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Baraka Neti Pot Infused Salt Rinse Sinus Relief Nose Cleaner

Baraka Neti Pot Infused Salt Rinse Sinus Relief Nose Cleaner

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Baraka Neti Pot Infused Salt Rinse Sinus Relief Nose Cleaner.

  • CONTAINS ESSENTIAL OILS of Virginia cedarwood, Palmarosa, Green myrtle, Fir balsam and Rosemary infused in French Atlantic Mineral Salt.
  • GREAT FOR COLDS, FLU & SINUS INFECTIONS – Our bestselling salt rinse; unique on the market.
  • NO NEED FOR BUFFERS – Naturally occurring trace minerals do the work.
  • 20 YEARS IN BUSINESS – We aren’t going anywhere. See our blogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Baraka Neti Pot Infused Salt Rinse Sinus Relief Nose Cleaner.

Question Question 1

Does This Container Have A Tamper Proof Seal? Thanks?

This product has a plastic safety seal, which is applied after jarring the product.

Question Question 2

Has Anyone Used This With A Navage?We Used Essential Oils In Our Old One And It Caused It To Leak.?

While the oils in our Infused Salt Rinse are no longer in a liquid state, essential oils have the tendency to break down plastics and rubbers. Therefore, the Infused Salt Rinse may expedite the wear on any plastic device.

Question Question 3

Can This Product Be Used In A Squeeze Bottle For Sinus Rinse?

As long as you would dissolve it first with water, we do not see why you couldn’t do that. You would be using the squeeze bottle rather than the nettwe pot. Hope this answers your question.

Question Question 4

Is There An Expeiry Date?

Just checked.not on there now.did not notice if it was on the outer sealing packaging.but mine has never gone south and we keep it for our own use only and it lasts forever.recommend this to all who have sinus issues or who wish to cleanse.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Baraka Neti Pot Infused Salt Rinse Sinus Relief Nose Cleaner, these might be useful for better understanding.

We have chronic indoor/outdoor allergies year round. We were miserable and felt like we had a constant cold, every day of our life. Prescription nasal sprays and pills no longer worked for us. Finally, we found this product on and it really helps clear our sinuses, as well as help keep some of the swelling down in our nasal passages. The effects seem to last for hours. At first, we thought it just did an okay job of helping our sinuses, but we finally realized that we weren’t using enough of the product. Remember to use distilled water. We mix it in a nasopure bottle. Give it a try.

We had the virus. That’s 3-4 weeks , you have to let it run its course. This was different, head and cold over the counter didn’t work. But it did dry out our sinuses. Massive nose bleeds, niagra falls nose bleeds. So no head and cold medicine. Prtty much gasping for air 24/7. Virus gone, turns into sinus infection. Going on 6 weeks now. The first time we used the rinse it bubbled like running soda thru our sinuses. The second time it tickled. Couldn’t stop laughing. Got the dry nose as well. Blowing our nose packed it up even more. So instead we flush our nose, and put a few drops of dry nose. The bleeding slowed then stopped. The swelling went down, first time in 6 weeks we could breath, no longer gasping for air. As of today no more nose bleeds, and our sinuses are running clear. And our sense of smell has returned. Couldn’t be happier.

We are first time reviewer. You can check our review history. We have chronic symptoms of loss of smell. Prescription drugs provided us temporary relief. We just use this product the second time and we are beginning to have our sense of smell back. So amazed at this product that we needed to write a review and try to help others who’s also have anosmia.

Great product. It help improve our husband’s cough due to allergies. Our husband had this caugh for 4 months. No medication helped. A combination of daily nasal rinse with this product, and use of humidifier in the bedroom and family room helped him. It was a crazy scary cough, and we are glad we found something that helped. Very strong. We use 1/4 of the recommended dosage, and our husband uses a bit less than 1/2. So, it will last a long time.

We had a severe sinus infection and this helped to relieve the pressure, it was soothing and the smell is like a therapy aroma it’s great, but a little strong. Use it as strong as you can, we started with 1/4 tsp – 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp for us is too strong, everyone is different, mix amount to your desire. We love it.

This blend for nasal rinse is spectacular. We are very prone to sinus infections and have used the netwe pot for 15 years. Before discovering this product, we used salt and often added a drop of essential oil. This product blows our old method out of the water, no pun intended. This baraka blend dissolves so well in water, and the particular essential oils leave our nose clean and happy. We highly recommend this product.

Woah, this stuff was a joy to use. Smells amazing, particularly the cedar. It s a bit pricey, so we are not sure if we will buy more when we run out, but we ll see. What we do know is that after three days of using it once or twice a day our sinuses cleared up. We really only netwe when we have a head cold, so this stuff will last us a long time. Haha who am we kidding? will definitely purchase again. If we used it daily regardless of our health, however, we probably couldn’t afford it.

We love this product. Have been using it for years, especially during the allergy/cold season. The essential oil blend they use loosens and clears the mucous and soothes sore nasal passageways. We have no way of verifying this, but we feel our colds are less severe and over more quickly using this 2x a day (or more).

Our sinuses have been bad this winter and the regular salt pkts that come with a netwe pot haven’t helped much. Received our order today and followed others reviews by using the 1/2 tsp in the netwe pot. This is the best our sinuses have felt in months and they also feel soothed from this product. We will definitely buy this again.

Our sinuses are happy again, no allergy infections this year.

We love this stuff it cleans and moisturizes our nasal passages in the dry winter months.

Great nasal irrigator that does not burn or sting the sinuses. We use it on a regular basis to keep our sinuses in check.

We liked this product but we found it too expensive so we bought another netwe salt which is less expensive.

This stuff is great. We bought it because of the natural ingredients and the fact that it is not as wasteful as those salt packets. This product is way better than any others we have tried. Highly recommend.

Very nice smell of the herbs. We think this is worth the extra money compared to regular netwe pot salt.

Loved this product. It’s really helped us get over a sinus infection.

We really like this product, best way to keep our sinuses clean and healthy.

Love this product for clearing out our sinuses. For colds, sinus infections, flu. This stuff is awesome.

We love this salt even if it’s not cold and flu season.

The essential oils in this salt rinse are amazing. Dissolves easily and very comfortable, relieving nasal/sinus rinse.

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