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Can you get rid of lung cancer without severe chemicals, surgical treatment and debilitation? Are alternative interventions efficient? Why do standard doctors not utilize them? Can you avoid cancer reoccurrences and live into aging without persistent illness and recommended medications? This book answers these and otherquestions This is among the most extensive books readily available on alternative treatments for lung cancer. It discusses the treatments utilized effectively by a health professional/cancer survivor of 36 years and by some of the leading medical and health specialists presently in the field. G. Edward Griffin, Author of World Without Cancer, The Politics of Cancer Therapy, and other books and movies. Receiver of the Telly Award for Quality in Tv Production. President of American Media.

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Dr. Helvie has composed an extremely useful and understandable book that provides motivation to lung cancer clients and to those with other kinds of cancer also. He informs his own story of long-lasting lung cancer survival and lots of other survival stories are shared also. The book consists of extremely intriguing chapters by doctors, scientists and nutritional experts who are specialists in treatment of lung cancer. They use alternative techniques that can be utilized alone or in show with standard treatments. The doctors have much greater survival and cure rates than those utilizing standard treatment alone. What we especially liked about the book is its holistic method that attends to a body, mind and spirit method to recovery from cancer. Dr. Helvie is committed to assisting others comprehensive his books, his holistic health radio program, and personal contact. This is an exceptional book for those looking for to beat lung cancer and other kinds of this disease, and likewise for those seeking to live a way of life that avoids cancer. ——————————————————————————–.

This is an all inclusive book on alternative and integrative treatments. Helvie informs how he has continually beat lung cancer for almost 40 years. We have cancer and we have relied on alternative treatment, we have checked out lots of cancer books, however this book offers helvie’s own personal experience. We feel a great deal of genuineness, sincerity and stability remain in these pages.

This book was jam jam-packed with useful pointers and recommendations. We liked his favorable mindset. The just factor that we did not provide it 5 stars was that we were hoping for extremely particular information about the physical elements of lung cancer healing. Nevertheless, it has resembled 20 years so possibly it wasn’t as fresh in his mind. In general a great read.

Great read.

Our sis has phase 4 lung cancer and has read this book two times currently.

This is among the better books we have kept reading remedies for and/ or avoidance of cancer. The text from different specialists was an unexpected find and made this text extremely extensive. Mind/ body/ spirit medicine is a great thing.

Extremely useful.

Loaded filled with information in an easy to utilize and check out format.

We have not read it aal however we purchased it for a friend that has lung cancer so we believed she wishes to read it however she is not ready to attempt the options that this book recommend.

Handy offered us a lot to think of.


In you can beat lung cancer: utilizing alternative/integrative interventions author carl o. Helvie has an awful story to inform, and he informs it well. According to him, there are cancer remedies to be had, however understanding of them is avoided the general public by the fda and greedy, cash starving pharmaceutical business, with federal government and drug business dissuading doctors from utilizing effective natural treatments due to the fact that there is a lot cash included. Helvie notifies us that if the general public were informed of the presence of effective alternative cancer remedies, the multi-billion dollar structure would fall apart. Therefore, the status quo is perpetuated. If his story holds true, and helvie himself is reputable evidence of it, such business are wrongdoers and guilty of absolutely nothing except murder. We find out that practically all the excellent remedies for cancer are beyond mainstream medicine and are identified alternative. As an outcome, the typical client seldom finds out about them., and lots of pass away needlessly. The book is plainly composed, succinct, original, and remarkably enough for a book with this title, periodically moving. Above all, it is remarkable due to the fact that it is composed by a previous victim of the cancer who notifies his readers that he was a patient from lung cancer who was offered 6 months to live. He treated himself with alternate techniques of treatment and thirty-eight years after his morbid medical diagnosis is still alive and in outstanding health. The author teaches us how he dealt with life’s most agonizing adversities and faced our most frightening satanic forces with guts. For what is the most scary ring of hell for each people, the human suffering we fear the most however cancer itself? it is intriguing that “ayni,” the name of the publisher, “is a quechua word meaning ” reciprocity. – sharing, providing and getting. What walks around occurs, whatever you provide out returns to you. To be in aynwe is to be in balance, consistency, and the best relationship with yourself and nature” (p. 313). You can beat lung cancer is a primer on how to be in ayni. The author is a registered nurse, with a doctorate in public health and wellness, and is well grounded in public health, nursing, and holistic health. His decision to avoid surgery and the mainstream treatments for his lung cancer was based on a reading from a psychic who identified his tumor and advised against surgery, followed by alternative treatments including laetrile (aourgdaline), meditation, visualization, analysis of his dreams, diet consisting mainly of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, nutritional supplements, exercise, detoxification through frequent fasting and enemas, and prayer. Helvie quotes dr. Ernst t. Krebs, sr. To the effect that ” cancer is an outcome of malfunctioning of regular systems in the body, found in specific foods and a shortage in specific enzymes produced in the pancreas (p. 53). Krebs thought that cancer is a shortage disease triggered by a shortage of vitaminb17, pancreatic enzymes, or both, and that it can be treated by correcting the shortages. A crucial contribution of a medical book is the degree to which it extends the reader’s grasp of theory and practice in a brand-new instructions. You can beat lung cancer is swarming with ingenious and upsetting scientific thinking. The author is especially imaginative in incorporating his approach of the reasons for cancer into its treatment, hence significantly broadening its limits, along with widening the precincts of the field. According to helvie, the cure of cancer involves structural modification, not simply the amelioration of discomfort. It deals with changing the methods which individuals function, and how they process their experiences. It is inadequate for usdical experts to simply “cure” cancer; clients need to find out to understand life in a various way. Structural modification indicates seeing with brand-new eyes and hearing with brand-new ears; discovering a various way of being. An intriguing truth is given up a chapter by tanya harter pierce. She mentions that many individuals with cancer feel that if they go to the most pricey healthcare centers, they are more most likely to recover. Pierce disagrees. She states “top doctors and clinics offering conventional medicine have little to offer that is any different from what lower-ranked conventional doctors or clinics can offer” (pp. 197-198). To put it simply, if you have cancer, conserve your time cash and go to the closest cancer center for treatment. You can beat lung cancer is a book that needed to be composed, and can conserve lots of lives. We advise it for cancer clients, their households, and all individuals in the medical aid occupations. We personally have no requirement to go through treatment for cancer at today time, however if we did, we would definitely make use of the alternative treatment that has served dr. Helvie so well.

Dr. Helvie has provided a notified, thoughtful book which informs his story of how he beat his own lung cancer utilizing alternative techniques of treatment. Quickly understandable by those people without a medical backround, he consists of scientific meanings of lung cancer, and recorded case research studies done by other medical workers: doctors, scientists, and nutritional experts. A number of chapters dealt with positive, noninvasive alternative treatments for clients who remained in sophisticated phases of the disease. Specifically heartening for us was the chapter determining a non-prescription preparation which didn’t trigger queasiness, loss of hair, and opposite impacts associated with standard cancer treatment. The author dealth thoroughly with dealing with the mind, body and spirit in a holistic style. An anti-cancer diet plan and a favorable mindset figured prominantly in his text. We extremely advise this book.

You can beat lung cancer is extremely easy to check out and useful. Dr. Helvie makes an excellent case for being notified about our own health and the alternatives readily available to us so we can take control of our future. Considering that he is a healthcare professional, he had much more understanding than the typical individual, and he put that education and training to operate in a favorable method his own life. As a veteran cancer survivor, dr. Helvie discusses the different actions he required to cure himself of lung cancer, actions that would likely work for others with cancer whether that cancer is lung cancer or another type of the deadly disease. If you, or somebody you understand has cancer, we extremely advise reading this book and following dr. Helvie’s recommendations. The book is a bit redundant in some locations, and it would have benefited by having an excellent professional editor tighten up the language, however the material is excellent and much required.

This book is a bonanza of medical information along with the author’s personl cancer journey. Helvie, a professional health service provider informs his story in a matter-of-fact easy to check out way. As a 38 year lung cancer survivor he shares alternative/intergrative aproach. Helvie is a devoted genuine and unusual person who spents his time assisting others through his writing, lectures, site and radio program.

When somebody as old as carl and had a cancer 30 years ago we listen. Have a look at this book if you have a lung cancer.

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