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Bauer Und Haselbart Handheld Sized Portable Nebulizer Wizard

Bauer Und Haselbart Handheld Sized Portable Nebulizer Wizard

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ANY QUESTIONS:   213 471 8050   PORTABLE SLEEK SIMPLE DESIGN Advanced Mesh Technology Will Aerosolize Liquids   BUILT IN POWER Designed with Convenience in Mind, The Built in Rechargeable Battery Will Last 50 Minutes Per Charge Can Be Charged at Home, In the Car, & Even Using a Battery Pack   MAXIMUM ABSORPTION Unit Draws Liquid Through Approximately 1000 Precision-formed Microscopic Holes This Technology Helps Create the Finest Aerosol Mist Available   CONVENIENT & SIMPLE TO CLEAN After Each Use, Simply Pour Away Any Residual Liquid Fill with Hot Tap Water and/or White Vinegar Turn the Unit on and Let It Run for a Moment   EASY VIEW LIQUID CHAMBER Ultra-Clear Polycarbonate for Easy Viewing of Liquid Level   ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY LIQUID SENSOR Simple One Touch to Power On Auto Off When Liquid is Finished     2020 Kit Includes All Accessories You Will Ever Need 1 Unit 1 Adult Mouthpiece 1 Soft Adult Mask 1 Soft  Children s Mask 1 USB Wall Charger 1 Retractable USB Charging Wire   1 Extra Mesh Ultrasonic Cup 1 Travel Pouch Arrives in a Reusable Gift Box

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bauer Und Haselbart Handheld Sized Portable Nebulizer Wizard.

Question Question 1

Will Thhis Work With Colloidal Silver?

Works very well with CS.It’s the reason we purchased it ??

Question Question 2

Trying To Cancel Order Not Yet Shipped Won T Allow?

Contact directly.

Question Question 3

Does Product Have Guarantee?

Yes it has a 1 year guarantee

Question Question 4

How. Can We Order Extra Mouth Pieces For This. We Just Bought One?

Contact the seller

Question Question 5

Can We Put Essential Oils In This?

we do not believe this nebulizer was made for the purpose of essential oils, more in the line of albuterol etc. this is a nebulizer that delivers a mist directly to your lungs so we would strongly suggest not putting essential oils into this nebulizer.

Question Question 6

Can Ultrasonic Frequencies Destroy High Molecular Weight Compounds Of Antibiotics, Mucolytics And Other Drugs?

we don t know we use it for Antibiotics we use it for OxySilver

Question Question 7

Is This An Ultrasonic Nebulizer And Does It Require Additional Liquid As A Carrier To Operate Properly As Other Nebulizers Do?

It is an ULTRASONIC NEBULIZER.It is absolutely SILENT.You just put in whichever liquid you want. It is an ULTRASONIC NEBULIZER.It is absolutely SILENT.You just put in whichever liquid you want.You can put Saline, Albutarol, etc.

Question Question 8

Can You Buy A Mask To Use With This?

Try contacting the seller.our first unit came w/a mask, the second one did not.

Question Question 9

Does Anyone Use A Nose Piece That Just Supplies Mist Thru The Nostrils, A Nose Fork We Believe It’S Called?


Question Question 10

So You Can Use Albuterol In It?

Yes absolutely

Question Question 11

Does This Have Any Metal Parts That The Liquid We Put In It Would Come In Contact With? The Liquid We Would Use In It Would Be De-Natured If It Does.?

Actually there is a metal part which is a screen.

Question Question 12

Are Any Parts Made Outside Of The Usa, If So Where?

The booklet says Germany. The USB plug made by Qualcomm. we do not see markings on other parts.

Question Question 13

Does The Machine Take Batteries?

The machine has a built in rechargeable battery.So you would have to charge it just like a cell phone. If you are on the go, you can also charge it with one of those battery packs that people use for their smartphones.

Question Question 14

What S The Average Nebulization Rate? How Many Ml/Min?

According to the manual the output rate is between 0.35ml/minute and .45ml/minute, probably based upon the viscosity of the material being nebulized.

Question Question 15

Are You Able To Pour In The Medication Doses?

Yes absolutely .

Question Question 16

Canwe Get Extra Masks And Atrachments For It?

Yes absolutely

Question Question 17

Is This Warm Or Cool Mist?

It is cool mist. It works great.

Question Question 18

Where Can We Get Replacement Mesh Ultrasonic Cup For This Item?

Through or the # on the back of the instruction book.

Question Question 19

Is There/What Is Your Return Policy?


Question Question 20

Do We Need To Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide In Our Treatment?

That is totally up to you. It can work either way.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Bauer Und Haselbart Handheld Sized Portable Nebulizer Wizard, these might be useful for better understanding.

Unfortunately lung disease runs in our family. We have all been limited to the things we could do without running to our cars to use a nebulizer we had to hook up to the lighter. We found this device and can’t say enough good about it. It has been a life saver for us and our family. We just purchased another one for a family member for a gift. It is probably the best gift that we have ever given them. It will allow them to leave home with this lightweight device and go shopping, or for a walk. We love going to concerts but was always concerned about our breathing. Not anymore. We can plan outings and leave our house without hesitation. We take it with us everywhere. To work, shopping, on walks. It goes with me. This is the best model and company we have ever found to work with.

This is a great nebulizer that produces a consistent, fine mist. The reason we bought it is, according to dr. Thomas levy, when you use hydrogen peroxide with a nebulizer, there is a growing body of evidence that it can help fight against the coronavirus. Even in lieu of that, it would be great for colds, sore throats, and the regular flu. The fine mist can kill viruses in your nose, throat, and lungs.

Our father has copd and needs multiple treatments a day. He loves to travel and this nebulizer is easy to transport and works like a charm. He loves this nebulizer and is happy we got it for him. We have nothing bad to say about this unit.

Ordered a 2nd nebulizer from this maker. Really portable. Customer service willing to help and friendly. Thank you megan.

We are so glad that we found the nebulizer wizard. It really helps our breathing. We have copd and do treatments approximately every 4 hours. The wizard is light weight, easy to clean and easy to carry in our purse. It gives us confidence that if we should have a flair up, we have a nebulizer that will give us relief. Thank you wizard.

We just received our nebulizer. Amazing packaging. High quality product. Exactly what we were looking for.

We bought this nebulizer for our daughter. We like how small the device is. Fits nicely in the hand. We can fit it in our jacket pocket or purse to have on us for the day of travel. The set came with rechargeable battery and the associated charging cord/wall adapter. The ultrasonic cup that connects up to the base holds just the right amount of albuterol. There is a spare ultrasonic cup for back up. It was a good buy for the money.

This product works as advertised. Sometimes attachments would need to be replaced but was done so in a very timely manner. We would order it again.

First use and we can breath. It’s so quiet, easy to use and portable we can go to the office, or anywhere we want, and use it without calling attention to the fact we are nebulizing.

Had some mix up on delivery and “please me” came thru. They went out of their way to make thing right and did. We highly recommend the product and the supplier.

Best freakin nebulizer we have ever bought -and we have a lot. Truly , great product and excellent customer service. We contacted them for a spare part and they immediately responded and sent part in 1 day. If you have am asthmatic in your life- this will change their life. Tiny, efficient and powerful – one of the top 10 purchases ever.

Very good nebulizer. It runs very quietly and the mist is very good. Company was very helpful when we lost the mouth piece and replaced it with no questions asked. Thank you.

First let us say that the customer service is fantastic. We had purchased a unit and after a few months the battery life just didn’t last more than a a minute or two. We contacted customer service and they immediately refunded us in full and sent us a new unit free of charge. The new unit worked very well for about two weeks and then just stopped atomizing solution. It worked fine with water, but just won t work with any type of breathing solutions, like albuterol. We have taken excellent care of both units, so we don t believe it‘s a user error. Customer service told us this new unit was the new and improved model. We are going to find a different brand that is hopefully more reliable because being able to breath is pretty important. We gave 4 stars simply for the great customer service, not the device.

This company backs up their product 100%. First unit we had stopped holding a charge after 7 months of use. Called the company & they sent us a new ” updated ” one immediately. The service is spectacular. As for the unit, its the best we have used in 30 years. Extremely quiet, & easy to clean quickly. Highly recommend this to anyone using a nebulizer. It makes the whole process quick & easy. Its portable to. So in a hurry, take it w/you. Its small enough to fit in a pocket w/the mouth piece off & the protective cap on. If we could give it 10 starts we would.

We love this product and the seller. Great experience and quality.

Super quiet and portable. We love this and so easy to keep clean and sanitized.

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