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BAIYI Silicone Bracelet Medical Alert ID for Men and Women

BAIYI Silicone Bracelet Medical Alert ID for Men and Women

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BAIYI Silicone Bracelet Medical Alert ID for Men and Women.

  • Printed with “ASTHMA” black silicone medical alert ID bracelet, destructive inscription typeface is really clear and easy to check out.
  • Product: Silicone and 316 L stainless steel.Waterproof, long lasting and soft, comfy to use.
  • Size: Length 9 inches, adjustable to various sizes for men, women, young boys or ladies.
  • Best for hikers, bicyclists, runners and swimmers, other professional athletes, outside sports or daily wear.
  • We provide charming boxes and emergency situation medical cards (see fig 5), Handwritten information put wallet bring, secure your personal privacy.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BAIYI Silicone Bracelet Medical Alert ID for Men and Women.
We introduce this casual sports medical alert anti-allergen silicone bracelet to make sure convenience and can assist you fall in love with sports.The physical condition need to not stop you, you can do your preferred daily workout. By wear a BAIYI medical ID bracelet, can rapidly determine your condition.You do not need to fret about getting the correct care in an emergency.You can likewise pick to tailor the information, sculpting out more about your sign. Stainless-steel plate 1.5 x0.43 in, Enable 3 rows of customized inscriptions, each line can be 20 characters. KEEP IN MIND: satisfied by merchant for laser inscription, satisfied by for for destructive inscriptions.( Please describe figure) Please inspect what you inscribed prior to purchasing for the inscription can not be changed.Examples of the inscription are: Diabetic Type12 Diabetes Insulin Reliant Blood Thinners High Bp Pacemaker Epilepsy Seizures Asthma Hypoglycemia Coumadin Celiac Morphine Bee Sting Allergy Nut Peanut Penicillin Tree Shellfish Warfarin Heart Condition Condition Pressure Hemophilia Dependant Persistent Medical Conditions Lymphedema Stents Mental Health Conditions Uncommon Illness On Several Medications Anemia Kidney Failure Developmental Disabilities Food Allergies No Mri Drug High Blood Pressure Atrial Fibrillation Cystic Fibrosis Organ Transplant Memory Problems Arrhythmia Scientific Trial Individual Spastic Paralysis Sclerosis Hearing Metal Implants Vision Steroid Treatmen Bariatric Surgical Treatment Weight-loss Seizure Parkinson’S Disease Distressing Brain Injury (Tbi) Sickle Cell Hypothyroidism Stomach Bypass/Sleeve Adrenal Deficiency Tourette Syndrome Cognitive Long Qt Hyperthyroidism. We provide an emergency situation medical card (see picture): This is to secure your personal privacy style. According to medical card pointers, handwritteninformation Location the card in the wallet. Size: 3.54 X1.77 in (company card size)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BAIYI Silicone Bracelet Medical Alert ID for Men and Women.

Question Question 1

Can You Get It Wet?

Yes, you can use it at all times. Even in the shower or swimming.

Question Question 2

What Size Wrist Does This Increase Too?

It has 8 notches on the wrist band. So it needs to fit little, medium, and big wrist.

Question Question 3

How Do You Order The Engraving?There Are No Directions?

Dear: we are sorry, we have a vacation. We require to begin to tailor the information on March 2

Question Question 4

Our Hubby Is Type Iwe Diabetic And Has A Pacemaker. Exists Anyhow To Have A Plate Engraved With Both Noted?

This product will permit 3 lines of inscription.The words “Pacemaker” and “Type 2 Diabetes” need to fit on different lines on the one band.

Question Question 5

Can You Put More Than One Allergy On Bracelet? Shellfish And Peanut Allergy?

our company believe you can type whatever in the areas supplied. ShouldBe able to fit both

Question Question 6

We Wany To Ingrave Our Call And An Emergency Situation Contact?

Dear: no, this one is pre-engraving. You require to pick Color: Black (Free Inscription) to tailor your personal information

Question Question 7

Can We Order A Blank Bracelet Without Inscription. We Required Asap.?

we make sure you can

Question Question 8

What Is The Width Of The Bracelet?

It is 1cm or about 3/8 of an inch. Absolutely less than 1/2 inch. The length has to do with 9 inches.

Question Question 9

Does It Make You Sweat Underneath It When The Day Is Warm Or At Night?Is It Sticky?

No concerns with sweating or stickiness. our partner states it s really comfy and doesn t get captured on things like the metal one he used in the past.

Question Question 10

Can We Evaluation The Inscription On Our Order?

It permitted us to.

Question Question 11

Is The Bracelet Water Evidence For Shower?

Dear: yes, it’s water resistant and you can even use it for a shower

Question Question 12

How Can We Verify Plate Is Stainless Steel?We Have Been Told That It Is Simply Typical Metal Covered By Chrome.Too Shiny To Be Sleek Stainles Steel?

Dear: This medical ID tag is made from 316 stainless-steel and it is entirely water resistant and appropriates for daily wear consisting of hand cleaning and bathing.

Question Question 13

Can We Order A Blank Bracelet, Without Inscription.?

Yes, naturally. Do not fill out the sculpting information, get is blank bracelet.

Question Question 14

What Should Be Composed On A Medical Braclet?

Dear: we advise noting your chief medical condition, allergic reactions, treatment factors to consider, or emergency situation contact telephone number.

Question Question 15

Can We Order Quantities Of More Than 30 In One Order?

Dear?yes, naturally

Question Question 16

Can We Etch In Hebrew/ Another Language?

we are not sure.There is a way to send out an e-mail query to the seller to ask them.When bought, you need to enter the information you desire engraved.If your computer/tablet enables you to enter Hebrew, or any other language, we need to believe they need to have the ability to, however ask first.This product is not costly, however we are not sure.There is a way to send out an e-mail query to the seller to ask them.When bought, you need to enter the information you desire engraved.If your computer/tablet enables you to enter Hebrew, or any other language, we need to believe they need to have the ability to, however ask first.This product is not costly, however it does take a while to arrive.Shalom, and we hope this assists.

Question Question 17

How Long Does It Require To Get It?

we bought a band on Sep 27 th and still have’ t got it today (Dec 19 th). So, the answer is: Loooooooooooonnnnnnggggg.

Question Question 18

Does This Fit 6-7 Wrist Size?

Dear: yes, it fits 6-8 inch wrists

Question Question 19

Were Can We Type More Words On The Bracelet.?

Dear: we are sorry, we are on trip now. We require to begin dealing with February 16 prior to we can sculpt for you. Thank you

Question Question 20

How Do We Include Inscription Information?

Dear: you require to pick black (free inscription) to tailor your message

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BAIYI Silicone Bracelet Medical Alert ID for Men and Women, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Definitely love these bracelets. We have bought three up until now because we are on blood slimmers and have had modification prescriptions for our pregnancy. We didn’t desire something incredibly costly because the prescription modifications are short-lived. These are both low-cost and durable. We have gotten black, white, and light blue. The light blue band is our preferred up until now however we simulate the other 2 also. They are comfy to use and fit well. We typically forget that we even have one on our wrist. They have likewise had the ability to stand up to the abuse of our nephew who believes they are his teething toys. We pick the terrace typeface for all three bracelets. The inscription is light however clear. We like this since it makes it harder for others to read it from any type of range without us observing however is still easy to check out when it comes to an emergency situation.

It’s great, lightweight, really personalized and got here inside a little zipper baggy, with a quite blue drawstring velour pouch to keep it in when we are showering or swimming. I” m really delighted with this bracelet and baiyi. In reality, we bought a second one for a various medical problem.

We do not compose a great deal of evaluations, however we liked this purchase. The shipping was really quick, and the bracelet is so comfy. We had a comparable bracelet from another business that was a silicone band without the buckle and that a person wound up not lasting long. This one need to last a lot longer since it will not have the very same wear and tear to stretch the band to take it on and off. We like the lightweight feel of the band and we will be boughtmore You definitely can’t beat the rate.

We just have full marks for the product bought. We have paid a great deal of cash in the past from various suppliers for a medic alert bracelet, and the other products broke, and or the etching wore away and it was no longer legible. For this product, the rate was really sensible, the product explained is precisely as mentioned, and it got here within 2 weeks of the order. It has a number of holes in the band, using a variable fit, is comfy, and really long lasting. We use it every day as a casual bracelet, which likewise satisfies of conserving our life if we pass out. The inscription is easy to check out although the bracelet width is not incredibly broad. It is apparent through the quality of the bracelet and the reality the seller informed us of shipping date, that we will advise this business to others who require medic alert bracelets.( free inscription) silicone medical alert id bracelet pink for women and ladies.

We like this. Our kid is 23 and has ptsd from early youth injury. He simply moved out and we had the ability to put ptsd then ice and our number. Offers us a little more peace understanding if he’s found having a flashback they have our number. We can see where it may not fit some men, however works for us fantastic. Now if we can simply get him a service pet dog we may can breathe a little better.

Great bracelet for the more small-wristed individuals. If you have smaller sized wrists, it will look great and be rather comfy. We have had mine a number of months now, and through chainsawing, motorbike riding, backyard work, log splitting, and all sorts of other rough activities, it still appears like brand-new. Really extremely suggested. Simply want there were more colors readily available.

It is an extremely well made product, however it didn’t fit our huge wrists. On top of that, we are really prideful and we recognized we can not let go of our pride and use one, as silly as this noises and feels typing this. Our health problem is currently disabling and embarrassing enough, we do not wish to be continuously advised or pitied by everybody around us for our health problem. If you can draw up your pride, this is effectively made, and worthwhile of 5 stars.

Entirely delighted with this purchase. The inscribed metal piece can be eliminated from the strap and rearranged in the opposite instructions depending upon which wrist you use the band and whether you care which way the composing faces. It’s comfy and we hardly understand the band exists after it’s been on a few minutes. It’s less obvious to us than our wrist watch. We use it (at the persistence of our partner) when participating in solo activities like driving, daily strolls, and so on. It took 16 days to get here as soon as we positioned our order. That shipping and shipment time is excellent because it ncludes inscription, shipping from china and last shipment by usps. We would buy it once again.

We have small wrists and his fit us on the really first entire the tiniest the bracelet goes. Female, 24 for recommendation. Our only frustration is that the writing or inscription is dark or rather, the metal is dark so it mixes in a lot and is hard to see particularly with glare and reflections entering play. However you can plainly see the medical indication being red. Comfy up until now. We included our full name, allergy and our ice number on the band.

Well made, personalized and relatively long lasting. Our 8yr old child uses this practically daily and it’s stood the test. After a year we simply bought another as a backup in case it breaks. The straps are great and thick and the metal front plate is strong and hasen’t triggered any concerns. The little strap holder has revealed the only little bit of wear and truthfully the only factor we got another as a backup. Terrific business, fantastic product, fantastic rate.

Okay to start with we like this bracelet it fits ideal and it s comfy, for 10$ this bracelet is well worth the cash, many medical id bracelets are 30$ & up. We wouldnt advise this for a kid bc we have little wrist and we needed to put it on the tightest one to fit, it s made for an adult and last but not least we like how it s not substantial and large it s ideal.

This bracelet gets used to fit our partner’s wrist and the inscription is absolutely tailored – why we selected it over other medical alert bands. We are really happy with the comfy fit and the inscribed (extremely particular) notifies. The other type of bracelets would not broaden adequately to pass over his big hands, and each is printed with a single medical alert. Since he has numerous important medical concerns, he ‘d have needed to use a number of bands – not something he wanted to do. The seller was so really accommodating (even to the point of adjusting for a mistake of mine) and the bracelet got here mcc more rapidly even than guaranteed. We would not think twice utilize this product and pick this seller once again, and extremely advise both to others.

This shown up in a blue drawstring bag and from the minute we attempted it on, we have been using it since. It’s so comfy. Somebody stated they could not read theirs b/c it was too dark. We utilized terrace and mine is ideal. We like you have 3 lines to work with and would be ideal for a kid with unique requirements. It was a terrific purchase for us and we will be bought more in other colors.

Looks as anticipated. It is among 3 we bought. We have a number of conditions, so we choose the etching to state “see wallet card”. It took a bit to get here, however looked as anticipated and is great quality for the rate. We had the ability to buy 3 various bracelets for the rate of one we generally obtain from the jewelry expert this is the one we have been using one of the most. It is easy to change and looks great for casual days.

For anybody with a medical condition or taking a medication (eliquis) that emergency situation responders need to know in case you are not able to interact with them, this basic, affordable gadget is of important value. The silicone wrist band, 3/8″ broad, is soft and comfy, you rapidly forget that you have it on. There are lots of holes for changing the band from little to big. While we have just had it for a week, it appears really long lasting. The bracelet came personalized precisely as bought and is easy to check out. Do yourself a huge favor, order one today.

We typically do not like using things on our hands or neck. Fashion jewelry is unpleasant for us. (even our wedding event ring is a tattoo.) and this product is comfy. We can use everything day. We are typical size for a woman and perhaps have typical size wrists. We use this on among the average-larger sized settings. We like that we might pick the color that would fit our design best, and this is plainly a medical bracelet, not hidden by loud rainbow colors or excessive style. So it will not quickly be incorrect for an ornamental bracelet.

We utilize this for our senior father who has alzheimer’s. He uses everything the time he’sout It has his name, health conditions, and our contact info on it. We would like if the band was broader so it might fit more lines. However this is fantastic. A guaranteed need to have. The words are really clear yo read. We will purchase another because we need to upgrade the info. We certainly advise for children and senior liked ones. This might be a life saver.

We got this as a present for our mama who is on several essential medications. There was space to list them all on this bracelet. We got the pink variation as our mama desired a pink bracelet. She likes her bracelet and uses it all over. She states it’s really easy to check out and that the text is really clear. It was available in a quite velour bag with a medical id card. Really happy with this purchase as is our mama. 5 stars.

We have been browsing for a comfy, noticeable medical bracelet for some time. Our company believe we have three others that we no longer use. We lastly found one that works. This bracelet is light-weight, the color is quite and it is adjustable. We have an extremely little wrist and this is ideal. Our company believe our search is over. We would advise this to anybody who requires a medical bracelet.

We like this bracelet. Our child will in fact keep it on, which is great. It s well made and we put on t fear it will break anytime quickly. We can t speak for sturdiness in time however it appears like it will last. We like the watch-type clasp. It s easy to place on and is strong. The text is clear and easy to check out. With 3 lines possible, there s adequate space for all of the essential info. We would like to buy more in various colors too.

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