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Creomulsion Adult Cough Medicine

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Creomulsion Adult Cough Medicine.

  • The most efficient suppressant offered without prescription
  • Its abundant standard skim coat and relieves raw inflamed membranes
  • Consists of no synthetic tastes and no alcohol

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Creomulsion Adult Cough Medicine.
Creomulision adult formula cough medicine includes dextromethorphan to relax the cough nerve center. It is the most efficient suppressant offered without a prescription. Its abundant standard skim coat and relieves raw, inflamed membranes. It includes no synthetic tastes and no alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Creomulsion Adult Cough Medicine.

Question Question 1

Is Their Codeine In It?

No, there is no codeine in this product.we dislike codeine and am not able to have synthetic sweetner.we can utilize this product with no issues and it actually assists our cough.

Question Question 2

What Color Is It?

Dark brown/burgundy color

Question Question 3

Exists A Antihistamine In This Product?

No. Active ingrediant is Dextromethorphan( DXM) an antitussive cough suppressant.And yes, it does taste like medicine.

Question Question 4

How Male Millagrams Of Dxm In Each Serving?

three teaspoons is one serving and there is 20 mg of DMX in each serving

Question Question 5

How Lots Of Bottles It Days 3 However A Number Of Said You Just Get 1 Bottle.? Which Is It?

we bought an amount of 1 for $1295 which was the following: Creomulsion Adult Cough Medicine, 4 Ounce (Pack of 3). So, we got 3 bottles for $1295 we sure hope our description is clear.

Question Question 6

How Long Is The Rack Life? Simply Examining To See If It’S Rewarding To Purchase The 3-Pk.?

we purchased mine in December and it is great til March of 2016 yes it deserves buying a 3 pack

Question Question 7

Press Down And Rely On Get The Lid Off? What Am We Doing Incorrect? Won’T Come Off.?

It is dreadful to leave @times. However yes, turn and lower and bring up on cap.Good luck. Work with it.

Question Question 8

Can We Buy This Product In Shop Someplace?

You may be able to buy it ina little individually owned drug store however it will cost more than it does per bottle on. We might not find it in the bigger chain drug stores. We remembered its efficiency from our more youthful days.

Question Question 9

Where To Buy?

We bought from due to the fact that we found just one bottle left in a village in your area owned drug store. It was at a greater cost than on too. It was really efficient in eliminating our spouse s cough.

Question Question 10

Can You Make Lean?

No, you can not make lean. Lean includes codeine, an illegal drug you can just get with a prescription.

Question Question 11

Does This Have Sugar?

Under Non-active Active ingredients: the 4th noted active ingredient is corn syrup and the 9th and last active ingredient is sucrose, so the answer is yes it does have sugar.

Question Question 12

Does Ot Assist You Sleep?

we do not think it has a sleep aid however it does relax the cough and have a minor warming impact which constantly assists us sleep better.

Question Question 13

Why Aren T The Active Active Ingredients Displayed In Among The Images? We Just See A Panel Called Drug Information Continued. Please Program The Active Active Ingredients.?

Here are the ingredients.Active Active ingredient: In each (3 tsp.) 15 mL Dextromethorphan HBr, USP 20 mg (Cough Suppressant). Non-active Active ingredients: Beechwood creosote, caramel, citric acid, corn syrup, menthol, potassium sorbate, cleansed water, salt benzoate, sucrose.If you want to purchase this product from us Here are the ingredients.Active Active ingredient: In each (3 tsp.) 15 mL Dextromethorphan HBr, USP 20 mg (Cough Suppressant). Non-active Active ingredients: Beechwood creosote, caramel, citric acid, corn syrup, menthol, potassium sorbate, cleansed water, salt benzoate, sucrose.If you want to purchase this product from us, please utilize this #B006 KXSOA4 and search for our business AllThatUNeed under”Other Sellers” Thank you, Kim.

Question Question 14

Whats The Barcode For Creomulsion?

61997 00030

Question Question 15

Do You Offer Codine?


Question Question 16

Does This Syrup Contain Any Red Dyes?

Excellent early morning, Thank you for your questions on Creomulsion Cough Medicine ProductsNo,Creomulsion Adult Cough Medicine does not consist of any Red Dye

Question Question 17

What Is The Existing Expiration Date If We Purchase Today?

Excellent afternoon, Thank you for your questions on Creomulsion Cough Medicine ProductsThe present Expiration Date is up until 10/31/2022

Question Question 18

Exist Any Other Active Active Ingredients In Creomulsion Besides Dextromethorphan?

Active: Dextromethorphan & Hydrobromide

Question Question 19

Can We Return It?

we do not understand.

Question Question 20

Is It The Very Same Flavor, We Took It In The 70 S?

Hi Debbie, Yes, Creomulsion Adult Cough Medicine is the very same flavor and taste as in the 70’s

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Creomulsion Adult Cough Medicine, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We hardly ever get ill – however then got a cold with cough and had no cough medicine in your home. Went to the web to find ‘the very best cough medicine’ we found creomulsion – ranked # 1. Never ever become aware of it. Prior to purchasing this product, we checked out a lot of the evaluations here with fantastic amusement. Seriously? tastes like satanic force spit? well. Simply needed to attempt it. Taste: yep, tastes like medicine and not the candy-fied things either. Odor: do not smell it first. Not valuable. Simply toss back the dosage and get the outcomes. Efficiency: yep. It works and works much better than anything you can buy off the rack at your regional drug store. If your standard health is rather bad, it may not serve you too. However then neither will anything else you can get without a prescription. Here is a recommendation for those who find it hard to surpass the taste. The directions state the adult dosage is three teaspoons. Well, that is one tablespoon. Toss it back as one tablespoon, not three teaspoons. And assists to bear in mind this: philippians 4: 13 we specifically like the truth that it includes no alcohol.

We have had a nagging, dry cough for a week. Attempted mucinex, robitussin, and nyquil & absolutely nothing would make a damage in this cough (which was keeping us up all night). Bought this off of due to the fact that of the evaluations. This things works marvels. We would state it minimized our coughing by 90%. It did not trigger sleepiness so you can take it throughout the daytime. The greatest downside is the odor & taste. Yes, it tastes dreadful, however it finishes the job. We will constantly have this equipped in our medicine cabinet as we are vulnerable to getting bronchitis a number of times a year.

Its got an extremely syrupy gooey sticky molasses taste to it-tastes dreadful think the evaluations lol. We take 1 tablespoon of it-put in dose cup and consume it like a shot. We need to do it that way otherwise the second teaspoon aint going to make it down our throat lol. The 3 pack is really affordable at $14 00- one bottle will last us a year. Plus beyond ive never ever seen it offered anywhere else like in a brick & mortar shop. As long as continues to bring it we will continue purchasing it.

We had the influenza. Coughed so hard we believed we had actually broken a rib. Absolutely nothing assisted. Kept in mind the cough medicine from our youth. This is a life saver. Offered a bottle to our next-door neighbors and it assisted their horrible cough. Told our sis when she boiled down with the influenza. She bought some and it actually assisted her. Often the old things actually work. Oh, and do not anticipate it to taste great.

Order came fast and covered tight. We had a cold for a week. We utilized the product for 2 days and was entirelybetter We utilized the kid variation for our kids who were getting ill and after 2 days they werebetter This product is simply for grownups however we suggest getting the kid variation for kids likewise. It has no alcohol and works rapidly. We will keep some of this in our medicine cabinet constantly.

Best “rarely heard about” cough syrup on the marketplace. We are 50 now and this is the only cough syrup that still looks after the periodic bout of bronchitus simply as great as it did when we were a kid. Our mama constantly stated it’s the creosote active ingredient that works even tho it is noted on the label as as a non-active active ingredient. The just downside is the odor. & flavor of it. Nevertheless. This things regularly works gr8 and experience results rapidly.

Nasty taste however works. Do not take it by the teaspoon, determine it out and down it like a shot of rotgut bourbon. As a matter of truth a wee bit of bourbon may not be a bad chaser however do not take our guidance.

We checked out the evaluations in 2015 and kept in mind taking this as a kid. We acquired some for us and sent out some to our mama out of state. This things is fantastic. When you have actually attempted whatever else that stops working, this will do the job and will remove a cough or cold in no time. We swear by it and keep it on hand. It is really incredible.

It is stunning how great this things works; and how quickly. We weren’t anticipating much when we purchased it however it works way better than cheritussin & other prescription syrups for us. Something nevertheless, the impacts due wearoff right around the 4 hour mark.

This cough medicine is the very best was issue about the taste after checking out other evaluations, however we were surprise the taste didn’t trouble me. Had a bout of bronchitis and signs of asthma and with out going on a codeine cough med this relieved our cough. We actually do not like taking codeine it offers us a wicked headache.

We checked out rather a few evaluations and they were area on. This things works. Sadly, we got the influenza and we required something really efficient. After checking out the evaluations we believed we would attempt this. It worked really quick and eliminated our cough. The taste is something we can t explain, however it s medicine and it tastes like medicine. We wear t care how it tastes due to the fact that it works. We will be utilizing creomulsion as our cough medicine from now on. We are soooooo thankful that we found this.

Got some of this things to surpass the bronchitis kind of cough where your throat tickles continuously and no matter what – you simply can’t not cough – and normally all night long. One dosage of this and we might feel the cough desire simply disappear. It was a genuinely incredible experience. We are presently 75 years of ages and as far as we understand, we had actually never ever attempted or been fed this despite the fact that it is an extremely, older product. We have a supply in the cabinet now and for sure, we will never ever lack it once again. It comes three bottles to a plan and if you utilize it full dose and frequency it will last about 48 hours. It has an extremely special taste – like absolutely nothing we would every tasted prior to – however it was not offending. Simply various. Do not hesitate to attempt it due to the fact that it’s fantastic things; and obviously just offered here on.

This product does work. It is the very best cough suppressant we have actually ever seen. It tastes like satanic force spit and it has some odd adverse effects. We just take it if we are desperate.

We were a little reluctant to attempt this due to the fact that of the evaluations of the taste for something, however we will state im thankful we did. It does work-the reivews were area on there. The taste actually is not bad-like somebody stated do not smell it first. It will turn you off-just take it. We were really stunned to state the least. We have no luck with shop purchased cough syrups-waste of cash and the codeine one the doc offers is not valuable unless you wish to sleep all the time. The taste advises us of the medicine of our childhood-the genuine thing. We are bought more of this due to the fact that it does what it states it will do. We recommend you do the very same if you desire quick relief. Do.

We have copd and it’s actually hard to find operating cough medications. However here it is. Do not taste great however granny alwayssaid if it taste great it do not work well she’s most likely right. It is better tasting than the tar stiff she offer us lol.

Excellent old-fashioned product. We were outlined this product by our spouse s 90+ years of age auntie. It keeps phlegm away. Sadly she needed to go to nursing house and this was not medication consisted of in her medications. She wound up with pneumonia two times in a year. She swears it was due to the fact that she didn’t have this product. We are attempting it ourself. Definitely can t injure anything.

This things works extremely well. You can anticipate it to alleviate your cough extraordinary quick for as much as 6 hours. It wont eliminate it however for that time we seemed like we never ever had a cough. Nevertheless the taste. A smoky nasty shuttering flavor. We needed to have a piece of chocolate or some strong food each time we took this things. It is bad enough we wont buy more even with how great it worked. Buy it just if your taste r dull.

Bought this and some pricey cough drops on and it eliminated our spouses consistent cough he had for about 3 weeks. Excellent find. Will keep it in the medicine cabinet for unforeseen health problems.

We had a ghastly cough that resembled a dry cough – not from our chest however our throat. We about tossed in the beginning. It tastes like creosote– the things they coat utility polewith We will state, the things works like a dream. It was the very first time in weeks that we might sleep and our headache reduced due to the fact that we weren’t coughing so hard. If you are on the fence about this, get on off and buy it due to the fact that it deserves it.

Our mama was looking for this medicine in shops and was so delighted to ha d found it here. We think it’s some sort of old school treatment lol.

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