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FREE BONUS BOOK INCLUDED : LIMITED TIME OFFER.105 Practice Questions for Respiratory Nursing Care.

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We are currently a nursing student. We will be finished with our program next year. We began practicing for the nclex exam right after we finished our first semester. We have been looking for things to use to practice and we are so thankful we found this. We loveee that the rationale is given to help you determine why the answer is correct especially when the answers all seem right lol. But this book is amazing.

We just completed our second semester of nursing school and we so wish we would’ve had these books sooner. If you’re struggling with respiratory content or even how to figure out what the question is asking (our biggest downfall), these are wonderful. We highly highly recommend.

The more practice we get the better. Great series.

This is a must have, especially for nursing students. We always go to chase hassen first before we look any where else for help. His books help you master test taking in nursing school. Thanks for another great book.

Omg this book is amazing. It has just the right topics and it is so useful we are getting every single one of these books from chase . He’s so inspirational and he gives us the motivation to keep pushing through . Thank you so much for having your fellow nursing families back.


As our girlfriend is going to have nclex exam soon, we got this book to help her. And you know, she really found it unbelievably useful. She came to us and said:”paul, where the hell have you been before?. With this book we refreshed all our knowledge just in a few hours. ” really, we remember her reading enormous medical books during all night, after which she was deeply exhausted. And when this small book had so great effect on her, we just wanted to leave here a review and say the greatest thanks to chase. Our girlfriend’s success on this nclex exam is very important for us, as we want her to have the best future life, she desires of. Even when it is closely connected with making other people’s lives better. And now we are sure, that this book will help her and that we will be unspeakably proud of our sweetheart. 5 stars.

A wonderful resource to use if you are wanting to practice and study for the nclex. The author, chase hassen, is passionate about helping others and wants to help you succeed and pass the nclex.

Very helpful for preparing for the nclex. We will be graduating in a couple of weeks, and we will be taking our nclex here pretty soon. The questions come with rationales. Very simple to read. Great book:).

We downloaded this book only to find out there were so many more available. Easy to read and will only help you with your studies.

It was a big help for an exam we had last semester. We think this helped us pass.

The book is well organized and written with important and nursing questions and approach on the various proceedures and treatments. Nclex is commendable for the great contribution in our daily practice and knowledge sharing that help us in our studying sessions. Hassen has numerous books on nursing and we have read the one about the fundamentals of nursing which is a great work too.

So great and helpful you have no idea.

Thank you so much.

Helped a lot.

Our relative is a nurse and she is studying nclex exams lately so we thought it would be a great idea to get her this book. She said it’s really very practical and interesting. It made her understand better about nclex exams. Now she is helping her friends too.

Definitely a valuable tool for any nurse and nursing student. We highly recommend any one of these guides, they are full of valuable information.

Great book. As a graduate nurse, we highly recommend this book. Very informative and useful. Help us a lot with 105 questions.

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