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  • 3 bottles

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infection formula

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Is This A Gel Cap Tablet? And How Is The Size?

It is a vegetable capsule and the size is ‘0’. Thanks

Question Question 2

What Are The Ingredients?

The ingredients were listed on the product page and the bottle.Proprietary blend of wildcrafted black walnut leaf, goldenseal root, bugleweed herb, plantain leaf, marshmallow root and organic lobelia herb.

Question Question 3

What Is The Expiration Date On These?

This will depend on what reseller you buy it from and when they purchased it from the manufacturers. The most current lot has an expiration date of 02-2024

Our Insights:

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Great for fighting infection. We used it for an inflamed tooth and gum area. Our son used it when he thought he was getting sick and he felt better the next day.

We would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to fight an infection and doesn t want to take prescription antibiotics. Our boyfriend had a tooth giving him problems and couldn’t get into the doctor for over a week and after 2 days of taking this the issue was resolved.

Had an infection and 3 days later it was cleared up pretty well.

Amazing. Our husband and we both had a tooth that was infected. We didn’t have the money to go to the dentist and get an antibiotic since we do not have insurance. With in three days our pain and swelling was gone and with in a week our husbands was. Would recommend this product for any one who has a tooth ache or infection.

Works good just needs to drop price a little.

We had some really bad tooth pains and did not have the money to get the problem fixed. We took antibiotics which only helped for a few days. When we found this product on , we read the reviews and decided to purchase it hoping that it would alleviate some pain. Thus far it has been fantastic. Now, we have been taking it going on 3 weeks, we wonder if we stop will the pain start back again, lol.

We have taking this stuff for 2 years and it helps a lot . The longer you take it the more it works, we take one a day then if we heve a problem we will take up to 4 a day. And it works, buy the big pack it’s cheaper that way.

Dr. Cristopher’s product the best. Thank you.

They work great im about to order more, they are good to keepa round the house incase you need help healing.


Healed infection naturally twice with this once for our husband and once for us.

Helped us with the infection of a tooth.

This product has been helping with a tooth infection that we have had. Seems to be helping with the congestion also.

We are not a big review writer unless it s something we are blown away by. We have had an infection in our chin implant for almost a year. We had the implant put in 28 years ago but developed an infection inside of it. We have taken numerous doctor prescribed antibiotics that have done absolutely nothing to alleviate our constant swollen lymph nodes in our face and neck area along with constant pain and tightness, and the antibiotics destroy our intestinal tract. We usually take the holistic route and had no idea there was an all natural antibiotic until we stumbled upon christopher s inf formula. When the package came, we desperately ripped it open while still standing at our mail box. We took 2 as prescribed and then 2 more later that evening. When we woke up the following morning we were in awe when we looked in the mirror and noticed some of the swelling went down on the left side of our face, the problem area, and the lymph nodes in our neck didn’t feel as tight. We continued taking the prescribed amount and on day two, we were even more blown away when almost all of the swelling in our face was gone. We are like, how is this possible. We couldn’t even believe what we were witnessing, especially after suffering for almost a year. Our neck is still swollen but not near as bad and we have only taken inf formula for 2 days. We are so excited to be completely clear of this infection while continuing to take this amazing stuff. We just know in our heart this stuff will get rid of all of our infection. We bought the 3 bottle pack and so glad we did. We don t carry health insurance so this stuff will save our life. We also have some other health issues in our body from this damn infection in our face, it s spreading everywhere. All of those problems areas are decreasing in pain and swelling. We have never been so happy in our entire life. Thank you christopher for creating such an amazing formula.

We had some terribly infected tooth roots and couldn’t have oral surgery right away (ok, we let it go far longer than we should have), so we took this supplement and others bought on to keep the wolf at bay, as it were. Along with fastidious oral hygiene, we were able to peacefully coexist with the infection issues until the time was right for the surgery to occur, which it now has (including a follow-up surgery to correct a dry socket, the pain of which was helped by another product we purchased on , alvocure). We are continuing to take inf formula during the healing phase, as we still have open sockets (packed with prp and prf by the surgeon; google it). After healing is complete, it will be time for implants, so we will keep taking the inf formula throughout that phase, too. Now, we are not making a medical claim that inf formula cures infections. All we are saying is that it, along with other products, helped keep us healthy enough throughout the period leading up to the surgeries and that we feel it is beneficial enough to keep taking it while we heal. Your mileage may vary, of course. Our doctors are aware that we take inf formula. We recommend this and other christopher’s formulas.

After having a 3 week cold or flu, really bad, we had to take off 2 days work because we were feeling so bad. We never, ever have taken a day off from being sick. Found this product and 2 days later after taking recommended dose. The sickness was gone. We are still taking and feel better than before. We think this may be great. We have been taking for about a month now. We will post again an update in a month or so to follow up. Thanks.

This stuff seems to work, as it cleared our sinus infection.

This is an excellent boost to the immune response and has consistently worked better for us than antibiotics for utwe infection etc.

Family member had a inner thigh boil and drawing salve was not working. Started them on 2 morn & 2 at night mixed up a coconut oil, lavender oil and tree tea oil lotion. Kept covered with bandaid and after 1 1/2 days it started draining and relief. Healed in about 4 days. Last one was dr. Drained and packed and took about 3 weeks to heal. This will always be in our medicine cabinet and i’ m thinking it’s herbs so taking daily wouldn’t hurt since we are senior citizens.

Helped a bunch for sinus infection. Thanks.

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