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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dyson Asthma & Allergy Kit.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • This is an O.E.M. licensed part
  • Fits different Dyson designs
  • OEM Part Number 916130-05
  • This is a Dyson replacement part

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This is an O.E.M. licensed part. Fits different Dyson designs. OEM Part Number 916130-05 Made in United States.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dyson Asthma & Allergy Kit.

Question Question 1

How Do The Accessories Compare To The Ones That Include The House Cleansing Kit (Appears To Include 3 Various Brushes, However There Is No Description).?

The long product is the crevice tool.Is versatile not stiff however the detachable brush on completion makes it too fat to suit really narrow locations however we like the versatile part.The about 6 in large accessory on left of photo is called bed mattress tool and works on upholstery.Above that is a brief adapter connection.The The long product is the crevice tool.Is versatile not stiff however the detachable brush on completion makes it too fat to suit really narrow locations however we like the versatile part.The about 6 in large accessory on left of photo is called bed mattress tool and works on upholstery.Above that is a brief adapter connection.The top right brush is so beneficial. They call it a dust brush. we utilize it for all tables, knickknacks, light tones, and valances or curtains.Since we got these accessories it appears things are less dirty. we think due to the fact that we are getting rid of the dust and not simply pressing it around.

Question Question 2

Does This Require An Adapter To Be Utilized With The Dc39?

we do not understand what vac we have however the kit came with an adapter that fit our device.

Question Question 3

Can You Utilize This Kit With A Dyson Cordless?

our understanding this was implied for the Cordless variations of Dyson – we own a DC24 compact upright and all the devices work for it, please check prior to acquiring

Question Question 4

Does This Kit Include The Adapter Piece? We See It In Some Photos, Not In Others. We Required The Adapter To Make It Deal With Our Design.?

The kit comes with 3 tools and an adapter. Im not exactly sure which devices it’s for however it deals with our DC33 & package states it fits all vacuums.

Question Question 5

The Photo Reveals Five Tools However The Description Just Speak AboutThree Can Somebody Clarify What It Includes?

It most likely just explains three of the five tools due to the fact that three of them are the very same kind of usage.Three of them resemble brushes in various shapes and sizes.we usage all of them in various methods.

Question Question 6

Does The Asthma And Allergy Kit Deal With The Dyson Dc65?

we are not exactly sure however we do think that this kit ought to work with this Dyson design likewise as there is adapter piece. we utilize our kit with the container design. we hope that our ideas have assisted you with your question. Thank you for asking, Jane Bedford Crooks Paredes

Question Question 7

Can This Suitable For Dyson Dc59 Animal Cordless Vacuum?

Yes as this has adaptor. It fits mine. we original addressed we do not understand as we were believing the corded full size animalDyson Thank you for asking. Jane Bedford-Crooks-Paredes

Question Question 8

Can We Utilize For Dyson V6 Outright?

Definitely, we have the very same one ourself and have this kit too, this kit works with any Dyson Upright orCordless The duster might be much easier to utilize with an extension due to the angle however all the parts are 100% similar in between all existing Dyson lines. Email if you have any questions, we enjoy to assist.

Question Question 9

Will This Connect To A Dyson Dc23 Design?

According to Dyson site: All Dyson upright, container and cordless vacuum.

Question Question 10

Will This Kit Deal With The Dyson Dc65 Design?

Yes it will work

Question Question 11

Will This Kit Deal With The Dyson Handheld Design, I.E. Trigger/Dc58?

Yes, it will fit.we utilize it on that all the time.

Question Question 12

2 Pictures Show Various Sets. Please Confirm Which One Is Correct. 1 Set Will Fit Hand Held Vacuum And Another One Will Not.?

Both photos are appropriate. One reveals the accessories out of package so you see the adapter to make it fit all designs, and the crevice tool has an end piece that is removable that is revealed detached.Hope this assists

Question Question 13

Anybody Know If This Functions With The Dc14?

Yes, it works with all Dyson upright and container vacuum.

Question Question 14

Does Anybody Know If This Kit Fits The D58 Handheld?

This is from the dyson individuals: All Dyson upright, container and cordless vacuum. Thanks.

Question Question 15

Does This Set Include The Adaptor Piece? We See It In Some Photos, However Not In Others.?

we have all 5 pieces as revealed here in both of our allergy Dyson sets. we are believing you are inquiring about the port piece. Yes. we utilize this every other day. we are puzzled regarding why this piece is disappointed in all the photos.we do hope that our answer has been useful to you and anybody else who likewise had this ques we have all 5 pieces as revealed here in both of our allergy Dyson sets. we are believing you are inquiring about the port piece. Yes. we utilize this every other day. we are puzzled regarding why this piece is disappointed in all the photos.we do hope that our answer has been useful to you and anybody else who likewise had this question. Thank you, HJ

Question Question 16

Will This Kit Deal With The Dyson Dc47 Design?

we truthfully do not understand, however perhaps look at the dyson site.Maybe there is a location to call them on that.

Question Question 17

We Find The Bed Mattress Tool Include On This Kit Is Various From Others. And The Picture Is Various From Website Likewise. We Required Bed Mattress Tool Generally.?

we have the kit, and utilized it, however the Bed mattress tool was so, so. You will need to keep bloating with the tool and keep brushing.

Question Question 18

Do These Fit The V6 Cordless Dyson? Our Company Believe The Design Is Sv03?

Ask a Dyson dealership

Question Question 19

Does This Kit Set For Dyson V8 Outright?

Hi Timothy, It does not. Please call the shop at 800-442-8227 and ask for our sewing professional for additional information. Thank you Scott

Question Question 20

Will This Deal With Our Dc41?

Yes according to their site your device works with the allergy and asthma kit. Here is the link https://www.dyson.com/Tools/A/Allergy- kit/ALLERGYKIT-IRON. aspx?pid= DC41- IRSPUPlease note we put your device in the query if your sill not sure call customer care to clarify. Hope we assisted.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dyson Asthma & Allergy Kit, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This genuinely has been a wonder employee in our house. 3 in our household of 5 are extreme allergy victims and our earliest child experiences asthma, also. We initially bought our dyson animal for the health benefits, however the accessories that came with it simply weren’t enough. We lastly bought this set and was so really pleased. We have not been this thrilled over a product in ages. We had the ability to completely clean up all the wood blinds in our house in about a quarter of the time it took us prior to and definitely no dust to fret about flying around your house. We dust whatever. And we imply e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The upholstery/mattress tool is fantastic. Truthfully, we have never ever lost suction with either of those accessories. We have just utilized the versatile crevice tool when, to tidy in between the front seats and middle console in our vehicle. It was great. We truly bought this for the soft cleaning brush and the upholstery tool. They deserve every cent. We just want we had bought this years back, when we purchased the dyson. Our house genuinely smells fresh now and it just takes a portion of the time to do a best task. Everytime. If you or anybody in your house experiences asthma or allergic reactions, this is a must. We extremely advise this product. And had the very best rate anywhere.

We purchased this kit due to the fact that we lost our edge tool while cleaning our visitor space and to simply buy the edge tool was practically as much as purchasing this entire kit (it was on sale when we purchased it). We believed this kit would be good to have too. We confess, we utilize the bed mattress tool for more than vacuuming bed mattress. In truth, we had never ever vacuumed our bed mattress till we got this kit, due to the fact that we have never ever understood anybody who did this. Nevertheless, this tool works terrific on 2 upholstered ottomans we have that our felines like to lounge on, and on our workplace chairs, where they likewise lounge till we press them off. The duster tool works terrific for a range of things – photos, ceiling fan blades, light tones, and other difficult to dust things – and the longer edge tool is excellent for entering locations we have not vacuumed in lots of, several years. Amusing thing though, when our child got home from college for a go to, she found the decreased tool in between the visitor bed mattress and the the foot board, and we understand we looked there 3 times. She found it the really day this brand-new kit got here too. If we had not lost it, we would never ever have purchased this kit.

This kit is incredible. Naturally the vac does the work, however these accessories work questions & make cleaning up a breeze. We like the mattress/upholstery accessory. You must have seen the dirt it pulled out from the sofa. We utilized it to vacuum the bed comforter, sheets, pillows & bed mattress & was pleased. The vac does not lose suction. We hesitated that it would rip the pillow & pillow case initially however it was great. The long dust brush is wonderful. We can clean up under the bed with simply a few swipes. The wand accessory is terrific & enters crevices where we could not with the other vacs we have owned or the stock dust accessory that came with the dyson. Certainly worth the rate, which is $20 less on than on the dyson website.:-RRB-.

The cleaning accessory is definitely essential, if you do not have one get it. We like the sofa/mattress accessory also. We have not truly troubled utilizing the others much though. Great to have the long nozzle if you believe you will utilize it under the refrigerator when a year though so worth having in the cabinet.

They are little costly however we believe they deserve every cent. We got this kit for the soft cleaning brush (our bed room furnishings has styles and eliminated on all of the faces) and for the front of all the electronic devices (our partner remains in i. T. ). Our nose utilized to get stuffy in the evening and we were abusing nasal spray however that has significantly enhanced considering that we can vacuum more completely. We likewise utilize it under furnishings (like the bed) where we can’t reach and the other accessories do not make full contact with the flooring. The bed mattress tool is great too, we utilized it on some chairs and on the couch. We have not utilized it on our bed mattress however we picture it would work there simply as well. Likewise, we have three felines.

This is a fantastic set of tools for any home. The bed mattress tool works terrific on our microfiber furnishings in the living-room – have not really utilized it on a bed mattress yet. The soft brush is terrific for the tv, computer systems and for light cleaning on table tops. The crevice tool works well for areas like the top of the baseboards, locations in the back of shelves/entertainment centers and so on. That you can’t rather get to without taking whatever out of the systems. We are big dyson fan and tool sets like this are plus. We want our original dyson had come with a better variety of tools.

We purchased the house kit and the allergy kit. Allergy is the 1 tobuy The crevice tool with little brush that comes with it is fantastic works terrific for moving glas door tracks window tracks and likewise in the little locations that you simply can’t get easythe bed mattress brush we utilized it absolutely nothing specialthe soft brush likewise can be found in house kit and this brush does not work well for shutters it might be great for blinds? it does not do much on silk tones eitherbut worth it for the crevice tool alone and most affordable finest offer on.

We have liked our dyson dc24 considering that we bought it practically 2 years back. The just thing we weren’t delighted about was that it was doing not have devices. We came across this allergy kit in an advertisement on line a week or two back and while it’s called the allergy kit, it is likewise the best option to our vacuum extension requirements. Perfect timing, too, due to the fact that as all of the vacation things disappears, so will all the dust and left over shimmers.

We were really delighted to include this kit to our dc24 We have found energy for all the tools, however we believe our preferred is the versatile extender. It is stiff enough to hold its own weight, however versatile under furnishings and around corners. The large head does a fantastic task for us of pulling animal hair off the furnishings and the large brush has been useful for cleaning blinds with the aid of the dyson extender pipe. This is a great kit for those with family pets and dirty houses.

Provided us some need to have accessories to make vacuum more beneficial. Dust brush is remarkable for drapes, valances, knickknacks, and wood furnishings. Crevice tool requires to be upgraded. They went too far by including the fitting and brush. Too large to fit where a crevice tool must go, seriously considering sawing brush fitting off so we have a “regular” crevice tool. Bed mattress brush beneficial however absolutely nothing to wow about.

We utilize this all the time to get pet hair out from behind furnishings that protests the wall. We have completely pulled all furnishings off the wall simply far adequate to fit the wand behind it due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than cleansing and 10 minutes later on a dust bunny sneaking out from those usually hard to reach locations. We like this device set.

We enjoy with this purchase. We have yet to utilize among the tools, nevertheless the rest have been great for cleaning up the bed mattress, drapes and window sills. And believe me, if you have 4 pet dogs and 2 felines and 10 geckos (well perhaps the geckos are not an issue), this allergy kit is essential unless you wan na awaken in the early morning hacking up a fur ball or sensation stuffy and sneezy.

Our partner and we have 4 cat’s. We like them all a lot nevertheless they shed. We bought a dyson vacuum due to the fact that it was ranked high in customer guides and a number of our buddies extremely suggested this vacuum. The asthma and allergy kit was an included product. The accessories tidy our furnishings, including our bed linen from undesirable hair. We are really delighted with this kit. The seller explained the kit well and noted all itsbenefits The kit got here on time with our dyson vacuum and both products where brand name brand-new in their original sealed boxes. The seller loaded the dyson vacuum and the kit in a tight safe box. We extremely advise this product and the seller.

We delight in how each piece works so well with our dyson. Our house is leaner due to the fact that ofthese Thank you for using them here on. Dyson states everything as we are worried. We have suggested them to household and buddies who likewise have allergy issues.

We like our duster and we like the bed mattress part we utilized on basically all furnishings and often the flooring too. We do not understand if we truly have less irritants in the end. We do have 3 family pets running around however the dust and hair elimination capabilities of those 2 tools deserves it alone.

When it pertains to devices that match this we have picked the allergy kit over the other accessory sets due to the fact that our company believe it represents better worth over the house cleansing kit. We find we utilize the cleaning brush and the crevice tool one of the most. The cleaning brush works a lot better than what we anticipated.

We have had our dyson for years, and desire we would have bought this much quicker. It works simply as explained, and makes the task a lot easier. Remarkably, we like the duster much better than we anticipated. It makes cleaning easy, and vac’s away the animal hair and dust rather than pressing it around or making it stired up into the air.

We bought both of these products (dyson asthma & allergy kit and dyson house cleansing kit) for the dc25 design and they work completely. The soft bristle brush was duplicated considering that both sets had one. Excusable though, if one uses out your currently in belongings of one for an extra. We would absolutely advise having both sets. Watch for them on sale() Accessories make cleaning up the coils of the refridge a lot easier (flexwe crevice tool) and in tight locations. Consisted of in the house cleansing kit is the multi-angle brush that is a should for the common ceiling fan blade cleansing. We would advise them both for a dyson owner. Great products.

We like our dyson and delight in these accessories. We were truly thrilled about the bed mattress tool however it wasn’t as terrific as we believed that it would be. We simulate the flexwe crevice tool and the cleaning brush. We simply want that there was a location to save the attachements on the dyson.

We didn’t like the vacuum itself much – was really tough to maneuver. The tools, nevertheless, were terrific. Utilized these on our cinema television, racks, and on our material blinds. Likewise assisted with getting under our really heavy sofas and on top of our kitchen area cabinets. Would advise if you choose the dc28

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