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Charmed Crystal Stethoscope Charm – Respiratory Therapist

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Style:Respiratory TherapistWho says your stethoscope needs to be boring? Show off your style in a way that identifies you and your stethoscope. Personalizes your stethoscope. Collectable and stackable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Charmed Crystal Stethoscope Charm – Respiratory Therapist.

Question Question 1

Will This Fit On Cardiology Iv Littmann?

Yes, found it to be a little “rooour” but did not fall off our stethoscope. Gave it a slight pinch and have had no issues.

Question Question 2

Would This Show Up Well On A Navy Blue Stethoscope?

we have mine on a navy blue stethoscope as well and they are pretty much the exact same color So just the silver and the rhinestones add a little bit of a pop. we tried to add a picture so you could see what mine looks like but it won’t let me. Hope this helps.

Question Question 3

Is There A Blm Version Of This? We Would Love It. Thanks.?

As of now, no.There is only this police line and a red line for firefighters. Sorry.

Question Question 4

Is This Made Of Aluminum, So Will Scratch Up Easily?

Made of an antibacterial zinc alloy.we haven’t had complaints about any type of scratching.

Question Question 5

Will This Fit On An Mdf Md One Stethoscope?

we are not sure, but we can say that we have a litman and it’s kind of too big for it and it slides down the tubing. we still love it. we think that MDF stethoscopes have wider tubing so may fit perfectly.

Question Question 6

Does It Fit With A Littman Classic Iwe ?

All charms come with a foam insert for a snug fit.

Question Question 7

Where Is This Attached To The Stethoscope? Also, Is It Compatible With Littman Cardiology?

You push the charm onto the tubing.If it is loose, there is a foam insert to hold it on tight if needed.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Charmed Crystal Stethoscope Charm – Respiratory Therapist, these might be useful for better understanding.

Cute. No problems. Highly recommend personalizing your stethoscope with one of these charms. We realized we needed something when we set our stethoscope down before heading into an isolation room, then went home without picking it back up. How would we ever find our basic black littman again?. Luckily we did, and immediately added a charm to it. Also makes a great gift. If you have a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional in your life, bling for their uniform or stethoscope is always a good gift idea.

Looks just like the picture but has a larger diameter than our littman stern and does not bend to make more snug. However this product does come with a tiny double sided piece of thick tape that can make it fit better so it will not slide down to the bell. This did not hold up for 1 minute so we ended up using superglue to attach the tape to the charm. Still not snug.

We love this charm. The enamel detail is nice and looks high quality, the rhinestones are sparkly and not dull. Looks very cute on our stethoscope. We think this would make a nice gift to a new nurse or student nurse, or even any nurse wanting to embellish a steth.

Perfect gift for our boss for christmas. We bought several charms for the girls. This charm was so beautiful. Much more prettier in real life than the picture. Fits perfectly on the tube of a littman stethoscope.

Gave it as a gift. The graduate was moving from pine country to palm country. She loved it for her stethoscope. We think $10 for it is a bit steep, can be $5 instead as it is tiny. So 4 stars for that.

Sunflowers are our favorite flowers, so when we saw this we had to have it. It fits our littmann classic iiwe stethoscope no problem, even stays on without the provided adheasive.

We love this little trinket for our stethoscope. A few nurses in our unit have the same stethoscope so we bought this so we could tell mine from theres. We get compliments on it often and its very cute.

We love our firman s remembrance charm that we have on our stethoscope. We think of our dad every time we use it.

Very cute and dainty. Er nurse so we sling our stethoscope everywhere and we haven t noticed any of the gems had fell off, had it about 6 months. We get compliments on it. Worth every penny.

Such a cute charm for stethoscope. Great gift for any nurse. It s bends too and stays on great.

We love it. Although this doesn t prevent your stethoscope from being stolen, it is a great identifier if no one removes it. Adds great personalization.

Bought for a friend and she loved it. Fits great on the stethoscope.

Doesn’t come off of our stethoscope easily but it will slide down if not in the right area.

Love this charm.

Bought this for our girlfriend for christmas, she loved it. She always hated how her stethoscope was boring and wanted to add to it somehow and so found these. Worked like a charm. We do have to say, there was some manuvering of the stethoscope to get it on, but the added sticker (pad) worked great as to make it not move once on.

Our baby sis loved these. We gifted a bunch of these( police blue line, cross, etc) to her as one of her rn congratulate gifts. She loved the detail in all of them. She says they do slide down from her littman, but they haven’t fallen to the ground. So no worries losing them.

This is our second charm we have bought from this company and we are very happy with the quality. Our first charm wasn’t right enough to fit securely around our stethoscope, this one fits just right and represents our lvt title beautifully.

We love this sunflower charm.

We bought this for our daughter graduation gift. She loves it.

We love my charm.

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