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Dr. Haha Lung Mind Control – The Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare

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Buddha said, “Your greatest weapon is your enemy’s mind.” Crucial to victory in any battle is psychological warfare, a technique employed and perfected by history s greatest military thinkers, such as Sun Tzu, Yoritomo, and Musashi of Japan; and several lesser-known but incredibly influential masterminds.   Dr. Haha Lung, author of more than a dozen books on martial arts, presents an all-in-one primer to breaching your enemy’s mental defenses. Building on the techniques he presented in the classic Mind Manipulation, he shows how to use your enemy’s fears, insecurities, hopes, and beliefs against him. Some of the most effective mind control techniques are from forgotten masters of the trade, and are featured here for the very first time.      • Dark Arts: the art of intimidation    • The Secret of Seven: the Seven Wheels of Power    • Masters of the East: Including the Craft of the Hircarrah, Vietnamese voodoo    • Chinese Face: the art of K’ung Ming and Chinese face-reading    • Samurai Sly: Yoritomo’s Art of Influence; the Way of No-Sword; Shadow Warriors.    • Blood of Abraham: Biblical black science

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See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Dr. Haha Lung Mind Control – The Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare, these might be useful for better understanding.

Not only does this teach how to use your words to alter intention. It allows you to see how we are manipulated by the society and government through various uses of propaganda.

Excellent. An ever-elusive author makes it the more stimulating for the mind. Funny how that works.

Very sharp and educational.

Practical tools for motivation for personal growth. We found parts of writing style a bit brash.

Iit was a gift for a friend’. He really liked it.

It gives a person some diffenent techniques they may use to try to get an advantage in a situaiton but it is nothing to brag about.

It was worth the read. We liked his concept. We think he is a fantastic writer,we are looking forward to the other books, to see how diverse he art is?.

Excellent book that is basically all about stratagey. Life is war and this book is perfect for anybody who wants to be prepared. We must admit we found that many of the techniques that were advised here are the tactics of psychopaths and narcissist, but you never know when you will need to use them and you will certainly have to defend yourself against them. We just finshed reading it and will read it again. Very practical and wise (although not always moral advice). Being naive is dangerous and this book will help you to be less naive.


Thank you.

Came in on time and it was great.

Haha lung books are good ancient wisdom, not only just fighting but reality and wisdom of life. Good book ill rekommend.

Great book.

First, let us address some of the complaints about this book, and dr. Haha lung’s books and detractors in general. Yes, his real name is likely not haha lung, he is probably not any kind of “doctor” and his writing style can be a bit juvenile (heh heh heh). He does reference his own books, but also references many other classic and not so classic sources, ranging from hannibal, sun tzu, lao tse, mao, etc. With that said, we find his books to be entertaining, informative, and to address things that are not so easily found, compiled in a single volume. Yes, each point could be expounded on more, but there is plenty of food for thought here, and as he explains, “enemies” can be anything from physical threats, to people trying to con you out of money, to buy their products, steal your personal info, or lying politicians. Our advice is that, if you like “underground” type stuff, have an open mind, and can overlook some writing flaws and the author’s somewhat flippant style, his books are fun reads that get you thinking a bit outside the box.

This was the first of ha ha lung’s books that we read. In it he describes many methods for influencing people by playing on inherent weaknesses in the human psyche. It was for us a book that you can’t just read once and fuly understand that vast array of topics included. Instead it’s a book best taken piece by piece, with the reader really digesting the information. He doesn’t provide many examples of how an everyday person would apply the knowledge though, that you’d have to figure out for yourself. There’s just too much to cover and this book could’ve been twice as long. With this book you could definitely learn how to best approach many different personality types and expose their weaknesses and really go to work. It’s not a book to say. Simply figure out if your spouse is cheating or learn how to deal with an annoying mother-in-law. It’s more about passing peoples mental defenses overpowering them with their own inherent flaws and turning them to your will, having them act how you want to. It’s pretty dangerous really, but for someone who wants to learn how to avoid being exploited it’s powerful stuff. Their are only so many ways that we can be manipulated and with this knowledge as a defense, you can identify when someone is trying to lie to you,exploit you,and take away your power to control your mind. In this way the book starts you on the path to mastery of self amoung those who would try and master you.

If you have ever found this book at a book store, it is located in the martial arts sections. In attempting to read other reviews on the book, we think people have a misunderstanding of both the purpose and the basis for the book. First lets look at the basis. It is in essence martial arts. The martial arts of old were ways of warfare, mentally, spiritually, and physically. They are not the board-breaking, tournament style, give-me-areason-to-show-off abilities like we make them out to be today. They were warriors, defenders and protectors that were at the top of their game. And rather than the inspirational mumbo jumbo that we just gave, it gets into the psychological techniques that continue to live on todaynow the purpose of the book is not voodoo or spiritual technique. It even says on the back that it is purely academic. It deals with successful ways to not be enraptured in the mental games that your enemies try to play on you. It in essence eliminates any naievity from your thought process. So to anybody that is put off or interested by the title, we say do not judge a book by its cover. Read a little bit of it before you buy it. When you finish your preview, you should arrive at a very similar conclusion to mine.

We bought this as a gift for some one & we were very happy with the out come. It arrived on time & was in great shape.

This is the best book we bought below $15. 00. Passages written made us laugh and there are truth behind them. There are references to movies, bible, buddhism, famous people and etc. Makes the book wholesome. If you want some good laugh read this book. Enjoy.

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