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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow.

  • Cover: 100% Cotton Filling: 100% Poly Gel Fiber
  • SUPER PLUSH PRODUCT The Beckham High-end Linens Gel- Filled Fiber Pillows are crafted in extremely luxurious gel fiber that puts all other basic pillows to embarassment. They are skillfully customized to make sure maximum convenience for any and all sleeping positions.
  • NO-SHIFT BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION With their no-shift building and construction, our pillows are a wonderful location to rest your head. They re trendy, glamorous, and exceptionally comfy. You ll drop off to sleep quick, and remain asleep.
  • ALLERGEN, MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT Our pillows are allergen, mold, and mildew resistant. Furthermore, they are entirely irritant and chemical free. They are the best option for those experiencing asthma, allergic reactions, and other respiratory concerns.
  • FADE RESISTANT & DISCOLORATION RESISTANT The Beckham High-end Linens Gel- Filled Fiber Pillows are fade resistant and stain resistant, so you ll never ever need to stress. Our pillows are device washable, and will constantly feel and appear like brand-new.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow.

Question Question 1

Are These Maker Washable?

They specify in the description that their pillows are device washable.

Question Question 2

Would You State These Are More “Firm” Or “Soft” (Down- Ish Type) Pillow?

These are extremely soft, however too thick.we really purchased 4 of them, 2 queen and 2 king.At first we resemble ooh soft, however meh.They remain in our visitor space now.our head would sit way too high.we are truly strange, we like our pillow soft, however unbelievably flat.we understand best???The definitely finest pillow we have purchased was a Cas These are extremely soft, however too thick.we really purchased 4 of them, 2 queen and 2 king.At first we resemble ooh soft, however meh.They remain in our visitor space now.our head would sit way too high.we are truly strange, we like our pillow soft, however unbelievably flat.we understand best???The definitely finest pillow we have purchased was a Casper 100% full down pillow.You will pay out the butt, however if anybody s like us and desires a flat pillow that s likewise extremely soft, go for the Casper.HAS to be the 100% down version.Mic drop.

Question Question 3

Are They Still Covered In Mold Like The Customers From June Expierenced?

7/20/2019 – no mold, vacuum sealed.

Question Question 4

Do These Pillows Work For Side Sleepers?Support Shoulders?

They worked for us– our relative and we are both side sleepers (over age 70). About the fourth pillow we have attempted, and this is the very best our neck has felt in years.we extremely advise (our relative concurs).

Question Question 5

Has The Mold Concern Been Dealt With?

No mold on mine- some product on the outdoors that we rejected. we aired the pillows for a night prior to we slept on them – soft.

Question Question 6

Why Is The Just Call On The Bundle Sleep Remediation? These Are Expected To Be Beckham Hotel Collection.?

Beckham states on their advertisement to be careful of fake sellers. we believe somebody made a replicate page and is offering them fraudulently. we simply acquired these pillows ensuring we were dealing with Beckham and the pillows got here in a vacuum sealed bag. There is no proof of mold or spots. we like them.

Question Question 7

Are These Helpful For Back Sleepers?

our other half & we are both back sleepers & like the pillows.They are rather fluffy to begin with however mash down into an enjoyable height to sleep.

Question Question 8

Helpful For Side Sleeper?

we are Side Sleeper have neck pain.This pillow is GREAT.It s like sleeping on a Down pillow, however with the support we need.we have gone through 5 brand-new pillows in2018 Lastly a great nights sleep without neck discomfort when we wake. Karen HMaryland

Question Question 9

Are These “Really” Beckham Pillows? Some Are Stating They’Re Not. We Have Got To Know Prior To We Purchase.?

our product packaging (labeling) suggested yes- we are sorry we put on t understand how to inform or what may separate them. Nevertheless – it s – if it s not as noted you can return.

Question Question 10

Why Do Some Individuals Get Poor Quality Pillows They Dislike And Others Get High Quality Pillows They Love? We Are reluctant To Ord Considering that We Don’T Know What We Will Get?

we have attempted numerous various pillows due to neck concerns however never ever found one that didn’t cause more pain.until this one.we definitely like this pillow.we were reluctant too however we are so delighted we purchased them.we are really going to buy another set for the visitor space.

Question Question 11

Is Fill One Strong Pieces Or Shreded?

One strong piece.Very comfy.

Question Question 12

What Are The Real Measurements Of The Queen Pillow? We Have Basic Size Pillowcases …?

Queen size pillows are generally 4 inches bigger than basic pillows (20 inx26 in vs. 20 inx30 in), though they do maintain the exact same width. A queen size bed will conveniently fit 2 of these pillows. They can even frequently be pressed into a basic pillow case to offer a fuller fit.

Question Question 13

Like Others, We Are Disrupted By The Mold Concerns. The Frustrating Bulk Of These Cases Have Actually Remained In 2017, So They Are Really Current. Is This Repaired?

we weren’t familiar with a previous problem however sure didn’t find any mold on ours. They were Very vacuum sealed for shipping – however fluffed up right away upon opening. No mold here.

Question Question 14

We See Lots Of Images With This Pillow Covered In Mold. Do Other individuals Have This Issue?? We Can’T Understand How It’S Ranked So Extremely.?

we have not had any mold issue however mine are brand-new. we have never ever seen a pillow with mold, possibly it depends upon the humidity of where you live.

Question Question 15

Where Are They Made?

Really well filled and sewed (the cover) in China.

Question Question 16

Where Can We Getn This Less expensive?

This is low-cost for these pillows, IMO. 2 for $35 and they’re truly wonderful.

Question Question 17

Is This Pillow Company Enough Not To Sink Our Head When We Lay On It?

our head sinks well to a comfy level. If you need company, attempt among these which never ever relaxed sufficient for our taste: https://www..com/gp/product/B00551 J460/ ref= ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title? ie= UTF8 & psc= 1

Question Question 18

We Check Out Where A Single Person Stated You Required To Buy A Pillow Protector. Is It Actually Required?

we have not required one either.

Question Question 19

What Are The Measurements Of This Pillow?

we purchased 2 economy size and 2 queen however returned them both.

Question Question 20

Are Your Pillows Certi-Pur-Us?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Ok, let’s clear up a few things:1) we are genuine purchaser, was not offered this pillow, was not paid to examine this pillow. There’s no chance we are doing any of that. 2) we desire everybody to understand precisely what we are providing a viewpoint on. This “beckham hotel” pillow is the extremely exact same as others called”sleep restoration super plush gel-fiber filled pillows” That’s what the bundle the 2 pillows (costing $35 overall) can be found in checks out, and there’s a little bar-coded sticker label with small composing suggesting the beckham hotel re-branding. 3) there’s no odor. There’s no mildew. They got here factory tidy and delivered in a good, zipped plastic container bag. 4) they show up dead flat. When you eliminate them, they begin to fluff up. We would state after an hour or so they are all set to utilize. Fluff them a bit, and you can sleep on them right now. It’s not needed to put them in a clothes dryer and in reality it might be damaging. Uncertain. 5) we waited a month to compose this since we wished to make sure we liked the pillows. We do. 6) we had some doubts initially since we believed they ‘d be too soft, however after a number of nights we would now explain them as soft, yet firm enough to support our head and neck properly. We begin out sleeping on our side and obviously, at some point wind up on our back, and then frequently back on our side. 7) they’re heavy sufficient to no walk around, however not heavy like a (strong) memory foam pillow is. They sit tight to put it simply. 8) we acquired the queen sized ones. Now, it was sort of intriguing to us that these are 20 inches broad, and yet a queen size pillowcase is likewise 20 inches broad. Yet, a pillow is rather high and a pillowcase is obviously – flat. This indicates it needs some effort to squeeze the pillow into the pillowcase. However, possibly this makes the pillow appear a bit firmer than our preliminary impression of it remained in paragraph # 6. At any rate, it works and these have worked out well for us. 9) we awakened in a hotel about 4 years ago with neck discomfort and had it since. All sorts of chiropractic efforts, daily neck stretches, pain relievers, and so on. Simply didn’t appear to eliminate it. We dumped our tempur-pedic s-shaped strong memory foam pillow and attempted numerous other pillows we got in your area. They all returned. We got these pillows, continued the daily neck stretches and now we are feeling fine with no more neck discomfort. We saw about a week ago we were awakening with no more neck discomfort. That’s a relief. That has to do with all we can inform you consumers. Purchasing a pillow is a wilderness of option. We invested a great deal of hours on here looking. And obviously pillows, and the convenience of them, is extremely personal and subjective. We can just state, for us, these workedout If they do not for you, we presume you can return them, potentially with some shipping expense. We do not understand. We are not a routine customer and not a prime member. Best of luck finding yours. -msw.

We were initially going to go with 4 stars on these, since they are simply not rather what we were anticipating. When we thought about hotel grade pillows, we were envisioning these pillows at this one location we remained at – we swear these pillows were made from paradise and pixie dust, company however soft. Nevertheless, what was gotten was more soft than company. However, our partner, who is the pickiest guy we understand has ranked this pillow a 10 out of 10, which states a lot considering he ‘d find a defect in practically any product. The pillow holds its shape and supports your head while being soft and comfortable. During the night, we roll around about as much as a pig in mud and this pillow operates in every position. We have likewise observed we sleep much better throughout the night, we are normally up by 8: 30 on the weekends however the opening night we slept with this, we were dead to the world up until 10 am. We believed the clock was incorrect for sure, however no, simply a damn excellent pillow.

We were awake in the middle of the night tossing and turning after getting our 2 week old back to sleep. Our pillow was a ball of mess. Go to to facebook and see the the today reveal has suggested these pillows. In a haze we swiped to make our purchase. The opening night they arrived we utilized one and didn’t inform our other half about the other. We struck the pillow and was out prior to our most recent addition was asleep. Obviously we slept so excellent that night, that we didn’t hear the infant weeping or hear our other half up with her. He believed we had passed away in our sleep so he gets us to attempt to wake me. He declares we provided him an appearance of death and was out once again. We slept up until11 am the following early morning. Embarrassed we slept so long we needed to describe ourself. The next night he got to check the pillow. Needless to state, 5 nights later on we no longer toss and turn. By far the very best pillow.

We have been browsing for over a year for some pillows that were incredible without investing a little fortune. These turned up on a facebook advertisement and we checked out all the blended evaluations. The majority of people stating they were excellent however numerous individuals grumbling that they got here musty. 1. They got here in best condition. No mold whatsoever. 2. Our perpetuity preferred pillows are feather pillows. They are beside difficult to find. These really advise us of a plume pillow without plumes. Do not be reluctant to buythese You will not be dissatisfied. Specifically at this cost.

Well. We have herniated discs in our neck and have been through numerous, numerous pillows (to consist of “our pillow”- yuk/sent back right away), so we need to state we are rather of a”pillow snob” These pillows are simply amazing and for the cost, and you can’t fail. To attempt to describe these pillows, is attempting to describe excellence for our bad neck. They are cool, and in south florida that is very important, because it’s hot as heck the majority of the time. They are soft, yet firm (what? yes, truly. ). They offer terrific support for our neck which we have had issues with for 20 years. We extremely advise these pillows to anybody however particularly to those who have neck concerns. Mine got here completely packaged (no mold as others have specified). As soon as opened from the vacuumed sealed bundle, they broadened to economy size. Remarkable. Love, love, love these pillows. Will buy once again if we require to change these.

So pleased we purchased these pillows. They are the best combination of soft and company. We have been sleeping better and waking with less discomfort in our neck. We were formerly sleeping with a memory foam pillow that was simply way too firm. This is a lotbetter Please keep in mind that these pillows come flat in a vacuum-sealed bag. They puff up well when you take themout Likewise, no mold issue. They got here crisp and tidy.

We purchased 2 king and 2 queen sized pillows; they all came separately vacuum sealed and remained in best shape. They are utilized by me,, our relative and our teenage boy. All of us definitely love these pillows; our neck discomfort is gone and we sleep much better now. These pillows keep their shape 100%( we have had them for 6 months). We are 60 and our relative is 56, convenience is very important at this phase in our lives and these pillows offer it.

Gambled on these, was truly stressed over the musty images on here. We ensured to buy from the real seller as there did appear to be a minimum of one re-seller and the buy button for some factor instantly was set to the re-seller despite the fact that the products were all the exact same cost. Anyhow, so they got here from beckham and no mold and in reality we enjoy with the pillow. For side sleeping this is among the extremely few pillows where it is simply the best height and we do not need to utilize a 2nd pillow with it. No mold, no strange smells, whatever got here terrific and check who you’re purchasing from prior to you send an order thank you.

Mine got here pitifully flat in a sealed bundle; however it was entertaining to watch them puff-up after the seal was broken. They rapidly ended up being extremely full and fluffy, however to our pleasure, significant. We experienced definitely no issues: no mold, no smell whatsoever. They re lovely and comfortable after weeks of hard usage and cleansing. We state hard usage since we are presently experiencing a nasty flare from an auto-immune disease which keeps us near our bed. We sleep on these pillows, and prop-up on them throughout the day. They ve been so handy for us that we got a set for our child. We prepare to buy more.

We definitely like these pillows. They really seem like you are laying on a cloud. We have invested hundreds on trademark name memory foam pillows that stopped working to alleviate our neck discomfort – these pillows made that discomfort disappear right away. We were so amazed with the feel of them that we purchased 2 more simply to have for journeys. Obviously (like a bed) pillows product and sensation differ in between individuals that utilize them, however we found these pillows to be exceptionally comfy, long lasting, and they still keep the terrific fluffy sensation even after a year of usage.

We were experiencing neck issues from an old and low-cost pillow. After looking into more pricey alternatives, we discovered these and check out though the evaluations. With such excellent evaluations, we believed we would attempt themout They truly are as excellent as everybody states. Our neck discomfort disappeared practically right away. The gel filling was both extremely comfy and long lasting since they would reform into their original shape within seconds of you eliminating your head. We have had the pillows for practically a year now and they are still holding up strong. We would advise to anybody and buy these once again ourself.

We purchased these since we were having some difficulty sleeping, and we were associating it to our flat, lifeless pillows. After looking into a variety of various pillows, we selected this one. The name states “hotel collection,” and some of the very best sleep we have ever gotten remained in a hotel, so we went for it. The pillows can be found in vacuum-sealed bags, once we opened them, they fluffed up right now. We need to state, these are much like a hotel pillow (a minimum of the excellent ones). That stated, rather a few evaluations stated they were too soft/flat to be helpful for anybody however a stomach sleeper. We are stomach sleeper, and they are practically too fluffy for us. (we are really hoping they flatten out a little bit.) furthermore, they were tidy and without mold. In general, they are comfy and offer simply sufficient support – we needed to attempt and keep our other half from taking them. We are back to eagerly anticipating going to sleep.

We waited for more than a week to leave an evaluation since we wished to make sure how we felt about these pillow. Our opening night, we remained in love. The 2nd night we were having doubts. However after numerous nights of sleeping on this pillow we are quite pleased total. The pillow has a great weight to it and it recuperates it’s ‘fluffyness’ extremely rapidly. We do need to re-position it a few times prior to we can get comfy once we are asleep, it’s all excellent. Pillows are among those personal choice products so we can just inform you that we go to sleep on our side and relocate to our stomach throughout the night. This pillow is comfy in both positions. We believe these pillows provide what they guarantee and the cost is sensible.

We was incorrect. We need to have slept on themmore These pillows have assisted with our neck discomfort. Real, they’re not as fluffy as we believed they would be, however they have assisted our neck a lot. (old, incorrect evaluation) we are side sleeper and purchased these pillows since of the evaluations stating just how much they assisted with neck discomfort. This pillow is as flat as a 10 year old pillow, even after waiting 2 days for them to fluff/fillout Very dissatisfied. Not a great buy.

These are charming pillows with no “foreign” odor to them as numerous other pillows now have. They are firm – however not too firm. Simply one issue with them – they “sleep hot. ” we were hoping for something cooler. However because we like the pillow a lot we are going to look for a pillow case that offers a cooler feel. The cost is excellent for such a high quality product.

Got here in an airtight plastic package of 2. Did not show up musty. Fluffy like the photo. They fluffed up within 10 minutes. The queen size pillows suit a basic pillow case. They are soft and fluffy however you do not sink to the bottom when you lay your head on them. We are side sleeper and stomach sleeper and we seem like they offer fine support. We have not cleaned them in the washer device yet so we do not understand if they will be the exact same after. These pillows aren’t as incredible as luxury hotel pillows, however they are still excellent in contrast. These are a lot better than your fundamental target/walmart pillows.

We were looking for a brand-new and comfy pillow. We chanced and purchased these pillows. We were extremely dissatisfied when we took them out of package. Believing this will never ever work. Too flat. Nevertheless we have slept on it for three nights and saw the distinction after the first. We woke up revitalized with no neck tightness. It is comfy and cool. We would wed these pillows. We are getting drowsy considering it. Provide a shot. You will not be dissatisfied.

If you are among those who took a look at the 5 figure practically 5 stars evaluates & jumped, welcome to the club. A little history about our experience with pillows. If you do not care about history scroll to after the word – incorrect. Anyhow, we believe the fussiness about pillows comes with age. We do not keep in mind caring much about our pillows in our youth, teenagers or perhaps 20 s. Considering that we utilized to be in the hotel market which primarily utilized plume pillows, we began utilizing goose down pillows. They come fluffy initially however ultimately flatten out & so we simply buy another & location it on top. This went on for some time up until our bruxism entered the photo. Bruxism is grinding of teeth in your sleep. Bruxism has constantly been simply a sound problem( anybody who sleeps next to me) however worsened as we aged that it triggered us some oral concerns with bad headaches. The professional stated that a modification in sleeping posture & a mouth guard might assist so we went on a hunt for pillows. We ultimately landed in a memory foam pillow that had a shape for the neck & it worked well for us. We awakened with the periodic headache however primarily manageable. Sadly, a number of years & this sort of pillow quit working for us. A fast repair of putting a not so fluffy goose down pillow under it sufficed & we made it through another number of years. Once again, it quit working so we went on a hunt once again. This time we found a memory foam pillow that did not have a shape. Simply a routine memory foam pillow. This worked for a number of weeks & the headaches returned so off to the visitor space it went. Hunt once again. Found a routine shaped memory foam with cooling gel. Figured the cooling gel would assist too. Incorrect. After all that, we sorta quit & returned to the first shape pillow that worked with a fluffier goose down under it. Everything about luck awakening without a headache up until we found this. This turned up when we opened the app. We were interested since of the 10000+ excellent evaluations. Seen the pattern of mold( most likely storage concerns) & whatnot however the bulk had excellent results so we chose to attempt. We can simply return if they come musty. Compared to a goose down, these are more squishy. Change your goose downs withthese When you are lay on any pillow, the weight of your head certainly compresses it. Goose downs products shift & in some cases when you get up, there’s a concave of where your head was. This pillow just moves 50% we would state. Products in it are quickly steered to get us comfy. We simply lot it about our head & neck. Delighted first night. We understand its early to rate this when we have such a history with pillows however we can state that this one is a terrific buy simply for its huggable squishiness. We will upgrade once again if anything modifications for this evaluation. We see hope not.

Our older boy informed us about these pillows so we examined out the evaluations and they sounded quite favorable and the cost was best so we purchased them. We have been an enthusiast of plume pillows for years however it’s hard to find excellent ones and when you do they are $99 or more for one. So with uncertainty we believed we would provide these a shot. We like them. Really comfy not thick like gel pillows and our head does not fume. You get 2 per order and they got here the day after we purchased them. We simply buy a 2nd set & had them delivered to our more youthful boy. The last plume pillows we purchased from kohl’s for $59 each (on sale) and while they fluff up well they flatten entirely after a brief time. Then we found some memory foam pillows at tuesday early morning and they were too stiff for our head and were too hot. These are best. We extremely advise these for us & our tastes and advise you to leave your remarks excellent, bad or indifferent. We believe you’ll like them.

What the whaaaat. These pillows are incredible. They turned up in our newsfeed on facebook as the most purchased and evaluated pillow on we believed we require brand-new pillows let us attempt themout Holy moly we are purchasing some for ourself and we have the our pillow in our viewpoint better than my pillow. Gel soft- cool- and so comfy.

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