beef organs for about 2 months now daily. We cannot say we notice massive differences but what we do notice is we have basically not been sick this winter. We are really healthy guy but we think the fact that a few times this year we have felt rough and not gone down all the way may be the beef organ helping. We plan to rotate between beef organ and beef liver from here on out. And finally as someone who works in the fitness industry we are so happy to find the bone marrow. To us it is the best all around joint and health supplement around. We are sure the collagen is top-notch but we like the added benefit in the bone marrow. So to break it down in case you are interested our relative and we have abandoned “multi-vitamins” and are basic supplement protocol now looks like this:3 beef organ or liver per day3 bone marrow per daythen we add some vitamin d in the winter and we take magnesium as it has virtually eradicated our migraines. we mostly eat paleo but we will admit to drinking beer (we just like it too damn much). Anyway we think we are the healthiest we have ever been in our lives and part of that is owed to these fine supplements. We also want to let you know how much we appreciate the customer service. It really is top-notch. Your website also inspires us to take better care of ourself.

We have been searching for help with varicose veins and had looked at several options that were more invasive that we wanted. We are taking several of the ancestral supplement products and find them very beneficial so we contacted the company and by e-mail and was given a great suggestion. We were very surprised that the trachea and lung supplements were suggested. Brian explained that the lung has all the vessels and arteries in there and if you combine it with the trachea it can really help. We have started to see positive results in a short period of time.

If we could turn back time, we would. The next best thing at age 85 is takikng a complete array of ancestral supplements. We have gradually worked our way up to four at a time with fourteen different ones each day. Please sign us a humble, grateful customer for life. We have been taking the beef lung to beef up our lungs in the event a stray virus should come our way. We did have pneumonia in 2019 but lungs have been clear ever since. At least that s how they feel. Our eczema is much improved, possibly due to the regimen you recommended, beef lung trachea and heart supplements. Wishful thinking is always a possibility, but we are optimistic. Erratic blood pressure has dogged us for a long time. After eating, our bp can go below 100. At other times it veers far above. We usually take a small bp prescription but diet seems to matter mote. On a paleo diet, our hypoglycemia seems to be under control. Low glycemic vegetables along with salmon belly generally keep bp relatively stable. Probably thanks to your intestine and pancreatic supplements, our digestion has improved 1000% and constipation is a thing of the past. Mahalo.

We are just starting out with this supplement, so it’s still a little early to give a review of our results with it. We can say however, that the customer service provided by the owner is second to none. Brian johnson, the owner, emailed us right away to offer his support and his willingness to answer any questions we might have. He followed up a couple days later to check in on me, at which time we asked him a question on water fasts and supplementation. He answered us just a couple hours later, which we thought was pretty impressive. Again, brian check in about a week later, asking about our knee and our overall health, at which time we told him that we were taking the beef lung along with the beef trachea and bone marrow, but that the beef organs – which should have arrived at the same time, still had yet to arrive from . Even though they were not his responsibility – as they were fulfillment by – brian sincerely apologized, and quickly offered to ship two replacement bottles out to us at no charge. We declined, as the other two (which inexplicably finally arrived 10 days late yesterday) were still on their way, and it was not his company s fault in the first place. But we are so impressed with the extremely tremendous level of customer service we received from brian. We manage a motel, and we are huge believer in doing the little things, making personal connections, and going the extra mile to make sure that our guests have a wonderful, memorable experience, and brian does the same things for his company. He cares that his product and his company are represented well, and he truly believes in the ability of his supplements to make a positive difference in the lives of his customers. We are sure he is an incredibly busy man, but he still takes the time to treat people individually, and that speaks volumes to me. We wholeheartedly applaud brian for how he represents his company and its products; we can t say enough kind things about the outstanding level of customer service we have received. We will follow up later with our results from taking these ancestral supplements, but we have to believe that with the care and the belief that brian johnson puts into these, they will make a difference in our overall health.

We get easily sick. The worst part is it is always in our lungs. We have tried different products and take off all food that could create or trigger some allergies/illnesses, we never really succeed to get great result. We tried that product and started slowly due to the problems we have. After a month of using it we can say that it is an excellent product. We can breathe better which for us is a huge improvement. The little noise we were doing when we had our allergies is gone and we can start doing some physical exercises without coughing. What a change. We will continue to use that product and we recommend it.

We have all of the ancestral supplements, except their thyroid and adrenal (we are good in those areas). We purchased the lung for the same reason that we use their heart: we do a lot of obstacle course races and we are always on the prowl for ways to support our performance. We can absolutely tell a difference in our cardiopulmonary function. We have no doubt that heart supports our own heart and the lung supports our own lungs. Our stamina, endurance and breathing are all better when taking these products. We also recover better between workouts. Whether you’re looking for cardiopulmonary support for athletics, or you’re looking to just support your heart and lungs to breathe better, try these products. They work for us, they might work for you too. Another 5-star product.

This really is a review for ancestral brain, organs, lung and marrow, as we take them all. Going to start with brain though because it’s clearly the stand out. Since taking it, we have noticed improvement in memory, problem solving skills and the proper use of big words we forgot we even knew. As far as our ancestral regimen in general, we have noticed increased energy/strength for workouts and general living, along with a better stress response and reduced feelings of being overwhelmed at busy times. The life long blood sugar spikes and crashes are stabilizing. Our appetite has waned considerably, which we assume is due to the stellar nouishment our body is now getting. As a result, our grocery bill has dropped, so we consider our investment in these supplements a near financial wash. A junk food lover at heart, we have been craving and having actual dreams about fresh, healthy food. Thus, our diet is improving without a struggle. People say we are happier, we think they’re right. As other reviews said, the company owner, brian, is wonderful.

We can t say enough about these products. We are nearly 55 years old and in the best shape of our life. We have been using ancestral supplements to augment our rigorous training regimen. About the last piece missing was shooting the cardio off the charts as well. We decided to try the beef lung with liver as a way to assist us in this endeavor. We can say that from an endurance standpoint we can certainly see a major change in performance level since we began this product. Our cardio is hiit using heavy weights for yoke, farmers carry, sled pull etc and the difference was so rapid. You have to give this a shot if you are trying to hold back the ravages of time and be beat that you can be. Kudos as.

For some reason , this makes us cough. Is that normal?update: brian contacted us to ensure us that this is part of the detox reaction. Will continue to take the rest of this week to see what happens. We love all the other as organs, so we are sure this is all part of the healing process. Thank you as for excellent customer service.

We have been purchasing products and supplements from for over 15 years and this will be our very first review because of the superior product, results, and incredible customer service. We have been having problems with fatigue, digestion, nutrient absorption, asthma and just general health. Doing lots of research and have been trying many different supplements over the years. Nothing worked, at least not very well. Then we stumbled on to ancestral supplements on and read the reviews and did more research. Started with as liver, beef organs and marrow. Never experienced supplements that worked so fast. Emailed the company with a couple of question on some other health issues and our reply was from the owner himself. One of the replies even came at 12:30am. He recommended that we add pancreas and lungs. We started benefitting immediately. We have also have problems digesting so we wanted to try the as gallbladder but they were out of stock and we needed it before leaving on a 3,000 mile motorcycle trip. Brain, the owner, responded personally himself and said he would buy a bottle back from a health practitioner he had sold some to. The next day he let us know he had it and placed it in the mail the same day. You tell us when an owner gets involved himself to make the customer 110% satisfied. Thats rare these day. If you want to be good, do what’s expected. If you want to be great, do what’s exceptional. The product and the people at ancestral supplements are better then 5 stars. Customer for life. , this company needs to be your example for all company’s on your site.

Just like all the other ancestral supplements. The beef lungs are quite amazing. We got immediate results from the first dosage. Wow. No more wheezing and shortness of breath. All the asthma s symptoms vanished. We are looking forward to not using an inhaler for asthma ever again. We have continued to take the beef lungs and we are stoked over the results. Brian thank you again for creating these phenomenal supplements.

We began taking this for our shortness of breath from living in a toxic mold home for 2 years. ( it was hidden). We have been out of the place for a few years but living in the damp south can trigger issues. Taking this along w quercetin decreases our sob by 90-100%.

We just want to start off by saying this product is truly unbelievable, as is the service. We were taking these capsules to improve some areas of our health that we weren’t so happy with. Racing heart, poor breathing (asthma season), digestion was very bad, bones and joint hurt (we thought this was just because we are 63, but it was still a problem). We were taking this product for 3 months before we reached out to brian. We were pretty frusterated that we hadn’t noticed any differences, especially after reading all the amazing reviews. He put us on our own personal plan. Where we were taking thyroid, spleen and bone marrow everyday, and had a schedule for our others (lung, heart, pancreas, collagen, kidney) on alternating days. It took 6 months. 6 months before we started really noticing things. Wow. We can not tell you enough, please please stay with it. We had given up hope at 3 months that anything would work, and the “we are just old” thoughts poured in. What a lie we could tell ourself. We are so greatful we reached out to brian for help. He walked us through every piece of this healing we feel. We would’ve given up on these capsule organs if it wasn’t for him. We would encourage everyone to stay with it. There really is healing in these nutrients.

We want to first and foremost thank you for allowing us to gain access to your product which has saved our life from daily pain and asthmatic symptoms. We reside on the big island of hawaiwe with our family and just this past year the island had undergone constant exposure to hazardous chemicals that were emitted from the volcano daily for 3 months straight. During this time, our asthma, which never gave us issues growing up for the first 31 years of our life, was now a constant weight on our chest and lungs. Waking up in the middle of the night not being able to breathe became a regular habit. At times, we would catch ourself using our inhaler anywhere between 15-18 times a night. We would also wake up at night in tears shaking our relative and asking her what we should do as if she would be able to help me. The volcanic activity had then subsided and our asthma was just a constant barrier to us being able to enjoy our children (3 boys), our relative and our own life as every day was debate of asking ourself, “should we walk down the stairs to play with our kids even though we know it will set off our asthma?”a friend of mine then told us about your supplements. We were completely skeptical as we had tried changing our diet, chinese herbs and medicine, chiropractor and acupuncture without success. So we figured trying this supplement wouldn’t hurt. After 2 days, just after two days, we had our lungs back. It was as if we were 18 again and we could take a deep breath. We are now able to enjoy our family, the island and everything else about life we were miserable about due to our asthma. We want to extend our gratitude to the work that you do and for the lives you save every day. Mahalo nuwe loa.

Our husband has very bad asthma and works in the concrete industry. His asthma has been bad since childhood and he s always needed some type of inhaler to control it (which it never truly did). He caught a very bad chest cold this past feb and his asthma become uncontrollable (with meds) until he started taking the lung. He takes 4-6 daily and his asthma is controlled with zero inhalers.

We have mild copd and started taking the beef lung about a month ago. We can feel the difference and we are very happy with the supplement. Their customer service is also outstanding. We didn’t expect such a noticeable difference and will continue taking it. Thank you.

We are now, we believe, reaping the benefits of these supplements. We are sleeping much better, something we haven’t done in years. We are also experiencing a better energy level and hope it continues to improve even more. Our cough is now subsiding more each day and we feel our lungs are healing after 3 bouts of pneumonia as we are breathing deeper and more normally without continual wheezing or rumbling in our chest, it is only every now and then but we can move the phlegm and get it out which immediately relieves our breathing, we could not do this a week ago. We feel we made the right choice in taking a chance on these supplements and am happy we did. For two reasons. (1) ~ we feel the supplements are beneficial and working for us in ways we never imagined any supplement working and (2) ~ because of the excellent service you and your company have provided me. But, most of all we appreciate the fact that you really make us feel you care about how these supplements are working for us and check back with us to see what, if any, results we are or have experienced. Good or bad, no holds barred. We feel you really want to know what is going on step by step and that is, without saying, non-existent with any other company we have purchased any type of health care product from in the past, and we sincerely thank you for your time and personal service.

Our chronic lung challenge v. 21st century toxins & indulgences seems strengthened by this new zealand pure, us processed, unique lung organ beef supplement (we don’t eat parasite & toxic pork) we precede with bestvite quercetin/bromelain and enzymedica digestgold capsules to digest this lung supplement and to reduce histamine we don’t know whether or not this lung processing method prevents or includes &/or histagenically triggers releasing histamine from our body as aged foods do. Kidney supplement (dao) reduces histamine too. Our additional lung aids include:*swanson’s time-release bromelain aiding lung elimination of body toxins, on arising or between meals*young living’s plant-based bioidentical pregnenolone natural hormone, a major component of lungs we wouldn’t be surprised if is also in this lung beef supplement* japanese m. D. Rightly found a quart of pure spring water on arising (crystal geyser 99 cents/gallon at dollar stores, etc. ) stops our lifetime chronic cough as long as we maintain it and:* reduce stripped foods and ultra-pasteurized & homogenized dairy* increase lightly cooked dark greens (and drink the “pot liquor”) especially low-oxalate kale, collards, mustard greens, broccolwe (no raw spinach oxalate, and no raw, cooked, powdered spinach histamine; no fungwe spirulina/chlorella/etc).

We began the blood builder one week ago, the day we found out our hemoglobin level was 5. 9 and our doctor called and wanted us to immediately go the emergency room for a blood transfusion and test for internal bleeding. We begged him to let us try to fix naturally, as we had no indication of internal bleeding and felt it was dietary. He very reluctantly agreed with the understanding we would go to er immediately with any changes we agreed and ordered 4 of ancestral supplement products that night with free next day delivery. We already had blood builder at home so we began that immediately. The next day we received ancestral supplements beef spleen, beef lung and beef organs. 2 days later we received the beef liver. One week later, (yesterday) we were retested for bloodwork and had test results confirming no blood in urine or no blood i. Stool and our hemoglobin levels were 7. 0. Our doctor said, and we quote: you must be much smarter than we are, because your level increased from 5. 9 to 7. 0 in just a week, and the stool test and urine tests confirmed no blood, so your call not to have transfusion appears to be the right call. He said to keep doing what we are going with the food and supplements (we took all supplements in for him to see and he gave his approval). We have totally changed our diet to combine maximum iron and iron absorption foods together too. We take any calcium products 3 hours after our last meal to ensure maximum iron absorption. A little history, once before many years ago we had dietary induced iron deficiency anemia, which we corrected with diet. We are normally a blood donor, so we know our iron levels are normally healthy. We recently got a horrible cold with a persistent cough and was drinking a lot of tea (which we didn’t realize can block almost all iron absorption). The iron deficiency symptoms we had we thought were related to our cough. We believe we have been deficient appropriately 4-5 months based on what we know now. The owner of ancestral supplements, brian, is truly a gift. We have emailed him multiple times with questions on his product line and what is best for us, and he is so quick to respond and so informative with his responses. He should hold a master class for business owners on the correct way to run a business and interact with customers. Read the reviews. This product line has worked miracles for so many different ailments. Wishing you all the very best health. We are so grateful to reclaim mine.

This beef lung supplement has cured our mother of copd and emphasema. She has zero symptoms and we have tested ritualistically, back and forth, to be sure it’s this supplement – not placebo. We have taken her off everything else. When she was on other supplements, her emphasema and copd symptoms stayed the same; once the beef lung was taken, all symptoms disappeared and stayed gone, perpetually. We are still going to remain purchasing these, even though they cured her of lung disease; as they always say “it’s better to be safe, than sorry. ” thanks to the manufacturer, for putting love and passion into this stuff; most of all, the purity and cleanliness, of the manufacturing of it.

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