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Ann Smith: Inhale - Exhale - Stretch & Move

Ann Smith: Inhale – Exhale – Stretch & Move

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An exercise system for everyone. Slow motion, therapeutic, weight bearing, aerobic, isometric exercise for arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, lung disease, and many others -all in 10 minutes a day. A complete exercise system to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Classical dance trained exercise personality, Ann Smith, has been teaching for 50 years. Nearing 80, in good health, she exemplifies the value of daily exercise. Ann Smith is available for lecture, demos, and guest classes.

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*has subtitles for the hearing impaired. Nutshell: highly recommended for those returning to exercise, wishing to gain mobility, or in need of an energy boost. We had to scale back on our senior pilates class since the overhead moves left us fatigued and recovery time was having a negative impact on the rest of our life/activities. However we have found ann smith’s slow motion therapeutic exercise to be uplifting and invigorating. Ann says you will see changes in three weeks of every day use, and will discover parts of your body that you never knew you could use before. We are looking forward to gaining more mobility and strength (and grace), but meanwhile we are absolutely thrilled to be doing an activity that makes us feel so good and energetic. Read on for the full review first off, this program is designed to be therapeutic. Ann goes into some detail about building strength through isometric control (so you aren’t just waving your arms around, you are ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’ against an invisible force), as well as proper breathing technique. The entire sequence is quite flowing and dance-like in appearance and is set to a beautiful piece of music by chopin. It is a little over 10 minutes in length, and the commentary can be toggled on or off. It is shown once from the front (viewing ann head-on), and again from behind (see chapter breakdown below). We would, like a previous reviewer, recommend first watching the entire dvd. Then start by following along with chapter 4 (ann from behind), and then proceed to chapter 2. It is only in chapter 2 that we can see all of what ann is doing with her legs, and this is the one that we like the best for regular usage. Breakdown of chapters:1. Exercise for healing – brief talk by dr. Malinda bell, on the benefits of movement and the unique attributes of dance training and of ann’s system. 2. Exercise for watching – (10. 7 minutes) demonstration and explanation of ann’s system: a slow-motion dance-like series of movements set to music [can be viewed without commentary, and this is the one we prefer to follow along with]3. Exercise instruction – 6 minute talk by ann smith, focusing on key concepts for getting the most out of this exercise practice. 4. Exercise participation – (10. 3 minutes) view is of ann from behind while doing the same program as in chapter 2. Here she instructs you on the isometric engagement of muscles and has some cuing. [can be viewed without commentary]cons: since ann is wearing a flowing calf-length dress, it is not always easy to tell the leg or foot positioning when viewed from behind (especially at those times the camera is not showing her lower legs). We would also have liked some cuing on breath while performing the movement, at least during the learning phase. (it took us awhile to incorporate the ideas from her talk into actual practice; cuing would have been nice)at the very end of the dvd, after the credits, you’ll discover that the dvd is dedicated to her husband, l. Roger smith 8/27/26-1/27/05. “a percentage of the proceeds of this dvd will be donated to pulmonary fibrosis research to fund research for a cure. “.

Do this. Take a chance on changing your life. We have been doing this 6 days on 1 day off for the past 12 weeks and we can’t believe how much we have improved. We do this 1st thing in the morning to help loosen our body, it truly has helped with daily aches & pains. We have never had a flare up of pain from doing this dvd. We have noticed improvement in our daily pain level, range off motion and strength. Our husband who doesn’t suffer from chronic pain has found this dvd helpful with range of motion as well. We couldn’t be more happy with the results of this dvd.

This dvd is excellent for people with some health conditions. We have arthritis and had to use a cane. After about a month of doing these exercises daily, we are walking without a cane. Ann smith is wonderful.

We are one of these people who would rather eat bugs than exercise. We hate it. If you are over 50 and have led a reasonably inactive life of late. This is for you. We love this video because it is very low impact, mostly stretching, non-threatening in anyway. You can jump out of bed, turn it on and spend 10 minutes stretching and toning. It’s a no-brainer. You don’t even have to change clothes, put on sneakers. Nothing. Just push the dvd player button and in 10 minutes you are relaxed, feel like you’ve worked out and are ready to jump in the shower. No more excuses that you can’t find the time. Even if you are half crippled. You can do this. If you are 90 – you can do this. It has spurred us on to jump on the treadmill a couple of times a week. We are 63 years old, have arthritis and fibroouralgia and we feel better than we have in a long time. It is worth every penny we spent on it both for physical well-being as well as our emotional well-being.

We love this video. We are 55 years old and suffer from fibroouralgia and lower back pain. We have now been sedentary for 6 years and know we can’t continue this way. So we have been exercising 10 minutes per day, every day with ann’s video. It is easy to do, and we feel great after the workout. Check with your doctor, of course, but we highly recommend this video as a way to get up off the couch and start moving.

We are recuperating from post-herpetic neuralgia from shingles, we are moderate exerciser & we think this is a great dvd for anyone, any age. We suggest after watching the entire dvd first, then start your exercise routine with chapter 4, includes ann smith’s instructions, then proceed with chapter 1. On our bad days, where even bending our head forward hurts, we repeat these sequences 2-3 times, as theses exercises don’t take very long to do. We borrowed the dvd from our local library & liked it so much we purchased it. Her website doesn’t work, will eventually give you links to youtube but it doesn’t compare to her dvds.

We cannot tell uyou how many things we have gotten on benefits of stretching for seniors. This is the one . . . . . It is simple, doable and the instruction is crystal clear. Absolutely love it and will buy more of her products. Have not been doing it long and has already helped. We are definitely a senior , 75 yrs old, and have progressively gotten stiffer and stiffer but we do believe this will take care of it. As we said already. We love it . . . .

We have had fibroouralgia for years and have tried many “low-impact exercise” dvds. Usually we are in pain afterwards, with this we felt stretched out and after using it a few days, we started feeling better, less stiff and having less pain. We recommend this dvd to all of our friends w/fibroouralgia.

Lovely instructor and very gentle moves. We wish there were just a bit more voice over instruction on what to do though, because its hard to watch and do the moves the same time. This is good to get you loosened up in the am. Not a workout, so don’t expect to work up a sweat.

We bought this because we have osteoporosis and the many aches and pains that go with this. We have difficulty walking enough to count as good exercise and this seems to be the answer. Start slow and do not try to do the whole tape at first. Work into it slowly or it will be discouraging. Good luck and enjoy.

We are very pleased with this dvd. The music is classical, ann smith is a great instructor and uses slow but purposeful movements to aid the body.

This is a great way to stretch and move. We feel great and relaxed after participating in this, our favorite ann smith video.

The work out is very good .

This is the best of the three ann smith dvd’s we have bought, the other two are repetitious and not good.

Very relaxing exercises and easy to keep up with. Just what we needed at 55 years old with no interest in exercising.

As one who lives with a chronic painful condition, we found ann’s movements to be both gentle, rhythmic and relaxing.

Very relaxing & enjoyable to follow along. We feel very graceful doing these exercises.

Very good to ease back into exercising.

Nice smooth movements. Easy on all of the joints and back. Relaxing to say the least. Have recommended to several friends.

Does make us feel better.

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