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Nunn’s Applied Respiratory Physiology, Seventh Edition covers all aspects of respiratory physiology in health, disease, and altered conditions and environments, from basic science to clinical applications. Includes functional anatomy, mechanics, control of breathing, ventilation, circulation, ventilation-perfusion matching, diffusion, carbon dioxide and oxygen, and non-respiratory functions of the lung.Discusses the effects of pregnancy, exercise, sleep, altitude, pressure, drowning, smoking, anaesthesia, hypocapnia, hypercarbia, hypoxia, hyperoxia, and anaemia on respiratory physiology.Explores specific clinical disorders such as ventilatory failure, airways disease, pulmonary vascular disease, parenchymal lung disease, and acute lung injury, as well as the physiological basis of current therapies, including artificial ventilation, extrapulmonary gas exchange, and lung transplantation.Chapter on Parenchymal Lung Disease has been specifically expanded to include the physiology and pathology of the pleural space and lung cancer.Contains a new chapter on Pulmonary Surgery, covering a wide range of surgical interventions  from bronchoscopy to lung resection.Includes almost 500 new references to the literature. The result is an invaluable source for those preparing for examinations in anaesthesia and intensive care, as well as an essential purchase for practitioners who want quick reference to current knowledge.Describes respiration in health and disease and in normal and abnormal situations, to help readers manage all conditions they see in their practices. Examines the respiratory effects of exercise, sleep, smoking, anaesthesia, drowning, anaemia, pregnancy, and other events as well as environmental factors such as altitude, flying, high pressure, closed environments, and air pollution on respiration. Maintains the clarity of style and single-author approach of previous editions through the close collaboration of Andrew Lumb and John Nunn. Makes difficult concepts easy to understand and apply with nearly 300 illustrations.A new chapter on the History of Respiratory Physiology. More coverage of pathophysiology and even more applications of respiratory physiology to clinical practice. A more consistent organization, a revised page design that aids readability, and an art program featuring new and newly redrawn illustrations.

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Excellent source of respiratory physiology. Actually, this is the best book on this topic. Everything else may be just a summary ofr this book.

Great book easy to read and the graphics are really unseestandable. Must read it if you like lung phisiology. As a ceitical care doctor it is a must read if you trrat patients with lung diseases, spacially if you treat patients under mechanical ventilation.

Absolutely invaluable resource for in-depth information about respiratory physiology. Simply one of the best books on this subject you can get.

It was affordable and like new.

This book is essential if you are studying for your anaesthetic primary exams. It explains respiratory physiology thoroughly, albeit sometimes in too much detail. Excellent graphs.

The 5th edition of this book has been revamped by dr lumb to its infinite benefit. Nunn’s used to be a book that you waded through after getting the essentials from wests more concise book. Studying for our anaesthetics primary this year we found the new edition much more readable and with its specialised sections in the rear (pathophysiology and altered physiology) will be a book that we will keep referring to in the furture. The book still is a little irrelevant to us in some of its detail and it can often be difficult to determine the exact point that is trying to be made but the change in editorship has made for a great improvement. One section that puzzles us is the first which seems quite a detailed explaination of atmospherics which has very little relevance to the topic matter in reality. Still an essential for both the trainee and then clinician alike.

To clarify: we are nurse anesthetist student with an extensive critical care background. That said, this book does an outstanding job of taking a very complex subject and breaking it into digestible peices. We wish we had read this 10 years ago as our understanding of and care for patients with critical respiratory issues would have been greatly improved. We would recommend this book for anyone who really wants to understand how the respiratory system works from a macro to micro level.

From the beginning student to the experienced clinician, nunn’s applied respiratory physiology provides a thorough and concise review of the respiratory system. It is the book of choice for those wishing to raise their knowledge base, as well as those wanting a quick review. No astute anesthetist should be without one.

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