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Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Filtration

Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Filtration

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Here are a few main benefits of Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Filtration.

  • Battle allergies, asthma and hay fever with HEPASilent technology which leverages electrostatic charge and mechanical filtration to deliver true HEPA performance capturing 99.97% of air airborne pollutants including dust, mold, pet dander, pollen.
  • Certified clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 180 cubic feet per minute with a superior, 5 air changes per hour
  • 3 fan speeds including whisper quiet operation allow you to breathe and sleep easier without disruption. Wi-Fi connectivity-compatible with 802.11 b/g/n router on 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network band. Network security; open, WEP, WPA, & wpa2
  • WiFi enabled for control through your Blueair friend app and Alexa compatible
  • For small to medium rooms between 300 sq. Ft. And 400 sq. Ft. (aham rated at 279 sq. Ft) such as small bedrooms, nurseries, and offices

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Here are some more information on Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Filtration.
Style Name:Classic 205 – 279 sq. ft.The Blueair Classic 205 is the next generation of the best-in-class Classic 203 air purifier. It is ideal for rooms up to 280 square feet such as small bedrooms and offices. Quietly capturing 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size including dust, mold, pet dander and pollen, Blueair s patented HEPAsilent technology uses a unique combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration which ensures that many of the airborne irritants that cause allergies and hay fever are captured in the most effective and efficient manner. Providing performance you can count on, all Blueair purifiers are independently tested and verified by independent testing through the Association of Home Appliance manufacturers (AHAM) for clean air delivery rate (CADR) and tested by the California EPA air resources board for no ozone emissions. It is recommended to replace the filter every 6 months, depending on use and environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Filtration.

Question Question 1

How Noisy?

Just measured ours and found it was 50dBA one yard off to the side at highest fan setting. That’s about average for a normal living room (no TV on or talking). Normal conversation is about 60 to 65 dBA. A hushed library is about 40 dBA. The medium and low speeds noises were both below bedroom background levels so we cou Just measured ours and found it was 50dBA one yard off to the side at highest fan setting. That’s about average for a normal living room (no TV on or talking). Normal conversation is about 60 to 65 dBA. A hushed library is about 40 dBA. The medium and low speeds noises were both below bedroom background levels so we couldn’t measure them. In terms of quality it seems like a typical air rush noise without any discernable machinery noise.

Question Question 2

We Have A Small Room For Now. However, We Are So Used To With 403 For The Other Room. What Do You Recommend: 403 Or 203?

For a small room. we would use the 203.

Question Question 3

Which Filter Does The Unit Come With?

The 203 Unit comes with the Particle Filter. The SmokeStop filter is an add on that can be purchased separately. Thank you.

Question Question 4

Is There A Way To Turn Off The Blue Led W/O Turning Of The Unit?

Lol why is everyone saying no? Yes there is. Connect it to the app (it s a pain) and turn it off. Simple. (Not really the app took a while to setup)

Question Question 5

What In This Product Makes It Have A Prop 65 Warning? This Usually Means Something Contains Lead Or Toxic Chemicals.?

we don t know . ask the comlnay or CA.It s a standard CA blurb these days.

Question Question 6

What Filter Does This System Use? How Much Is To Replace The Filter? Thanks.?

The cost of the replacement filter is $59.95 and the code is ABL203RF.The filter should be changed every 6 monthsThank You

Question Question 7

Is This Unit Of Good Quality?Does Last A Long Time?We Want Something That Will Last.Thank You.?

It is a good quality. we haven’t been using it lately but used it extensively right after we bought it in Dec 2017 because we had fires approaching Santa Barbara, then smoke lingering for a month until it rained. It worked for that and for cooktop smoke when we burned something on the cooktop. It has 2 different filters – It is a good quality. we haven’t been using it lately but used it extensively right after we bought it in Dec 2017 because we had fires approaching Santa Barbara, then smoke lingering for a month until it rained. It worked for that and for cooktop smoke when we burned something on the cooktop. It has 2 different filters – you have to use one or the other. One is for particles such as smoke, the other for toxic things. The smoke worked great for both the fire and the cooktop burns. The one for toxic things didn’t completely get rid of the smell generated by a fire in our oven (smelled like the fire had released something toxin in the over walls) so we used our $1000 professional Defendair 500 air purifier (used by professionals for mold, asbestos, etc – we bought from Jon-Don for mold remediation) that is very heavy but has 3 layers of filters, 2 for particles and one for toxins. So unless you are dealing with super heavy toxins, this is great – way way lighter and easier to use than the professional 550 and the blueair looks good in a home.Plus it is way quieter and has variable speeds. The other air purifier we have used is by Faust – it is a bit lighter than the blueair classic but if you add the particle layer on the outside to the charcoal layer on the inside, it isn’t very sleek looking like the blue air and it is twice as much money. All filters mentioned are HEPA which is critical.

Question Question 8

Which Blueair Product In The Line Is Best For Removing Vocs?

Any of the units that have a carbon filter component will remove VOCs.

Question Question 9

How Long Does It Taketo Clean -Up The Air In A Polluted 240 Sq Foot Room?

The room where we placed the Blueair was a bit smaller than 240 sq ft.It smelled mostly of dog with a bit of cigarette thrown in, with a musty undertone that comes from being 100 years old.It took a couple of days until we could tell a big difference.It continues to please.

Question Question 10

On The Website It Says It Has An Indicator For A Filter Change, Is It The Same As On The 205, Or Its An Actual Seperate Countdown Display?

It comes with a separate hand held indicator. It is sort of like a pager, that counts down the days until it is time to change the filter. Even with that, we have been vacuuming off thepre-filter every week as it really does suck up the dust and lint to where you can see it building up on the outsid It comes with a separate hand held indicator. It is sort of like a pager, that counts down the days until it is time to change the filter. Even with that, we have been vacuuming off thepre-filter every week as it really does suck up the dust and lint to where you can see it building up on the outside of the surface of the pre-filter.

Question Question 11

How Much Energy Does It Use?

Depending on the selected fan speed the unit will draw 15-65-100 watts (low-med-hi). Divide the selected number by 1000 to get kilowatts used per hour (i.e. kwh). Multiply the kwh by your electrical rate (Cents/kwh) and you have a cost estimate of operation.

Question Question 12

House Is Old And Has Some Asbestos In Walls And Subfloor, Popcorn Ceiling Etc.So Asbestos Dust Is .05-1 Micron.Will It Filtr Remnants Of Asbestos?

Yes, our filters trap particles as small as .003 microns through Sieving, Direct Impact, Inertial, Diffusion and electrostatic attraction.

Question Question 13

In An Urban Area During Rush Hours Car Exhaust Smell Is Noticeable Indoorswith Windows Closed. Will Blueair Reduce This? By How Much?

Hi there. Thanks for reaching out. The 400 series DualProtection filter is designed specifically to eliminate such smells and fumes. If this unit is run in a space where the windows and doors are shut you should smell any of those odors at all.

Question Question 14

How Many Years Does Filter Machine Last?

In sandy country like Kuwait, sin 2 months with the 3 filters we took out an weighed. Each filter weighed 2 lb. that means for the 3 filters, it took 6lb of dust/sand out of our very very large house- 1 st floor only.

Question Question 15

Does It Sense And Remove Vocs (Volatile Organic Compounds)? We Could Not Find This Mentioned Specifically Anywhere.?

It’s the 500/600 series DualProtection filters that go in the machine that will remove VOC’s.

Question Question 16

Can 205 Test The Tempurature And Pm2.5 And Voc?

The 205 allows you to monitor VOC CO2, temperature, also particulate matters.

Question Question 17

Do We Turn It On And Off Or Is It Supposed To Be On Continuously 24/7 ?

we keep it on the lowest setting 24/7. we have used for 2 years now. No problem. Just remember to change the filter once a year.

Question Question 18

What Is The Dynamic Air Flow?

Sorry.It returned this purifier.It was to loud for our bedroom.

Question Question 19

Why You Don T Have 680We ? When Will Have 680We ?

Because of the CV issue.selling out of Air Purfiers

Question Question 20

Do You Need To Change The Filters?

Yes, there is a very big filter in the back, it’s really the best air purifier we have ever owned. The recommended lifespan of each filter is 6 months with the unit running 24/7 – https://www.blueair.com/us/air-purifier-filters/200-300-series-particle#productTechnicalSpecs

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Filtration, these might be useful for better understanding.

We hate math and so do you, but with a little calculation and a couple hours of research, you can do a great job picking an air filter and weeding out marketing nonsense. First, the government cadr rating always has three levels that represent different *size* particles. They name them dust, pollen, and smoke to represent big, medium, and tiny particles (of any kind. ). The smallest, “smoke”, represent those tiny hepa particles such as many allergens. Therefore, if you are shopping for a hepa filter, you should only focus on the smoke cadr results. The second thing to know is that the government believes people with bad allergies need air exchanged in the room 4-5x per hour, and non-allergy sufferers 2x per hour, to make it worth it. Anything lower and the particles may fall to the ground on their own, or you may just not feel a difference. (once they fall, we recommend a vacuum with a hepa filter such as miele). Their calculation includes an open door to another room, and results get much better with a closed door, but you still need fresh air so you don t get overwhelmed with carbon dioxide imbalance so keep your door open a little. Finally, cadr is calculated on max fan speed. Nobody uses their air filter on max, lets face it. In fact, our goal is to run our air filter on low because we know we can totally live with it no problem. So now begin your shopping. Find the brands you trust or heard good word of mouth, and visit their websites and download their manuals. There you will usually find the cadr listed and the cfm output at different fan speeds. If only one cfm is listed it is for max speed, so you can look at the power use of the fan and calculate the cfm of different speeds proportionately. For example if the low power setting is 1/3 of the max, you are probably getting 1/3 of the advertised cfm on the low fan speed. Take the cfm output from smoke listed in the manual and divide it into the cubic feet of your room. The blue air classic 205 says low fan speed outputs 75 cfm for smoke sized particles. (again, smoke size are the hepa particles that matter). Our bedroom is 12 x 12 x 8 , so we divide 75 cfm (low output) into (12*12*8) 1152, and we get about 15. This means it takes 15 minutes to clean the air. Per hour, we will therefore get 4 air exchanges. Perfect. We never have to go higher than low fan speed. Using this method, we discovered the rabbit air is totally useless on almost all settings. Of course people will say the low setting is quiet – its not getting the job done whatsoever. It needed a room so small nobody would live in. So make sure to use this formula and guesstimate or calculate the room you will use it in and the speed you will use. Don t let them trick you. You may need to buy a larger air filter if you want the lower speeds to be practical. Some brands are pure marketing, and are useless on low speeds. Finally, the filter replacement usually follows the same rule of max fan speed and 24/7 use. Blue air says we need to replace it in 6 months. Since we run mine 12 hours per day (overnight) on low, we can calculate the proportion. 75 cfm is 35% of the highest setting 220 cfm, so running it 24/7 would mean we don t change the filter for about 17 months. Since we will run it half the day, we don t change it for 35 months. Sounds right; if you google for when to change hepa filters it says they typically need to be changed every 3-5 years. Boom. Saved ourself a fortune. So far, the blue air is working great and has a smooth quiet sound. We will give it 5 stars if nothing goes wrong over time. Hopefully this helps you. Do your own due diligence and good luck–update : after a year it is working the same as when we bought it so we moved to 5 stars. The app sometimes causes some trouble. We do not like companies that make you connect to the internet because they scrape your data. We believe the eula says they upload your data to their servers which likely means it gets in giant correlative databases and sell it to unseen third parties, which is the basic business plan of silicon valley. For example, maybe people who live in los angeles who have their air filter turn on at bedtime who also recently bought fancy cheese are more likely to own a tesla. This is the how google and facebook work and anyone who scrapes your data. We cannot be sure blue air does its well known companies are dying to get into your house (google purchased nest for this reason). We also wish we bought the smokestop filter because many times toxic smells came up such as weed killer accidentally used outside etc.

So far, so good. We run it on medium to keep it quiet. On high it makes a too much noise. The blueair friend app to run it sucks. They want way too much info and address info and this and that and this and that just to be comprehensive or stalk you or aquire saleable data on you, or, target you for a barrage of focused marketing products. Anyway, too many questions. All we wanted was to be able to control the schedule remotely and get alerts if the filter needs replaced. Keep it simple, stupid. It s a friggin air filter. In the end, after getting so pissed at the invasive app, we just manually left the machine on medium and walked away.

We’ve owned the classic 205 in the bedroom for about a week and had the classic 405 delivered yesterday for our apartment’s main living/kitchen area. These things are awesome. While a bit bigger physically than we would prefer, they’re great looking, almost completely silent on the lowest speed, and we felt a noticeable difference to air quality within a couple of hours. We’ve got two cats and live in an urban area with extremely poor air quality and can already visibly see particles gathering on the filter media. Our one and only complaint is the wifwe connectivity and mobile app (android version, not sure if it applies to ios as well. ) learn from our pain: while not documented anywhere, these filters support only 2. 4 ghz wifi. If your phone is on a 5 ghz band, change it before attempting to pair (you can change it back once your filters are on the network. ) the app has a ridiculously bad pairing experience and will appear to not work at all — be patient. There is a firmware update happening at first, although the app displays zero indication of such. You’ll know things are working if you hear the filter turn off and back on after a few minutes. We ended up killing and restarting our app after that happened and found the filter was paired and ready to be renamed & configured. It’s too bad the only way to set up night mode or change the front led brightness is via the app, because if we weren’t a technology person we would likely have thrown this all out the window. The initial app experience really is that bad — the fact that someone tested and signed off on it is incredible, especially for the high price these products demand. The online extended warranty registration is also awful on the website. It’s hosted by a 3rd party and has a form that mixed everything up at the end; we have no idea if it worked. We will try again via the mobile app later. Update 2/4/2018: now this device has started beeping irregularly, very faintly, and keeping us up at night. We just tried to submit a support request on their website and got the response “there was a problem with your form submission. Please wait 2592000 seconds and try again. ” we are starting to think this company has no reliable grasp on technology and am not sure we can recommend anyone purchase their products until they get their act together.

We have struggled most of our life with asthma and allergies and have always had an air purifier in our bedroom. We have been through several other air purifier brands and to be honest they have all worked about the same . We get relief (but not 100%). A friend recommended blueair to us earlier this year and we have delayed in purchasing one. We are now happy that we waited as this product was only recently released with wifi. The instructions for connecting the air purifier to wifwe are made clear, but we did give a quick call to the customer service team just to make sure we were setting everything up correctly (they were very helpful). Now that this purifier is set up and running in our room we are thrilled as to how it is working. We can absolutely tell the difference between this product and others we have had in the past. We think our favorite part of this air purifier is the ability to control via our phone. The app is very user-friendly and it allows us to access, power, and control the air purifier remotely. Overall we are very happy with this purchase. We like the look, the feel, and the way it is running. It was hard for us at first to drop $400 on an air purifier—however now that it is running, (and we are feeling healthier and sleeping better) we are happy with the investment. You can t place a cost too high on your health. We would recommend this unit to anyone looking to purchase an air purifier.

We want to clear something up. This unit can be used without the app. We downloaded the app and everything worked but we find it more convenient to adjust settings manually. Second thing is we think this unit covers way more sqft than it advertises. This thing will purify a very large room easily. Last, we noticed we could breath easier after the first hour of use. We love this thing.

This is our 4th blueair device. Some have been running 24/7 for almost a decade. Increasingly reliable and durable the we have grown to depend on them. By now we have seen a great improvement in overall air quality, the a/c filters are cleaner and last longer, less dust on screens, window sills and table tops. The new filter includes wifwe control and it is a nice feature though we are not sure completely necessary. We are assuming we will get a notification to our phone when it is time to change the filters, but have a had a long running reoccurring appointment of the calendar to remind us of the same thing. This filter is very small, light and whisper quiet. We have really enjoyed the addition.

We purchased this unit based on consumer report’s review of blue air products. They are the highest rated brand and in our opinion, comparable in price to competitors. We read a ton of consumer reviews in addition before purchasing. We have been running this unit in our living room for about a week and it’s probably a little too soon to tell if it’s helping our allergies. We have both seasonal and winter allergies (dander, dust etc. ) when the house is closed up. We live in sw montana so the house is closed up tighter than a drum all winter. Plus, we use wood heat due to the low cost. We started noticing changes in our breathing every winter a few years ago, we were diagnosed with asthma and we are pregnant now so we can’t take the usual medication that helps. We are stuck with tylenol and other decongestants that are safe but not as effective as we are used to. We basically have our inhaler and a combination of baby safe stuff that doesn’t work well. We are so desperate for relief that we just spent almost $1,000 on air purifiers, special bedding etc. To try to get some relief. We basically struggle with sinus headaches, postnasal drip, a constant cough to clear crap out of our throat and chest plus sneezing. A lot of sneezing. We are already sneezing and coughing less but correlation does not prove causation even though it can make you hopeful. As far as noise, literally 0 reviews were useful in helping us judge the actual noise level to expect. While even consumer reports dings this unit on high speed for noise, it did the same for almost every other unit as well so apparently it’s a “thing” you have to live with. The most helpful thing for us would have been if someone would have used other sounds to compare for each speed so that’s what we are going to do. Low: indiscernible, especially during waking hours and normal household sounds. It’s basically silent for all intents and purposes, we can’t think of something to even compare it to it’s so quiet. We will probably start running it on low after running it steady 24hrs a day on medium for a week or so. We’re doing construction in the house so we have extra dust in the air. Medium: seriously, our microwave is louder than this unit. Think of an oscillating fan on low. You can hear it but it’s not distracting by any means. Honestly, it fades away when we are working. We are finishing up our end of semester papers in the living room and the unit is in the dining room and we find it easy to tune out. High: yeah, you’re going to hear it. To me, it sounds like a big ole box fan. Which, yeah. It basically is. However, we can’t really think of a reason to run it on high unless you’re like us and you set something on fire in the kitchen. It would probably be useful on high to air something out or get rid of a pungent odor quickly. Otherwise, we can’t imagine running it on high. Perhaps if you’re in a high fire activity area during the summer in which case we are sure the relief it provides would be worth it. We have our fair share of fires here and we guess we will find out then if we need to run it on high. As far as effectiveness, when you walk by the unit and it’s on medium, you can feel the air moving around the entire unit. We will take this as a sign that it’s working, taking air in and expelling clean air in the process. This unit is ridiculously easy to set up. The filters are already in place you just have to plug it in. If you don’t feel like using the app right away, you can run the unit with the hidden controls. We easily set our unit up on our phone with no issue and it appears to be working fine. It is large, be prepared to make room for it. The casters are super easy to roll and the unit isn’t overly heavy as much as it is awkward. Once our renovations are finished we are sure we will find a nice hiding spot for it. You can’t put anything on the top of it though because the top is part of the ventilation system. Like we said, we are still waiting to see if our breathing improves but so far we are encouraged. We live in a home built in the early eighties, we use wood heat all winter, the air is notoriously dry here in the winter and we own two dogs that are outside/inside dogs. One is a hypoallergenic poodle and the other is a slightly neurotic, shedding monster aka minwe aussie. The house can have moisture issues in our master bedroom and bath in the winter when it’s closed up which we try to manage the best we can. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if there is mold present at times in the winter. We have never been allergic to animals in our past nor have we been diagnosed with anything besides seasonal allergies and difficulties in the winter. We experienced no odor issues as other reviews have mentioned. Perhaps they have something present in their home that is reacting with the carbon filters to create the odor? it’s hard to say but we are thankful we have no odor issues with our unit. Hopefully this review is helpful.

We got this for a small dusty room in our house and it works great. Makes the air noticeably cleaner, as in we don’t see the white dust settling on our desk as much as it used to. We also find the air more breathable, as in we feel less congested and less prone to coughing. The solid metal body makes for one high-quality, durable, and good-looking unit. Virtually silent on the lowest setting. Creates a smooth, not too loud, and rather soothing white noise sound on the highest setting. The filter is easy to access for replacement. It comes with a digital 182-day countdown timer (batteries included) that is magnetized, so you can stick it somewhere convenient where it can remind you to replace the filter.

First the good. Air purifying function is great. Auto turns on and gets rid of cooking smell. Build quality is great with tons of metal. Motor can be better and quieter maybe they need to add dampening so the unit doesn’t vibrate as much. The remote and internet connection in our opinion is implemented very poorly. They really should be encrypting all traffic sent over the internet. We really don’t want people knowing when our windows are open or when we are cooking dinner. Remote control is using the app and also requires and internet connection. You don’t really need an internet access, just local network access would be enough and much more secure. And to top it off it has automatic firmware updates, hopefully there is some cryptographic verification of the downloaded firmware. We are going to turn off internet access for this thing soon. It will just live its life offline.

We purchased a classic 605 and at first, it worked fine. Then after two months it began emitting a high-pitched buzzing noise from the fan that never went away, even on the lowest setting. We contacted blue air, and they offered to replace it because it was still under warranty. After the unit was replaced, after about another two months it began doing the same thing, emitting a high-pitched buzzing noise. The only time this noise stops is when we turn the unit off. We called and blue air said they could replace it a third time. Apparently, they have had a number of customers complaining about this problem in the last few months, so it seems to be a manufacturing problem. If you buy this, just be aware that it may start emitting a buzzing noise. ** update: jordan from blueair very kindly reached out to us and worked with us to try and resolve the issue. We do appreciate their customer service in making sure customers are satisfied with their products, so kudos to them, and to jordan in particular.

Just got it yesterday. Positives: arrived on time, properly packaged, runs very quiet. Negatives: wifwe set up is hard to follow ( maybe we lack the wifwe connection sophistication?). Main complaint is the unpleasant smell. Not sure what is the cause. It might be the machine oils in the fan motor ( it kind of smells like the inside of harbor freight) or it might be the smell of the carbon filters. Whatever it is, we don’t understand why something that is designed to clean or purify the air has to create a noticeable unpleasant odor that makes our nasal passages irritated. Hopefully it will dissipate over the next few days – we will provide an update. Update: 6-25-18the mechanical smell has definitely subsided (thank god). We are thinking now that it is a factory by product that just has to evaporate. Hey blueair . – it would be nice to have had a warning. We suggest running the machine in a large space for the first few days before placing it in a bedroom. We are going to raise the rating to 3 stars for now and update in a week. Update 7-3-18all the mechanical and factory associated smells and fumes have dissipated now. The machine runs very quiet. We are sleeping a lot better. Having dreams again which means we are getting nice deep sleep. Before the blueair each night as we fell to sleep we would wake with a brief coughing fit – that has gone away. We feel refreshed in the morning. It’s amazing what good sleep does for over all physical and emaotional health and well being. The air quality in our home is poor (we think something is letting attic insulation fibers mix with house air). This machine allows us to breathe good air while we figure out how to fix the underlying problem. Recommend it but be forewarned that there is a 1 -2 week lingering factory smell that has to evaporate with use.

We got the 205 for our bedroom and after a couple weeks of use. Letting it run 8 to 12 hours every day since receiving the purifier. We certainly notice a difference the air quality is much better. It also smells fresher as well. The unit runs very quiet on low we can barely hear it. It makes a good bit of white noise on medium and high. The purifier can be connected to wi-fwe but we have no need or desire to connect it to wi-fwe so we can’t say how that feature is. The unit comes with a one year warranty and it can be extended to five years by registering it on the manufacturer’s website. We found it to be quite difficult as it wouldn’t accept our information. It literally would tell us to wait five thousand seconds and try again. After several minutes of messing with it we got it to work. Overall we are happy with the purifier the only downside we can see with this purifier is the filters could get a little expensive.

Works very well, but the reason we did not give a five star rating is because it does not have the auto feature. At the price we paid for it, we were sure that was included. Sorry to say, it does not, so we have to manually increase or decrease the speed when needed. It would be more energy efficient if it regulated itself.

We purchased it after wildfire smoke made us ill in september. We have been running it every night since we got it and our years-long habit of coughing in the middle of the night went away and we sleep much better now. We are in an area in the smoke plume of more wildfires and have been hugging this thing (figuratively) 24/7. We are not sure we have the smoke remover, but it sure seems that way. It takes care of pretty much the whole house. It’s small, so we move it from room to room with me. It can clear the air in about 10 to 15 minutes. Our only complaints are that there’s a blue light that’s distracting at night and jeez, do we really need this to transmit wireless? we are nerd, but not such a nerd that we have to check it with apps.

We are not an expert on any air purifier but we have tried several kinds and did not achieve this level of allergy relief until this one. We don’t know if it’s the media the filter is made from or the unit itself but we have constant relief within our apartment. We use this and a very high merv rated filter for our furnace and our life has been perfect since. This unit is effective for us mostly in our livingroom set on the second setting (not whisper) running continuously. If we turn it down to it’s lowest setting, whisper mode, in about 4 – 6 hours we will get stuffy again. Maybe there isn’t enough force of air through the filter? not sure, don’t care, it works great on the settings we use. The manual states it should run continuously for the best results. So, far (it’s only been 4 months) and it got us through the fall allergy season here in kansas. The big test is going to be spring and summer with all the cottonwood. Ugh.

All these air cleaners by every company are overpriced considering they re just a box with a filter and a fan in it, but that aside, we are very happy with the results this 605 is producing. Bought primarily to try to eliminate dust in our old house from covering everything requiring whole house dusting once a month. We ve used this a month now and no dust on anything in the two ajoining rooms where located. Love the remote control via bluetooth and our iphone. We put it on high at bedtime because it can t be heard when we re way back in our bedroom. High speed is about as loud as a micowave oven running. During the day its on medium speed that is barely audible when in the same room with it. We bought another for our bedroom, a smaller one, the blueair 211 that does a nice job in a smaller area. We are still trying to figure out how to register this 605 for the extended warranty and filter club thing they offer. We need to call them before our 60 day time limit runs out for extending the warranty. Expensive, yes, but they all are, and consumer reports was right, this one is the best at cleaning the air.

To be honest, we feel that our airways were less congested during sleep and in morning after running this in our bedroom. Perhaps the placebo effect? after opening the unit up, all it really is is a fan/motor with three filters, so we are bit skeptical about anything being particularly special about this unit versus others. The highest of three speeds is pretty noisy(almost equivalent to hair blow dryer). The second speed is barely noticeable, and the lowest speed is pretty much silent. The first two speeds seem to move next to no air at all. Unit is attractive looking but large. Easy to move and roll around with the wheels. Didn’t even bother trying to setup the wifwe stuff given the negative reviews.

It took a couple of days, but now the air has a fresh, clean smell. It is a heavy unit, so we wish it was on wheels. The remote feature is an app. Had some difficulty getting it started and after a power outage had to reconnect it. Having a real remote would be nice. It is very loud on high setting, but much better on middle setting and nearly silent on low which is where we have it all the time.

We use the blueair air purifier to deal with any particulate matter in the air in our bedroom, especially at night. Running on low, the machine is very quiet and does not interfere with our sleep. We used a much larger, older version for many years that eventually died, and we immediately purchased the newer equivalent version. We are very happy with the machine, particularly after looking at what is on the used filter when we change filters, and knowing all this stuff did not go into our lungs.

We live in bakersfield and the air quality is considered one of the worst in california. The pm 2. 5 is consistently high due to the amount of air pollution, spores, and dust in bakersfield. We decided to buy this unit despite the large price tag and we have had no regrets. One of the biggest factors of us buying this unit was because the whole unit was made out of recyclable materials and the filters are recyclable too. Our eyes are no longer itchy, and they don’t have a painful sensation like they did before. We rarely sneeze now and we only take our antihistamine when we will be outside for a long period. The unit is loud when it’s at its highest speed but when it’s on the hepa silent mode, which is the lowest fan setting, we can barely hear it operating. The monthly cost of running this unit on the highest fan speed is about $12/month (bakersfield, ca). The only problem with this unit is that the blueair friend app is slow to activate the settings. For example, there’s a night setting mode where it can automatically turn down the fan speed and the light intensity, and you can choose the hours of operation and days of operation. Whenever you select a new fan speed, it takes 24 hours to activate, meaning if you change the settings in the morning on tuesday, the settings won’t be applied until wednesday night.

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