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BOYON Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BOYON Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist Technology & Quiet Operation ‘ The ultrasonic humidifier top fill with high mist output up to 250ml/h to increase the humidity in your room. With a capacity of 5.5L (1.45gal), the humidifier works up to 40 hours with one fill and provides ideal coverage for bedrooms, offices and baby rooms. Low noise at 28dB ensures a tight sleep.
  • 3 Mist Settings & Built-in Humidistat ‘Preset 3 mist speeds between low, medium and high to adjust moisture output for different rooms and seasons. You can adjust the humidity setting from 40-80% in 5% increments according to your preference, which can maintain a healthy humidity level automatically with a built-in intelligent sensor.
  • 5.5L Top Fill Transparent Tank ‘You always know how much water there is left in the reservoir. The large opening and detachable tank allow you to clean or refill the tank easily. Suitable for rooms ranging from 330 to 430 sq.ft. LED display shows the current humidity level of your home.
  • 7 Colors Cozy Night Light & Timer ‘ A soothing nightlight helps kids fall asleep. 1/4/8H timer can be set up to save some electrical bills when the humidifier humidistat is unneeded. You can choose sleep mode to turn off all display lights. Perfect for light sleepers. The humidifier for babies automatically shuts off when you lift up the water tank, water runs out or power is off.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BOYON Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.

Question Question 1

Does It Matter Which Sponge (Grey Or White One) We Put Our Essential Oil On?

You should put essential oil on the white one. The grey one is a filter.

Question Question 2

How And When Do You Clean Filter.Is It Really A Lifetime Filter?

we have only been using this humidifier this season. we clean the filter when we wereh out the tank every couple of weeks. Can’t answer if it’s a lifetime filter but it’s not delicate.we wouldn’t use this in an over large room; good in the bedroom, though.

Question Question 3

Does This Humidifier Emit Plastic Toxins?

Yes, that is the point. It’s a big conspiracy we tell ya. These darn plastic toxin machines disguised as humidifers are simply going to end the world in approx. 10 years. Ban them now.

Question Question 4

How Big Of A Room Will It Cover?

We put it in our master bedroom 14×14 feet and it worked well.

Question Question 5

Will It Work In Our Bedroom If The Door Is Left Open, Or Do We Need To Shut It?

It will work fine in the bedroom whether the door is opened or closed. we usually close the bedroom door.

Question Question 6

What Size Room Will It Cover?

The mist is pretty powerful, we use it in our apartment, it is about 400 sq ft.

Question Question 7

Can You Add Oils Such As Tea Tree Oil?

Sure. You can add any oils on the sponge at the bottom of the humidifier.

Question Question 8

What Kind Of Water Do You Put Into This Humidifier?

We use only distilled water; buy it by the gallon.

Question Question 9

Does This Item Need A Filter?

There is a filter inside the humidifier.The filter is considered a lifetime replaceable and user-cleanable filter.

Question Question 10

What Can Be Used To Clean Unit?

We included a cleaning brush and cloth in the package, no detergents are allowed to use. It is suggested to wash it by water. A kind reminder for you: do not let water flow into the tube and air outlet.

Question Question 11

How Long Will This Run With When It Is Full?

It can last about 2-3 days with one filling.

Question Question 12

How Do You Calibrate The Hygrometer. We Know It S Wrong Compared To An Actual One. It S Stating 63% When It S Like Really Less Than 40% In Our Apr?

When you turn the humidifier on, the humidity of the product is higher than room humidity. As the sensor is located inside the humidifier, the value on the LED display is higher than room humidity. That is why you find the big difference. After several hours usage, the sensor can detect the real humidity in the room mo When you turn the humidifier on, the humidity of the product is higher than room humidity. As the sensor is located inside the humidifier, the value on the LED display is higher than room humidity. That is why you find the big difference. After several hours usage, the sensor can detect the real humidity in the room more accurately. If you have more doubts, do free to reach out.

Question Question 13

How Is Customer Service?

You can email us at hauea1@163.com. Our professional service team will reply to you within 24 hours. If you have any problems during usage, do free to reach out. If you can send us a video to describe your problem, it is more helpful.

Question Question 14

Does The Electronics Have Conformal Coating? (Our Humidifier Just Blew Up)?

we don t have the answer for this.contact manufacturer?

Question Question 15

Can We Use This With Hard Water? We Have A Well That Is Very Mineral-Rich.?

yes, the filter can filter out minerals in the hard water. It is okay to use our humidifier with hard water.

Question Question 16

Is It Possible To Turn Off The Night Light?

yes, you can turn the light off.

Question Question 17

Do You Have To Remove The Tank To Fill?

Just take the top cover out and refill. It is easy.

Question Question 18

Is Humidifier Bpa Free?

we don’t know.

Question Question 19

Humidity Level Not Changing? Set At 55 All Night Still At 48? Doesn T Change?

could you try to let it dry for 2-3 days? Message us at nobebirdservice@163.com if you still need help. Thank you.

Question Question 20

Do You Need To Clean This After Every Use?

we keep mine going all the time, during the winter months. we do not clean it every day. Every several days, to once a week, should suffice.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on BOYON Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, these might be useful for better understanding.

Since we have a infant at home, before we turned on the heater, we were looking for a humidifier at nursery room. So we check some humidifiers on and finally chose this one. After we received it, it took us just a few minutes to read the manual and set it up. It is completely noise-free. We like the night time feature where it basically turns off all the leds. We also put some essential oils in it to make the air smell better. The other features are pretty standard (humidity setting, low water shut off, timer, adjustable mist, rotatable nozzle, aromatherapy, remote control etc). Another big plus is easy to fill and clean since the mouth is large. Great humidifier, much better than the regular-sized version.

We were talking to a friend about how we needed a new humidifier and they recommended this one. The only things we really cared about was a large tank so we could use it for a couple nights before needing to refill it and one that could use tap water. This one can run for 44 hours on the lowest setting and 22 hours on the highest. It measures humidity of the room and you can set a deisred humidity so that it shuts off and turns back on to keep the room around that percentage. The colored lights are bonus but they do make it stand out and look cool.

Pro: tiny water vapor, super quiet, easy top opening for filling up water, very easy access for cleaning the tank and water reservoir, timer great for forgetful peoplecon: need to avoid two places when changing water or filling it. Be aware or risk damaging the machine. So far 2 months we had bought it for our apartment and it s great. Have not try the essential oil or fruit peels in tank yet, will update once more.

We struggle a lot with dry skin and was looking for a humidifier with a big tank that would last a couple days before needing to be refilled. This is by far the biggest we have bought and we really like it. The changing colored lights are cool and the humidity monitor feature is nice, we had never seen that before. We just keep mine on the highest fog setting all the time to put as much moisture back in the air as we can and we have to refill it about every other day. It has been awesome.

We love this humidifier. It’s super quiet at night and the lights help as a night light. It’s not too bright at all. It has a humidity monitor that tells us the % in the air and you can either set the machine to just keep running no matter the % or you can set it to a % (within a range). It has an auto shut off when it runs out of water. Our last humidifier didn’t have this and it was horrible. Our only complaint is that the base has a spot you cannot get water into cause it can ruin the machine. It makes cleaning it hard and a little scary. However based off our experience with other humidifiers it is so much easier to clean, stays clean longer and has made a huge difference in our health.

The product is exactly same as the picture shows. It is perfect to compare with our old humidifier. We hardly hear the sound of it and the night light mode could turn off. Our old one sound loud and the light bothers. Also it has the filter the water too. But it could inprove on the handle of water tank. We have to hardly carry it with our both hands. Over all we love it.

We got this humidifier because we liked the top fill feature and it looked easy to clean. We couldn’t have asked for a better product. So much easier to fill and clean than any humidifier we have ever owned. Great output, high capacity, and the remote are also some great features. We seriously love this thing. We have had it since november and not a single sign of mold. Any smell is easily resolved with a good cleaning. We clean it every week and it’s a very easy process unlike many others. Top fill is sooooo much better. The only problem we have with it is the aromatherapy pad is on the bottom so it’s very difficult to add more to it.

After having several vaporizers and humidifiers throughout the years, we splurged on this purchase for a cool mist humidifier to place in our bedroom during the colder months due to the dehumidifying effect of running the heat unit in the house. This humidifier is quiet and delivers a cool mist at three different levels (low, medium, high). It operates from a small remote control pad with buttons or from the front panel. Pressing the lighting button once cycles the led lighting through several colors. Pressing the lighting button a second time freezes the lighting at the color being cycled at that time. Pressing the lighting button again turns the light off, allowing you to begin cycling through the lighting options again. The fog button allows you to cycle through intensity of cool mist effusing from the unit, between low, medium, and high. Pressing the sleep mode button turns off all lighting from the unit (including the front panel) while continuing to emit the mist while you sleep. We have not yet had the chance to clean the unit so will not comment on ease or difficulty of cleaning. We also have yet to use the timer mode on this unit. Again, this unit is very quiet and will not disturb nighttime sleep or a daytime nap. We are extremely satisfied with this purchase and product. We highly recommend to anyone looking for a really good humidifier that surpasses your standard big box store or pharmacy brands.

D oes everything explained. Top filled – transparent water tank – large capacity – long lasting mist – enduring humidity – accurate and built-in humidistat – correct humidity sensor – 3 mist speeds – unbelieving quiet – easy to clean – auto shut off – 7 colors night light – brush and cleaning cloth included – owner and customer service that cares – customer service that returns calls within 24 hrs or sooner – we know. This boyon 5. 5l humidifier will not disappointment you.

We liked this humidifier so much that we now have bought four for our apartment and are actively using them all. We have a guitar that we are trying to keep a reasonable amount of humidified, and also dry skin that bothers us a lot in the winter if we don’t use a humidifier, that is why we have so many. They are very easy to clean and fill and they put out a nice amount of mist. We have owned several other popular brands of humidifiers before and none of them were as good. It was either too much of an inconvenience to have to deal with the filters or they were hard to fill or their mist output wasn’t that great.

We like this humidifier because of its large tank that can last an entire night while we sleep and it helped us with our allergies. No need to re-fill in the middle. Its quiet so our sleep isn’t interrupted, and the air feels great. We haven’t tried any oils yet, we like just plain clean air and its good for that.

This humidifier is not our first one but it is the best one absolutely, we have only owned this for a month but we are more than satisfied with it . It also shows the humidity percentage, which we really like,also you can set which humidity do you want. The machine will automatically shut-off when the water level is too low. Really love it.

We had some small humidifier before, this one really makes a difference. When we turn it on level 3, it s really powerful, the whole house feels humid after a while. The water tank is huge, enough for one full day use. We also like the remote control, we keep it next to me, so when we want to adjust, we don t have to get up. And it s also very quiet. Overall, it s a very nice humidifier, nothing to complain.

After using couple days, we would like to recommend it. It s easy to use, we didn’t use regular water, we put bottle of water in it, even it has some special stones to filter impurities. You can set different humidity level, when get to that level, it will stop working automatically, just like air conditioner. When all the water is gone, it also will stop working itself, that s another good point. So far so good, if anything happens about the quality, we will update here.

We have been using this humidifier for a while . This humidifier works very well . That is big enough and quiet. It comes with a remote ,it is really useful at night. When we go to sleep, we can turn off the light in bed. We had another humidifier before,the light can t turn off ,that is very inconvenient. Another important thing is cleaning. This water tank is big,easy to clean.

We used this as recommended by our doctor for acute bronchitis. It works well and is very easy to add water to since it has a top loading opening for water. It runs for many hours without problem. Sends a cool mist in a large bedroom and is almost silent.

Quiet and beautiful. We would have given it 5 stars but we didn’t like the location of the essential oils tray. We would seen several humidifiers with the tray near bottom edge so when this one said it’s at the bottom we assumed it was on the side but near bottom edge. But no. It’s literally on the under side of device. So you can’t add essential oils unless the humidifier is empty. Very disappointed in this feature. We almost sent it back but we have a diffuser in the room already so it’s not a huge issue. Just won’t ever use the one on the humidifier.

Little machine is easy to use and refill. Used 2-3 months so far. Have hard water so scale builds up in the bottom and central mist chamber, but no noticable chalky dust emitted outside of the machine. Weekly cleaning with bottle brush (had to buy specific one for this) removes most buildup and small amount of pink mold that accumulates. We are not sure what the flat filter with beads does. It is difficult to put back together and would be annoying if beads spilled out while rinsing. Have kept this running 24/7 on highest humidity and output setting with lid open. Needs to be refilled about once a day. Placed in 400sf living room with vaulted ceiling (& forced air) so circulates throughout house. Could use a larger unit but chose this simple design over an evaporative type with wick that would need chemical additives to keep clean. Have noticed a bit less static in the house and less dryness when breathing. Fairly pleased.

We purchased this for our mother’s assisted living apartment. When it’s running, it can make her two bedroom, two bath unit comfortably humid. Unfortunately, it came without any operating instructions. It shuts itself off at random and then takes a lot of futzing around to get it started again. We assume it’s a problem with the timer, but we have no clue how to set that. Love the little remote that comes with it. And, as we said, it’s amazingly quiet. The facility maintenance man says it’s the nicest one he’s seen. It is very easy to fill, even for a 92 yr. Old.

We have gone through a lot of humidifiers and this one wins all of it. We have thrown humidifiers away because of how gross they get, even when we try to deep clean with a toothbrush. No need for any special cleaning tools for this, it’s the easiest thing to clean, very quiet no matter the level you put it on. Great for a night light, but also can turn the lights completely off when you want to easy and fast. We have no complaints and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a humidifier.

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