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Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer.

  • KEEP YOUR BABY HEALTHY: Elechomes bottle sterilizer can deal with sanitizing and drying baby bottles, tidy pacifiers, baby toys, and breast pump devices, keep your baby safe from infection; more reliable than most dishwashing machines; car shutdown after usage for security;
  • LARGE CAPABILITY CONTAINER: Unlike other steam sterilizers, it can fit for greater baby bottles like 8 Ounce Dr. Brown’s OriginalBottle Never ever run out of space with 2 big-sized steam racks, which fit as much as 10 basic baby bottles.
  • EASY OPERATION: The touchscreen LED control board uses the gadget a breeze even if you’re managing your baby in your arms. Do not fret about needing to examine back on the development all the time, as Elechomes sterilizer will immediately shut off when ended up. Even better, the transparent body lets you see what’s taking place inside the gadget quickly.
  • SAFE TO USAGE: Made From BPA-free PP product, this bottle sterilizer can be utilized to warm milk and heat food without health issues. Dry- run protection guarantees that the sterilizer will not run without water in the tray, extending the life of the gadget and ensures that whatever is constantly entirely cleaned up.
  • CLEANS UP IN SECONDS: Remove the sterilizer and dryer for easy-peasy cleansing, you can clean down and descale the gadget quick. (Advised to fill the water tray with cleansed or distilled water, which can significantly minimize the scale.)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer.

Question Question 1

Should We Put The Anticolic Piece From Dr. Brown S Bottle On The Bottom Or Top Area? Does It Required To Stand Or Can Lay Flat?

we can be positioned both methods. we normally put it in the bottom

Question Question 2

What Temperature Level Does It Reach?

Kindly be encouraged that our Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Clothes dryers can rise to 100?.

Question Question 3

How Long Does It Require To Dry?

There are 2 drying time to pick: 40 an 60 minutes, this baby bottles sterilizer can sterwe lize ended up immediately dry.

Question Question 4

Do You Required To Put Water When You Simply Wish To Dry?

There is no requirement to put water when you simply wish to dry.

Question Question 5

How Long Does It Require To Heat 8 Oz Of Milk?

Kindly be encouraged that you can pick your preferred heating time( 6, 8, 10 or 12 minutes).

Question Question 6

Can This Disinfect 8Oz Dr Browns Bottles?

Kindly be encouraged our Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer can be utilized to decontaminate 8oz dr Browns bottles.

Question Question 7

Why Is It Beeping And Not Switching On Arbitrarily? We Attempt To Utilize It And It Simply Beeps And Wont Work However Other Times It Will?

This phenomenon is triggered by not including water or not including adequate water, which triggers the device to begin overheating protection. Please include more water (such as 140 ml or 150 ml). Obviously, wait 5-10 minutes and the device will cool off and go back to regular.

Question Question 8

What Is The Interior Dimensions? Thank You.?

The area for milk bottles inside the device has to do with 23 cm in diameter and 173 mm in height, and the area inside the nipple is not counted.

Question Question 9

Can You Warmformula In This?

Yes, however you need to manage the heating time yourself, since the product will not immediately manage the temperature level.

Question Question 10

How Long Is A Cleansing Cycle?

This belongs to the frequency of usage and water quality, and it is normally advised to clean up as soon as every 2-3 weeks.

Question Question 11

Can We Utilize Mineral Water?

You can utilize any kind of water. If it is hard water you will simply require to occasionally descale the heating aspect. So we suggest you utilize cleansed water or pure water, keeps clean-up to a minimum.

Question Question 12

Can We Put Glass Bottles In It?

Please put the glass bottle which can endure the steam temperature level into this product.

Question Question 13

Please Howz The Breastmilk Warming Finished With This Sterilizer And Dryer?

There s a choice you can choose to warm bottles

Question Question 14

Is This Dishwashing Machine Safe?

Other Than for the base, all parts of the Elechomes baby bottle sterilizer and dryer can be cleaned in the dishwashing machine.

Question Question 15

How Much Time Is It Steaming Decontaminating In Minutes? Do Stuffed Toys Dry Well? Thank You.?

The sanitation time is normally about 12 minutes, however this is not an unique drying tool for packed toys. If the packed toy can endure the heat of 100 ° c/212 ° f, you can likewise put it in to dry. Nevertheless, it might require to be dried a number of times prior to it can be completely dried. Thanks.

Question Question 16

Do We Need To Eliminate The Dry Bottle Or We Can Simply Leave Them In The Device Up Until We Wished To Utilize The Bottle?

Kindly be encouraged that you can leave the dry bottle in the device up until you wish to utilize them.

Question Question 17

What S The Highest Bottle That Could Suit This Sterilizer?

It fit as much as 10 basic baby bottles or 7 wide-caliber baby bottles. Even long baby bottles like the 8-ounce Dr. Brown Baby Bottle fit conveniently.

Question Question 18

Can We Utilize It To Disinfect Our Breast Pump Parts?

Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer can be utilized to decontaminate your breast pump parts.

Question Question 19

Do We Need To Tidy After Each Usage Or Can Excees Water Be Left For Next Usage?

It just requires to include 130 ml water each time. Normally, there is practically no water left after the first usage. If there is any, it needs to be put out in time to prevent reproducing germs and producing strange odor.

Question Question 20

How To Tidy It For The First Time Prior To Usage?

Other than the base (clean the base with a fabric), please straight tidy the remainder of the part with water, switch on the product, run a disinfection and drying cycle with no products inside, open the top cover and let it stand for about 2 hours, then it can be utilized.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, these may be helpful for better understanding.

To be sincere, in the beginning we were doubtful because we have never ever become aware of this maker and was truthfully shopping for a dr. Brown or phillips sterilizer. The product didn’t have lots of evaluations which was another factor that positioned some doubt. However it looked large adequate to suit all the bottles we utilized for the day plus pumping parts so we believed we would provide it a shot. This is a first run evaluation, so our viewpoint may alter, however currently we would provide it 10 begins if we could. The design is definitely fantastic. Has adequate space and drying function is such a reward. We tossed our drying rack because even if you overload the sterilizer with more bottles than what it states it might suit, they still come out dry. We like it. We are utilizing high 9oz glass phillips avent bottles which are discomfort to dry on the rack (takes a full day to dry inside) and they were entirely dry. We cants explain how delighted we are. Sooo here is the summary of pros and cons: pros:- big adequate to suit 8 bottles (we dried 4 broad mouth avent and 4 broad mouth dr. Brown bottles at the very same time)- incredibly easy to utilize and has extremely clear user’s manuals- has both, sanitizing and drying functions- genuinely works. Things come out definitely dry with no recurring wetness in the nipple crevicescons:- it is quite huge (you can get an approximation based upon the photo beside the coffee device) now that we ended up sanitizing and drying in 1/4 the time we normally invest, the only thing we want for is for this business to likewise make a bottle washer haha. Mothers can dream:) upgrade:3. 5 months later on and it is still working fantastic. We steam and dry bottles each and every single day and this has been a substantial aid offered extremely restricted counter top area for drying. We turn it on and 72 (or 52 depending upon the cycle you pick) minutes later on whatever is sterilized and dry and prepared to be put away. Otherwise huge bottles and pumping products take hours to completely dry inside. Love it.

We acquired one sterilizer with dryer prior to. It s easy and better than just sterilizer. For our first baby, we utilized the only sterilizer up until she turns 2 years of ages then purchased a brand-new sterilizer and dryer, even it took very long time to dry the bottles. However it s more hassle-free for us. When we had the sterilizer, we utilized to take out the bottles instantly while it s still hot, then air dry by itself. If we take out bottles late. The water will remain inside the bottles. A long time we decontaminated it two times simply required to watch the time and take it out instantly. So after we acquired brand-new sterilizer with dryer. We utilized it few months then we stopped her bottles and provided it to our friend for her baby. Now we are going to have our 2nd baby, so we purchased this one. The shape is round and it accommodate more bottles, and it can steam eggs. We utilized to steamed dumpling, it didn’t work since the sauce will leaking down and made it untidy. Thankfully, it is easy to tidy. We utilized vinegar and warm water, soaked for about 30 minutes and rubbed out the sauce with paper. We suggest sterilizer with dryer, more safe and tidy for baby. Disinfected, dried and cool off, then take itout Any brand name that has excellent quality and accommodate more bottles and other devices is excellent. This sterilizer and dryer has excellent quality and accommodate as much as 10 bottles depends upon the shapes or brand name of the the bottle. We utilized our child s philip avent bottles. It fits 8 bottles and all the nipples and caps goes on the top layer. So it is excellent for us.

The first time we saw this on the web, we were drawn in by the look. The blue color appropriates for our child. It has a disinfection and drying function. It is a one-button operation. Even our mom will run. We stated that we purchased this time. It is extremely useful. The one we purchased previously was purchased by our child a few years back. We just decontaminated it without drying function. We need to put it there to dry it whenever. In some cases it is still dry and we need to do it ourself. It is excessive problem to take paper to clean it. This one-click operation, along with different disinfection and drying, can likewise steam things, it is a multi-functional product, we have advised it to our pals.

We utilized to have a bottle sterilizer that you normally just healthy 2 4oz bottles, which was great when our child was little. When he grew, we began utilizing dr. Brown’s 8-ounce bottle, which our old bottle sterilizer might just do one at a time. We want we had got this earlier. We can fit a great deal of bottles, even our breast pumping devices all in one shot. Prior to we needed to decontaminate numerous times a day. Now we simply do it as soon as at the end of the day.

This is our preferred thing. Due to the a great deal of all types and brand names. We did a great deal of research on the sterilizer we desired. We concluded that this is what we got. It is easy to utilize. It has a big capability. We like the appearance of it. The drying function is great. It is great to be able to sanitize and dry in one hour or less. Then instantly keep whatever without waiting for it to dry. It has a big footprint on the counter. However its worth deserves it. We are extremely pleased with this product.

Our relative and we have been looking for a sterilizer for rather some time. Our demand is basic: it needs to does the sterilizing task and keeps the bottles tidy after. Many products we found can all do the first part however none keep those bottles dry and tidy after the sanitation. So we chose to go with this one after seeing the presentation video even it hasn’t acquired its appeal on yet. We will be promoting the special function of the product to other moms and dads who bottle feed children too.

Maturing, our mama would decontaminate our brother or sisters bottles through boiling water. As a very first time mama, we continued the custom in doing so for our child however we felt that it had ended up being troublesome. So we were searching for a bottle sterilizer and came across this. The cost variety compared to other brand names is more cost effective. It works the very same way and we feel that after washing the bottles, all we needed to do is keep it in the sterilizer and press a button. Unlike the conventional way where we needed to boil the bottles and needed to monitor the range, this made our life more hassle-free.

We definitely like this bottle sterilizer. We utilize to utilize the dr browns sterilizer nevertheless it does moist the bottles. This conserves you a lot time by throughly drying the bottles. Likewise, by drying the bottles there s less threat for germs or fungal development on your bottles, instead of sitting with water on them for amount of times. Should have for any mothers that are bottle feeding.

Functions fantastic, extremely rather. Fits more bottles comparing to our baby brezza. We utilize broad neck bottles and this sterilizer can fit 8 of them. Easy to utilize and tidy.

It was excellent for the first 2 months. Now it s the 3rd month and it begins breaking down. We are thankful we waited this long prior to we composed an excellent evaluation. It keeps beeping when we turn it on and the screen reveals e1. We feel so bummed. We can t return it as we currently got rid of package. We believed it was a keeper however we were incorrect. Likewise, it turned all our bottles and nipples yellow in the first week of usage. We wear t understand why. We saw some evaluates stating the very same problem too. We wish to get our refund. Not delighted at all. Update: the client service called us to use solutions after seeing our unfavorable evaluation. They sent us a brand-new one to change the damaged one we had. The brand-new one is working fantastic up until now (much like the damaged one, it was fantastic in the beginning). Ideally this brand-new one will last long. Nevertheless, the client service guarantees the product. They act quickly when there is an issue. Thank you for resolving our issue.

* upgrade * we got in touch with elechomes at their demand following our preliminary evaluation,below They were really worried about the product’s reported problem and asked for that we sent it to them -at their expenditure obviously- so they might examine because it appeared this was an uncommon problem on their product. They likewise provided to send us a replacement. They were very responsive and persistent every action of the way. We were pleased. We are upgrading our preliminary one-star evaluation since of our experience with their client service and since it appears that te problem we had was a separated one. ****************** this product was definitely fantastic for the five days it worked. On the 6th day the heating/drying functions quit working and we couldn’t inform if anything was being sterilized. Attempted to return & reorder hoping for better luck with a brand-new system however it s out of stock forever:-/.

Would provide it five starts however it might definitely do with a “now clean” led function. As hectic as things get, because we clean our bottles anyhow prior to putting them in the sanitizer, often we do not understand if it got sterilized or now. It simply makes a little beep after the cycle and then shuts off with no sign. So in the hectic running merry go round that life is:-RRB-, if we forget to inform each other it ran, either we re-run it or wind up utilizing it without sterilizing (hardly ever, however it does occur). So docking it one star for that.

Fantastic bottle sterilizer and dryer. Big enough to put all 8oz and 4oz bottles. It requires 60 minutes to dry them completelyvery hassle-free. Advise it.

We hesitated to buy any bottle sterilizer/dryer, however chose to go for it one sleep deprived night when we recognized we ran out of tidy and decontaminated bottles. Our child is a preemie and our dr. Recommends sanitizing bottles for preemies up till 6 months. We utilize mam bottles which can be decontaminated in the microwave, however then they need to dry which can take hours. This gizmo minimizes a lot time sanitizing and drying. It holds rather a few bottles – we have gotten up to 9 relying on which ones. Simply fill it up with bottles, include water strike the button and it does whatever on 72 minutes. At first we attempted the 52 minute sterilize/dry function however the bottles weren’t rather dry. It’s been utilized a minimum of as soon as a day for over a month and no issues what so ever. We would acquire once again in a heart beat.

We like this sterilizer. We have checked out a few evaluates grumbling about rust develop or movie. If you clean it down daily or every other day you should not have this problem at all. Mine has never ever rusted however we have seen some residue. You need to be cleaning up all you baby products daily or extremely typically and cleansing your sterilizer will guarantee you do not establish any residue. Our child is 7 weeks old and we decontaminate products a minimum of two times a day for him. Takes 72 minutes to decontaminate and dry, 60 minutes to simply dry or 12 minutes to soley decontaminate. This has been a life saver. It has alot of space. We can sterilizer whatever at the same time. We clean our sterilizer daily. It does not have lots of parts. We soak all the sterilizer parts other than the base in hot vinegar water and then sponge tidy with babyganics dish soap. We take a sponge to clean up the base with hot vinegar water too. Do not immerse your base in water. We simply clean it down with a sponge. Would reccomend to everybody and strategy to present to a pregnant friend.

We like this product. We had acquired it after our tommee tipee was too little for more than 4 bottles. This is the best size for lots of bottles (we utilize dr. Brown and como tomo and they both fit). Love that it decontaminates and dries the bottles. We likewise like that it can reheat bottles or food. Quality product.

We had a avent sterilizer which worked excellent however we wished to update to something larger and had a another function to it. We simply got it a couple days ago and we remain in love it makes bottle cleaning something to look forward too. Our bottles came out extra tidy you can certainly see the distinction. You do get what you paid for.

We were intending on purchasing baby brezza sterilizer for near to $100 however this one captured our eye and o figured we would provide it a shot for half the cost. Soooo thankful we did. We utilize it daily for sanitizing. It fits whatever completely. We looove the drying function on it. And it seams to securely heat up cooled breast milk in 6 minutes. To the best temperature. We have been utilizing it for practically 2 months now and no issues:-RRB-.

Functions fantastic up until now. We generally utilize this to sterilize the bottles however we may navigate to attempting it to make hard boiled eggs since our friend informed us you can do that too. Extremely flexible product and utilizing it is extremely easy too. Not a bad purchase and fits a good quantity of bottles at the same time.

We purchased it as a present to our sister-in-law. When they have our little niece, they didn’t buy one, which is troublesome to decontaminate those milk bottle. They can just clean them by extremely warm water. So this time, we purchased it as a present to commemorate our little new-born nephew at the baby shower.

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