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Conair Facial Sauna with Timer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Conair Facial Sauna with Timer.

  • Facial Sauna with timer helps open pores for deep cleansing
  • Nasal cone for concentrated problem areas
  • Includes Conair Facial Cleansing Brush: brush gently cleans away dirt and oil while sponge gently applies moisturizer and smoothes skin
  • Auto off and timer
  • Auto off

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Conair Facial Sauna with Timer.
Color:BlueProduct DescriptionGive yourself a facial at home with this Conair facial spa. Gently steam open clogged pores and rejuvenate your skin. A narrow sinus cone helps clear nasal and sinus passages. There’s a timer, automatic shutoff and a water cylinder for easy and accurate filling.Dual facial sauna cones: wide facial steamer and narrow sinus cone.Facial tool with gentle exfoliating brush and sponge for applying moisturizer.Safe automatic shutoff and timer to customize length of facial or nasal treatment. .comThis unit can be used to steam open pores for cleansing skin and to steam open clogged nasal and sinus passages. The versatility comes from two translucent, blue, plastic cones. The large cone is 6-3/4 inches wide and has a flared, open side to accommodate the face, chin, and neck for cleansing. The small cone is 3-1/2 inches wide, so steam is directed into the nose where it can be breathed in during allergy and cold season. Operating the steamer is simple: using the included measuring tube, pour tap water into the power base’s reservoir; twist on and lock into place either of the tubes; switch on the unit with the on/off button; and wait about three minutes for the water to heat. For controlled cleansing sessions there’s a timer than can be set from 3 to 15 minutes. And for safety the unit automatically shuts off after 45 minutes. –Fred Brack

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Conair Facial Sauna with Timer.

Question Question 1

What Type Of Material Is The Bowl Made Of Where The Water Is Heated?

The water is heated in a metal reservoir. It is inside the white base unit, below where the” bowl ” sit. The bowls are made of a see through plastic, as pictured.

Question Question 2

Should We Use The Facial Steamer Everyday? Is It Correct That We Wereh Our Face Immediately With Cold Water After We Use The Steamer?

we won’t hurt but it’s not necessary.Everyday cleansing with a warm water is good.we like to use the steamer to open pores before any masque or peel, works great.

Question Question 3

Can We Use Essential Oils In The Water?

we have an older version of this steamer.been using it for upwards of 12 years? Anyway, we use oils all the time with it. we have never put them in the water, but just drop them on the cone mask part. Just rinse It off afterwards. Never had a problem.

Question Question 4

Is It 220V?

no its not, its 110v

Question Question 5

How Do We Get Replacement Brush Heads For The Facial Brush That Comes With The Sauna?

we will go directly to Conair or beauty supply houses such as Sephora.

Question Question 6

Is It Supposed To Come With Instructions?

Mine has no paperwork inside the box but it has some Instructions on the back of the box.You can go to there Company or wiikwe it.

Question Question 7

Does It Smell Bad (Plastic Smell) When You The Steamer? Also Is The Steam Enough To Treat Our Kids Sinus?

No plastic smell, yes we would say it can be used for sinus problems. Steams slow but it will get the job done. Your face fits perfect on theplate

Question Question 8

We Are Looking For A Good Steamer To Open Our Pores Up.We Have Been Breaking Out A Lot And Hoping That This Will Help.?

we have to say that it depends. we initially had a larger steamer and it worked great for what you need it for. It hydrated our skin and made our face crazy smooth. So coming from that this steamer is quit a bit smaller but it is still effective if you use the smaller attachment that comes with the steamer. If you use the we have to say that it depends. we initially had a larger steamer and it worked great for what you need it for. It hydrated our skin and made our face crazy smooth. So coming from that this steamer is quit a bit smaller but it is still effective if you use the smaller attachment that comes with the steamer. If you use the attachment that’s in the picture you still get the results but it will be over a number of days instead of one or two. The smaller attachment allows you to focus the steam in a specific area and the steamer has a timer which is something we didn’t have on our last one. So in response to your question, it is a product but it’s most effective when you use the smaller attachment (you’ll see, it looks like a cylinder, we never use the one in the picture). Hope this helps.

Question Question 9

Is It Hard To Clean?

No its not hard to clean.

Question Question 10

Is The Brush Soft?

It’s a little scratchy.

Question Question 11

Is It Ok To Use Essential Oils Like Lavender, Etc In This? We Know Some Eo’S Are Not Good Around Eyes, So Is It Safe To Use In This Or Not?

U can use just two drops of the oil dont use it by large quantity and never open ur eyes during the process . Lavender oil is very good it is used as antioxidant ,perfume,and muscle relaxant . So use it by just two drops. Thank you . Pharmacist ibrahim mady

Question Question 12

What Does The Little Cup Do – Whats It For?

The little cup is for nasal, when you want to clear up any nasal issues. we have not used it yet, just the big one.

Question Question 13

How Many Watts? (Not Volt.) Our Us Transformer Supports Max 200 Watts, Does This One Use Less Than 200W? (Not To Be Confused With Volts, We Know 110V)?

The labeling states it is 77W. And yes, we are familiar with Watts and Volts

Question Question 14

How Big Is The Water Reservoir? (How Much Water Does The Unit Hold?)?

It doesn’t hold much water and it also has a max line to fill up. but we would say it holds about maybe 1/3 of a cup

Question Question 15

How Long Is The Power Cord?

about 40 inches

Question Question 16

How Do We Order Conair Replacement Sponge For The Facial Sauna System(Mdf2-5}?

we would call Conair or where you bought the itemand ask if they have the replacement sponge you needed.Conair is the manufacturer of the product if the store you bought it from does not have your sponge.

Question Question 17

Is It Bpa Free?

Contact Coinair we are not sure if it is BPA free

Question Question 18

Can You Place An Herbal Tea Bag In The Unit With The Wayer To Steam Your Face?

we wouldn’t do that, but you could brew the tea, let it cool and then use it instead of water.

Question Question 19

How Hot Is The Steam?

The steam is not so hot that it will bother you. It is just right.Just remember to keep your eyes closed whilesteaming your face.we like it very much.

Question Question 20

Is It True That This Product Exploded For One Of The Customers And If So Were The Faults In The Design Fixed?

we have used this product once a week for six months no explosions.we think explosions happen if you use something other than water.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Conair Facial Sauna with Timer, these might be useful for better understanding.

This little machine is amazing. We bought it about a month ago, and we have used it maybe 7 or 8 times, and our skin looks fantastic. We were looking for a machine to give ourself at home facials, and we found this one online with great reviews. The price was right, and we decided to give it a whirl. It only took 4 days to arrive to our house, with cheap shipping. We started using it alongside our beauty regimen and our skin looked absolutely amazing after. We mean, glowing, clear, tight pores, the whole shebang. This will be a little bit long, but here s our routine. First, we cleanse all the initial dirt and grime off of our face with cetaphil, which is nice and light and cleans our skin with no muss and no fuss. We then use the conair facial steamer to open up our pores and give our skin super hydration. Next, we use our treeactiv antwe acne & rosacea treatment treeactiv antwe acne & rosacea treatment sulfur mask plus rhassoul, bentonite clay mask with witch hazel & aloe vera – refreshing lemon scent (1 jar) (8 oz) , which we use three times a week, and this helps prevent future pimples, deep cleans our pores, and also evens out our complexion. Directly after using the mask, we use the c & c spot treatment, which works on the existing pimples, zapping them dead in their tracks. Now, here comes the important part, we use treeactiv+ tea tree oil acne solution for advanced acne treatment – all natural acne spot treatment – blemishes gone or your money back. (60ml) as a disinfectant for our skin. Why do we need a disinfectant you ask? because salicylic acid works as an acid does, sort of burning a hole through your zit, making it smaller, but also making it extremely susceptible to more bacteria which creates, as you guessed it, more pimples. After all of this we use olay regenerist night cream which leaves our skin smooth as a baby s bottom the next morning. After doing this regimen for a few weeks, our skin looks positively radiant. We totally recommend this machine to anyone who takes care of their skin.

Nice little compact facial steamer. The large blue mask allows the whole face to be steamed. The smaller blue mask works as a breathing nose steamer. The little breathing mask also works fabulous if you just want to steam your “t” zone. It’s just enough to give your nose & forehead a bit of steam. It gives a moderate amount of hot steam that is gentle on the skin, rather than the larger higher volume steamer that can burn your skin pretty fast. We like that the blue part comes off and turned upside down sits nicely on top of the bottom part, so it stores nicely. If you want more steam to stay in, toss a towel over your head to hold it in longer. It works exactly as advertised. The good part on this unit is that we can empty, clean and dry out the water steaming basin. Most steamers do not let you have good access to the water pan. The timer is helpful, as you can use it for the time that works best for you.

Life-saving product. The larger attachment is big enough to fit most faces comfortably, and is great for opening up and unclogging pores. The smaller attachment is an absolute must for a more concentrated steam that’s perfect for clearing up sinuses. We also like the auto-off feature that shuts the product down when the water level is low. Just be sure with either attachment to take a break every few minutes because the heat and moisture can get overwhelming after a bit. Overall, a nice quality product with an affordable price. Our only complaint with this product would be the facial brush that comes with it. An obvious and extremely poor imitation of the more pricey clarisonic, the cleansing/exfoliating brush is abrasive, especially on sensitive skin, and the bristles warp after a couple of uses. The sponge attachment has a strange, gritty texture and soaks up nearly all the product when used. But considering it’s complimentary and not included in the price, we wouldn’t let this hinder anyone from buying the sauna. You have our permission to toss the facial brush straight out of the box.

We use this to combat sore throats and cut through excess mucous. Works great.

Relieves our sinus condition caused by a cold by warm water vapor. Easy to set up and use specific collar for nose area. Must use distilled water as you are inhaling the vapors. Favorable price in comparison to similar store products. As for facial skin benefits we have yet to try the large collar for entire face coverage. Teach for this unit when you wnt to ease your sinus condition.

This sauna did everything we wanted. It doesn t take up much space on our counter. It heats quickly and provides a gentle warm, efficient mist. Its mist is good for complexions and is also good for headaches, sinus pressure, and dry eyes. The timer is a great feature. This is well worth the price and has lasted several years. We highly recommend.

We got pertussis/whooping cough and this was the only thing that helped us during the whole process. We are so thankful to have found it. Plus our skin looked amazing. It s one of our favorite purchases.

This facial sauna is handy for at home facials. Our son used this when he was having problems breathing and the small cone that comes with it, helped to direct it to his nose/mouth. It does come with a brush and a sponge, but we haven’t used these items. The heating is fast and it does have a timer so this is a plus.

We have had this facial sauna system for well over 6 years and it is still working and helping us steam our face like a champ. It is very easy to use: add water, put on attachment of choice, plug in, and turn on the timer. Once you start seeing the steam, put your face and neck area over it we until the timer rings. Our relative and we have been using it about once or twice per week. Seeing how well it’s held up and how well it works, we would def recommend it.

We love using this con air facial sauna. It is very easy to use. We had our original one for over 20 years until we broke the big one. We use our new one every day. We recommend it for everyone who wants to steam their face and it will open your sinus cavity.

Great for a facial steam every one in awhile but also use when having sinus problems.

This works great. It opens up your pores and allows you to clean your face at a deeper level. It’s easy to clean after use. We love the exfoliating brush too. It has a timer for convenient use.

Perfect. We live in a small bungalow w gas heat which dries our sinuses, throats and bronchial tubes out. This little wonder really works. Our relative uses this as much as three times a day and she says she couldn’t live w out it. The water reservoir should be filled w distilled or at least filtered water (we use our brita filtered water) and then emptied after each use to avoid corrosion and the possibility of allergen build up such as mold. If you do see signs of either of these, just fill the reservoir w white vinegar and turn the unit on for about ten minutes then empty, rinse, wipe clean and you’re good to go. Our relative and we both love this masterpiece from conair. There is only one minor fault, if indeed it is a fault: if you leave the unit plugged in when not in use the front panel stays slightly warm. This suggests to us that the designers placed the step down transformer before the power switch rather than after it. However, in their defense, the power switch relies on powered circuitry to work so there really is no way to place the transformer differently if you want to turn it on. We doubt that this could cause any harm but when we turn something off we want it completely off to avoid fire hazard. But then, all television sets are designed the same way. A little unnerving. But we just unplug our conair when not in use.

Timer knob doesn’t rotate, but it works. We expected that knob would also move and hit zero when time is up, but knob stays as is but timer works which is good. Overall, we are very satisfied with this product.

It get nice and steaour.

It works considering the amount of water it use is not much wich reduce the amount of steem but for us it works. In the bright side, it allows you to use it more frequent because it doesn’t burn your sking. We like it.

We bought this facial sauna after our first visit, to a spa, in usa for a deep pore cleansing where we were very desappointed because our face was looking the same after the facial and after $70 payed. We went there for a deep pores clean. Expecting to have at least half of our face clean, but it didn’t happend. She used the facial steamer and then a lot of masks, which we are sure they were expensive and good but our face doesn’t really need them,it needs just a deep pores cleansing. We left the spa very disappointed starting to look online for our own facial sauna so we can do it at home, for free. That’s how we bought this product and it is working, it is working as good as the spa one was working minus $70 every time we use it. Makes enought steam and has a better effect if you use a towel around your head so it can keep the steam on your face. We personally add some tea in the water also, to us it makes a difference. You can add even the tea bags you have at home. We are happy with it and we are recommend it.

Bought it for ourself, but will let our daughter use it. We are used to a lot of steam when we go to the spa, so we will be purchasing another brand, but this is perfect for our daughter. It lets out just enough steam for her, and aids in teaching her self care.

We wanted to be able to mimic a spa facial at home. For the price, this is great. We have used it 4 times and each time we have had great results. We mainly want to steam our face, but also have seasonal allergies, which this seems to help with, too. Of course, it isn’t as fantastic as a pricey spa facial, but for a quick diy option, it is more than worth the price.

Have only used this a few times since we have purchased but we already love it. Does exactly what it’s supposed to.

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