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EPI-TEMP Epipen Insulated Case for Kids - Adults

EPI-TEMP Epipen Insulated Case for Kids – Adults

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of EPI-TEMP Epipen Insulated Case for Kids – Adults.

  • Feel confident your epinephrine autoinjector is stored safely during both warm or cold weather climates for up to 2 hours of ambient temperature exposure; Made of soft but sturdy neoprene material that opens and shuts with reversed zipper placement and provides 2 external side pockets for your allergy information or Food Allergy Action Plan
  • Comes with 2 Free sets of non-toxic, plant-based phase change material (PCM) inserts made by PureTemp wonderful technology chosen to harness the appropriate heat exchange index to regulate the temperature inside the case within recommended range (59 ° 86 ° F or 15 ° 30 ° C)
  • ‰ Leave your autoinjector (up to 3 Epipens or 4 Auvi Q) inside the case (7 x 4 x 2 inches) at room temperature as the included PCM recharges and easily carry it around as it hooks to a belt with the included carabiner or as it fits nicely into your bag or backpack
  • ‹ Quickly exchange the PCM inserts according to the appropriate temperature or weather climate outside after recharging them at room temperature without having to use batteries or any electronic equipment
  • ‘  « Be proud of displaying the pouch as one of 3 attractive colors (Teal, Green, Gray) and when your friends ask what it is, take the opportunity to educate them and advocate about your food allergies; † This innovative EPI-TEMP idea designed by a teenager with food allergies, won the 2017 FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Young Innovator Award; Makes a great gift for friends and family who suffer from food allergies

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More Info:

Here are some more information on EPI-TEMP Epipen Insulated Case for Kids – Adults.
Color:TealTake your epinephrine autoinjector wherever you go inside this SMART portable, lightweight carrying case to keep it at safe temperature range. The Carrying Case or Pouch
The EPI-TEMP pouch is lightweight, soft but sturdy, made of thick opaque light-protecting neoprene material and measures a compact 7 x 4 x 2 inches when fully expanded and accommodates up to 3 Epipens or Auvi-Qs. It is available in 3 brilliant colors: TEAL, GREEN, GRAY
The front neoprene pocket and the transparent back pocket can house important allergy-related information such as a food allergy action plan or medication product inserts.
About Phase Change Material (PCM)
Phase change materials (PCM) are substances that absorb and release thermal energy during the process of melting and freezing. When a PCM freezes, it releases a large amount of energy in the form of latent heat at a relatively constant temperature. Conversely, when such material melts, it absorbs a large amount of heat from the environment. PCMs recharge as ambient temperatures fluctuate, making them ideal for a variety of everyday applications that require temperature control.
How it all works
The included 2 sets of interchangeable PCMs (1 set for HOT weather and 1 set of COLD weather) are inserted in the inside mesh pockets and keep the inside temperature within the range (59 ° 86 ° F or 15 ° 30 ° C) of permitted excursion temperatures for epinephrine for up to 2 hours of continued exposure to outside ambient temperatures.
The PCMs are rechargeable without the use of batteries Just take them back to room temperature for 20-25 minutes or for a quick recharge run or soak them under room temperature tap water for about 5-10 minutes.
PCM PureTemp 18 & 28 supplied by Entropy Solutions, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on EPI-TEMP Epipen Insulated Case for Kids – Adults.

Question Question 1

Are The Change Material Inserts Approved For Plane Travel?Has Anyone Had Issues With The Tsa When Traveling With Them?

Yes, we have used them many times in travel on planes and have not had any issues with TSA. It is always good to inform them you are carrying an injectable medication.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on EPI-TEMP Epipen Insulated Case for Kids – Adults, these might be useful for better understanding.

We have had both epipen and auvwe q autoinjectors and carry them around in a silly thin case that offers no protection in case we are outside in the cold winter temperatures or hot summer weather. Our dad found these epi-temp carrying cases that keep our epipens or auviq safe wherever we go as a busy teenager. So we have migrated our autoinjectors to a safer place. He got us all three different colors but we like the teal and green ones. Happy happy teen .

These are the perfect size for transporting 2 epipens, benadryl, and information. The colors are bright and make it easy to locate them on the run. Also very protective.

The items arrived as expected and everything was complete. The instructions were very easy to follow. We chose the teal color and very are pleased with it. We used to worry about storing the epinephrine auto injectors safely, especially during the hot summer months. We re so glad to have found epi-temp to help with that. Now, we just have to worry about planning more outings. Thank you.

Great product for a safety product.

Great case for epwe pen. It is compact, but can hold an epwe pen and other meds. The special inserts to keep the contents in the case cool work. Highly recommend.

Good size for keeping it discrete, and does the job for keeping the epwe pen cool.

Love love love this epwe pack. We live in arizona and am constantly concerned about having our epwe pens in the heat for too long as they need to be temp controlled. We don t have to worry with this little pack. We can be at the park for hours in the heat and our pens are great.

Worth the money. So far only used it during the summer though. Finally something for cold and hot protection.

Love this. We have been looking for a product that hold an epwe pen in different weather conditions. Durable and worth the price.

This pouch was perfect for us traveling especially during the summer months. Convenient and offers a peace of mind that the epwe and auvi-q are kept in safe temperatures.

We like that this holds our sons benadryl and two audi-q dispensers. The temperature inserts are bit awkward to insert in the pouch though.

Finally got our girlfriend to carry it with her at all times.

We love that this case addresses the temperature needing to be within a certain range. We have been using a frio wallet for our sons epwe owns for years and while it did keep them from getting too hot in summer, it did nothing to address extreme cold in new england winters. (and it was too big for our son to self carry. )we took this to our local seamstress and had her sew on a stretchy jogging belt (the kind you are meant to put your phone in while you jog that got at dollar tree). It s perfect now. He self carries and it s safe from extreme termps in either direction. We are seriously considering buying another one and having it sewn on a shorter belt, so that it can be an ankle holster (like the omax care) under his boot cut jeans in the winter, but this one would be better, again bc of the temptcontrolling packets and secure zipper all the way securing his epwe pens. In short, we love this thing.

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