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Comfort Home Bamboo Pillow - Firm Shredded Memory Foam

Comfort Home Bamboo Pillow – Firm Shredded Memory Foam

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Comfort Home Bamboo Pillow – Firm Shredded Memory Foam.

Question Question 1

What Is The Density (Depth) Of This Pillow?

Once they are fluffed the pillow is roughly 4″-5″ and preserve their density and shape extremely well while complying with your head.

Question Question 2

How Can We Get A Replacement Cover?

Please reach out to us and we can assist youout Thanks

Question Question 3

Exists Somebody Who Purchased This Pillow That Is A Stomach Sleeper, If So How Well Does It Work For You?

we are not a stomach sleeper however our child is and she obtained our pillow to attempt itout She stated it was too thick for her.She stated there was a thinner pillow alternative for stomach sleepers however we do not have a link for that pillow.

Question Question 4

Can This Enter The Washer, The Whole Pillow, Not Simply The Cover?

It’s our understanding the whole pillow can be cleaned.The tag suggests to clean in cold water.Also, can be put in the clothes dryer on low.Mine is brand-new so have not attempted it yet.we do like this pillow.

Question Question 5

Just What Is This “Shredded Memory Foam?”?

we recieved a pillow with one piece of memory foam, not shredded memory foam. The shredded foam is more certified and yet less most likely to compact in one location.

Question Question 6

Where Is It Made?

we understand that the case is made in China, so we would state that the pillow within is made there also.

Question Question 7

Is Pillow Firm, Trigger Im A Side Slepper & We Do Not Like Soft Pillows We Required Firm, Not Xtra Firm.?

This is our firm design so it must be precisely what you are lookingfor Thanks

Question Question 8

This Pillow Smells Like Glue How Do You Eliminate The Odor?

Mine didn’t have a glue odor per se, however it did have a faint odor from what we presumed the product packaging. we provided mine time to air out and likewise put in the clothes dryer on air fluff. Then it was gone.

Question Question 9

We have Had This Out Of The Bundle For Over An Hour, And It Is Still Flat As A Pancake. How Are You Expect To Fluff This Thing Up?

All memory foam pillows have a time period that you require to let them air out for 24-72 hours. This is entirely typical. Please reach in and fluff up the pillow to your preferred fluffiness with your hands. If the pillow still appears like it might utilize more fluffiness then you can toss it in the clothes dryer for 15-20 All memory foam pillows have a time period that you require to let them air out for 24-72 hours. This is entirely typical. Please reach in and fluff up the pillow to your preferred fluffiness with your hands. If the pillow still appears like it might utilize more fluffiness then you can toss it in the clothes dryer for 15-20 minutes and this must fluff it ideal up.We desire our consumers to be entirely delighted so please charge free to let us understand if this does not work for you. Thanks

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Comfort Home Bamboo Pillow – Firm Shredded Memory Foam, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Lovely pillow. We are side sleeper and utilized to go through 2 standard firm pillows annually. Then we found shredded memory foam pillows from serta and was extremely delighted. However they were a bit little and in time we found they were not offering sufficient height to fill that space in between our shoulders and head as we slept on our side. This bamboo pillow is much bigger and has more fill than the other shredded memory foam pillows we have utilized. And the cover is extremely soft. We would call it “luxurious” in how it feels. Some things to understand: the bamboo has absolutely nothing to do with the memory foam fill. The bamboo is the external cover – which can be eliminated and cleaned. It is thick (however not too thick) and extremely comfy. We would state this is what most likely separates this pillow from the our pillow which does not have a bamboo fiber cover. As others have pointed out – the pillow shows up flattened and rolled. Simply carefully unroll it and leave it in a warm area. In a number of hours it will plumb up and remain that way. It does not flatten once again as you sleep. After the preliminary growth, you likewise require to get at the foam through the cover and pull it apart to assist it different into its shredded state. After we did that, we tossed it in a warm clothes dryer for a bit to fluff itout You just need to do this as soon as. Up until now we have not experienced any loss in fluff after sleeping on it. It is holding its loft well. We anticipate that if it ever does seem like it’s loosing some loft, we can simply toss it back into the clothes dryer for a while and it will bring it back to full loft – that has ben our experience with other shredded memory foam pillows. It is memory foam – so anticipate those traditional fumes when you first unload it. We let our pillow air out for 2 full days. After that, there was no odor at all. Simply be client and let it airout Up until now, we have not experienced any heat accumulation on our head. The pillow has stayed great and cool throughout our whole sleep. ++.

We never ever thought all the declarations that a pillow can make a distinction in how you sleep. Well, this pillow has made an incredible distinction in how we feel when we awaken. For several years, we have had an aching neck in the early morning and it lasted throughout the day. Given that we got this pillow, we no longer have any neck discomfort. It takes some changing initially, once you get it broadened to the way you desire it, it remains. We no longer sleep on our arm to raise our head and no longer “bunch” up our pillow. We waited for a month to compose this evaluation to be sure it was the pillow that made the distinction. We extremely advise it to anybody who has had problems with neck discomfort.

As the other evaluations have explained, the pillow shows up rolled up and extremely flat. After unwrapping it, provide it some time to “breathe,” knead the swellings of memory foam, and it will be puffy after a few hours. For me, it was a bit too thick, to the point where it seemed like our head was bent up until now forward that our chin was practically to our chest. Possibly that’s an exaggeration. The pillow is not just extremely thick, it is likewise rather “sturdy” rather than limp. It is not quickly compressed by the weight of our head. We were anticipating something much softer however we are in fact beginning to get utilized to this. We would state this pillow is perfect for individuals who sleep on their sides, as it raises your head enough to be lined up with your spinal column rather than tilting at a down angle as with a thinner pillow. The pillow did come with an odd chemical scent that is visible whenever you attempt to “fluff” the pillow or perhaps first put your head on it.

We did not anticipate to like this pillow as we have been sorely dissatisfied for years. To our surprise, this pillow in fact works. It is heavy however that does not trouble us at all. It’s comfy without excessive lift. It’s warm, we think, however no warmer than any other pillow as far as we are worried. We just recently disappeared on a long holiday and was extremely sorry we didn’t have it with me. We right away went back to our aching neck and shoulders and tossing and turning and turning the pillow. Once again, didn’t anticipate to like it however we in fact like it. This will be our go- to pillow. We hope it never ever stops being offered.

It is a good pillow however we do not advise it if you sleep on your stomach or sides as it is not comfy being a firm pillow. Nevertheless if you sleep on your back this is the pillow for you. No more neck or shoulder discomforts for us =-RRB-.

Really comfy. It is a little hard. If you like a firm pillow than this is a great one for you. We did put it in the driar like others had suggested for a brief time and it fluffed it ideal out.

Could Not be more delighted with this pillow. We purchased it for our hubby after we understood his old pillow had outlasted it’s effectiveness. He’s extremely delighted with it.

Lastly. Able to sleep. New issue, do not wish to get out of bed. Those pillows are fantastic.

Desire it was a little firmer for individuals who sleep on their side however it has been a terrific pillow and kept one’s cool.

No more pain in the back here. It’s a little on the heavy side however it works marvels.

As marketed.

Really comfy.

Really delighted.

Great for great cost.

She appears to like it. She stated it “feels like heaven” whatever that seems like.

Finest pillow.

Finest night of sleep ive had in some time. We snore bad, and its assisted alleviated it.

Worth the cost.

These are intriguing pillows. Our sibling had bought one some time back, and we constantly utilized the goose down pillows. We like the 100% goose down pillow, how soft, and fluffy they are. We are not one that likes a pillow too firm. Nevertheless, she brings here bamboo pillow all over she goes, and never ever wishes to utilize anything various. She likes this design. This pillow got here all rolled up, and extremely flat. Which is how it’s expected to show up. We let it air out a few hours, then even put it in the clothes dryer for 20 minutes as recommended. It certainly filled it idealout There’s a weird odor to them, however it’s not over powering, or that irritating. It appears to have vanished, however sometimes still smell it. We were extremely hesitant with these initially, and we did buy a number of them. However the sweetheart stated she likes these pillows. They feel of extremely high quality, they are great and cool, and we like having extra pillows around. All in all, we both are extremely delighted with the purchase as great pillows are hard to come by, nevertheless we do still choose a softer pillow like a 100% goose down pillow. We like a fluffy, sink all the way down, flatter air pillow versus having a firm pillow. And not stating these are exceptionally firm, however they are much firmer than a down pillow. Everybody is various, and chooses various support. We still utilize these, and in some cases utilize our other, so it’s been excellent havingthese Our sweetheart in fact utilizes these more than we do, and she’s constantly getting for the bamboo pillows. She likes all the support they provide, and your not required 2 or 3 pillows bundeled together in order to support her up. We provide it 4 stars, even if it’s excellent, however most likely not the best pillow for us. We did get this pillow at a discount rate in exchange for our truthful, and impartial evaluation. The shipping, and product packaging were excellent. We would certainly advise these to friend or family, to provide a shot, can’t fail. Even if you do not like it entirely every night, it’s constantly great to have extra pillows, and can utilize it for whenever of the day usage, or support anywhere else besides head and neck. Thank you.

We purchased ourself a shredded memory foam pillow after our child raved about how fantastic hers is. We shared among the pillow pieces with our hubby and he chose he required his own. We chose to buy a various brand name to compare the 2 pillows. This pillow was a bargain more affordable than the pillow we purchased for ourself. It came vacuum sealed as mine did. It appeared much heavier than the other pillow. Our pillow had no smell. This pillow stunk, and we suggest, smelled terrible. The accompanying literature stated the odor would disappear after a few days. Given that smells set off migraines, we left this pillow out for a few days, it still smelled. 2 and a half weeks later on, we were lastly able to bring the pillow back in your home. Our hubby discovers this pillow too hard. It appears to have a lot foam inside that it doesn t compress. The pillow hardly suited the pillow case. Unlike the other pillow, this pillow does not have an opening, so no getting rid of any foam the easy way. Given that our hubby has neck issues, we need to rip open the joint and eliminate stuffing. The pillow is made with extremely heavy material, and is well stitched. Over all, we believe this is a great quality pillow, though we do not believe it is anywhere near as great as the other shredded memory foam bamboo pillow. We got this product at a discount rate in exchange for our truthful evaluation.

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