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CROC Women’s Literide Pacer Sneaker

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Here are a few main benefits of CROC Women’s Literide Pacer Sneaker.

  • 100% Artificial
  • Imported
  • Artificial sole
  • LITERIDE PACER SNEAKER: Get invigorated with these wonderfully cushioned hybrid tennis shoes for females. Influenced by your progressing way of life, the LiteRide collection was produced to be endured your terms, at any rate.
  • ATHLETICALLY INFLUENCED: Women’s shoes produced for an on-the-go way of life. These athletic shoe are ideal for warm-ups, cool-downs and all around town.

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Change up the day’s strategies and get revitalized with these wonderfully cushioned hybrid tennis shoes. Influenced by your progressing way of life, the LiteRide Collection was produced to be endured your terms, at any rate. Including LiteRide foam footbeds, the next advancement in first-rate convenience, these are crafted to make you feel spectacular with every action along the winding course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on CROC Women’s Literide Pacer Sneaker.

Question Question 1

Anybody With Neuropathy Acquired? If So, How Comfy Are They?

we do not have conventional neuropathy, however we do have some nerve discomfort in our heels and likewise arthritis in our huge toe and top of our foot/ankle and these are hugely comfortable.we do not understand if they provide a heap a support for heavy walking or long standing, however they are excellent for running around town for errands, celebrations, etc. we do not have conventional neuropathy, however we do have some nerve discomfort in our heels and likewise arthritis in our huge toe and top of our foot/ankle and these are hugely comfortable.we do not understand if they provide a heap a support for heavy walking or long standing, however they are excellent for running around town for errands, celebrations, etc.Very cushy and hug your feet with no pinching or tightness.They seem like clouds and like you aren’t using shoes.

Question Question 2

The Pearl White Color Looks Gray On Our Screen, Gray Upper With White Sole.?

we acquired the black however yes theabove shoe looks grey.

Question Question 3

Are These Comfy Enough For Individuals Who Experience Planter Fasciitis?

we have had surgical treatment for plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel. These LiteRide shoes are the most cushioned we havefound we have numerous designs of LiteRide sand we like them. They are even more comfy after using them a while and they keep their cushioning.

Question Question 4

Do They Have Arch Support Like The Croc Clogs?

The arch is more like an athletic shoe. we have a high arch, however the shoe is comfy to me. Do understand that the footbed of the shoe is textured — nubby however soft.

Question Question 5

Is 8B For Females? Our Company Believe The Croc Shop States 8W?

8B is regular widthThey have routine and large we believe. 8B is regular widthThey have routine and large we think.If you can go to a Croc’s shop and attempt them on. The shop is at lots of big malls.we weren’t looking for large however reflecting we believe we saw wideW at shop

Question Question 6

Are These Real To Size? We Usually Use An 8.?

Yes. we use a 9 and they fit real to size

Question Question 7

Are These Tie Shoes?


Question Question 8

Are These Females Sizes?

Yes, they females s shoes.

Question Question 9

Do Your Feet Fume? Or Do The Numerous Holes Avoid That?

All the holes avoid heat. Some original crocs had no ventilation and triggered feet to sweat, these do not have that issue.

Question Question 10

Do You Order 1/2 Measure?

we did order 1/2 measure due to length.we generally use an 81/ 2 and we purchased a 9. we simply lace up tighter.we love these shoes

Question Question 11

Has Anybody Required To Return Them And Had Trouble?

Returning was incredibly easy.

Question Question 12

Can You Use These In The Lake?

Yes. Yes. Yes. we have 2 sets and simply purchased 2 more today. They are incredibly adorable. we purchased them particularly for kayaking and such since they look excellent while running those eleventh hour errands- Walmart, supermarket, etc- en route to the lake. The just thing to bear in mind is that they do have shoe laces so those Yes. Yes. Yes. we have 2 sets and simply purchased 2 more today. They are incredibly adorable. we purchased them particularly for kayaking and such since they look excellent while running those eleventh hour errands- Walmart, supermarket, etc- en route to the lake. The just thing to bear in mind is that they do have shoe laces so those will get unclean, muddy, yucky. If that doesn t trouble you than you are golden.

Question Question 13

Should/Do You Use Socks With Them? We Wouldnt Want Our Feet To Stink However Reviews State They’Re Pretty Tight.?

we do not Your feet can breathe However it depends on you and how you feel more comfy

Question Question 14

Does The Sole Feel The Like Original Crocs?


Question Question 15

Are They Non Slip?

They are non slip.we have in fact stumbled since of their grip on our tile floors.They are comfy set shoes.Highly advise them.

Question Question 16

Are These Shoes Water Resistant??

No. They re much like routine crocs and have small holes over the shoe

Question Question 17

We Are Normally A 7.5 What Size Should We Get?

Half sizes, measure up. we use 9.5, sowe purchased the size10 They are comfy.

Question Question 18

Real To Size And Width, Narrow. We Use 8 1/2. Should We Order 9?

They re decently rooour. we likewise use an 8.5 and the 8 fit excellent. These are among the very best purchases we have made in a while.

Question Question 19

What Are The Weight Of These Shoes?

They are really light

Question Question 20

How Tall Is The Platform?

One inch

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on CROC Women’s Literide Pacer Sneaker, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We purchased these for our relative, so she might use them throughout an approaching disney world journey. First of all, they fit precisely as anticipated and the colors held true as revealed on. They are exceptionally light. They offer incredible quantities of cushion. They permit lots of air circulation. They dry off incredibly quickly, which is the very best part for us. She anticipates simply eliminating her socks, prior to a water flight, and putting them back on 5 minutes later on. We never ever believed that we ‘d be thrilled by crocs tennis shoes, with real laces. However here we are, blown away. Excellent shoes.

First off. Sizing. We have numerous sets of crocs shoes consisting of open toe shoes and closed toe shoes. In other shoe brand names we are generally an 8. 5. However crocs, to our deep irritation, does not do half sizes and we constantly need to attempt 2 sizes and often neither size works for us. We normally go for an 8 in crocs open toe shoes. In their citilane roka we needed to go with a 9 (our toes were striking the front in the 8’s). In these the 8’s are almost ideal and the 9’s are simply a touch too long. These are cool shoes. Undoubtedly. If you do not look too carefully they might pass for name brand name tennis shoes. They’re comfortable with that truly squishy footbed. They will be our go to for casual clothing.

We purchased these shoes for a particular factor: to take on daily sandy daily path strolling in the fl woods. Routine crocs kick up sand on the back end and offer little resistance to wicked fire ants. We have utilized these brand-new shoes 2 days and while they do not offer the traction of a routine athletic shoe, they are cushiony and keep sand and antsout We would have chosen a bungee or comparable on the top, however laces permit us to change the fit, looser for strolling in the woods, snugger for enduring errands. We use them naked; they would be too tight with socks. Highlight: we can clean them off after our walk and they’re dry the next day. Routine tennis shoes never ever dry out in 99% nasty fl humidity, simply mildew and odor like something passed away in your shoes. These were a financial investment, they are rubber shoes after all, so ideally they will last a while.

We have never ever found a shoe that permits us to have no foot discomfort throughout our 10 hour shift till this one. This is our first set of crocs, however we wish to be a repeat customer.

Lovely. Comfy.

Who understood crocs made athletic shoe.? these are excellent. Comfy and great looking. We use them to exercise and to work. Our feet no longer injured after standing for hours at our task. We were looking for a great shoe that would not aggravate our morton s neuroma and these sufficed. No more discomfort. We would buy them once again and once again.

We simply unboxed these badboys and we are liking it. They look excellent. Usually shoes in our size (10) do not look really adorable and wind up looking more like flippers. We believe part of it is the product that the upper part is made out of have more structure and holds its kind better than many shoe upper products, providing the shoe a look exceptionally near to the marketed image. There is likewise something to be appreciated in the absence of over branding. Yes, it states crocs on the tongue and bottom tread in approximately size 14 font style, however theres no garish logo design using up sides or toe box. These are simply created to be valued for their appearances and convenience. As for convenience, 10/10, for sure. We can’t talk to arch support since we have never ever required it so far in life (half marathons consisted of), however these are really lightweight with a visible quantity of cushion in the foot-bed. We are not exactly sure we would like that much cushion on a run (we will provide a shot however, however for daily wear, errands, and even an exercise class, definitely.

We like these crocs. We normally use 7 1/2 m for all closed shoes however with the crocs, the size 7 fits us completely (they run a little huge). We were never ever a fan of the crocs obstructions however we are rather delighted to see they included the slip on shoes and the literide pacer. We now own 4 sets of crocs (2 slip on and 2 with laces). We use for cleaning the automobile, going to the beach, providing a bath to the canines, and when going ou on a rainy day. They are really comfy and easy to tidy. We extremely advise.

Was looking for a light breathable travel shoe. These are feather light and have an extra cushion so it seems like you’re strolling on clouds. They do not appear like rubber in black, which is among the important things we were worried about. We didn’t wish to appear like we were using rubber shoes. They fit extra large which is why some individuals state they run huge. We believed they fit real to size.

We have never ever owned or used a single set of crocs however we found these on sale and couldn’t miss the offer. We use a size 11 womens and it s challenging to find comfy shoes in our size. For these we purchased a size 11 and they fit ideal, even with fuzzy socks on. Originating from a previous college professional athlete, we were hesitant about a croc athletic shoe. Truthfully, these fit better, are more light-weight, and offer a huge heel support that we have never ever experienced in a high dollar nike/mizuno/adidas sport shoe. Considering that putting them on for the very first time, we have been using them around your house stating ahhh and holy smokes simply feeing our heels crush into the layers of cushions. We think we have heavy heels ?? still require to check in the fitness center however up until now we are amazed. Update: we have been using these on practically every run for 6 months now. They ve held up excellent in spite of the mileage we have placed on them. They re so light-weight, breathable, and adorable. Our only problem is the back of our ankle gets blistered after a long term. We have acquired longer/protective socks to relieve. Ought to be great for weight lifting however reasonable caution if you re a runner like me. Still will by another set.

These are excellent shoes. Super easy to tidy and comfy. Bought them for our costa rica journey and they were the ideal shoe to trek in the jungle, stroll through water, and use every day.

We definitely like these shoes. They are light-weight and breathable. A lot of space in the footbed and we feel they run about 1/2+ size larger than anticipated. We normally use a 9. 5 routine shoe and 10 athletic shoe, however we purchased a 9 and they fit completely. We like that the shoelaces do not require to be connected tight and because the shoes are so versatile, we can slip them on and off quickly without untying. We will use them a heap this summer season due to their breathability.

Love these shoes. We desired inexpensive, white water resistant shoes that still looked adorable adequate to endure the daily. Many athletic shoe have the mesh product that remains damp, whereas this has little holes and rubber product that doesn t take in water. Technically, the little holes in the shoe make this not water resistant, since it permits water to stream through it, nevertheless, we see this as a practical shoe for water-related activities. It is really comfy and real to size when used with socks. We got the practically white color and it is precisely like it states- practically white. Absolutely a cream color and not a real paper white, however close enough.

These are incredibly squishy and comfortable. Adorable style too. They make our size 10+ feet look smaller sized and that’s constantly a plus for us. They are teensy bit snug versus our pinky toes and one day when we used them all the time, we did get an aching on one toe. However we find that with crocs, typically this is a short-term thing– they stretch and mold to your feet ultimately. All in all, we would not utilize them for hard or heavy walking, support isn’t there, however for all the time errand running, going to, celebrations, etc they are excellent.

We normally am either a 81/ 2 to a 9, however because these shoes do not run in half sizes, we settled for the 9, in case the 8 was too tight. We got it today and its truthfully a truly great product nevertheless it was too big. We are returning it and getting the 8. In general, really great shoes and we like that its breathable. Perfect for us as we question in the food market and need to clean mealsfrequently Would advise however simply buy a size smaller sized than your typical size. Update: we rcv the size 8 and they fit completely. So if you’re normally a 8 1/2 to a 9, you must get size 8. Another thing to point out is that these aren’t truly comfy after all. We used em for a day at work and we found that they’re on the flatter side and didn’t provide much arch support. Likewise, the product is on the rubbery side so it sort of hurt our feet a bit. Our sides were a bit inflamed when we got house. We do not understand if these have the ability to be gotten into since of the product of the shoes however we hope so. In general, im still pleased we gotthese They appear really breathable and we are presuming they’re washable too.

We are mechanic who is permitted to use regular shoes and we likethese We stroll 10-20 thousand actions a day at work so we believe they hold up. We have narrow feet and high arches though so we still required our high arch insoles however guy. When those remained in, the mix of the cloud-like bottom layer of these and our company insoles resembled strolling on a dream. No discomfort, breathable, and we can clean the grease and dirt off of them at the end of shift and they look brand-new. The just thing that worries us is that the bottom is so luxurious if we step on something sharp we are done for haha so not ideal however they are whatever we desired in a basic work shoe. Super adorable too, we got the gray and camouflage and we get compliments all the time.

We like these shoes since we seem like we are strolling on a spongy cloud. There’s something incredibly excellent about crocs styles of spongy, providing soles, excellent arch support, light-weight shoes and foot ventilation. We simply do not get tired of strolling inthese Among our heels gets uncomfortable when strolling a lot in other shoes, even with excellent arch support like the merrell moab treking shoe or merrell jungle moc’s. These, like another croc shoe we own are simply fantastic for walking. We constantly take crocs on getaway now so we can stroll for hours. When we do take them off, nevertheless, the heel discomfort returns. The plastic exterior is easy to tidy. Our kid’s idea we purchased black nike material tennis shoes, like theirs, bec these crocs tennis shoes look excellent. We do not like a great deal of crocs bec lots of styles are really so unsightly. Crocs requires to come up with a footbed insert we can utilize in other shoe brand names.

We remain in nursing school and required some comfortable shoes for clinicals and beyond. We are high woman and though everybody has danskos they are not comfy for us- they are stiff and crush our high arches. These are helpful (they might have a wee bit more arch support however.) they are soft and bouncy, and we like that we might tube them down and decontaminate them if we required to. We are on our feet for lots of hours and our feet feel excellent (we do use compression socks) and we feel responsive in them. We are quite real 9. 5 and it was advised to measure because they do not have half sizes (we want they did.) these shoes are on the edge of being a bit too huge (we journey up a little often) however we are getting utilized to it. In general, we have used crocs for work prior to and we are truly pleased they are making a sneaker design that looks cool. Individuals have no concept they are crocs. General truly delighted with them.

We definitely like theses. They fit as anticipated real to size. They are made like swimming pool shoes with all breathable mesh however they look and seem like tennis shoes. They are elegant and offer outstanding support for all the time athletic wear. The crocs brand name hasn’t let us down yet.

Finest tennis shoes we have ever brought. Our last set were sketchers memory foam idea these were the very best. However they do not let your feet breathe. No requirement to break these in, they are love at first sight.

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