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Cough Medicine Hyland's Phosphorus 30X Tablets

Cough Medicine Hyland’s Phosphorus 30X Tablets

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cough Medicine Hyland’s Phosphorus 30X Tablets.

  • RELIEF OF COUGH OR CHEST CONGESTION SYMPTOMS: Temporarily relieves cough or chest congestion
  • EASY TO TAKE HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE: Quick-dissolving tablets that melt in your mouth almost instantly
  • 250 TABLETS = UP TO 125 DOSES: of Phosphorus 30X

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cough Medicine Hyland’s Phosphorus 30X Tablets.

Question Question 1

We Have Purchased These And May Do So Again, But Would First Like To Know How Many Milligrams There Are Per Tablet.?

30x indicates the dilution of the mixture.There are 250 tablets. Homeopathy does not measure in milligrams. 30x indicates the dilution of the mixture.There are 250 tablets. Homeopathy does not measure in milligrams.The healthier a person is the higher the potency. Research, there is a lot of info through many different sites on the internet.

Question Question 2

What Is The Difference Between This And The Phosphorus For Cough & Sore Throat?

we would think it was the same. These are the only ones we use and we use them to help slow the bleeding from our bloody nose.

Question Question 3

How Is This Different From The Homeopathic Phosphorus Sold For Dizziness??

we don’t know for sure which you are referring to. Mostly we use this for our bloody nose, we get frequent and sometimes very hard bloodies that last up to and a few times beyond an hour. This does help slow th bleeding down, especially if we can get to it right away. It also helped our daughters older dog who had severe bleeding.

Question Question 4

What Are The Inactive Ingredients, Is There Lactose Or Sucrose?

We have listed the ingredients below. This product does contain lactose but does not list sucrose.PHOSPHORUS 30XIn a base of Acacia Gum and Lactose N.F

Question Question 5

How Many Milligrams Of Phosphorus Are In Each Tablet?

It’s a homeopathic remedy- there aren’t really any “milligrams” in it.we are just learning about homeopathy and am afraid we would explain it incorrectly, but if do a search you should find plenty of explanations.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Cough Medicine Hyland’s Phosphorus 30X Tablets, these might be useful for better understanding.

When purchasing “homeopathic” medicine, we are always a little wary. We bought our first bottle of this product a couple of months ago toward the last stretch of a lengthy upper respiratory infection. It was awful, lasting a total of about five weeks. During that time, we had taken one round of antibiotics which usually works for us. It was clear that we were still fighting the illness even after several days of being done with the antibiotics. Being as stubborn as we are, we didn’t want to go back to the doctor (and risk picking up more germs while there. ) in desperation, we saw this product on and thought “what the heck?” we used the phosphorous (per instructions on bottle) along with elderberry syrup three times daily, as well as a b-12 essential trio daily. And our symptoms were totally gone within three days. We swear by it. We started to get sick again recently with another respiratory thing and started taking the phosphorous immediately. It’s only been four days and we are almost completely well (no antibiotics were needed. ) honestly, it really works. Great flavor as well.

We have been reading about keeping your electrolytes balanced, and that phosphorous levels were something to be maintained also. We ordered this item after reading all the reviews below, and a week or two later we find that a chronic cough we have had for at least 10 years has been cured. So we are very pleased – and very shocked – but very happy that we ordered it.

Had a chronic problem with our lungs and mucus, have been hospitalized in the past with double pneumonia. Believe us it is painful and scary. Read on one of the homeopathic sites about phosphorus for mucus and 3 times a day 4 tablets each time and a clear chest for the most part greets me. Awesome non-invasive re-agent.

We always try to keep this product on hand. It is perfect for stopping a cough that just won’t quit. They even work for our toddler granddaughter.

We were told that testing showed we were low in phosphorus and magnesium. To prevent the obvious problem we found a spray on magnesium and these little phosphorus tabs. Our hairdresser asked if we had a new moisturizer. We do not use anything on our face. Turns out this combo improved our skin soooo much. It s awesome.

We have taken this product for the past few nights. Our night time coughing has decreased. Another plus, this product dissolves quickly.

Was included with other vitamins to give to our dog as natural treatment. Was very beneficial.

We felt that we had faster recovery from general anesthetics.

Have not used this yet,but have purchased alot of hyland products,and always good.

Can t complain about anything pretty sure it reduced and soothed our 12 mo , recommend .

Trying to back off prescription medication.

Great love this remdy great for sure throat.

We have used for years and better than having to take a drug.

Taking them everyday is the trick to their success.

Hylands products are fantastic. All of them.

Works well& cheap.

These seem to help us with our chest congestion and we got them just in time for a severe upper respiratory attack.

Homeopathics are our first choice in any kind of illness or accidents. We have been using and studying for over 40 yrs.

Very good.

Works well, fast shipping at a good price.

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