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Aqua Lung Rocket Quick Release Diving Fin

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Aqua Lung Rocket Quick Release Diving Fin.

  • Among the first vented rubber fins offered in The United States and Canada and popular amongst military and professional scuba divers
  • All-rubber building and construction is compact, and ultra-rugged for usage in extreme environments
  • Offered with either conventional fin straps and buckles or quick-release buckles
  • Colors: Black

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Aqua Lung Rocket Quick Release Diving Fin.
Liked by traditionalists, the Rocket sports a traditional vented blade that numerous scuba divers still swear by. The traditional all-rubber style is almost unbreakable and readily available in a basic variation and one with an upgraded foot pocket

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Aqua Lung Rocket Quick Release Diving Fin.

Question Question 1

If You’Re Going To Barefoot Them For Recreational Functions (We Are 12.5) – Opt For The Smaller Sized As They’Re Typically Anticipated To Be Utilized With Booties?

Best of luck barefooting them. These are really heavy fins, hard on the feet and ankles even with booties. However if you must, yes go for the smaller sized size.

Question Question 2

Are These Fins Actually Huge Enough For Our Foot With Rubber Booties Currently On Our Feet?

NO.They will squash your toes and rub on the top of your foot. The rubber is really hard and does not wish to alter size. They are Foolish Heavy.

Question Question 3

Why Is Shipping Stating A 6 Week Delivering Date? We Want to Know When To Anticipate Them Or We Required To Cancel And Order For A Quicker Shipment.?

Thanks for your question. we think it depends upon where we would be delivering to. We would deliver your order in 2-3 days. Thanks Thanks for your question. we think it depends upon where we would be delivering to. We would deliver your order in 2-3 days. ThanksDivemaster Chris866-728-2293 Onlinescuba

Question Question 4

What Size Fin Should We Get If We Are Using Size 10 Chuck Taylors With Them?

The ORIGINAL Rocket Fin is readily available in generally “Regular Rocket & ” Super Rocket.” Anyone with a size 10 or bigger will constantly be the Super Rocket.

Question Question 5

Is The Cost For A Set? The Include Line States Fin, Not Fins.?

our order of Aqua Lung Rocket Quick Release Diving Fin (Big (9-11)) came with 2 fins in one box.

Question Question 6

Whats The General Length In These Fins? Im Trying To Find A Bag That Will Fit Our Equipment?

we are uncertain we sanctuary t determined them. It needs to remain in the description.

Question Question 7

Are These The Size With Bare Feet Or With Shoes? We Intend On Getting The New Altamas And Want Some Excellent Fins. Size 10?

It s with shoes on. Trust us do not use these fins barefoot, get the shoes or you can simply use chucks trigger that s what we do.

Question Question 8

Do These Fins Drift Or Sink?

None of the marprene rubber fins, JETS or Rockets drift in either fresh or seawater

Question Question 9

We Are 10.5 Shoe Size, We See One Customer States These Fins Were Too Little For His Foot?

we are size 12 however idea these would be more compact and less stiff, so we attempted ’em. They were absolutely too narrow/small. Due to the fact that you will likely be using booties with these fins, we would measure. These were smaller sized than we anticipated

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Aqua Lung Rocket Quick Release Diving Fin, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We are presently training for ast a school and these are the exact same fins they utilize. They’re heavy, resilient, and military grade. Not as easy to swim with them as other fins, however absolutely nothing strong legs can’t conquer. Essentially, if you’re looking for a fin for leisure usage, these are not it. If you’re wanting to train for ast, airr, cct, pj, seal, or cdqc then get these since they’re what they will hand you at indoc or a school.

We purchased these for our spouse’s birthday journey to hawaii. As a scuba diver these have constantly been his preferred fins. We provided 4 stars since the very first time he utilized them the whole quick release clip came off of one fin when he eliminated it. Regrettably, he was uninformed of this up until he returnedout Excellent news our fins had the exact same clip and he had the ability to take one from our fins. Obviously that implied we could not utilize our fins up until we found a dive store. Our dive bag is now equipped with a few back-ups. He enjoys them and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Our boy remains in training to end up being a scuba diver in the us navy. He asked for these as a birthday present since these are the exact same fins they train in. He desired these to train in on his own time. He is really delighted with these fins.

Finest fins readily available. Utilized then in the military for years, and now do utilize them for rec diving. They are fantastic for basic diving.

The fins are of outstanding quality and worth. Quick release gadget is really hassle-free. Shown up to us in the center east in best condition as they were packaged well.

Bought these for our boy who has a pj agreement with the flying force. He ships in july. He’s been swimming because october, 2014 and now he’s fin-ing, also. Can’t be too ready.

First discomfort of fins. Theyre fantastic. The quick release is really hassle-free.

Bought them as a birthday present for our grand son. There whatever that he desired.

Bought these to preparation for indoc. They are fantastic.

Amazing product. No problems.

Excellent product.

They are respectable however too pricey.

That s great.

No issues with them at all.

Love these.

Quick shipment and product was simply as explained. Could not be better.

We use theses fins 5 days a week. We have had the exact same set of rocket fins for 3 years. So 5 days a week for 52 weeks a year that equates to, rugged. We purchased these fins after we began dealing with the overseas oil platforms. We acquired them trigger all the other scuba divers were using them. They are fantastic for this or any kind of undersea work. They are brief so they remain out of the way. The rubber is thick and does not stretch or deteriorate rapidly. This enables you to shred them on barnacles without issue. Would we recommend them for leisure diving? sure, we do not wish to buy a brand-new set of fins every year. We make certain there’s other fins that will get you where your going a bit quicker. In our viewpoint the building and construction of these fins outweighs that truth. 5 stars, thank you aqua lung.

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