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Dixie EMS Dixigear Empty First Responder II Bag

Dixie EMS Dixigear Empty First Responder II Bag

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dixie EMS Dixigear Empty First Responder II Bag.

  • Plus Size – A preferably sized 10.5″ x 5″ x 8″ bag that’s big enough to hold a wide range of devices while still being little adequate to shop and bring.
  • The bring deals with are strong and protected, enabling for easy mobility.
  • Big Main Compartment with Divider – One big main zippered compartment complete with foam divider. This main compartment’s sides have pockets to keep little devices or plasters protected and useful.
  • Zippered Side Pockets – It likewise has 2 zippered side pockets for large products or more storage area, aid making arranging your tools and devices easy and effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dixie EMS Dixigear Empty First Responder II Bag.

Question Question 1

What Is Density Or Mil Of This Bag? Is Bag Product Water Resistant – Will Water Bead Up? Is Bag Long Lasting For Fundamental Usage? Total Quality?

The product is not genuine thick, however at this cost. Can’t answer the water beading/proof truthfully as we sprayed right away with Scotchgard outside water guard, offered here on.That truly made it waterproof.we usage it as a secondary bag that we keep in our car.If you require to utilize it on a weekly basis, we wo The product is not genuine thick, however at this cost. Can’t answer the water beading/proof truthfully as we sprayed right away with Scotchgard outside water guard, offered here on.That truly made it waterproof.we usage it as a secondary bag that we keep in our car.If you require to utilize it on a weekly basis, we would most likely provide it 6 months life.If like me, it will last years.At 10 dollars, it is well worth the price.This what we have packed in it with space to spare.Oh yeah, likewise have a stethoscope in it too.Bandage Pressure 4″1Bandage Standard(1″ x3″) 32Pkt. Alcohol Prep Pads26Pkt. Antiseptic Towelettes BZK20Pkt. Burn CreamFirst Aid 16Pkt. Hydrocortisone 9Pkt. Iodine Prep Pads39Pkt. Triple Antibiotic Ointment35Roll Non-Sterile Roller Gauze 3″ 2Roll Sterilized Stretch (4.5″4 yd) Keflix style 2Sterile Gauze Pads (3″ x3″)10Sterile Gauze Sponge (4″ x4″) 4Sterile Pads Non-Adherent (2″ x3″)10Tape Self-Adhere(1″ x5 yds) 2Sterile ABD Pad (8″x10″) 2

Question Question 2

What Size Is It? Looks Larger Then 8 X 1 X 8?

The main compartment is 8″ (20cm) x 8″ (20 cm) x 5″ (125 cm). Hope this assists.

Question Question 3

What Remains in It?

Absolutely nothing it’s simply the bag which it about the size over a big travel grooming bag. Terrific size to bring in trunk of automobile or under seat

Question Question 4

Anything In The Bag?

The bag comes empty.

Question Question 5

Is This Bag Waterproof?

No it is not. we would likewise state it s not truly water resistant either. we keep it in your house. we would not take it in the field or utilize it as a go bag. Hope this assists.

Question Question 6

We Are Searching For Something For House Usage; To Keep A Few First Aid Materials In Addition To Our Kid’S Epipen. Would This Work? We Don’T Want Something Too Big.?

It’s excellent for the home/car we keep it in our house on a little rack when not in usage. Nevertheless, depending upon the quantity of materials, you might wish to decide for a little emergency treatment box rather than this bag. Inspect out the photos we published with our evaluation to comprehend the scale and contents.:-RRB-

Question Question 7

Does This Have A Shoulder Strap?

No, however a basic shoulder strap with snap hooks can be utilized with completion straps.

Question Question 8

Does This Include Medical Materials Or Simply The Bag?

Simply the bag.

Question Question 9

What Remains in It?

Nothingits a small bag

Question Question 10

Would This Be Little Enough To Put In A Knapsack If You’Re Out In The Woods? We Go Mushrooming And Things Like That?

Yes, it fits under a safety seat so it will fit inside an avarge size knapsack.

Question Question 11

Exists Anything On The Bottom Of The Bag To Support It?

There is a soft insert, provides no rigidness nevertheless, when we pac them we position stiff products at the bottom and get excellent outcomes. Doc

Question Question 12

Description States 10.5 In Length However Measurements In Information State 8?

The bag we got seemed closer to the 10.5 length

Question Question 13

What Product Is It?

It is a plastic sensation fabric. Absolutely not liquid evidence. we are not impressed by this product. It is really little. we were just able yo put our glucometer, some gauze, prep pads and lancets in this.This is not for any genuine storage. our fanny pack (retired obviously) held more things.

Question Question 14

What Are The Measurements?

11″ length x 7″ wide, 4.5 deep.Center section within these dimensions is approximately 8″ length.Zippered side pouches on length are 1.5 each side.

Question Question 15

Would This Work To Bring A Portable Nebulizer With Tubing And Mask?

Yes it ought to be huge enough to bring.

Question Question 16

What Is The Function Of The Cushioned Black Insert?

To produce a compartment for separating items.we have this as a secondary bag and do not utilize it ourself.we put all products in zip lock bags to keep them separated and easy to get.

Question Question 17

Will An Ambu Bag Fit In Main Compartment?

We do not bring one, however if it will fit within an 8″ (20cm) square by 5″ (125 cm) deep compartment, it needs to fit.Being soft sided there is a little play in those measurements.

Question Question 18

What Are The Measurements Of This Bag When It Is Completely Filled?

Simply a couple inches longer length smart since of the side pockets. Other measurements remain the very same.

Question Question 19

About The Product States The Size Is 10.5″ W X 5″ H X 8″ D And Product Particulars State It Is 8 X 1 X 8. Which Size Is Correct?

Ours is 12″ x 8″ x 5″The main compartment is 8″ square x 5″ deep.Being soft sided these measurements not repaired.

Question Question 20

What Remains in It?

Its empty, simply the Velcro slots however its really cool and little however holds a lot. Like the standard things for am emergency medical technician

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dixie EMS Dixigear Empty First Responder II Bag, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Bag comes with large side pockets where an unexpected quantity of kit can conveniently be kept. The interior of the bag is neoprene (detachable) with lots of pockets and a little pouch that can be either taken out or velcro ‘d on any side of the within layer.

We are an emergency medical technician. When we are operating at the fire department, we have a roomy, generously-garnished dive bag provided to us by the station. Off responsibility, nevertheless, we are delegated our own gadgets. This bag is best to keep in our automobile, take with us when remaining with pals and household, and obviously, when our more youthful and more negligent pals welcome us to their college celebrations. A lot of evaluations experience how little the bag is. Nevertheless, it is precisely the size noted in the product description. In case you have difficulty checking out the product description, it is a little less than a foot broad. It has an adjustable divider in the center compartment (connected by means of velcro) to better accommodate each person’s company approaches. To provide you a precise gauge of its spaciousness, we will list whatever that conveniently suits our bag. Left side compartment:- a massive supply of nitrile glovesright side compartment:- injury shears-minwe notepad + pen for unscripted client evaluation, notes, and hx-pen light-aspirin-small bottle of hydrogen peroxide-several packets of catsup (excellent replacement for oral glucose in a pinch for somebody with low blood sugar level. )center compartment:- alcohol pads x 6-antiseptic wipes x 5-lidocaine insect sting wipes x 3-burn cream-antibiotic ointment-cotton swabs and cotton balls-4×4 gauze pads x 2-2×2 gauze pads x 5-3-inch rolled gauze x 2-eye pads x 2-many various bandages-1-inch tape-2-inch self-adhesive plaster wrap (truthfully our preferred things in our bag)- immediate cold compress-tongue depressors-adult cpr pocket mask-pediatric cpr pocket mask-6 different-sized oropharyngeal respiratory tract adjunctsperhaps a stressful list to go through, however we hope that offers a future possible purchaser an excellent representation of this bag’s storage capabilities. We matured playing tetris, so we have more or less mastered the art of efficiently fitting as lots of things as possible into a little area. The just disadvantage we have found is that we truly would have liked to see a shoulder strap. It’s not a huge offer however, viewing as we have lots of extra straps from old computer system bags. Including this bag, our whole emergency situation kit has cost us just around 60 dollars. We are seriously thinking about purchasing another to stockpile and keep as a backup. Terrific product.

We purchased this bag to produce an injury kit particularly created for dealing with gunshot injuries (civilian living in location with regular gang/police shootings and minimum of 15-20 minutes up until medical attention, presuming you bring victim and drive them to healthcare facility, as paramedic aid would take hours to get here). We might not find a pre-packaged injury kit with the materials essential for offering care in this scenario, so we check out a fair bit and made our own. This bag was the best size to house the materials. To provide a concept of what suits the bag, we have consisted of how we packaged it (see photos also): left pocket: big supply of latex-free gloves and extra ziploc bagsright pocket: serious injury products (celox granules with applicator for internal bleeding/gunshot injury, israelwe plaster, and tourniquet) main pocket: celox granule packets, headlamp, shears, cpr face guards, emergency situation blanket, 2×3 non-stick pads, 4×4 gauze pads, compression plasters, gauze rolls, medical tape, 5×9 injury pads, tampons (to things gunshot injuries), hyfin vent chest seals (2 – for entry and exit injury), and petroleum jelly (in case of several drawing chest injuries at very same time, can be utilized with gauze pads taping 3 sides to permit air out and avoid from getting in) we likewise acquired the megamover 1500 portable transportation system due to remaining in a setting where the victim would require to be brought a substantial range to reach the nearby roadway. It does not fit in the kit, however we save them together. Fortunately, we have not needed to utilize anything because making the kit, however after somebody passed away in 2015 due to postponed medical attention after being shot by authorities, we felt it was important to have a kit that might conserve somebody’s life throughout those ~20 minutes prior to a professional can take control of. In addition to being the ideal size for an injury kit, another plus of the bag is that it has the universal medical sign on it – something that signifies to authorities and gang members alike that you exist to supply medical aid and do not position a danger.

This is a little, light-weight medical bag. You can tailor your own emergency treatment kit or a bare minimum injury kit. We utilize this bag for our regular house sees as a hospice nurse. There are 2 zippered side pockets and a main area organizer. The product is an intense orange, so they understand you’re coming. Our kit consists of car high blood pressure device w/ cuff, stethoscope, digital thermometer, raptor injury shears, pulse oximeter, led light, determining tapes, and nitrile gloves. Perfect for light-weight usage. Including any substantial will make the bag collapse upon itself as there is no bottom support for support. We will absolutely consider this bag once again for light field usage.

As some have stated in other remarks this is quite little however they likewise supply a photo of the real size in the description. This bag is best for what we required itfor In among the side pockets we put a fundamental emergency treatment kit and then in the majority we have whatever from gauze pads to a tourniquet and chest seals. This bag is quite strong and really intense so it can be noticeable when required. We extremely advise this product.

We purchased this bag to hold the household nonprescription medications and prescriptions. It works excellent for this, and has a great deal of area. We do not utilize the dividers though, nevertheless we might see how it would work to arrange your products and the side pockets are large. The beyond the bag has a “backpack” feel to it, where as the within has a thin plastic covering over it to make it water evidence.

We are composing this evaluation to “second” another, well composed evaluation, by a young boy scout volutneer. Like that customer, we are an emergency medical technician and young boy scout volunteer. This is a fairly well made, medium sized zippered bag with 2 side pockets, simply the ideal size for bring around 6 to twelve zip lock bags filled with emergency treatment materials. Zippers are excellent (not excellent) and product is medium (not heavy) responsibility. Each of the side pockets will hold a couple of zip lock bags, and can be quickly significant for fast referral. Our only problem is the ineffective black foam insert, which is a ridiculous waste of area and cash. Somebody needs to inform the maker to erase the insert, and drop the cost.

Ive seen a great deal of evaluations about the size. It’s measurements are plainly noted. That being stated, for the size, we are more than delighted with what we can fit. Up until now we have a stethoscope, high blood pressure cuff, cpr mask l, along with several sized gauze, covers, band-aids, tapes and gloves, with space to extra for a pulse ox, sam splint, and perhaps some o. P. A.’s. Absolutely not a go to emt/als bag, however it makes a fantastic emergency treatment kit for the automobile, house, or for volunteer firemens who are first on scene.

We are utilizing this bag not as a basic emergency treatment kitbag, however particularly an anaphylaxis reaction kit. Not just can we quickly fit our epi-pen set in there, we can fit a 500 ml bag of fluids and a gravity tubing line together in among the side pockets for quick gain access to. We can fit our port-o-cath gain access to materials in the opposite pocket, consisting of a sterilized kit and an extra envelope of sterilized gloves. All the medications that would enter into such a kit (the epi’s, epinephrine ampules and needles/syringes; iv benadryl, oral medications) all healthy nicely and with fast gain access to in the material tray that comes within. Under that tray we can fit a full 1000 ml bag of saline and extra gravity tubing, and we have adequate space to keep a copy of our rx and administration directions front and center as quickly as the bag gets unzipped. And it’s very little larger than a mini-backpack. We were completely pleased for the cash, and will be purchasing another among these for a travel emergency treatment and medications sets. Provided the evaluation, you have all most likely collected that we are little bit clinically complex; so having this bag offered in various colors yet still easily recognizable as medical devices will absolutely make our travel and healthcare facility bag company much easier. We end up needing to bring a lots of our own medications to the healthcare facility with us because they’re so particular, and this will be a much classier thing to hand to the bad charge nurse than the hot mess system of ziplocks and prayers that is presently in usage.

Bought for storage of offspring’s nighttime asthma upkeep medications, mask and spacer. Rooour enough to nicely and safely shop full face mask connected to spacer. Side pockets are best for extra medications. It is tough to find sufficient yet compact storage for full mask connected to spacer plus other required materials. So eliminated to find this bag and find it is best for requires. Acquiring another now in various color (to separate) for storage of crucial however less frequently utilized asthma rescue medications, mask and spacer (various kind of medications). Bag appears well made with excellent zippers and rooour outside side pockets. Has detachable divider with slim pocket for main opening and 2 extra slim pockets at each end. Extremely advised for personal usage.

We have loaded our excellent ol’ dynamed kit around for adequate years that it sun faded in the back of our jeep wrangler. Traded the jeep in on a ram diesel 4×4, and the old kit was simply too huge to stow away. Practically whatever that remained in that kit packed well into the brand-new bag, and it fits under the rear seats, stethoscope, bp kit, cpr mask and all. We simply left out some surgical coverlets, largish eye wash bottle and other not-really-needed products. The basics are all there, burn gel, ice bag, and so on. As are normal in a first responder kit for a personal automobile. Now, it’s back there all the time rather of keeping in mind to get it prior to a journey. 2 images reveal the freight flooring folded and down. Simply fold out the flooring to make getting the bag in and out simpler. It fits with space to spare.

We are not an emergency medical technician. We acquired this since most emergency treatment sets are type of little, imo. This is a good size. The foam insert doesn t truly include any stability so we cut a piece of cardboard and positioned it in the bag underneath the foam insert since we still like the dividers for company. It satisfies that we acquired itfor Although, we are not exactly sure how excellent this bag would be for an emergency medical technician. Appears like it would be a little small so make certain to inspect out the measurements prior to acquiring.

We need to bring an excellent emergency treatment kit for woman scout conferences, occasions, and so on. And wished to exapnd on our basic sets for outdoor camping journeys. We desired a great bag that was immediatly recognizable as emergency treatment and this sufficed. We had the ability to tuck our routine emergency treatment kit inside and contribute to it with the side pockets and extra area in the main compartment. We included a cpr mask, burn gel, ace plasters, triangular plasters, an excellent set of tweezers, calamine cream, and still have space to keep including, which we prepare to do. (why is first aid things so pricey and nobody makes a strong kit currently done?.) the size is big enough to include what we require for a group and we can put it into the bottom of our troop knapsack and still have space for other basics.

Terrific bag, feels strong and strong. Has a detachable liner with compartments. Among the compartments is detachable however we stick it by among the liner walls to provide some rigidness to the bag. Initially we were rather dissatisfied in the size of the bag. Its just somewhat bigger than a 500 ml water bottle however we quickly found out it was more than big adequate for our emergency treatment materials, consisting of cpr and an injury kit. We keep this in our automobile for emergency situations. In general this bag is more than adequate space for a basic emergency treatment and lots of space for the more heavy things, we do advise this product.

We desired a first aid kit for outdoor camping and trip and wasn’t impressed by any of the packaged choices so chose to assemble our own. We truly like this bag. It’s not too huge however still holds a lots of things. Image with coffee cup to reveal relative size. We likewise unloaded our kit to reveal whatever we have the ability to suit this bag. We believe we might still squeeze a couple of extra smaller sized products in to the bag if we required to. We would advise this for anybody wishing to assemble an excellent size emergency treatment kit. Excellent worth for the cost. Up until now has held up well after 4 outdoor camping journeys.

We required a bag to save our medications and vitamins on a journey and this does what we desired it to do. The material is thin however with care, it looks like it will hold up for a while. One customer here sprayed it with water evidence things. We may do that too. What we believe they ought to have consisted of, which would have been easy and cheap was an automobile with the owner’s name and contact information on it. We made our own and covered it in loading tape and simply tossed it in the bag. We got the red one.

We required a house injury kit. The example you require if you ever fret that if you ever have a deep injury or cut the plasters in the cabinet will not work. And, the majority of the pre made sets have things we do not require. We will not utilize an endotracheal tube, do not desire a nasopharyngeal tube, and they normally include things you do not desire or is inferior quality. So, we got this. Filled it with a tourniquet, bleeding powder. Integrates, povidone, abd pads, kling, a splint, pressure dressing. All for less than $100 This kit is intense orange, easy to find.

4 stars since the bag is a little smaller sized than we anticipated. However we kept it anyhow. Description mentioned that you can fit a lot. Users understand that not whatever fits. Pros: best for a little to medium size emergency treatment kit. Intense orange and good symbol. Perfect for house usage, car, and outside eventscons:- smaller sized than anticipated bag and prices is a bit high for it. – zipper needs to be made a little more powerful for the prices. – not ideal for bring edc or evac bag.

For me, this is nearly best. Can not beat the cost. More pockets would constantly be good, however this is working for us. Preparing for summertime trip, we chose to separate our “trauma,” life-saving products from the more frequently accessed first aid/personal care kit we likewise require. This kit will not include a large selection of finger band-aids, for example, so maybe it does t truly require an abundance of pockets. The intense orange color is excellent. The size is easy to bring or include a knapsack to diminish path or throughout a creek. We will most likely get the blue one for the first aid/comfort kit. Let us simply inform you what we have put in our injury bag: left pocket: whistlesnap-lighttea light candlematchesziploc bagsneedle nose pliars2 ourlar emergency situation blanketswater, 8 oz bottle (1 of 2) ideal pocket: wet-ones anti-bacterial wipes (20 clean pkg) hand sanitizer (2 oz) water, 8 oz bottle (1 of 2) hard sweets (jolly ranchers) triple antibiotic ointment (. 33 oz tube) burn relief gel (. 7 oz tube) medications: tylenol (2 envelopes of 2 each) advil (2 envelopes 2 each) aspirin, adult chewable (2 envelopes 1 81 mg tab each) rescue asthma inhaler (unopened extra, prescription albuterol)main compartment: nitrile gloves (non-sterile) cpr mask (multiple-use design) israelwe bandagequick embolisms sponge bandagesnake bite kitdisposable razorsam splinttriangular plaster with a number of security pinsscissorsinstant hand warmerinstant cold compressnon-adherent pads (3, 3in x 4in) adhesive tapes (3, 2in x 3in) 2nd skin moist burn pads (2 sterilized 2in x 3in) adhesive fabric tape (10 yds) self-adherent wrap (3inch x 5 yds) self adherent wrap (1. 5 inch) flexible wrap (4 inch broad) arm slingsyringe (10 ml) require to include: benadryl tablets, hydration salts, glucose gel. Iodine water treatment tablets, moderate sterilized gauze pads, big absorbent pads and big plasters, more gloves, another immediate hand warmer, some antibacterial wipes, a little bit of para cable- oh and a guide of some sort. We do have space forthese Any recommendations?.

This bag has lots of area in it and is the best size for a fast emergency situation medical kit. Suits our truck behind the seat ideal and uses up very little area. The sign on the bag is big and plain for anybody to see and identify that yes this is certainly a med kit. The product is long lasting and light and the zippers are high quality. The piece within the bag that assists keep the shape of the bag and offers it an irreversible frame we believe is the very best part, making it easy to arrange and likewise keeps whatever from ending up being a twisted mess if you’re needing to move it aroundfrequently We extremely advise this bag if you’re making a little emergency situation kit for on the go or in the house scenarios.

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