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AOLODA Mini Portable Desk Air Humidifier Cute Deer USB Cool Mist Vaporizer

AOLODA Mini Portable Desk Air Humidifier Cute Deer USB Cool Mist Vaporizer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of AOLODA Mini Portable Desk Air Humidifier Cute Deer USB Cool Mist Vaporizer.

  • Cute Design-The small humidifier has 2018 Newest cute deer design with 7 color breathing light,perfect for your home room,baby bedroom,office desktop,car,or gift
  • Lightweight and Portable- This mini usb diffuser is very lightweighted, you can bring anywhere
  •  Enjoy Cool Mist-The air humidifier can soften and moisten dry and chapped skin in winter. Use as mister during summer or hot weather.It also helps you breathe better when your are sleeping with air conditioner on
  • ª ªAuto Shutdown-Our room humidifier has 4 hours automatic power-off protection and 1 hours automatic off the light.It’s very safe to use this personal humidifier
  • Custom Service:If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, feel free contact us and you’ll be offered full refund or replacement

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More Info:

Here are some more information on AOLODA Mini Portable Desk Air Humidifier Cute Deer USB Cool Mist Vaporizer.
Color:White Deer ŠChoose our humidifier and enjoy your new higher quality life. Š AOLODA rabbit humidifier quietly moistens the air in small spaces, providing the ideal moisture balance to help you breathe better. Easy to keep your living space humid. Providing healthy moist air for your family, no matter when you stay at home, at work, even in traveling. ‘‰Features:   -Lovely deer design -USB-powered humidifier -7 color breathing light -Timed auto shutdown -Ultrasonic operation and ultra-silence design -Gift package ‘‰Parameters ¼ -Description: Lovely Rabbit Humidifier -Color:Pink -Material: ABS+PP -Voltage:DC-5V -Power:1.5-2W -Water capacity: 220 mL -Packaging:3.54*3.54*5.51inch(aaprox) ‘‰Note:   -Please make sure that there is enough water in the water bottle humidifier to ensure it works normally. Please do not exceed the maximum capacity.   -When used the desktop humidifier for the first time, please take out the filter stick, soak it fully and then put it in the catheter. (Comes with another filter stick to replace it in case it was dirty or blocked).   -Do not allow water to flow into the power connector. When re-used the desk humidifier after a long time, you need to soak the filter stick again. -Add mineral water or tape water into humidifier as the best, and do not use water with too many impurities since it will influence the service life of core.We do not recommend add essential oils. -When the usb humidifier works ,It has to stay connected plugged to an outlet.   ‘‰Package Include: -1 x mini humidifier -1 x USB cable -1 x Instructions -2 x humidifier filter stick

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on AOLODA Mini Portable Desk Air Humidifier Cute Deer USB Cool Mist Vaporizer.

Question Question 1

How Do We Get This To Work? Does It Need To Charge?

Needs to stay connected to work. It’s connected to an USB or if you have one of those blocks you can plug it to the wall.

Question Question 2

Where Can We Purchase Replacement Filters?

Dear custom friend, you could purchase the replacement filters in our store.we havecustomized the filters sticks for the minwe cactus humidifier.

Question Question 3

Can It Auto Off When Water Run Out?

yes,it will auto off when water run out.

Question Question 4

Our Humidifier Is Great, But It Has Started Emitting A High-Pitched Whistle The Whole Time It’S Turned On.Any Suggestions?

Mine stopped working altogether after about 5 nights, so no suggestions from me.

Question Question 5

Can You Use Essential Oils For Aroma With This?

As per the product description: You Can NOT add essential oils, essential oil molecules are too large, will block out the fog hole.

Question Question 6

Can This Work With 220 Voltage ?

Yes,you could.Then please connect the cactus humidifier with USB adapter, power bank or computer.

Question Question 7

We Need A Replacement Charging Cord. What Type Of Of Usb Cord Does The Humidifier Use?

Standard. This is more of a novelty . Already threw mine away.

Question Question 8

If It Is On And You Unplug It, When You Plug It Back In, Does It Turn On, Or Do You Have To Push The On Button Again?

Yes. You have to push the button to turn it on again

Question Question 9

How Long The 200 Ml Water Can Be Lasting In Using?

we use mine in our office and usually fill it once a day

Question Question 10

Can You Use This As A Diffuser?

Nope just a humidifier

Question Question 11

Is It Big Enough For A Bedroom? Will You Notice A Difference?

Super small. Barely big enough to notice on the desk. Mostly a novelty item.

Question Question 12

How Do You Clean This? We Noticed A Significant Decrease In Output After Using For Several Weeks.?

we would put sope water in it then turn it on and then rinse it out several times

Question Question 13

How Do You Know If This Is On Or Off? The Red Light Is On. But If We Push The On/Off Button It Doesn’T Appear To Do Anything?

Threw mine away. This product was a joke.

Question Question 14

How Long Is The Cord?

Not very long, we would honestly say a little shorter then a phone charger

Question Question 15

How Many Minutes/Hours With The Cactus Mister Stay On For?

we would say around an hour or so it stays on

Question Question 16

Is It A Night Light Too? The Feautures And Details Says “Press Twice On The Switch To Open The Nightlight”?

Not that we can find, but we do love this little guy

Question Question 17

We Have Broken Our Charger, Can Someone Tell Us The Name Of The Part That Plugs Into The Humidifier?

The charger is a minwe usb

Question Question 18

Is This Only A Humidifier? Or Is This Also An Essential Oil Diffuser?

Only a humidifier, and not a very reliable one. we had to send mine back because it stopped working after a couple weeks.

Question Question 19

We Can T Get Mine To Work. It S Plugged In, We Soaked The Cotton Stick And There Is A Red Light On. We Pushed The Button But Nothing Has Happened Yet??

Dear custom friend, You could try soaked the cotton stick longer time. If you have any question, please feel free contact our service team, email : wuqiong_66@126.com.

Question Question 20

We Are Having Difficulties Getting It To Open. Anyone Have Trouble With It Being Auctioned So Tightly It Won T Open?

If its like mine, its melted together. we have been able to separate some of the plastic, but its not looking hopeful.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on AOLODA Mini Portable Desk Air Humidifier Cute Deer USB Cool Mist Vaporizer, these might be useful for better understanding.

This little humidifier is perfect for your desk at work. It’s small and cute. If you fill it to the fill line, it will have enough liquid to be on all day. Though it will shut off after 4 hours of continuous use. So we turn it on first thing in the morning. It shuts off at lunch, which is perfect when we need to leave to get lunch. Then we turn it on at 1 and it’s off by quitting time. Despite living in humid louisiana, our office is unnaturally dry and our lips and skin have suffered. This little humidifier has helped. Now it only gets 4 stars because it’s a little noisy. Not enough to be a deal breaker, but we have to turn our music up to drown it out. Though its benefits greatly outweigh the negative. So for the price, it’s a good buy.

Been using this little guy in our bedroom for the last couple of months (in wintertime) and it has definitely helped with adding some humidity to the air. We usually get super dry skin that cracks and peels no matter how much lotion we think we are using but so far we have needed/used lotion but no additional cracks/peels. Have just set it on the floor in the path of where the heat comes out of our (ceiling) vents. Feeling really good about this purchase (plus it’s cute). It goes for ~4 hours as it says then automatically shuts off. So, we will run it twice each night, just turn it back on whenever we get up in the middle of the night to potty. After twice (~8 hours of use) it’s time to refill the water. We are skeptical about how it’ll survive the summer months where we don’t use it without the cotton stick getting nasty but it does come with a replacement, so for this price we will be happy with that.

Plugs right into a usb so you can bring anywhere. Came with two filters. We even put a drop of lavender in it and when we turn it on we smell a light lavender scent it s wonderful.

This little humidifier is perfect for the office. Doesn t take up much space. Works for hours. Only need to refill about once a week.

Love it:) cute, extremely easy to use, and effective.

We are so satisfied with this little guy. It s so cute and we love using it. We have been using it in our bedroom at night and we have definitely noticed a difference in our throat and nose in the mornings. Definitely recommend.

We love this little thing. Probably cause it s a little cactus. Very little midst comes out that we don t know how affective it is, but it looks cute at our desk and we get a lot of complements.


We were nervous because of some of the reviews, but the humidifier we received is still working really well two months later. It’s small and cute, looks and feels quality, and easy to clean for the most part. It’s a little difficult to swab the inside of the top of the humidifier where the filter touches the metal plate, so we just spray it down with hydrogen peroxide every other day to prevent mold growth. You have to make sure the filter stick is soaked well enough for there to be a large stream of mist. The instructions we received with the box are in another language but the pictures are pretty explanatory. We might buy the humidifier with antlers for our office when it reopens. It did make a whistling noise the first few times we used it, but the whistling has gone away and it is very quiet. Be careful not to use too much or too little water.

This humidifier is perfect for the office. It’s quiet, almost silent, but has a strong output of mist. We have really dry skin, so we sometimes just sit with our face right above the mist. We also place it right next to our office plants; they love the extra humidity. It’s also super cute.

Such a cute little humidifier. It’s perfect for a desk or small room. Works just as expected. Love it.

We love this. It’s small enough to be out of the way in a college dorm, while still working well. We love the nightlight feature, and the cycling colored light. Our only criticisms are that there is a slight whistling noise, but being in a college dorm it filters into the background and can’t be heard from across the room. The surface it’s placed on will also become substantially damp while it’s on, so we would either place it on a towel or on a surface you don’t care about getting wet. Pictured next to a standard 16. 9floz bottle for comparison.

We love this cute little cactus humidifier. We got it for our desk at work where we were suffering from the extreme dry heat this winter. This little guy makes a huge difference. We keep it about a foot away from us on our desk and we noticed less dry skin, eyes, and nose when we use it regularly. We love that you don’t need to use distilled water and we can just fill it up at the sink in the break room. We think this humidifier puts out as much mist as the full-sized one we have at home. If we had to find an issue with it, the chord placement is a little annoying and the chord isn’t long enough to place it wherever you want. If it was rechargeable or had a battery option that would be better. Overall we love this product. Q.

It s great for our office and adorable. Definitely read the instructions and presoak the stick that comes already inside it. It turned in much quicker when we did that. Great product.

This was perfect for our cubicle at work, and its so quiet and cute, three other girls at work ordered the same ones. Every now and then they act up but you take out the filter, get it fully wet again and its as good as new. And it really works, moistened the air around us very well, the office can be very dry.

This humidifier works really well. We use it on our nightstand for bedtime when im stuffy or feel like our skin is really dry. The only downfall is it does turn off after 4 hours we believe and we wish it would just stay on for longer.

This is the cutest little humidifier. It has gone from a desk ornament in our work from home office to our newborn s nursery and everyone always comments on our cute little cactus. It s helped through quite a few sniffles and has helped beat allergy season: def reccomend.

We bought this product because our room was starting to get dry this winter and so far it is working very well. It s super cute and the perfect size to fit in our bedside table. It works well and sprays a good amount of mist considering it s size. The only complaint that we have is that in order for it to run it needs to be plugged in. We wish that the usb was just there to charge it so that way we wouldn t have to mess with plugging and unplugging so often. The only other complaint is that the water runs out fairly quickly but we guess that makes sense with its size.

It wouldn t work for us at first but we soaked the filter in water and then it started working. We occasinaly need to tilt it upside down for it to start working but other then that it s great. Even though it s small it puts out alot of mouisture out in the air.

Mine works very well we turned it into a diffuser just put some aromatherapy drops of oil in it and it works fabulous. We think it should be five dollars cheaper. Just our thought.

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