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Chris Wooding, author of the thrilling book Retribution Falls, go back to a fantastical world of incredible sky fights and high-flying heroics for another legendary experience. Deep in the heart of the Kurg jungle lies a long-forgotten wreck. On board, behind an amazingly secured door, an evasive treasure waits for. Advantage Darian Frey, captain of the airship Ketty Jay, has the daemonist Crake on board. Crake is their finest opportunity of getting that door open — if they can sober him up. For a reward this luring, Frey wants to brave the legendary beasts of the prohibiting island and to ally himself with a partner who s even less reliable than he is.But what s behind that door is not what any of the fortune hunters anticipate, any more than they expect their fiercest rival for the treasure — a female from Frey s past who likewise occurs to be the most feared pirate in the skies.

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Not for the very first time, he wanted he commanded an extremely trained lot of soldiers rather of a mangy mob of turns down in differing phases of alcohol addiction. Captain darian frey and his less than arranged team are back in chris wooding s 2nd book of the tales of the ketty jay series. Like the first, retribution falls, frey and his mangy group of misfits find themselves in all type of problem, counting on the sheer will to live and a great deal of luck to get them through. Their experiences find them cavorting with the dubious, the misleading, the dead, and somebody who uses 2 faces, a female from frey s previous. Wooding has amped up the action and the strength in this book however most notably he has put significant concentrate on character advancement. Not just does captain frey handle to become a more fully grown variation of himself, much of which relates to the reality that he is letting himself appreciate the team he now thinks about buddies however jez and crake are required to face their own inner satanic forces– . Wooding explores these characters pasts, exposing how each has been impacted by what they have experienced as they have a hard time to specify who they are now. The result is a more emotionally-driven story that not just exposes answers to lots of questions surrounding the characters however develops a strength that is felt by the reader. The black lung captain is still an enjoyable, busy and special romp through a dream world, where deceptiveness is a favorable character characteristic and the guideline of law is thought about a tip, however it likewise establishes a various side to this world for the reader, bringing them mentally into the lives of those that reside in it. The world-building is brilliant, the speed of the story is ideal, and the small characters all have intent, we are even offered a surprise look into slag, the cat s, inner world. Wooding has handled to mold frey and the motley selection of people he calls his team, into individuals we appreciate and would like to know more of, while developing an interesting sci-fi, pirate filled, dream world, that pulls us out of truth for a while. The 3rd book in the series is certainly on our reading list.

Once again we are blown away by this author, chris wooding. After checking out retribution falls, we were right away smitten by the characters and the story. The black lung captain is another exhilarating experience with captain frey at the helm of his airplane, ketty jay, with his non-traditional team of misfits at his side as they once again look for out a route to a life of riches. This time, they re worked with by a chain-smoker, gritty fellow, captain grist, leader of the storm canine, who uses them treasure in exchange for making use of frey s daemonist, crake. This contract gets the ketty jay team tramping through the hostile jungle of kurg, that s filled with hazardous, man-eating wildlife and incredibly big and hairy individuals called best-men. The story s amazing fast lane covers throughout the whole book and prior to we understood it, we would check out over a hundred pages without recognizing it. In other words, this book, like retribution falls is a fantastic read for the action/adventure type. Now to the iron jackal we go.

We personally found the black lung captain to be even more amazing than retribution falls. The story and all its twists were really pleasurable, and the main villain is really interesting, especially in their intentions. Lastly being offered time to see slag’s viewpoint on the world was likewise something we were hoping for, and the black lung captain provided that also.

Following the fiasco at retribution falls the captain & team of the ketty jay as soon as again cross courses with trinica dracken while browsing for lost treasure. Has frey discovered his lesson? will his team endure? and if so, where will this brand-new experience lead them?.

And we do not indicate that gently. This book, and its precursor “retribution falls,” offered us a wonderfully indulgent sensation as we check out every page. We have long considering that been more of a dream than sci-fwe fan, however books like these handle to blend the benefits of both categories with even a little bit of western, and steampunk feel. If you’re a fan of settings like in joss whedon’s “firefly” then these books will make you feel right in your home (even without the area travel). We will not enter into a summary, considering that the page does that well adequate by itself. Yet, we do wish to state that we enjoyed these books and chris wooding’s story-telling more than we had practically any books we have ever checked out. In some way, he handles to have an accurate and fragile way with story plot, character advancement, action pacing, and a balance for the light-hearted also we the significant that we might just ever want to imagine having as an author. It was an embarassment that we read them so rapidly (as we could not put them down) since every minute was a nail-biting pleasure. We can inform you, we will put these books into the hands of everybody we understand that we can talk into reading them, and possibly require a few that we can’t also. As soon as that’s done? they’re going right back to the top of our “to re-read pile” – an uncommon honor in our collection.

Liked the entire thing. Quick paced action, engaging story, excellent characters, and excellent correct thriller which is bloody hard to find these days. We extremely suggest that you buy the remainder of the series now. If you liked the first one you require to see how the story ends.

We still enjoyed it, however coped some of it. It still had a lot to like – the excellent team and fights.

As a long time fan of sci-fi/ dream when we read a brand-new author we look for numerous things; excellent character advancement, a great total image of this brand-new world we have gone into, an enjoyable plot with some twists, and creativity. Chris wooding provides on all counts and we suggest his books to anybody. We take little problem with the cost of his books however that resembles grumbling about the glove box in a ferrari.

We like to find authors that are brand-new to us that have a few books that we can repeat to back. With retribution falls chris wooding has put out 2 of the very best checks out that we have had for a long while and we hope that he continues to too offer us stories of the ketty jay and her misfit team. How long will it take darian to get his team and the ketty jay into more problem. Can’t wait to find out.

An extremely amusing and enjoyable read. A best balance of violence, funny, and love. Simply enough wicked pirate queens and ‘scoundrel-y’ goodness to amuse for a few hours.

The black lung captain is a tip of how enjoyable the sci-fi and dream category can be. Chris wooding catches the magic he combined in the first ketty jay book, retribution falls, and includes all of the extra depth you obtain from understanding the characters. He easily changes in between the perspectives of the team on the ketty jay and handles to keep each character as crisp and well understood as you might ever askfor The prose is vibrant and paints an image clear adequate to get your blood pounding throughout action series. The discussion is wise and enjoyable. If you like sci-fwe or dream, even if you do not, you owe it to yourself to examine out the black lung captain to see experience done right.

Lots of action, thriller, intrigue and a great deal of twist and turns. Kept us in it from starting to end.

Chris wooding has nailed the swashbuckling buckaroo bonzawe feel that we have been yearning for considering that we were a young boy. This series of books is a should check out for enjoyable experience sci-fwe fans. Nevertheless, do not error the enjoyable for shallowness. These characters resonate and will sneak into your soul. We have sobbed and chuckled out loud numerous times throughout this series and frantically hope formore Cheers mr. Wooding, you have a fan for life.

We enjoyed all of the tales of the ketty jay. Excellent character driven, action loaded, steampunk sci-fi. If you enjoy that, we extremely suggest them.

Got the first book (“retribution falls”) in this series as a present, and definitely devoured it. Among the customers had kept in mind “fans of joss whedon’s “firefly” will like it,” and he wasn’t incorrect. Right away went formore May be a bit foreseeable, however a truly excellent flight, with excellent characters.

This is the 2nd book after retribution falls. We had initially gotten retribution falls on an impulse as part of a kindle sale. This book was as excellent as the first if not a littlebetter We burned through both books in an extremely brief quantity of time for us. The characters are enjoyable, and the twists and kips down the plot keeps you thinking. We would check out anything that came out for this series.

Chris wooding is our brand-new preferred author.

Excellent book. Simply as amusing as the first. We can’t wait for the 3rd and fourth to appear on digital.

The tales of the ketty jay series are must-read for any fans of firefly, han solo, experience stories, or simply excellent enjoyable checks out. Darian frey and his team resemble household now and we can’t wait to continue reading this series.

Tales of the ketty jay is presently our preferred series. We like the character advancement of the team members. Anticipating when the iron jackal is on ebooks, which ought to be quickly.

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