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In 1988, a common household cleaning product changed Annette Falconett s life forever. Exposure to the product triggered Falconett s multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Bedridden for most of the following year with debilitating symptoms, Falconett was unimpressed with traditional medicine s response to her condition. She was told her condition was “all in her head,” despite very real symptoms. Others told her she wouldn t get better—an attitude acknowledging her condition but offering no practical help.Finding such explanations unacceptable, Falconett chose to reclaim her health. My Journey Back to Health recounts her experiences. Working with < cite= mailto:Annette%20Falconett datetime= 2015-03-05T10:11 > sympathetic doctors and alternative medicine practitioners, Falconett did what many thought impossible: she learned to control her MCS symptoms. MCS has both emotional and physical consequences, affecting your interactions with everyone around you. In a special chapter on growing up with an MCS parent, Falconett s daughter offers a family member s perspective on both her mother s struggles and her own. People with MCS are, as Falconett notes, the canaries in a chemical-laden coalmine. MCS is an indication of the effect modern reliance on chemicals has on our health. That Falconett was able to overcome this pervasive condition offers hope to us all.

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Oh could we ever relate to annnette’s life account. Although we had a different trigger that set off our battle with mcs, our improvement has been similar to her. Her tips are worthy to try, many of them we had/have been using; going to look into molybdenum, which this is the 1st time we have seem this recommended. So we don’t think one ever totally is cured from this, but to learn to lessen symptoms and go on living a kind of normal life is what it is all about. Annnette’s approach is doable for the every -day person. Truly recommend this book to anyone with mcs or who wants to know what this affliction is like.

Suffering can take many forms, so one has to be very open-minded when reading this story. The illness is extreme and, thankfully, rare, but it is real. This book would appeal to anyone fighting any sort of rare physical condition which needs special therapy and attention. It is an inspiring contribution to an area of health much overlooked by main-stream medicine.

Good personal account of recovering from mcs, a rare condition which we also have.

Excellent read about mcs.

Very informative.

We are thankfully not a sufferer of mcs ourself, though we do have a ‘hidden’ illness – fibroouralgia, so we could relate to the blank looks and misunderstandings that author annette falconett goes through when trying to explain her rare illness. In our group we have a few people who suffer from this condition (as well as fm), so when we noticed the subtitle of the book and the great price, we saw it as an opportunity to improve our very basic knowledge. And improve it it has. We had no idea about outgassing, biotics or eidetic therapy. At first we wondered if we could put our own prejudices aside as the author talked about her positive view that vegetarianism was a key to her getting well, but when she did an about turn later in the book and told how she became convinced that her body needed the minerals and protein in meat we were impressed at her honesty at putting everything down that she did in her considerable efforts to get well. Not that we don’t consider vegetarian food wholesome or support the right of vegetarians to follow that lifestyle. Chapter 9, written by the author’s daughter was a welcome addition, as we did wonder how her family felt about all the things they had to do to help keep mum well, and we congratulate her on her positive outlook, along with that of her dad who has to shower if he has been sitting next to someone wearing perfume, so strong is annette’s reaction to the lingering odour. If you are unfortunate to be a sufferer or live with a sufferer or just like me, know a sufferer – then this is an engrossing and worthwhile read.

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