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Casio Men's Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap

Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap.

  • Imported
  • 50 M Water Resistant
  • 3 Hand Analog Easy Reader
  • Quartz Motion
  • Case Diameter: 44.6 mm

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap.
Resin Glass, 50- meter water resistance, Case/ bezel product: Resin, Resin Band, Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute, 2nd), Approximate. battery life: 3 years on SR626 SW, Overall weight: 35 g

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap.

Question Question 1

Does It Have Luminescent Hands?


Question Question 2

Can It Read In Bright Sunshine?

naturally can be checked out, however not in the dark.

Question Question 3

Do You Have A Return Policy If Not Pleased?


Question Question 4

What Is The Band Length Size?

we purchased this for our mom who has a wrist on the bigger size. She likes it as she is aesthetically impaired and likewise required a band that would not chafe her skin too, so no metal band for her. You do not need to get rid of or include links to change the size due to the fact that it changes like a belt. we are presently not at our moms where we purchased this for our mom who has a wrist on the bigger size. She likes it as she is aesthetically impaired and likewise required a band that would not chafe her skin too, so no metal band for her. You do not need to get rid of or include links to change the size due to the fact that it changes like a belt. we are presently not at our moms where we can determine the length.

Question Question 5

What Is The Band Size?

Band width 20.15 millimeters

Question Question 6

Can You Set The Seconds Hand?

Depends upon the module of this watch, however when setting the watch you require to pull the crown out when the pre-owned reached 12, set the hour and minute hands then press the crown back in.

Question Question 7

Does The Black Dial Program Scratches Quickly?

No. Excellent watch for work. An battery is still going. Remarkable for the time we have had it. About 6 to 7 months or more

Question Question 8

If We Wished To Swap The Band, Should We Be Purchasing A 20 Mm Band?

we would determine the width at the accessory indicate the watch, to be sure.

Question Question 9

What Is The Band Size Replacement?

we think 20 mm

Question Question 10

What Size Nato Strap Would This Take?

Band width 20.15 millimeters

Question Question 11

Is This Watch Actually 46.5 Mm. It Looks Much Smaller Sized?

44 mm X 46.5 mm.tested under sea water 44 mm X 46.5 mm.tested under sea waterregards

Question Question 12

Is The Pre-owned “Sweeping” Design? We Purchased This Precise Watch And It Had The Smooth Sweep, Bought It Once Again And Now It Ticks.?

This design ticks.

Question Question 13

Is This Actually 44.6 Mm It Looks Muh Smaller Sized.?

From the beyond the case on the delegated end of the stem on the right, it has to do with 44.6 mm. If you determine from someplace on the exterior of the case without a protrusion to some other location without a protrusion, it is more like 41 mm.

Question Question 14

Would This Watch Be Okay For A Small Lady?

Just if that small female like black watches

Question Question 15

We Required A Basic And Dependable Analog Watch For Our Nursing Clinicals. Will This Watch Do The Task?

Bought it for a friend in nursing school nearly a year back. Watch still works and it is fantastic for clinicals he states. Likewise states its easy to clean up when something regrettable takes place.

Question Question 16

What Sort Of Battery Does It Use?Thank You.?

Don t understand have never ever required to change Going on 2 years now Believe it will put last me

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, these may be helpful for better understanding.

By now we believe all of us understand what to anticipate from a casio watch. For 15 dollars you get a watch that works well and does not look regrettable. It’s not the most fancy or eye capturing watch out there, however we this is what we personally desire. Im looking for a watch that informs time, which it does, however it isn’t extremely costly, so if we break it, lose it, or it gets taken, it’s no huge offer. The watch face was a little larger than we believed it was from the product image, however it isn’t substantial, it’s a quite good size for a watch. The good thing is that it does make it really easy to check out the number on it. The white numbers on black background do stand out really well. However we will state that the watch band appears to be made for a giant. We have what we believe are typical sized wrist and we find we require to utilize the holes towards the back of the band to keep it from moving off our wrist. General id state this is a great watch. For the cash you get an easy watch that informs time. It does not have any of those expensive functions like date, or back lighting, however we do not truly see a requirement for that. If you are simply looking for a watch to slap on your wrist so you can inspect the time, then id advise this one.

We purchased this to use as a beater watch. To put it simply, one that’s easy to check out that we might use swimming, dealing with the vehicle, or doing other rough things that would be violent to watches and too soon damage or age them. For $15, you can’t fail with this watch. Pros: > easy to check out due to big white characters & hands versus a black background. > trendy in a really easy & sophisticated way so that it can be used for any event without being fancy or low-cost looking. > band is a little larger than regular, which is more comfortable and harder. > cost is right, so that if we harm or break it, we do not care. Cons: > the clear face is plastic, not crystal. Crystal would have been a great touch for included strength & scratch resistance. We have no concept how well this plastic face will sustain in time, however if your hand is buried deep in an engine or other equipment, or scrapes versus the side of a swimming pool, we sense it’ll scratch respectable. However time will inform. > no day/date, which we would have liked to have. We looked all over’s lineup of casio watches for a comparable looking one with day/date, and under $20, and there are none. We took a look at other trustworthy name-brands too, however they had none that might contend with this casio on simpleness & cost. That being stated, we would happily pay a few dollars more if it had a crystal face and day/date function. Other than that, it’s a fantastic watch at an excellent cost that you can beat around and not stress over.

Exceptional. Simpleness at its finest. No date. No light. That’s ok. Great deals. It resembles a clock on our arm that we can inform time from five feet away. Comfy adequate on our wrist. Looks economical, however who cares? we are bought another one due to the fact that an easy black analog watch with big white numbers is hard to find. We are not insane about the pvc band; on the underside it has ridges along the edge that aggravates our wrist. The underside of the band ought to be smooth, with no ridges. We want casio would use leather band options for their products.

Sizing is ideal for a person. White colors stand out extremely well on black background. Better than anticipated. Excellent watch. Suggest. Looks truly great on the wrist.

This is a fantastic watch for what it costs. We purchased it due to the fact that we desired an easy to check out watch and was not dissatisfied. We have used it nearly daily for over a year and it still looks as great as when we purchased it. The crystal is really durable and scuff resistant. The band is likewise durable, comfy and reveals no indications of wear. We would advise this watch to anybody who desires a trusted easy to check out daily watch. The battery is still going strong and it keeps such precise time that we just need to alter it for daytime cost savings.

We acquired this clock to utilize for nursing school, and up until now, it works as meant. It appears to keep time well, the pre-owned works fantastic for usasuring pulse and respiratory rates, and water from cleaning hands and such does not appear to impact it. As a guy, it looks great for sportswear too, being simply the best diameter for our wrist. The wrist band works well, and we have not experienced any pain with usage after using the watch throughout the day. The construct is likewise relatively durable and does not look like it will break at any time quickly. Truthfully for the cost point, we can not find anything bad about the watch quality smart. It works as a watch should.

We have purchased our hubby a lot of costly monitor the years as presents, and it never ever worked out well. He never ever liked them as much as he likes this casio watch, or he would simply not use them frequently. However with this casio watch, he discovers it so comfy and practical for his work and daily life, and trendy adequate to feel great using it. Excellent cost for a fantastic product that quickly pleased a fussy gift-receiver.

Excellent easy casio. Face is a little bigger than some casios in this lower cost variety. This one looks 10 times better than the last “replacement” casios (the ones where it’s more affordable to buy a brand-new watch rather than a brand-new band or battery). This ones fit to dress up some or plain jane like we normally am.

What we really desired was a more rugged g-shock variation of this watch. That stated the watch has what we require, i. E. A big, plain analog watch. We do not require a digital watch, several time zones, stop-watch, day/date, and so on. We can get that off a phone. We simply require a watch face our 69 years of age eyes can check out. This one is ideal up until we beat it to death. Yeah. We are rough on watches.

We rely on the casio brand nameproducts The watch gotten here on time. We like it, however for a various factor. We are not utilizing it as a wrist watch, however as a clock for our vehicle’s dash board. The vehicle’s clock display screen burned out, and we have changed it with this watch minus the wrist strap. We have connected it to the control panel with an adhesive. We hope the watch makes it through because an automobile’s environment is hostile, really hot in summer season and really cold in minnesota winter seasons. If it stops working, we will not be dissatisfied because it was never ever implied to be utilized under these severe conditions. However we like the watch and the comfy watch band that came with it. And yes, it is really easy to check out the time.

Makes a great personal desk clock and sits beside our laptop computer. Simply get rid of the top band and cut off the lower band at the 3rd notch (which flexes back for a stand). We likewise cut off the top lobes with a sharp knife to make it look more like a clock. We likewise like these for a watch due to the fact that they are easy for us to check out.

Like lots of others we have a huge watch collection, some antiques some absolutely on the greater end however we simply like this watch. You can take a look at it and it looks unique easy to check out and with the japanese quartz motion keeps ideal time. We like it due to the fact that it does not have bells and whistles and horns and a 50- page user’s manual.

It informs time, really plainly and quickly. Big white characters on a black dial are legible at a look. Good big, easy face. Perfect.

Remarkable watch for the cost. Quiet, easy, tidy. It’s simply the best size for the typical male’s wrist. A few of the other watches we bought were too little, however this one was perfect. The band is comfy.

Really good and legible. We just want it had a light so we might read it in the dark. Then it would be 100 percent ideal.

Branded and sufficient for the cost. We consider this as non reusable watch for our work, utilize it for a year and or when the battery offers out then dispose it. Better than other phony no name watches for the exact same cost. Btw this is water resistant.

A genuine deal that keeps visual time in an easy & reputable way. This is the fourth variation of the easy casio time keeper likewise as affordable to change than buy another battery.

Perfect for a get rid of work watch. Utilized this for emergency medical technician school and dealing with the roadway. It’s so low-cost we keep 2. One in our equipment bag and one to use. We have because finished onto a great residents brand name watch, however this low-cost backup still resides in our equipment bag. Easy, high contrast, light and cleanable.

This watch truly is easy to check out. It has a retro attract it. Retro is rather the important things today. Believe vinyl records are being brought once again in music shops. Fits easily. We like the size. Our last watch, a casio analog/digital type was too little.

Simpleness & beauty at it s finest. An invited addition to our hubby s casio watch collection.

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