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ELEGOO Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit

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Here are a few main benefits of ELEGOO Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • The MEGA2560 complete starter kit with more than 200pcs components, premium quality and 100% Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Free pdf tutorial in the cd (more than 35 lessons)
  • Lcd1602 module and gy-521 sensor module with pin header ( no need to solder by yourself)
  • Nice package with clear listing and surprise including a nice small box to keep the widget such as LED, IC, buttons, diodes, etc.

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Color:Mega2560 Complete Starter KitEstablished in 2011, ELEGOO is a thriving technology company dedicated to open-source hardware research & development, production and marketing. Our own Quality Management Team will secure the premium quality of our products and we would like to receive your valuable suggestions for our products and make your idea come true component listing: 1pcs Mega 2560 Controller Board 1pcs USB Cable 1pcs Breadboard 1pcs 65 Jumper Wire 1pcs IC 74HC595 1pcs Active Buzzer 1pcs Tilt Switch 1pcs Photo resistor 5pcs Yellow LED 5pcs Blue LED 5pcs Green LED 5pcs Red LED 1pcs RGB LED 5pcs Button (small) 10pcs Resistor (10R) 10pcs Resistor (100R) 10pcs Resistor (220R) 10pcs Resistor (330R) 10pcs Resistor (1K) 10pcs Resistor (2K) 10pcs Resistor (5K1) 10pcs Resistor (10K) 10pcs Resistor (100K) 10pcs Resistor (1M) 5pcs Female-to-male DuPont Wire.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

The Instruction Cd We Got Along With This Kit Is Blank. We Are Unable To Access Any Of Pdf, Code Or Libraries. How Can We Download This?

Here is the link to download the latest version: https://www.elegoo.com/tutorial/Elegoo%20The%20Most%20Complete%20Starter%20Kit%20for%20MEGA%20V1.0.2017.10.31.zip

Question Question 2

Can This Kit Be Programmed With The Arduino Software (Ide) Available On Arduino’S Page?


Question Question 3

Can Children Younger Than 15 Use This Or Is It Too Complicated.?

Maybe they can but it needs basic programming knowledge and familiarity with electronics components

Question Question 4

Would This Kit Be Appropriate For Adult Or Would It Be To Easy?

This kit is easy to learn Arduino and very complete.

Question Question 5

Does This Kit Come With Instructions To Build Robots?

It does not come with instructions to build a robot, but it has a Very good guide to teach you how to use servo motors and sensors. Please note that this kit only comes with one servo motor. The guide it comes with is very good. The arduino board is also good and has ports to allow connecting additional servos you may It does not come with instructions to build a robot, but it has a Very good guide to teach you how to use servo motors and sensors. Please note that this kit only comes with one servo motor. The guide it comes with is very good. The arduino board is also good and has ports to allow connecting additional servos you may acquire separetly. we really like this kit.

Question Question 6

Does This Elegoo Board Work With Arduino’S Online Editor?Elegoo Is Not In The Dropdown List Of Supported Boards On The Arduino Online Editor.?

Yes, it can be programmed with the Arduino web editor.

Question Question 7

The Datasheet Lists All Leds Except White. What Is The Voltage Of The White Led?

Everything on the Arduino runs on 5v or 3.3v.All the LEDs have worked on 5v with a 220 ohm resistor.

Question Question 8

Do You Need To Have A Rasberry Pwe With This?

No, it inclueds a Mega2560 board and you can do all of the projects with it.

Question Question 9

We Have Been Unable To Get Our Kit Installed. The Mega2560 Module Is Installed On Com3 And The Program Is Looking For It On Com1. Please Help. Walter?

on the arduino ide click tools then go down to port. You should be able to change it there

Question Question 10

Is The Arduino Board Atmega2560 Atmega16U2 (Specifically U2) ?

Yes, the MCU is ATmega2560 and the USB chip is ATmega 16U2.

Question Question 11

This Is Work In Europe ? On 220V ?

The power adapter would work in 110 -240V range. Nevertheless you will need some kind of universal plug adapter since US and EU have different outlet standards.

Question Question 12

Our 12 Yo Son Is Getting This For Christmas This Year. Would A Tablet Or Chromebook Be Able To Run The Software?

Arduino supports Chromebooks, please refer to the link https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/Arduino_Genuino/getting-started-with-arduino-web-editor-on-various-platforms-4b3e4a?f=1

Question Question 13

Is It Posible To Program It With Python?


Question Question 14

Is Arduino Mega2560 R3 Version Microcontroller?

It is Elegoo Mega2560 R3 version microcontroller, which is fully complitable with Arduino Mega2560 R3.

Question Question 15

Tienen: Elegoo Mega 2560 R3 Tarjeta Placa Compatible Con Arduino Ide Con Microcontrolador Basada En El Atmega2560 Atmega16U2 Con Usb Cable Azul Versió?


Question Question 16

Does It Include A Max6675 Digital Converter?


Question Question 17

Can This Kit Be Used With Lattepanda?


Question Question 18

Can This Kit Be Used To Move A Robotsmouth When Sound Is Played?

The Servo in the kit can make it, you need to design the mechanical structure and write the action program separately for the robot’s mouth.

Question Question 19

Could We Use This Kit To Program And Run A Small Rc Airplane, Also We Wanna Know How Powerful The Motor Is?

Perhaps it would help you in beginning a prototype of a RC planedesign and the testing of that design.Motor and propeller combinations would be a good project to start with.

Question Question 20

Can This Be Used W Zero?

The kit has a Mega included, along with a prototyping board for the Mega.Pretty much everything else is universal.we use PICs for most of our tinkering, ordered this for the accessory components so we would have an Arduino on hand if we ever got the desire to tinker with one.we have enjoyed very much learning how to use t The kit has a Mega included, along with a prototyping board for the Mega.Pretty much everything else is universal.we use PICs for most of our tinkering, ordered this for the accessory components so we would have an Arduino on hand if we ever got the desire to tinker with one.we have enjoyed very much learning how to use these components with our PIC chips, and have re-ordered many of the parts that we used up from this kit.Provided you know how to do your part, this kit would be a very nice addition to your Zero and any other microcontroller you hope to use.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on ELEGOO Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit, these might be useful for better understanding.

This could possibly be the coolest thing we ever purchased. We already had a raspberry pi, and we were looking for something to get us started in learning the operating and programming environment. This was exactly the right choice. It comes with everything you’d need to begin working with arduino programming and simple circuits. The programming guide isn’t the best translated document we have ever seen, but we were able to work our way through all of the projects once we learned the basics, and that’s the way it’s setup – to introduce you to the most simple control functions, then gradually get more complex as you work your way through the sensors. Rfid, audio, keypad, motion sensor, motors, led’s, temperature, humidity, light, remote control, distance, and even seven segment displays – it’s all there with enough resistors, capacitors, transistors, and diodes to ensure you have everything you need to finish every project. Everything is in a well-organized plastic case, so it’s easy to keep together, even if our relative did complain a little about the extra clutter on the dining room table. The kit we received was missing an rgb led, but we emailed elegoo, and they immediately sent out a replacement, but in the highest amount of style possible – they sent us five rgb led’s, another usb cable, and a dandy plastic organizing case. Their support is top-notch and responsive.

We got this for our son and we can’t think of a better way to get introduced to arduino. After he went to bed last night we played with this kit for hours. The only reason this is getting 4 stars is because the breadboard power supply is not working properly. We contacted elegoo when we realized it, which was only a couple of hours ago. Obviously we don’t expect an answer over the weekend but hopefully we can get this sorted out quickly. The short video is something we had running within an hour of putting our hands on this kit. We know electronics fairly well but have never played with any sort of arduino, or programing. So we were happy to make it work. We are having so much fun that we decided to order our own, even with the power supply issue. Sorry for the potato-cam appearance of the video, it was about 3 am and we were pretty tired. Edit: elegoo responded and they are sending out a new piece. Upgraded to 5 stars for the quick customer service.

We rarely give feedback on products and even more rarely give them 5 stars. This is a comprehensive starter kit at a very competitive price. We also bought the separate 37 sensor kit. There are so many gadgets in both these kits it will take us months to get through all of them. Yes, there are some misspelled words and other minor issues, but we think the company really put their heart into assembling a great product. And they freely give their contact information out in many places and want you to contact them with issues. Some other complaints are around getting started and using the product with the instructions provided. We were able to install everything and control an led light with sample code in 8 minutes, not kidding. But you have to realize this is not a kids toy, these are real engineering components here. Its up to you to learn, problem solve and create what you want from the components as opposed to being a step by step kit. That’s the whole fun of it. Those with a technical or engineering background will be at an enormous advantage. You must learn how to program using c code and research how the components work. For example, we were unable to get the stepper motor to work from this kit with the example stepper motor code that comes with arduino ide. But that’s because the example code is for a different stepper motor and there are many different kits out there with different types of stepper motors. We took us two hours to learn about stepper motors and was able to write our own code to control it. We are lucky to have an engineering background with a little bit of c code experience so we could see someone taking much longer to figure out the stepper motor issue or giving up completely. If you really want to learn arduino, you can. Be patient, buy books like programming arduino by simon monk, browse forums, watch youtube tutorials, etc. So we will summarize by saying that this is a great product and ships as advertised. We suspect many frustrations are because this is a fairly advanced kit and not a toy. Thank you for reading our review and good luck. Update: we spent more time going through the sample code provided by elegoo and the stepper motor code they provided works perfect. Our comments above were based on our grabbing the code that comes with arduino ide which was incompatible. Again, we think the kit is great. Probably most negative feedback coming from misunderstanding how to use everything.

Really fun and huge kit. This has a ton of projects to do and most of them are pretty easy to set up. The kit comes with a library disc or you can visit their site and download the libraries for all of them there. There is a pdf file with the walk through on most of the items in the kit. You get a few extra items that are not used in the projects but are nice to have when working on additional projects (extra: capacitors, diodes, 9v battery w/cable, prototype expansion board). We were able to successfully complete almost all of the projects in the kit except for the (4 digit number display, ir remote to control the stepper motor and mpu-6050 module). The mpu-6050 module wouldn’t display any information, it is pretty easy to wire up and check the readings in the serial monitor so we don’t think it was wired incorrectly-we found a crack on the mpu-6050 so we think it may just be broken. We broke the ir sensor by wiring it wrong (it made a ‘pop’ noise and a funny burning smell) so we couldn’t use it to control the stepper motor on one of the last projects so watch out for that. The four digit display also could be due to “user error” because it has a ton of pins that need to be connected and we weren’t sure everything was wired correctly. The pdf manual goes over how to set things up and explains what to expect when the component is powered on and describes the code but doesn’t go into super fine detail over what every line means or what variables to change to change the component action so it can be a little difficult to understand. A few of the example pictures in the manual were different from the wiring diagram which can throw you off if you are not careful. We were very impressed with the quality and accuracy of all the information provided as well as the huge assortment of items it came with. We are super happy with all our stuff and am definitely getting another kit to add onto if all elegoo’s kits are is this organized and made. The kit was really well put together and has a good flow from easy to more challenging projects and includes everything you need to do all of the projects in the kit. If you have little experience with arduino you can get through this pretty quickly and helps to understand installing and using the libraries and the arduino ide. We put pictures of the kit after we were done using everything and of the mpu-6050 we think was broken. We would’ve liked to detail on the actual writing code to set up other projects using the same components in the kit-like turning on other components from a sensor(buzzer with the motion detector, motor with the joystick) but it does a good job explaining what the code is doing for the individual projects and is overall really well written.

This is an outstanding kit. When we decided to dive head-first into the arduino world, we did our research. We were looking for a kit that would get us the most varied list of supplies possible (and from a company with a good reputation, as it’s so easy to end up with a pile of barely functioning electronic knock-off junk that was made on mars or some far-away place with no quality-assurance). This was the kit we settled on, and we are glad we did. For the money spent, it had the greatest spread of different kinds of devices and supporting equipment. We paired it with the elegoo 37 sensor kit, to round out our supplies. (there was a bit of cross over between the two kits, but it’s nice to have extras to play and experiment with. )in addition to having so many devices to experiment with, we found two further pluses for this kit:elegoo’s arduino boards are incredible. They are exactingly labeled, flawlessly put together, and use quality equipment. Even the unused areas of the board have “dimple printing” to help reduce cross contamination of the signals. We have researched several brand names of arduino boards, and aside from the actual original arduino brand, no one came close to elegoo’s level of quality. After seeing this, all of our arduino boards will be elegoo from now on. The only issue we have encountered with it, is because the boards are so nice, we almost don’t want to use them; we want to keep them in their box looking nice. We end up grabbing some other lower-quality board to fiddle around with, because we don’t care if we wear out/burn those boards out. But we suppose that’s just the collector in me. When shopping around for individual boards, we found that elegoo was one of the more expensive manufacturers, but only by a couple of bucks. However, the quality level was orders of magnitude higher; which we think makes those couple extra bucks more than worth it. The second plus: the container that the kit comes in is very nice. It is a genuinely quality case, not just a poorly constructed plastic snap case, like some of the other brands use. When we were showing the kit to our family at a get-together, our mother kept eyeing the case, wanted to nab it to hold her scrapbooking supplies. We have ordered a few different elegoo kits and products, and they’ve all come in the same quality style case (in different sizes and configurations, of course). We know it doesn’t sound like it should matter all that much, and it is hard to describe, but once you hold this kit in your hand, you’ll understand what we mean. Because of how many little pieces there are to this kit, we recommend taking an inventory when it arrives. Of the hundreds of parts, we did notice one, very small, and non-vital part missing. We sent the company an email asking if they could drop one of those little parts in an envelope headed our way. Two days later, a whole new replacement kit arrived with a return label for the original kit, and a letter apologizing for the mistake and making sure we were happy with the result; which we very much am. All of the different elegoo products and kits we have bought have been remarkably designed and crafted, are as user-friendly as this subject can be, and while we haven’t had to make a lot of use of their customer support line, we have heard it’s second-to-none. A company that really stands by its products and values its customers. Having seen how much work and quality elegoo puts into its products and services, they have gained a dedicated customer in me.

Anybody remember heathkit? this is kind of like that. Needed a small micro controller for a project and for $60 why not get a box full-o-parts as well as the micro controller? had it up and running in about half an hour on a mac but as an ee we always kind of chuckle how poorly instructions are laid out for things like this if you should be a novice. Should have one, repeat one, readme. Txt file that says “1. Go and load the serial driver for your system/op sys so the computer can communicate with the arduino board 2) go and download the programming software for your op sys so you can write programs and download them to the arduino 3) plug arduino into your computer using supplied cable 4) plug power cord into arduino and then into 120vac outlet 5) start programming software 6) go to . Oh and showing how to use the debug window and syntax for printing to it right up front would also be great. We have done some work on parallax and the debug window is right there at the main programming screen and always handy to figure out why it didn’t do what you think it should have done. Still giving it 5 stars because it’s astonishing that you can get a programmable micro controller with free software and a zillion i/o for practically nothing. Looking at you allen bradley and square d.

First off if you are getting started with this stuff, this kit is a great starter. If you want more astounding results and satisfaction, the robot car kit may be the better option, but for tinkering and creating, this is great. It really is a kit for anyone interested in this type of thing, from your more advanced kids to your common prototyping engineers. Also note, if you do not have a cd drive, all files are available on elegoo. Com. :)the item was received fast and quick. It even comes in a nice organized plastic box with quality hinged snaps. In case you do not know there is no difference between elegoo and arduino – both boards are the same thing and are open source, with different manufacturers. Elegoo essentially remakes exact modules of the open source arduinos. So if you are trying to save money, go with an elegoo for sure. There are slight differences between the mega 2560 and the uno (different popular modules that you may find) but the differences will not affect most people, especially beginners. Advanced users may care about the differences, so if you are curious here they are via the arduino forums (the rest of this text is the info regarding the differences between the mega and the uno for more technical users). “the arduino uno is a microcontroller board based on the atmega328 (datasheet). It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as pwm outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 mhz ceramic resonator, a usb connection, a power jack, an icsp header, and a reset button. The uno differs from all preceding boards in that it does not use the ftdwe usb-to-serial driver chip. Instead, it features the atmega16u2 (atmega8u2 up to version r2) programmed as a usb-to-serial converter. The arduino mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the atmega2560 (datasheet). It has 54 digital input/output pins (of which 15 can be used as pwm outputs), 16 analog inputs, 4 uarts (hardware serial ports), a 16 mhz crystal oscillator, a usb connection, a power jack, an icsp header, and a reset button. The mega is compatible with most shields designed for the arduino duemilanove or diecimila. The mega 2560 is an update to the arduino mega, which it replaces. “.

Elegoo mega 2560 project the complete ultimate starter kit came nicely packed without any damage. Everything was packed in a nice storage box. Kit contains arduino mega2560 board and 200 pcs of components including lcd 1602 module, rfid module, prototype extension board, serve motor, stepper motor, pir motion sensor, soun sensor, water level detection sensor, rotary encoder and much more. This is a great kit for beginners at electronics and/or programming who wants to knock together a few circuits with their raspberry pwe or arduino. Breadboard makes things easier than soldering by using breadboard power supply we can set one side for 5vdc, and the other for 3. 3vdc or both for 3. 3 volts or both for 5 volts and it has a push switch to turn the power on or off. Also, it comes with a cd which contains free pdf tutorials.

(we have elevated our rating to four stars as a result of elegoo’s support & follow up). As a child user of radio shack’s ‘science fair’ kits we were excited to receive this and get to work learning digital electronics. After much research we found this elegoo kit, and after determining that this kit seemed to have the best ‘bang for the buck’, we bought it. The board, itself, seems to be of good quality and is respected among arduino clones. Now, a few things that aren’t so great: you may find some of the components don’t work. If you are new to digital electronics and/or bread boarding you might think you have wired something incorrectly and spend hours of frustration trying to fix your mistake. That is, until you realize it wasn’t your mistake at all, but faulty components. In our instance it has been the 5v relay and the pir motion sensor (so far). Second thing: the bread board is labeled wrong for the 5v/3. 3v bread board power supply module. (note the attached picture). You don’t see the labels at the ends of the boards, bu you can clearly see the ‘+’ from the power supply is routed to the ‘-‘ rail on the board, and visa-versa. This is an important & serious oversight as some of these components and modules are very sensitive to reverse polarity and can be damaged (including the arduino board itself, if you are using the power supply with an arduino operated circuit). If you have been following the included list of “lessons” and then start using the opposite-polarity power supply and wire things out of habit. Well. This is a really stupid and potentially damaging mistake on elegoo’s part. It could cost people their arduino board. Lastly, the “lessons” are less lessons and more ‘go-by’ examples of bare-bone operation of the components. There is very little ‘teaching’ being done; if you are clever you might learn some by osmosis and may even find ways to integrate them into circuits other than the ones that are shown in the ‘tutorial’ pdf, but you are really going to need an after-market companion book on arduino basics to get anywhere and to properly learn how the board works and how to utilize the components into usable and teachable projects. Despite the seemingly low price, you may, in fact, be better off buying an arduino board, a good after-market book and using whatever resource you prefer to purchase components (including appropriately matched power supply and bread board) and building a kit as you go, which might be difficult to do if you are excited to jump right in. Just be prepared for bad components, marginal “tutorials” and spending more money on components that work and that you will use and need for specific projects down the road. Follow up: elegoo’s customer support response was very quick & positive. Replacement items are on the way. Re: bread board, we are little embarrassed to admit this, but will keep this here so others can learn from our mistake, but the bread board power connections are not symmetrical, as we had hastily assumed. There is a left and right side to the board, and if you rotate the bread board then the bread board power supply and power & ground rails are lined up appropriately.

This kit is awesome. So we have 0 arduino or electronics experience (apart from occasionally watching a youtube video). We do have some windows programming experience so going in we felt confident we would be able to learn. The hardware itself is awesome, lots of bits and bobs. But what really blew us away and earned this kit 5 stars is the included 223 page pdf instructions. It goes step by step explaining different things but not at a slow pace like you might expect. It includes colored diagrams of the schematics and is written in plain english instead of like what you would normally expect from included documentation. You feel like you’re listening to some teacher or something. It’s a very fun and easy hobby.

Super cool. We bought this to work on with our six-year-old son, and he loves it. He’s a bit young to work on this alone, but the two of us have worked through a good deal of the projects and everything has worked and been easy to follow. We have a project in mind, and we thought this would be a good get-your-feet-wet arduino kit. We are quite satisfied. Some people mentioned that the manual may be written in chinese and converted to english. There are some minor grammatical issues in the manual, but hell, it’s the schematics and code that are important. We can follow along just fine.

The kit comes with instructions on how to build the hardware, and how to code the software. If you are young or you don’t know how to code or assemble electronics, it will show you easy step by step instructions. The coding part comes already written. The electrical parts are already thought out. You don’t have to know what kind of components to install. We are an electrical and computer engineering student so if we just follow the guide it would be too easy. We study the codes and components and then we write new code. We install and combine new sensors and electronics so we could apply what we have learned in our classes and in this kit. We also bought the car kit to build with our 12 year old nephew and he assembled and coded it very well with minimal guidance from us because everything was already thought out. This device really helps people with all kinds of levels from beginners to experts. We highly recommend. A good way to learn the arduino from knowing nothing, to becoming more advanced. 1. Play with this kit and follow the directions on the pdf provided. 2. Learn some c++ from a youtuber named bucky roberts. He has a nice list that you can follow through. Every lesson that you learn from him, you should do your own minwe project. For example, if he teaches you how to make the code add numbers, you should then apply that and make it subtract, multiply, divide, square, solve algebra, etc. Challenge yourself. You don’t have to learn all the lessons. Maybe half to a third of them. Take your time even if it takes you longer than a month. 3. Learn the arduino coding from a youtuber named paul mcwhorter while using your kit. After every lesson, make your own little project from what you have learned. 4. Buy the sensor kit from elegoo to add to this kit. 5. Now that you have learned how to code and use the arduino better, redo the lessons provided in the pdf but this time read the code and see how you can manipulate it to your liking. 6. Now that you are more advanced in this arduino kit. Get creative and have fun. We will include a video of our first tiny project.

We have been building electronic projects as a hobby for many years. We purchased this kit to evaluate its possible use in a technology course at a local library. We were very impressed with all the components included for such a low price in this kit. Besides the projects described in the manual, this kit has enough components to do many other projects such as those described on maker web sites. We built the majority of the projects in the manual, using just about every component. Component quality is decent. We didn’t run across any defective components, and was able to get all the projects we attempted to work. The manual does a fairly good job of describing how the components work in each project. It’s not as detailed of a description as those found on maker sites, but better than the majority similar project manuals we have seen. Projects start simple, but become quite advanced later on. We are not positive that this would be the best kit for someone who has never touched an electronic component before. It might appear overwhelming to such a person, though they could probably make it work. For someone who knows a little bit about electronics already (say they’ve already built a project or two) and wishes to learn about microcontrollers it would be great. One thing to be aware of. We used the manual and project code from the cd that came with the kit. There are couple of projects where the input and output connections shown in the wiring diagram are different from those in the program. Fixing this is trivial, but if you don’t notice you may wonder why a project does not work. We see the elegoo website has an updated manual and project code available for downloading. Perhaps this problem is fixed in the updated version, but we did not verify this.

As a retired electrical engineer, what a great collection of devices which includes a full microcomputer to play with. Back when we first got our degree something with all the capabilities found in this kit would have cost tens of thousands of dollars and used huge amounts of electricity. This is great for students to learn programming and make working electronic projects. Sure beats the erector sets and chemistry lab kits from when we were a kid. (chemistry lab kits seem to have been lawyered out of existence-sad to say. ).

Just leaving an initial review, having played around with it for the first time today, and also know that we are an adult with zero arduino experience. We have only unpacked it and got through the first two tutorials, the first a simple led blink program and the second the rgb led program. So far, it’s working as advertised, once you figure a few things out which is why we deducted a star. For starters, we tend to go online for the most recent updates, and while it was claimed the pdf tutorial was online, it wasn’t (not that we could find). It was on the provided cd though, so no worries. There were three ide downloads available for win, mac and linux nerds. We downloaded the windows version, no problems there. Clicking in it was easy to get to the development workspace, and we easily found the blink program already included there. However, the rgb led program was not, which was very confusing until we went back to the cd and found it in the files there. So, you will need to have a functioning cd, at least in our experience. That was the only initial downside. The pdf tutorial is amazing so far. In our limited experience as of now, it is very thorough regarding the wiring and schematics. Electrical schematics are provided, information for beginners is provided (for example resistor information and why you need them), theory is provided, as well as wiring diagrams along with actual pictures of what it should look like. The only thing that’s not discussed in depth is the coding itself. Yeah, if you have some coding knowledge you can work it out, since it is similar to other popular languages, but there isn’t an actual in-depth coding tutorial embedded. Some explanation is provided, but you will need to do some independent research probably, as will i. Overall, we are impressed. We hope to update this as we work through more of the tutorials. Ps: as should be expected, you will want a bigger organizer box than it came shipped in. That’s pretty much true for most of the things you might buy though.

Hands down, this is the best experience that ive had on so far. The hardware that comes inside of this box is top-notch, and the project lessons that they send you are easily done. We are complete noob (almost) to the arduino maker scene, but the lessons on the cd that elegoo sends along with this kit are amazingly simple, yet theyre capable of teaching even someone who has no prior experience to things like this. We seen a few comments where people were having trouble using the cd, or the tutorial that comes on the cd. But we have no clue what is going on with that. Mine worked. Completely. We almost want to say that those are user errors, because everything that ive bought from elegoo has been top-notch, and of immensely great quality. By the way, if you do end up having any kind of issue, their customer service is very quick to respond, as they responded within like. 3 hours of us sending them an email, and they were ready to send us something for our troubles, after helping us through our issue. Although we did politely decline this gift, them offering it has earned them a life time customer. Did we mention that the boxes they send stuff in are amazing?? even the wires and resistors that they sell, come in a very high quality box. All in all, this was hands down the best purchase that ive made in our life. If youre wanting to get something to entertain you and someone special for weeks to come, and learn something along the way. This product and this company are highly recommended. Actually, we wouldnt recommend any one else. Elegoo all the way. Dpsedit: so, after a long and tough battle with thieving neighbors (this has nothing to do with elegoo, its not their fault), elegoo decided to be a champion and send us the item that was missing. Free of charge. Even though it wasn’t their fault in the first place, elegoo, out the the kindness of their heart’s are replacing the item that is missing. We do not usually write reviews about companies, because they don’t usually inspire us to do so, but elegoo as a whole has done something that we will never forget, and has earned themselves a lifetime customer. The biggest thing is, that the products themselves are extremely high quality. Honestly, it’s almost an addiction. We love the dupont wires that they sell (which we have many of now), and the packaging that everything comes in is just utterly amazing. All in all, if you’re looking for a company that you can trust, that has a very quick and responsive customer support team, backs all of their products, packages that have meaning and usefulness to them. Then look no further. This is that company, and they sell even more unique and high quality products on their website. We believe even 3d printers. To elegoo: thank you, and we look forward to working with you guy’s (and girls and everything in between) again.

Update: elegoo sent us a new sensor, jumper wires, and a new case to replace the defective ones. Though a little more up-front quality assurance would save us both time and money in the long run, we are happy that they came through and did the right thing. We have adjusted this review to 5 stars because they did end up coming through in the end. We bought this kit for our project collection. It joins several raspberry pis and a few other electronics kits. Thus, we have something to compare this kit to. First the good: the kit is very complete. It is neatly packed and comes with vivid descriptions and pictures of the various components. They tossed in some extra rgb leds. We didn’t use the cd that came with the kit – we grabbed it from their site instead. Project guides are very easy to follow, though having an electronics background helps. The resistors are labeled well for those who don’t know the coding system. Now for the not-so-good: the included components vary widely in quality. The humidity sensor, for instance, was doa. Contacting support was fruitless; they just had us try a different sketch and library. It still didn’t work and we got nothing but silence from elegoo. If you buy this kit, don’t expect any type of useful support or replacement parts. The breadboard that is included is of surprisingly good quality. Mine had an adhesive backing we could use for mounting in a project box. The jumper wires are pretty poor; we would suggest getting higher quality ones though if you want good connections. These wires just tend to roll around loosely in the breadboard, whereas the higher quality ones we had worked fine. Lastly, the plastic case that the entire kit comes in is already falling apart. It’s cracked and the hinges fall off if you breathe on it hard. All in all this kit is middling in quality and support is non-existent. Expect a few broken parts. But if you are looking for an arduino to play on and you want to get a couple of decent components then this is your kit.

We have had this kit for about a day and completed 2 different builds with our daughter. Thus far, we thoroughly love how elegoo puts their kits together. Packaging is great, parts thus far have been of high quality, and documentation is included on a cd. We are quite satisfied with our purchase. Using their documentation and some hints from the exploring arduino book by jereour blum, our daughter and we built two different circuits tonight with the arduino. Project one was a circuit that activated a fan and toggled led lights from green to red when the temperature got too high. Once the temperature dropped low enough, the fan slowed and stopped and the leds toggled from red to green. Project two was a minwe alarm for her room that sensed motion and activated a piezo and lights. We could have added sound sensors and a keypad for additional functionality as all of the parts were included in the kit but we had fun non-the-less. Again, thoroughly satisfied with our purcha

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