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The film is among our favorites however the variation from olive movies (the one with carey grant and tony curtis standing beside the ladder) is an overall piece of scrap. We have purchased 2 of them in the previous year and they both freeze in the middle of the film and you can’t quick forward or do anything else to manage where it gets stuck, not that you ought to need to. We purchased the first copy in march of 2016 and by the time we viewed it and understood it was no great it was far too late to return it. We purchased the 2nd copy in early april of 2017 and will be returning it asap. The variation from republic images (the one with the pink sub on the cover) is the one to gowith We purchased one more than 10 years ago and we enjoyed it exceptionally up until it was “borrowed” and not returned. We purchased another one a few weeks ago to change the olive movies variation we just recently purchased that does not work. You would believe they ‘d all be the exact same however obviously not.

We had fond memories of capturing this program on the periodic weekend afternoon film on television as a kid. We were thankful to see when we lastly found it on dvd, that we were remembering it properly. Cary grant is humorous as the frequently bewildered captain of the sea tiger, a submarine sunk at it’s pier by the japanese at the very start of wwii. The boat is raised, and partly re-fitted, with orders to make it to another island for overhaul. Then the hijinks start. Tony curtis comes aboard as a lost (and ethically versatile) supply officer, who will do what he needs to to get the parts they require, and get them house (and him off the boat). Along the way, they are signed up with by arour nurses requiring evacuation from one island, and locals from another. They continuously fight their hardly working sub. And when at one point the sea tiger winds up painted intense pink, they find themselves under attack from both sides. Grant and curtis are fantastic headliners. We believe numerous feel this is among grant’s finest films. We do. The supporting cast is rather great, and consists of television stalwarts dick sargent, gavin macleod and marion ross. Personally, we consider it a must-own. It’s definitely a must-see.

We composed this evaluation for those thinking about the blu-ray variation as there was no such evaluation at the time. Regardless of the rather high cost, fans of this film or of its stars ought to attempt to fit a purchase into their dvd budget plan. For something, this is the very first time the movie has been readily available (to our understanding) in an anamorphic format on house video. We were extremely delighted to toss away our old letterbox sd disc. There are comprehensive descriptions of the disc on other websites that are rather beneficial and we echo that belief here. Though the movie programs some age, the colors are rather great, blacks dark, and the few specks or scratches are not sidetracking. We watch by means of a projector on a ten-foot screen so we can see all the abnormalities of our dvds rather plainly and we were extremely delighted with this movie. No, it hasn’t been brought back like ben-hur of comparable vintage however this isn’t ben-hur, either. It mores than happy, funny escapism with 2 fantastic movie stars in their prime. Five stars for the movie, possibly 3 and- a-half to 4 stars for the image quality – rather enough and extremely pleasurable. Get it if you can.

This film is a traditional. Young and old, this household never ever burns out of it. We extremely advised. Image and audio are exceptional. The expressions on cary grants deal with are invaluable and tony curtis is best for his character. The “girdle scene” in the engine space is still fresh and still amusing after 50 years. Delight in.

Tongue in cheek sexism is apparent in this traditional with cary grant and numerous significant stars in the supporting cast– a lot of to call here. Quality– traditional movie quality, no issues streaming by means of amazon prime television applicationcautions– it is from a various period when ladies were portrayed hot and even bimbos in the movie– however it is planned for humordefinitely grownups content humor– i-d not watch this with the kids.

We have never ever comprehended why they blended the paint rather of simply painting the sub half red and half white, which would have been much easier and quicker. That stated this is a traditional service funny. It’s dated in its womanly stereotypes, however if you can surpass that it’s enjoyable.

Genuinely an impressive film. Simply gotten the blu-ray in the mail today, we have this on dvd and we have viewed this various times, however we never ever discovered this in the film. When the cook strolls out of the wardroom and passes the other opening there is a butt kit on the within the galley and when the cook strolls by the other opening a cigarette pops out of the butt kit into capt. Sherman’s coffee, he then takes a look around attempting to figure out where the cigarette originated from. Likewise you can hear the butt kit seeming like a pop-up toy. Simply wished to share that amusing gesture. Anyways enough of the trivia. This is an impressive film, great deals of great laughs and great home entertainment for the whole household to delight in. Thank you for listening.

Undoubtedly, you need to remain in the mood and need to want to let it be amusing without getting too vital. It was a pleasure in its time and is still amusing today. There are few things you need to forgive in the plot, however there are some exceptional, even remarkable, minutes. Along with “father goose,” this is among those films we wish to see a minimum of as soon as a years simply for enjoyable.

Essential film. Though some might disagree that this movie is essential we have found it to be among the most amusing films that we have ever seen. Cary grant was an extremely flexible star able to do funny & drama similarly well. His co-star, tony curtis was flexible likewise though he never ever got the exact same regard as a lot of his peers. We have constantly felt that funny was the strength of tony curtis, the majority of the movies that we delight in with curtis fall under funny. Tony curtis was likewise the king of teaming-up with other stars. Curtis usually got 2nd billing in these cases, do not understand if collaborating so frequently with other stars was his option or the studio. However he had teamed with the similarity cary grant (as here), burt lancaster (more than as soon as), kirk douglas & frank sinatra simply to call afew About the only time curtis got prominence in his pairings were his films with jack lemmon which were likewise humorous. Operation petticoat is a wwiwe funny that includes the submarine sea tiger. Curtis in his function isn’t a battle zone officer, he’s been sitting it out in the rear tier doing tasks that aren’t straight associated to the war. It’s his misery that he’s stuck in a location where combat is a daily event. He volunteers to sign up with the sea tiger, his factor, to return to a location where his skills can do him more great. He winds up being the supply officer due to the fact that his scavenging abilities & effort lack equivalent. Numerous amusing circumstances take place in this film consisting of where curtis takes a pig & carries it back to the submarine. Grant, in his function, is rather tolerant however does not desire all the realities. He simply wishes to get the sea tiger completely shipshape & into the war. The most well-known scene in the film takes place when, due to the absence of gray paint, red & white paint are combined producing an extremely fantastic color of pink with which they paint the submarine. There’s more to the film however do yourself a favor & get this; it’s amusing from starting to end.

Cary grant and tony curtis what more might you askfor This is a preferred amongst our household as each time we watch it we find something brand-new to laugh about. Although it is a funny it does not minimize the occasions that surround it. Offer it a shot and keep in mind the time it was recorded in.

Have seen operation petticoat lot of times on television and dvd however olive movies did a fantastic transfer to blu ray. Truly, taken pleasure in seeing it in blu ray. Quite worth contributing to your blu ray collection. Once again, thanks to olive movies for doing such a fantastic task in bringing these old films back to us in such fantastic quality.

Excellent old flick with cary grant and tony curtis. Respectable transfer in general, as seen on a 70″ led screen. No genuine remediation was done, and some scenes are better than others, however still worth the upgrade over the original dvd.

Simply got the radio, a little dissatisfied. Put aaa batteries in got low battery, put a 2nd set in, low battery. Ok lets see what else is incorrect. 5 pre-programmed’s fm, 5 pre-programmed’s am,, we can live with that. The tune quality okay, however not as loud as we hoped,, likewise music from fm stations is louder then from our phone music files which might likewise due to the fact that of our files itself. Can not shut phone compartment lid all the way with our phone inside. The radio itself is heavy an appears strong. We might set fm radio stations an appear to be clear,, however we remain in your house.

Operation petticoatthis is a fantastic funny film with a little love blended in, as you would anticipate with cary grant and tony curtis in it. It’s wwiwe and grant is commanding a submarine in the pacific. Curtis is contributed to the team as a mischief-maker and a hunt. Then they need to rescue some nurses deserted on an island. Funny takes place. Obviously.

Carey grant and tony curtis together in a funny ww11 funny in the pacific. We will not inform the story however simply one bit is when the captain carey grant is pushed inadvertently and fires a torpedo and sinks a truck? you need to see it to think it.

This is an outstanding easy going funny taking place in the pacific area throughout world war 2. Cary grant and tony curtis are at their very peak in their acting professions. The movie was extremely effectively directed by blake edwards who clearly had a big chest of cash to invest when making this movie. Operation petticoat offers us a distinct blend of the problems that clearly took place in between males and women residing in a constrained location such as a submarine. This is a fantastic movie that can be taken pleasure in lot of times over. Extremely advised.

Absolutely a traditional and still among the funniest grant films. It was a lot enjoyable seeing this once again. Desire it was digitally remastered however, still an excellent film and one we are thankful we got to see once again.

The whole cast makes this film a needs to watch for all. It takes us into the south pacific and makes you seem like you belong to their fantastic experience. We watch it frequently if we desire a motion picture that takes us away and back to the golden era of hollywood. We enjoy it each time we see it.

This is among our preferred movies from the period. Cary grant and tony curtis are exceptional together. Worth supervising once again. We were thankful to find in in blu-ray. The blu-ray is of rather great quality.

Grant and curtis made a work of art. Do not wish to do any spoilers however the majority of the far out ridiculous occurrences that they deal with in this film really took place to different submarines in wwii. Simply not all to the exact same sub (look it up) appearance for richie’s mama, mrs cunningham (marion ross) in among her early functions.

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