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Casematix Asthma Inhaler Medicine Travel Case

Casematix Asthma Inhaler Medicine Travel Case

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Casematix Asthma Inhaler Medicine Travel Case.

  • CASEMATIX Asthma inhaler medicine luggage – Keep your inhaler safeguarded and dust free at all times – CONSISTS OF CASE ONLY, DOES NOT INCLUDE INHALER
  • Compact Carbon Fiber EVA Shell Supplies Resilience While the Padded Foam Interior Soaks Up Effects
  • Strong Zipper keeps the case safe and secure and can be opened or closed in a matter of seconds
  • Feel Confident tossing your inhaler in your luggage, bag, knapsack or handbag when taking a trip – avoids dirt accumulation on mouth piece and likewise unintentional discharges of your asthma medicine
  • Inhaler holder works for metered dosage inhalers with cylinder and has ideal L shape for a tight fit

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Casematix Asthma Inhaler Medicine Travel Case.

Question Question 1

Buenas Yo Pedwe Este Producto Pero Lo Que No Se Swe Viene Cpln La B9Mba Incluida?

Buenas noches, no no viene incluida, nda6 más te mandan el proctector

Question Question 2

Is It Considerably Thicker?, Our Inhaler Currently Males A Big Bulge On Our Pocket?

Yes, this case includes a fair bit of density around the inhaler. we utilize mine in a travel kit and a much thinner case we made ourself for pocket carrying.

Question Question 3

Cuando Vence El Producto?

Elproducto que ellos ofrecen es solamente el case (estuche). No ofrecen el inhalador.

Question Question 4

Will It Fit Proair?

It is a really tight fit. You will need to push the sides together to zip it. It will work however.

Question Question 5

Does This Case Feature A Clip To Attatch It To The Beyond A Bag?

It came with a carabiner, so yes, you can clip it to your bag. There’s a little loop on there to connect the carabiner on the case. Likewise, we have the ability to fit 2 inhalers in it (tight, however they fit) if that assists.

Question Question 6

Viene Con La Botellita? Cuantas Inhaciones Y Cuál Es El Cc?

Yo lo compré pensado que traía el inhalador. Pero no fue así. Age solo el estuche

Question Question 7

Is The Case With Thw Inhalador Or Just The Case?

just the case. the inhaler is an RX just product. The case is really great.

Question Question 8

Viene Con El Instalador???


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Casematix Asthma Inhaler Medicine Travel Case, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is the very best thing ever. We have had terrwe ale days where we forget our inhaler or forget to put it in our bag trigger it s in another one. With this, we constantly have our inhaler with us & there s space for a chapstick. Often we wish to run a fast errand and we need to get our secrets, wallet, inhaler. Now we simply get this our wallet and we are out the door. We will state the keychain it brought draws lasted a week possibly. However we simply hooked it into another one.

This case is incredibly durable and the zipper moves well. We like the foam lining. It fits our inhaler completely without a lots of extra unneeded area. With the carabiner that comes with it we have the ability to clip it to anywhere. Our child and we require an albuterol inhaler all over we go. With this we can quickly toss it in our handbag, clip it to our coat, clip it to our automobile secrets, clip it to her knapsack, and so on. Well worth the rate as it looks like it will hold up for a very long time.

We utilize it for our mdwe we keep us and it does precisely what we require it to; stop unintentional activations and to keep our mdwe tidy.

Case is relatively larges and cushioned well. Comes with grip to link to belt loop which we utilize since the system is bigger than what we wish to bring in our pocket. We like the system and would absolutely buy once again.

Simply informed we are wheezing & require to utilize inhaler. Bought this to keep inhaler tidy in between usages and in case we take with us it came with a clip to connect to buckle or trousers loops. Really hassle-free. We want it had a little pocket for label to re- order or in case we lost it somebody would understand who comes from it if lost.

The case is perfectly made and secures the inhaler perfectly. The carabiner might be convenient for a knapsack however we will most likely utilize it inside our purse. We have pals who need to know where the inhaler is when we goout This case makes it easy and cool for everyone.

Its simply the ideal size and company enough to safeguard versus damage and unintentional discharge.

Great little container to keep in mind to keep your breathing pal at hand. We keep my own connected to the beyond our handbag. Simply in case. No fishing around in the bottom of the handbag when you require it most. Purchase an extra for husband. Now he has no reason for not having it convenient.

We feel our asthma inhaler is safe and secure in this case. There have been times when the cap has come off our asthma inhaler and we would hesitate something we might not see was lodged in the mouth piece, now we wear t need to fret, it remains safely in our brand-new case up until we require to utilize it. So happy we found this.

Perfect for our child s inhaler. She s constantly on the go and had an issue with leaving it around. Now she keeps it in this case and clips it onto her handbag.

Liked the light however strong building of this product. No stress over inhaler unintentionally spraying and losing medication.

We utilize this clipped to the side of our bag to permit fast access to the inhaler. It is well made and simply holds the inhaler completely.

Really durable and well developed.

We have been looking for a practical product for years, this one protects the inhaler so unintentional usages aren’t an issue any longer.

Quick shipping and great quality.

Inhaler fits completely. Well padded. Quick shipping.

Got this for our child to utilize for his med and it is working fine.

We have had asthma our entire life and this makes bring around our inhaler much more discrete and easy. Love it.

Brings our inhaler completely. With belt clip we can hook to our trousers belt loop. Really convenient.

Simply hardly too little to fit 2 med. Inhalers or 1 lg.Inhaler Comes with 1 extra foam pad for customized cushioning requirements.

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