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Cenora Rose O Neill knows her father somehow arranged the trap for Dallas, but she agrees to wed the handsome stranger. She d do anything to protect her family, and she wants to save herself from the bully Tom Williams. A fine settled man like Dallas will rid himself of her soon enough, but at least she and her family will be safely away from Tom Williams. Texas rancher Dallas McClintock has no plans to wed for several years. Right now, he s trying to establish himself as a successful horse breeder. Severely wounded rescuing Cenora from kidnappers, Dallas is taken to her family s wagon to be tended. He is trapped into marrying Cenora, but he is not a man who goes back on his word. His wife has a silly superstition for everything, but passion-filled nights with her make up for everything—even when her wild, eccentric family drives crazy.

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We are fan of mail-order bride romances, and we have had this book on our tbr stack for a long time. Between a sinus infection and the bad weather, we have been reading a lot since we didn’t feel like doing much else. We regret waiting so long to read this western romance. This book had everything you look for in a good love story: great characters, compelling hook to get you reading, mean villain, dramatic action, steaour passion, and, surprisingly, humor. The western romance genre has been growing, and we think this author is one reason why. If you haven’t tried western romance before, do yourself a favor and get one of the books by ms. Clemmons. You’ll be hooked too.

Dallas, a young texas rancher, hears a young woman named cenora screaming as she is being attacked by two men. Dallas manages to kill both attackers, but suffers some major injuries. He is cared for by cenora. This is the beginning of a story that is different from most other western romances. We enjoyed learning more about life in a gypsy, or tinker, caravan. As we read some of cenora s conversations, we could hear the irish lilt in her speech, and her enthusiasm for life. The author conveyed the difference in life styles beautifully. Discovering how two such different people can work out a life together will keep you interested in this story to the end. Very nice writing, great storyline, and two appealing lead characters all add up to a very good book which we recommend. We were given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This western historical romance was different in several ways from the typical novel in this genre. It had some rough edges and cliches aplenty, but the uniqueness set it apart, and kept the story interesting. First, we are quite sure we have never read a period western with irish travelers. The gypsy-like, nomadic lifestyle and strong family connections were a strong component to this book. Kudos to caroline clemmons for giving readers a different twist. Was it accurate? we have absolutely no idea. Second, the hero has faced a series of prejudices in his young life, but for once we don’t get an embittered, tough, wandering loner. Dallas is a rancher, tied to his land, and ambitious to see it succeed. Third, there are several protagonists in this story, and all of them are caricatures. They are so bad, you love to hate them. Fourth, the secondary characters are numerous, diverse and enrich the story a great deal. Therefore, elements of the plot reach beyond the interaction of dallas and cenora. As cute as they are exploring their sudden marriage, there is a lot going on around the young lovers. We enjoyed the camaraderie and the interplay of family. It struck us as slightly-over-the top, but genuine. Boisterous is the word that comes to mind. Don’t we all know families like that?our subtle criticism is reserved for the dialogue voice. Occasionally, it felt stilted and overly explanatory. The author tried awfully hard to bring out backstory and internal feelings through dialogue and it just wasn’t successful at all times. The antiquated irish dialect was also forced and felt false. It didn’t fit the uneducated nature of the travelers and was far too formal. However, we are interested to hear more about the o’neills and the mcclintocks and look forward to reading more about these two exuberant families.

Amazing read. Not our usual, but it took over easily became one of our most favorites. Can not wait to read the rest of the series. Dallas and the hardships he goes thru for cenora. Being forced to marry her shortly after saving her life by being shot a few times. Cenora was sure he would die from his wounds. Cenora is a gypsy traveler who is wanted by the leader, but she does not want to marry the leader nut her parents knew if the did not force her ro wed dallas that the leader would force her to marry him. Marring dallas causes the leader to be even more hateful and start a bunch of trouble.

We truly enjoyed this story in the olden days with realistic prejudices against the irish as well as anyone not of “pure blood” and all they had to overcome. When dallas mcclintock saves a beautiful young irish lass from two men who had kidnapped her and brutally abusing her, little did he know what he got himself into. Severely injured himself, he comes to amongst a group of “travelers”, or better known as traveling, thieving gypsies back then. Too injured to even move, he finds himself at their mercy and care. When he is lucid enough, he learns the beautiful angel ” cenora” he saved and her family are irish immigrants. After losing their land in ireland and because of prejudices, they had nowhere to go, even though they were also treated a bit like outsiders in this group. Cenora and her family take good care of him and nurse him back to health, which is why he’s furious and shocked when he gets set up and forced to marry cenora. As if he doesn’t already have to deal with enough prejudice himself because he’s half indian and shunned by many, now he has an irish traveller to add to his troubles. Regardless of her beauty and seeming innocence, he doesn’t want a wife. Yet now he has one. Because of his honor and feeling of responsibility for causing more problems for the o’neals because they brought an outsider in and married their daughter to him, he decides he must help them and take them to his ranch when he’s better. He sees the mistreatment of them by the bully leader. Especially after he marries cenora, whom the man had claimed for himself. Though he’s furious at the situation, he can’t leave the young beauty to the huge bully whose two previous wives had suddenly died bruised and battered after oursterious, accidental falls. He’s also threatened to burn the o’neal’ s out for not giving him cenora to wed. Amongst many trials, struggles and differences, this normally solitary man now finds his house full of new family and a wife he didn’t want. At the same time wondering what his white family will think and how they’ll react; especially with a grandmother who never wastes a moment to insult and let him know he’s not wanted because he’s part indian. This is truly a touching story filled with struggles, mishaps, culture clash, prejudice, with dangers and at the same time growth and a beautiful love story and trust that grows throughout it all. We really enjoyed it, except in parts when the irish at times suddenly said ourself instead of meself, or used our instead of me. It was a little confusing at times. There were some sexual parts in the book, though not nearly as graphic, long or vulgar as many books are today. We would recommend this to any mature reader who loves a well written, non stop action romance who doesn’t mind some lighter sex scenes. Very captivating and entertaining.

This story surprised me. Historic westerns aren’t usually our favorite genre, but this one has made us start to consider adding westerns to our list of books to watch for. We truly enjoyed “the texan’s irish bride”. Well done ms clemmons. We appreciate it when a writer makes a reader feel as though instead of reading, they’re watching a movie. This writer makes you see her characters and their surroundings vividly as if you’re right there. The story line wasn’t too predictable, but still had a sense of the inevitable hea. We really liked the h and the h’s characters whom the writer depicted as two people who came together in spite of being from two different worlds but had still endured similar circumstances of tribulations but stayed strong and endured. This story, even though it was during a time very long ago, acknowledged what is still current in our world today. Prejudices that many have a hard time over coming and accepting, while it may never happen for some. But we would like to think that there is a silent prayer in most of today’s world that some day we will come together and try to live as one.

This was our first book by caroline clemmons. We found it an enjoyable read and light-hearted in an ironically sort of way. Poor dallas mcclintock never knew what trouble saving cenora o’neill would lead too as the gallant hero and red headed irish lass find their lives forever entangled by dallas’ good deed of saving her life. The only thing that made us give this a 4 instead of a 5 is the times we heard cenora repeat to herself the doubts about whether dallas would send her away with her family. We can understand self doubts, but this repeating all the way through the book seems more like wasted words that made us want to skip ahead to find the next new thought or action. That said, the author did a good job with the supporting cast of o’neills and mcclintock family, we had to feel for dallas and how quickly his life got so complicated and the say cenora’s da kept apologizing for the messes and trouble their family caused after saddling dallas in a shot gun wedding with his daughter. From bad guys to good guys and one scene to the next, you’ll grimace or grin as dallas and cenora find their unexpected union can lead to marital bliss, well maybe depending on how how soon dallas can shed his in-laws and restore peace to running horse ranch.

Thank you. Caroline clemmons for gifting us with this wonderful book on our birthday. ??????well written plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing and turning the pages right up until the end. Cenora and dallas story was very intriguing and a pleasure from start to finish, asking yourself what will happen next keeps you in suspense. We truly enjoyed this book and voluntarily chose to leave a review. A hard won historical frontier happy ever after. We have already purchased the next three books of this series. A texan’s irish bride highly recommend this one we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We liked this book. The story and writing were generally good. There were just a couple of grammatical errors of verb tense. The story held our attention and there were a few characters that came to life to the point we wanted to grab hold of them and shake them, or give them a swift kick. We don’t know if there were irish gypsies called the travelers, but we do know there is a current group of scam artists that call themselves the travelers that rip people off after getting them to pay up front for roofing and driveway paving, then leave with the money. Each time they show up in an area the news alerts people to their scam. The group in the book didn’t seem to be preying on others to that extent, so maybe a different name could have been used. We also got tired of the stereotypical representation of the irish pattern of speaking. We felt like if we read another “sure and he’s this” “sure and she’s that,” sure and we wanted to rip pages (if there were any) out of our kindle. When we weren’t rolling our eyes at that. We thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Refreshing. This novel had all the elements, was well written and worthy of the highest rating. The h, dallas is truly heroic. An honorable man. Stepping between the beautiful irish gypsy and the muderous brutes, he’d saved her life at the risk of nearly losing his own. Fortunately for him, her family finds them and takes dallas into their traveler’s wagon to treat his wounds. Now the story begins to unfold. Truly, cendora has the luck of the irish as unwittingly, dallis mcklintock is set up by her family and forced into marriage to her. Dallas knows he’s being played but feels compassion for her and he entire rowdy family. When they arrive on his ranch, one mishap after another occurs and he has cause to question his sanity in bringing them into his home. The story has a wide cast of characters who add to the chaos. It held our attention from start to finish, gave us a few laughs at the mischevous antics with her unruly brothers. It was sexy but not overblown porno as many are thses days. Thank you, ms clemmons. And it was romantic. We look forward to reading more from this author. It was a good read and we will recommend it to our friends.

We liked all the characters. The hero and heroine are both good people and end up together quickly. The rest of the book is about problems with dallas’s in-laws, which was ok with me. He has saintly patience with them. It’s realistic to have that one brother-in-law/brother/son who just hasn’t grown up with the same values as the rest of the family. The book could have used a little more editing for typos, for way-too-long, repetitive, circular discussions, and for a few awkward transitions. We are surprised to read complaints about the sex scenes. Most of the romance novels we read have much more detail. We plan to read more by this author.

Caroline clemmons is an amazing author with a gift for creating characters that are truly unforgettable. And it isn’t just with the hero and heroine. In the texan’s irish bride, we found ourself fascinated by the world she created and all the intriguing characters residing there. In fact, we are hoping several of them will get their own book in the near future. We simply could not put this book down and, in fact, stayed up until 4 am to finish it. This author balances romance fiction and history with a delicate hand as well as an obvious love for the western genre that transports the reader. The characters of cenora rose o’neill and dallas mcclintock are written so beautifully that you cannot only visualize them, but swear you also hear their voices as your read their words. She skillfully weaves in a back story to her characters which, when combined with their personality traits and unique mannerisms, gives the reader a hero and heroine you cannot help but love. The texan’s bride really is a page-turner and we became so engaged in the characters and their journey as a couple facing daily struggles and dangerous challenges that it was impossible for us not to read it cover-to-cover in one sitting. Caroline clemmons has given us a beautiful western romance with unforgettable characters that will take your breath away and touch your heart.

This is a great historical romance. Cenora o’neill is of irish decent and was run from their home in ireland home. Through luck and help of her father their family ended up in the states and began moving around with other travelers that were considered gypsy’s. After a performance cenora was kidnapped by a few brutes and later rescued by dallas mcclintock. During his rescue he was greatly injured. The o’neill family took him back to their traveling camp and began nursing him back to health.

This is the ninth book by caroline clemmons we have purchased. This author knows texas – the landscape, rivers, ranching, the people. Her stories are authentic. Caroline clemmons transports the reader into another time and place. The detailed description of the wagons, the cadence of the speech, draws the reader into another culture. Considering the centuries old reputations of gypsies in europe,the wild, unsavory reputation of the irish travelers causes small rural communities to be wary of their presence. Though victims of oppressive english laws in ireland, the o’neills are tame clan. The hero, dallas mcclintock is too good to be true. The blending of the two families through a forced marriage between dallas and cenora provides plenty of opportunities for a clash of cultures. Groups of the irish travelers still come to texas in the winter. We are still wary.

We really enjoyed this book, and thought the characters were well described and interesting. The story of the irish “tinkers” was new to me, and we liked learning about their history and culture. The irish accented speech in the book didn’t bother me, and added to the story imho. The editing was excellent, particularly for a free book. The toast, should be “hear, hear” not “here, here”. It is rather like saying “listen up”. On page 186, this sentence has multiple errors: “aye, he’s (he?) didn’t pick up some o’ the other lads (lads’ or lad’s?) bad habits. ” we recommend this book for those who want something a bit different in a western romance.

We normally don’t read old west romances but gave this one a try and we are glad we did. It mixed cultures with gypsies irish folk indians and ranchers. So to to say it was mildly interesting is an understatement. On top of the underlying threat of tom the newly weds have the culture clash to get over and it’s just one mishap after another. And while their nighttime couplings are hot the day reeks havoc. We really enjoyed this book. And will def read others.

Fantastic story and characters. A gypsy girl forced to marry a man she doesn’t know to protect her family. She feels she isn’t good enough for him and spends her time fearing he will tell her to leave, but he’s an honorable man and will honor his vows. Supporting characters are also good and contributed a lot to story. Recommend to all western genre readers.

This story has a lot going on in it, people from different backgrounds trying to fit in with everyone. One man who has already had three wives who died and all have been abused by him physically and we are sure mentally as well and no one condemns him. He tom williams now wants cenora o’neill and has her stupid brother mac did our everything he can to help him because tom promises to help mac her the woman he loves. Dallas comes along and prevents cenira from being raped by two men and he winds up being married to cenora and all the troubles following week them back to the mcclintock ranch and his family.

Cenora is a beautiful, irish girl saved from kidnappers by dallas, a half-native american rancher and horse breeder. Cenora’s family tries to save her from a brutal suitor by making her marry dallas. This is a wonderful story about family; discrimination in nineteenth century america; irish heritage, superstitions, and customs; and ranch life in early texas. It’s also a lovely romance between two people who, with different heritage and backgrounds, have the same ethics and strong sense of what is right and just. Dallas is a remarkable man, generous, caring, fair, and honest. Every life he touches is better for it. This is a story to warm your heart.

We only gave 4 stars because we found the written irish accents to be distracting. This is the story of a rancher who comes upon a probable rape of a gypsy type woman. He shots the attackers but is injured in returned. Her parents do not want her to marry the caravan leader who is mean-spirited so they trick him into thinking he compromised her purity and had yo marry her. Lots of action, romance and intrigue.

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