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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser.

  • Perfect Size with Upgraded Water Tank: This finest selling diffuser can run for over 18 hours with the 550 ml water tank, regardless of having the exact same measurements as 300 ml. rivals. Our diffuser are made with BPA Free & Medical Grade Products so they will not breakdown or liquify from oils.
  • Cleansing Kit & Measuring Cup Consisted Of: Whatever you require to begin diffusing and keep your diffuser running efficiently. Stringent quality screening supplies the greatest quality diffusers on the market.
  • 4 TIMER SETTINGS, 16 LED LIGHT ALTERNATIVES, 2 MIST OUTPUTS. Select in between 1 Hour, 3 Hour, 6 Hour, and On (18 Hours). 16 intense or dim colors to cycle through or choose one repaired color. Light can likewise be switch off entirely for overall darkness. Likewise choose High (12 hours) or Low (18 hours) diffusing choices to complete your personalized aromatherapy essential oils experience.
  • ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY with AUTOMOBILE POWER-OFF FUNCTION: Developed with waterless auto-off function, this incredibly peaceful ultrasonic humidifier will switch off immediately when water levels are too low. Perfect for bed room, restroom, living space, workplace, medical spa, yoga space, or studio.
  • The IDEAL PRESENT: Our wood grain style is ideal for any decoration. Your buddies and household will enjoy this cool air diffuser. And Backed by a LIFE TIME Replacement Service Warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser.

Question Question 1

Is This An Active Or Passive Diffuser? We Check Out That Active Diffusers Are More Damaging To Animals Than Passive Ones.?

This is an active diffuser. we utilize this every night in our space and our pet, who oversleeps the space too, has had no difficulty, we would state that the quality of the oils you utilize play a more fundamental part in harmfulness to animals and people. For instance, the first set of oils we purchased, the eucalyptus activated our allergic reactions, w This is an active diffuser. we utilize this every night in our space and our pet, who oversleeps the space too, has had no difficulty, we would state that the quality of the oils you utilize play a more fundamental part in harmfulness to animals and people. For instance, the first set of oils we purchased, the eucalyptus activated our allergic reactions, we were sneezing and crowded all the next day and the present brand name we utilize does refrain from doing this. we are likewise cautious not to put our face over the mist stream or stand too near to it while it is running, on all the diffusers we own.

Question Question 2

Does The Lid Lock?

No, the lid does not lock shut.

Question Question 3

Question, How Would You Appropriately Tidy This To Utilize A Various Odor Of Essential Oils?

We suggest these actions.1. Fill your diffuser about half way with tidy water. Ensure you stop well below limit line.2. Amount to 10 drops of pure white vinegar. This will assist in getting rid of the oils that are stuck inside the diffuser and on the glass or plastic pieces. We suggest these actions.1. Fill your diffuser about half way with tidy water. Ensure you stop well below limit line.2. Amount to 10 drops of pure white vinegar. This will assist in getting rid of the oils that are stuck inside the diffuser and on the glass or plastic pieces.3. Let the diffuser run for about 3-5 minutes to permit the water-vinegar mix to distribute throughout the system and tidy it.4. Drain pipes the diffuser entirely.5. Utilizing a cotton bud dipped in vinegar, tidy the difficult situations and corners of the diffuser to make certain that no areas are left unclean.6. Rinse with tidy water.7. Empty once again and you re excellent to go.8. Utilize a dry fabric, or more cotton swabs or cotton balls to clean the diffuser and dry it completely.Here is a link to the full short article. https://www.essentialoilhaven.com/how-to-clean-your-essential-oil-diffuser-fix/

Question Question 4

Somebody Stated This Heats Up Oil, However Is That Correct???

There is no heat included, this is a cool mist.

Question Question 5

Simply Bought The Smaller Sized Variation. We Followed All Instructions And Included 130 Ml Water. It Beeps As Soon As And Shuts off. What Is Occurring?

You need to press the button a few times to set the preferred quantity that you desire it on, when you press the button the length of time does it remain on? Are you filling the water to the max line, you most absolutely do not wish to over fill

Question Question 6

Where The Fill Line Found Inside Diffuser?

It s not. You need to utilize the determining cup that came with the diffuser. Hope that assists ya.??

Question Question 7

What Does It Mean When They State”Pure Water” Does That Mean No Faucet Water?

we are uncertain what they indicate. However we personally put on t usage faucet water due to the fact that there s all kinds of crap in it to trigger accumulation and hard water discolorations. So we utilize our sparkling water or water from our RO system.

Question Question 8

The Light Switches On However It Is Not Diffusing?

One button runs the light and the other one turns the diffusing on & off.It must just take a minute for it to begin diffusing.Make sure you have not overfilled the tank.

Question Question 9

Can The Light Be Shut Off?

Yes, the light is off when you first begin it. You need to press the button to turn the light on. There are a number of tones of colors and rotating colors, so the light is in fact truly great.

Question Question 10

Does The Surface Area It’S Resting On Get Wet Or Damp From The Mist?

No.Mine has been on our wood end table.Does not get damp at all. Just when we eliminate the lid to fill up with water too rapidly in some cases the condensation inside the lid might drip.But that is our fault.

Question Question 11

Is This Made From Wood Or Plastic? Answers Up Until Now Have Conflicted.?

Plastic with a wood print. It looks fantastic.

Question Question 12

Can This Difusser Be Utilized Cordless So You Do Not Constantly Need To Be Plugged In?

It requires to be plugged in.But it s great and peaceful and works magnificently.

Question Question 13

Does The Diffuser Beep When It Goes Off Or Is It Peaceful?

It does not beep when it goes off.

Question Question 14

How Lots Of Watts Or How Much Power Does This Consume?

14 w

Question Question 15

Why Do So Lots Of Purchasers State The Diffuser Breaks After A Couple Of Utilizes?

It s an excellent product and makes spaces smell fantastic

Question Question 16

Does This Diffuser Functions On Double Voltage?

our company believe just routine home plug

Question Question 17

Does The Lid Lock?

No it doesn t, it simply rests on top.It s a bit low tech however we personally enjoy it, and it works rather well.

Question Question 18

We Are Attempting To Choose Size. Can Anybody Suggest Size.? Why?

our company believe it’s an excellent size, not too huge, nevertheless, we desired an automated turned off that would run for about 6 hours or longer.

Question Question 19

What Are The Size Distinctions In Between The Little And Big Diffuser??

Little has a 150 ml tank (4.9 in. x 4.6 in.). Big has a 300 ml tank (6.6 in. x 5.75 in.)

Question Question 20

Required A Replacement Power Cable. Any Recommendations.??

we do not learn about what cable to change. we would get in touch with the seller. All the best.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have had a number of oil diffusers, and this one is incredibly better than all of them. It has an excellent visual and diffuses all the time. The product packaging was sleak and the guidelines are clear. We extremely suggest this product to anybody aiming to buy a diffuser.

We wished to wait till we had utilized this some to publish a truthful evaluation. This oil diffuser is incredible. We utilize it everynight and we do not believe we might live without it now. We put a few drops of excellent sleep oil in and within 30 minutes we are so unwinded we can not keep our eyes open. We likewise do not awaken with a stuffy head or dry mouth. We hope it continues to last:-RRB-.

We enjoy this diffuser. Many choices with timer duration and lights. You can pick to have the radiant light on or off. You can likewise pick various colored lights or one strong light of your option at a high or low strength. The tank holds a great deal of water. You just require to choose which essential oil( s) you wish to include. We extremely suggest this diffuser. It’s so quite, too.

This diffuser is basic, stunning, and works precisely as we hoped. In our viewpoint, it is absolutely the very best diffuser in the under $30 cost variety. We have constantly utilized a candle light diffuser, so we did a lots of research prior to making the switch to electrical. We desired something that looked great, held a minimum of 300 ml, was little sufficient to not be invasive, and was an easy operation. The shape is beautiful, the bamboo goes with whatever, the colors are really cool, and the functions are really basic. The lid does not lock, however it’s expected to remain on a flat undisturbed surface area, so we do not mind that. You need to have it plugged in, and the cable is long enough, however we put it on a greater rack so we purchased a 3 foot extension cable. The automated shutoff is incredible and works fantastic. It simply beeps and entirely closes down when it senses there’s inadequate water. The system comes with a little container that assists you fill up the water, which reveals 100 ml as the greatest mark, however the system in fact holds up to 300 ml. We simply overfill the refill container to the top due to the fact that we understand it will not be more than 300 ml, and then simply put it in. You do not need to be completely precise, as long as you do not overfill, due to the fact that the car turned off operate in your favor for underfilling. Go on pinterest for a million various essential oil mixes and make your house odor definitely fantastic every day. This is presently in our living-room, however we will most likely buy another for the bed room. If you’re doing research or are on the fence, you’ll enjoy with this one. We likewise envision this would make an incredible present.

Can’t state sufficient about this little marvel. Whisper peaceful, diffuses the oil scent throughout the house, and is so appealing compared to some others on the marketplace. This diffuser has absolutely assisted our household through a semi-rough week. (potty training a brand-new young puppy. Yikes). We enjoy that we can alter the color on the system to match the mood we are attempting to set. Likewise, the mist that is produced, does radiance the color that the system is set to, if you set a color (you can let it run with no lights or color). Our 9 year old kid enjoys this product and we have currently discovered a distinction in his mood upon getting back from school after a long day, when this product remains in usage. His father too; after a long demanding day at work, this product appears to assist him relax quicker than he would without the aromatherapy. Super pleased.

We have been looking for an excellent diffuser for some time now, and when we became aware of this breath essential diffuser on instagram we needed to inspect itout It works incredibly. We have had definitely no issues with it, from figuring out how to utilize it to utilizing it daily in our house. We enjoy its basic, yet classy, appearance. The colored light is incredible, too. And to top everything of. Its cost effective. If you are looking for a smooth, fantastic diffuser for your house. We extremely suggest this one. You will not be dissatisfied.

We have numerous diffusers (one in every space) and we were so ecstatic to get this one for our bed room. It s the outright ideal size, easy to utilize, and so so stunning. We enjoy how basic it is to utilize and the water tank is the ideal size- 6 hour run time. If you re looking for a diffuser, we extremely suggest snagging this one. It came completely packaged with easy established. We are consumed with it. Couldn t have selected a better diffuser for our space.

First saw this diffuser at a friend’s home. And it made their house odor fantastic. So. We purchased one to see if it worked also for us. We are pleased. We have a big den/minwe dining location and cooking area completely as one huge space. We positioned the essential oil diffuser on the cooking area counter that is rather near to the middle of the huge space. It works completely. Heavenly. We extremely suggest the essential oil diffuser to anyone who wish to have their house odor fantastic. We just utilize natural oils. So we feel excellent about what is being pumped into our house air. Roger gaitherisle of palms, south carolina.

We hear absolutely nothing, which is greatwe feel no moisture, which is fantastic. We see the mist however it is mild and does damped anythingthe natural oils are fantastic and not overpoweringwe like the differing timer settings and the capability to alter the most to a lower stream if we desire (up until now we have not wished to).

This diffuser is really peaceful, which to us is an advantage. It makes a small noise so you can inform it is running, however it is very little and continuous. We have another diffuser that makes a loud gurgling noise and we find it rather sidetracking when we are attempting to sleep, so we moved that a person into the living-room and utilize this one in the bed room. Likewise, this will remain on the whole night through on the low mist setting. The just unfavorable is the phony wood appearance is even more phony than in the images. We understand that the majority of them have the phony wood appearance though so this is quite typical. Simply stating if we look for another one to buy in the future we might buy one that isn’t attempting to imitate the appearance of wood.

We enjoy this little diffuser a lot. Not just does it work simply as fantastic as the expensive ones, it looks quite. We enjoy the numerous timer settings and all the various color options to pick from. We will be purchasing more of these for the rest of our home.

We initially purchased this diffuser for our child to have in her college apartment or condo. She liked it so we purchased one for our home. We enjoy this diffuser. We utilize it practically every day. Up until now, we have had no concerns with it. We utilize it on the 6-hour setting with mist (due to the fact that we enjoy to see the mist brightened by the various light colors – specifically during the night). We put on t understand if it remains on that long due to the fact that we put on t focus or drop off to sleep, lol. This diffuser doesn t appear as powerful as one we have from young living however it s better looking and more budget-friendly. At any rate, we will most likely buy another one so we put on t need to keep moving it to various spaces.

Needing to deal with regular nasal & chest congestion, we understood we required a humidifier or aromatherapy producing maker for simply having healthy, regular breathing. This gadget strikes that objective, whether in utilizing just water, or including essential oil drops to the water for therapy. We absolutely am delighted we purchased it. We can just assist that we do not use it out from overuse. We suggest this product to anybody looking for something like this.

We utilize this practically every night. If you have allergic reactions and get stuffy during the night we utilize eucalyptus oil drops in the water and it works each time. We utilize for kids, animals and ourselves. We enjoy the style and night light color options and radiance. There is hardly a noise so it does not interfere with sleep at all. Runs all night when full. We purchased with a sample pack of about 8 diff oil fragrances and utilize lavender and eucalyptus one of the most. Love it and will however another and for presents.

We like the size; it runs at full output for the three hour setting without revitalizing the water or essential oils. If it is set on the ‘half output’ mode, it will last 2 three hour settings. We like to utilize the full output mode for the first three hours as we go to sleep. It humidifies the space and we have not needed to put cream on our feet for the very first time in 9 years. Generally, winter season weather condition triggers drying out of our skin tissue from october to april. Both our relative and we enjoy with this product.

We are delighting in the first one a lot after having it for months that we purchased a 2nd one. We enjoy the natural appearance of this diffuser by day, however likewise enjoy the light function. It lights in lots of colors however our preferred is the rotation option which immediately turns through all the colors. That looks really great during the night. It is easy to utilize (has a fill line and comes with a cup). Functions are easy to utilize also. We choose to utilize this plug in kind of diffuser instead of one we would need to keep in mind to charge all the time. It is whisper quiet. It likewise comes with a 22 page guide in a pdf download format which is incredible. The guide advises oils for state of minds, offers dishes for mixing oils and guidelines for usage and care of product. Customer service interaction of that seller has likewise been fantastic.

We enjoy practically whatever about this diffuser. Nevertheless, it would be a lot much easier to handle if in some way the connection in between the cable and the product was on the “side” rather of beneath. We find managing this to be rather uncomfortable. Once we have got it established, it’s ideal and works like a beauty. Thanks for making such an excellent product and for providing rather than was anticipated.

Its plastic, yes. The led light remain on you can utilize the remain on one color or it will go thru all of the colors. Perfect for bedside. Correct amount of steam for a little location. We acquired the eucalyptus oil from essential its powerful. Up until now we like it. Its sound free too guaranteed plus. The shape makes it more difficult to overturn.

We have purchased various diffusers throughout the years however this is without a doubt the most stunning, the most incredible, and the most distinct diffuser ever. We enjoy the timer. The colors match our decoration completely,and We indicate we can go on and on about this fantastic diffuser. Buy it now, hurrrrrrrryyyyyy.:–RRB-.

The diffuser seemed larger in the images to me, which we do not mind that it’s smaller sized always, however we were hoping for a little more output at this cost. As far as it being a humidifier, it does not appear to output quite compared to what we have seen humidifiers do. No problems. It’s an excellent diffuser and runs for a very long time without needing to fill up so we enjoy with it in general.

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