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Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom - Humidifier with Essential Oil

Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom – Humidifier with Essential Oil

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom – Humidifier with Essential Oil.

  • COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER – Featuring a 6L (1.6gal) tank, with a super high mist output our ultrasonic humidifier for bedroom works with rooms up to 500 square feet and lasts 50 straight hours.
  • ESSENTIAL OIL TRAY – Features a tray where you can add essential oils similar to an oil humidifier diffuser. The cool mist air humidifier fan then circulates the oils into the mist giving you a clean, pure and fresh smelling aroma. Ideal baby humidifier featuring a blue LED nightlight.
  • HELPS REDUCE ILLNESSES – Decrease the risk of illness by keeping the relative humidity above 43. A humidifier in the bedroom or nursery helps provide adults and babies with a good night’s sleep by diffusing moisture into the dry air, helping with coughs and clearing sinuses.
  • AUTO SHUT OFF – The vaporizer humidifier will automatically turn off when it runs out of water preventing damage to the unit and keeping you safe.
  • NO EXPENSIVE FILTERS NEEDED – Our unique design eliminates the need for a filter, making us the best ultrasonic humidifier on the market.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom – Humidifier with Essential Oil.
Color:BlackThe Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier is designed not only to serve its true purpose as a full room humidifier, but it also functions as an oil diffuser with a dedicated aroma tray. Unlike any humidifier on the market, this is a combination of a large capacity 5L humidifier and an oil diffuser. Simply add your favorite essential oils to the tray, fill the tank with water, and head into deep relaxation.IMPORTANT NOTE When re-filling the water tank, remove water tank from base and cover the bottom of the water tank with a towel to avoid condensation from dripping on the floor.Specifications:Water Tank Capacity: 6L (1.6 gal) Power: 22WMist Output: 120-270ml/hrRun-time: 22-50hrs based on mist outputFilter Required: NOFeatures:Essential Oil Diffuser360 ° Dual Mist NozzlesFully Adjustable Mist Output LevelLED Night LightAuto Shut Off Safety FeatureWater Level Indicator WindowWide mouth water tank opening for easy filling and cleaningEasy grip handleNon Slip BaseCord Storage on bottom of baseETL/UL certifiedBPA free

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom – Humidifier with Essential Oil.

Question Question 1

How Easy Is It To Clean This Unit?

we live in an area that has soft water so haven’t had any mineral issues. we have not seen any algae build up as of yet. Looking at it while apart for filling we don’t see where it would be hard to clean with some soap and water with a bottle brush to get in the tight spots and tank. Iv’e had great luck with this unit and w we live in an area that has soft water so haven’t had any mineral issues. we have not seen any algae build up as of yet. Looking at it while apart for filling we don’t see where it would be hard to clean with some soap and water with a bottle brush to get in the tight spots and tank. Iv’e had great luck with this unit and would recommend it. It is very quiet unlike others that we have had in the past and puts out copious amounts of vapor.

Question Question 2

Why Is The Power Green Light Not Turning On? We Have Tired Numerous Outlets And The Blue Light Works, But The Power Light Is Not?

we shared this issue. Try taking the top tank off and emptying the bottom tray. This is the best essential oil/cool mist humidifier. we had to return the first one. This one was going to work. Internet will just try to sell you one. Had to figure it outHope this suggestion helps you. Enjoy.

Question Question 3

What Is The Warranty On This Product?

dear seller, we’ll provide helpful clicks/Votes/Report Abuse (it’s help for negative reviews downing) and Q/A services, also your this product have 2/3 negative reviews, it’s really harming to selling. so iy you want down your negative reviews, plz contact us_ skype: live:seofor 247

Question Question 4

We Didn T Fill It With Water Last Night. Today We Found That There Is No Water And The Red Light Is On. When We Fill It Up Again, It Doesn’T Work. Why?

try interconnecting the power cord if it still does not work you might have overheated the motor if it ran all night without water

Question Question 5

How Can We Get The Most Function To Work Again? Tried Options In Manual And It Still Won T Work.?

You mean the force of the air?

Question Question 6

Can We Use This To The Leaving Room?

Yeah you can use it anywhere just be careful not to put it too high, then you end up with a puddle of water.

Question Question 7

When We Use The Unit On High Water Condensate All Around The Base?

we would suggest an inquiry to Customer Support on this one. we do not have a clue as to the reason for the condensation around the base.

Question Question 8

Is This Humidifier A Good Match For Hard Water From A Private Well?

we have only used distilled water.But considering how much it uses, we will probably srart using tap water soon.

Question Question 9

What Is The Power Consumption For This Unit?

About 50 watts.If running 24/7, it would cost about $4.50 for three months.

Question Question 10

Where Does The Water Go In This Thing? It Seems Easy But Not To Me.?

Lift off the top part.Turn it over.You will see a dial to open it and fill it.

Question Question 11

Is This Bpa Free?

we think yes

Question Question 12

If There Is No Filter, How Do You Clean And What Parts Need Cleaning?

we have well water so we are not sure about other water types, but mine develops a brown film in the base. You can wipe it or rinse it and there s instructions in the manual on what way to dump the water out as to not get it in the electrical parts. The tank stays pretty clean however the hole is large enough that our hand we have well water so we are not sure about other water types, but mine develops a brown film in the base. You can wipe it or rinse it and there s instructions in the manual on what way to dump the water out as to not get it in the electrical parts. The tank stays pretty clean however the hole is large enough that our hand can fit inside to clean it.

Question Question 13

Is This Bpa Free?


Question Question 14

We See Conflicting Answers To Whether You Can Run It With The Lights On. Can You Turn All The Light Off And Still Run It Only Some Of The Lights?

as long as it is turned on the indicator light on the front will either be green for working properly or red for water empty or malfunction. the light on the side will only show you the water level. it can be either on or off during operation. hope this helps. we are extremely satisfied with this product

Question Question 15

Can You Use Well Water With This Unit?

we do. we find that when we use well water or tap water a white film starts to coat the tank and the base where the water fills, but as long as you clean it regularly it’s fine. we have been using it this way for the last few months and have had no issues.

Question Question 16

After Using All Night On Lowest Setting, Our Floor Is Absolutely Soaked In The Morning. There Is A Puddle Surrounding The Humidifier. Is This Normal?

we keep seeing people say that the unit leaked everywhere or there s a puddle around the unit. The problem is you have it cranked up to a HIGH AMOUNT of humidity. Therefore, it s going to make for a moist area when the mist falls around to the floor or table.where the unit is sitting. It s NOT LEAKING . ?? Spread a to we keep seeing people say that the unit leaked everywhere or there s a puddle around the unit. The problem is you have it cranked up to a HIGH AMOUNT of humidity. Therefore, it s going to make for a moist area when the mist falls around to the floor or table.where the unit is sitting. It s NOT LEAKING . ?? Spread a towel in the spot where it gets wet, or turn down the volume of the humidity. ??????

Question Question 17

Do These Humidifiers Leave A White Coating On Things In The Room?

We have been using the humidifier for several weeks and have noticed anything like that. The walls in the room are an off white and we use only water, no essential oils. The unit works great and is very quiet. The blue led light is a nice, low key night light as well.

Question Question 18

Was Just Wondering About The Warranty On This Product. The Turn Knob For The Mist Flow Has Pushed In And Is Completely Loose. No Matter How High We Tur?

we would check your paperwork that came with your product and it should tell you about the warranty information you are seeking.

Question Question 19

Water Tank Is Full But Still Its Showing Red Light.?

our water tank is full. Turned it on and off again multiple times. Changed the water. Still red light. Also where the knob is it broke and is recessed

Question Question 20

How Long Is The Power Cord?

The cord is 5′ long. we run this humidifier daily, don’t let the relatively short cord be the deal breaker.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom – Humidifier with Essential Oil, these might be useful for better understanding.

Love this humidifier. We have had some in the past that leak and ruin things. This one puts out so much mist and doesn t leak. We have been using it constantly for about a week and have had no problems. While we were moving it, it tipped back a little bit and the emergency shut off shut it off immediately so we can trust that it is safe. It also does shut off when it s empty. We found that if we put it on the ground, the ground got a little wet from the mist. But when we put it on top of a shelf, (where we wanted it but was afraid it might leak and ruin it) nothing around it is wet. If you are concerned with fingerprints, the black one does leave them. We don t imagine the white one would, but it s not a big enough deal for us to care. We are super happy with our purchase.

We have four of these, and they are very good humidifiers. Even with a whole house humidifier on one furnace our humidity levels in the house would drop to the 10% range during spans of cold weather when both gas furnaces were running often. This caused our wood floors to shrink, along with the dry itchy skin, and static electricity that happens with low humidity. Adding a another built-in humidifier on the second furnace isn’t an option due to the space where it s installed. So, we initially bought three of these to place in different rooms. Running non-stop on high for a few days they raised the entire house humidity to the low 30% range, so we added a fourth one to the loft area over the great room. The house now averages between 35-50% humidity depending on how often the furnaces run, which is perfect. We can easily lower their output setting on the dial when less is needed. When running on high we typically have to refill the 6 liter tanks twice a day, once in the morning, then before bed. On lower settings once a day is enough. They are nearly silent. We don t hear them running at all. No leaks, and the directional guide lets us set them to blow away from walls and furniture. Our only wish is that they could be filled from the top or had a handle to carry the tank. It can be awkward and cumbersome when the tank is full and trying to carry it from the sink to the unit. We typically have to hug it with both arms and it will get drops of water on our shirt, and then dribble on the floor when flipping it over to set on the unit. Top filling would have been ideal. We have to carry a hand towel with us when refilling to wipe up drops off the wood floors. But otherwise they have never leaked, the water is just from having to flip the tank over to set it in the base. We do really like the led lit water level window. It is very easy to see when they need to be refilled. We have not tried the tiny essential oil drawers, so no opinion there. Overall, we are very happy with these. Quality was consistent across all four. They work. They fixed our humidity issue, and life is much better when you don t want to claw the skin off your legs every day from dry air.

So far so good. We don’t know if you can see from the picture, but we have it up on high and it’s pouring out a lot of very fine misty steam. We really like it so far. Tonight will be the telling point for the unit because we need the room to be at a level of moisture that is comfortable for sleeping. Now that the air here has gotten very dry in the fall and winter, we are used to humidity, and as soon as the humidity goes away your skin and nose and mouth you can really feel how dry the air is; so we are hoping this humidifier does the trick, especially as far as making the bedroom comfortable for sleeping at night and we are really hoping that it keeps our husband from snoring all night. The unit is very quiet; it’s very modern-looking; you can also turn off the light. We are very light sleeper so again tonight is going to be the telling point for this unit; we can barely hear the thing running; it is super quiet, so we are really hoping that it helps us and our husband sleep really good tonight. We will update if we have any issues. So far we are impressed. *update: we slept like babies. He snored a little bit, but not like his usual “bear in the woods” snoring. And we didn’t wake up with dry mouth and nose. The tank was full when we started it well before bedtime – at least an hour before – and it still had water this morning at 5am. We had the unit on medium power; the only thing is the room has to also be pitch dark for us to sleep and we had to put a piece of black electrical tape over the green power button; we mean as long as it is putting out mist form the top you know it’s own, the light is rather unnecessary. The best part, we didn’t hear anything. It truly is very quiet. We might try the essential oil tray tonight with some lavender oil and give that a try. As long as this unit lasts long enough to feel that we got our money’s worth out of it, we are very, very pleased.

It s a great humidifier that does everything it was intended to do. The tank is huge. It is a nice perk since refilling a smaller tank every hour can get quite annoying. Even on max power, which is a strong mist, this humidifier still lasts for hours. One slightly annoying factor of this humidifier is all the unnecessary parts. The light, for example, is so small and unnoticeable there is no point in turning it on. The only partial exception to that is how it can tell you how much water is left in the tank, which is a bit useful? the fan design on top looked cool at first but started collecting dust a lot easier than if, perhaps, the surface was just smooth or curved or something. Overall, great humidifier with a few extra parts. Worth the price for us.

We have bought two of these units now, as we really liked the one and needed another. Our first one has started making a funny noise, but it still works ok. We would definitely buy this one again, it is easy to clean and the tank doesn’t get sliour if you don’t clean it daily, once a week works great, just like the instructions say. We really like this one, mainly because it doesn’t use a ton of water on the lowest setting, but it still has enough “steam” coming out. Others we have tried go through a full tank a night, as you can’t adjust the flow low enough. Definitely worth the $$.

So far so good. Super easy to fill, extremely quiet. So quiet the baby is sleeping right by it.

We love this humidifier. We had previously purchased the itvanila cool mist humidifier which we were initially pleased with, but after only a week it began to make loud noise all day. Really disappointing. So we put that one upstairs and we bought this one for the living room. So glad we spent the extra money. This one makes absolutely no noise at all. It s by far the quietest unit we have ever had, and we have now purchased three different brands. The capacity on this thing is huge which is great because we only have to fill it every couple of days. The led indicator light is very thoughtfully designed and a nice added feature. It makes it easy to know when it s time to refill. We are definitely buying a second one of these for our bedroom. We have an old crane in there and it is so loud we can t stand it. We hope this one has a long life.

We have had one of the old cool mist humidifiers for years, and lived with the god awful mess of the filters, and the noise, and the so-so performance in our master bedroom. We can’t say how pleased and surprised we are at this product’s performance thus far. It is very nearly silent, requires no filters (seriously, are those things disgusting and annoying to replace or what?), and we could tell the difference almost immediately. We also like the essential oils drawer; still messing with how much to put into the thing to get the right result. The water tank is plenty for a full 24 hours of run time and refilling it is super easy. Highly recommend this product.

Our 2 year old is suffering from nosebleeds at night. We live in desert where is very dry air. So we were advised by his pediatrician to get a humidifier. We were doing a lot of research before we got one and this one has a lot of good reviews. One of the things that attracted us was the fact that it lasts two to three nights before we have to refill the water again. Definitely a plus. It s very easy to clean, it s quite, has a little blue light that can be used as night light on f needed and awesome setting for the humidity. We use it on the minimal setting and it works great. Our son doesn t have nosebleeds so far and sleeps like a baby at night. This one is definitely a winner in our book. Will buy second one for sure for our room.

Just a great humidifier. We got the black one so it doesn t stand out grabbing your attention. Scented oils are very nice touch. At 1 1/2 gallons it can run for a day or two depending on your settings and it is unbelievably quite. If the operation light wasn t on or you couldn’t see the mist, you d never know it was running. We gave high grades for cleaning and durability but have not really had it long enough to qualify those stars although we believe they will stand the test of time.

We have only had it for a couple of days but we love it. We had a huge industrial size one that took up tons of room in our twins room last year. Our daughter has chronic lung disease and is on oxygen, she requires lots of humidity to not have nose bleeds during fall/winter. The huge one last year worked good but was loud and took up lots of room, also had to fill every day. This one is the perfect size. We had it on the last couple of days and the humidity in their room is perfect. It is also very quiet and a huge bonus is the essential oil tray. Definitely worth the buy and will be buying more for other rooms in the future.

We put this in our bedroom to help with sinus congestion. This thing is powerful. We cranked it up to high and woke up to 58% humidity, which makes you wake up feeling like you inhaled water. Turned it to low and got 49%, which ended up being about perfect. It can run for about 3-4 nights on low and the oil diffuser works well if you put enough oil in it. If you’re getting this for the same reason we did we would recommend getting a digital humidity gauge. They cost less than $10 and will let you figure out what level of humidity works best for you. We wake up feeling the least congested in the 48-50% range.

It s very amazing ??we like how much ?? comes outit s weird that the top tank doesn t lock in we guess the weight keeps it on the dock?has a nice side slot for oilshas a big tank??when it vapes it s quite but. You hear the gulp/ gulking sounds the water ?? makes moving from tank to the atomizerso if you re like us and complete silence bother you when you sleep?? and you hear a gulping sounds ever 5 mins or so it will probably bother you or notwe haven t cleaned it yet but hopefully it s easier to clean than the other filterless ones???? which get calcified from using tap water and it feels like you re chipping at a rock trying to get that off ??we love ?? it ????.

We ordered this to replace our current humidifier, which sounds like it could be on its last legs when you turn it on. This runs extremely quiet. Compared to the other one, you never even know it’s on other than the indicator light. Some cons: the other one has a handle to grab it after you fill it, this does not. It is a slippery thing to hold onto if it’s wet from filling. If you get it in black like we did, the white residue from not having replacement filters is visible on it. We are not bothered by this, but if you are anal about such things, get the white one. This is still a better option to replacing filters. All in all, great humidifier. We would definitely purchase again.

Our husband and we received our everlasting comfort ultrasonic cool mist humidifier about a week ago and we’ve been using it ever since. It was super easy to set up and it’s very easy to clean. We like to use our humidifier in our room at night it helps us sleep better as the air is not so dry. We love the essential oil tray compartment because not only does our humidifier helps to keep the air moist, but we enjoy aromatherapy at the same time. It’s also nice and quiet so no disturbances. We probably have to refill the tank with water, every 2 or 3 days it just depends on the use. In all, we love the simplicity of this humidifier. We definitely recommend it, it’s a good investment. If we have any problems we will definitely mention it here, but so far it’s working great and we haven’t had any issues.

We live in one of the upper floors of a high rise and due to the nature of older high rise buildings the hot, dry air always makes its way to the top. Combine this with a strong and constant air intake and you are faced with the difficult task of battling the humidity levels. The relative humidity in our apartment routinely drops below 25% and we have seen it as low as 17% at times. We did a lot of research into what type of humidifier would be the best value and would serve our needs and decided to go with an ultrasonic type because we did not want to keep paying for filters and figured ultrasonic would also be easier to clean. Here’s our take on this humidifier:pros:> controls – completely analog adjustable control for min to max mist output with a small indicator led to tell if the machine is running. This indicator also turns red when the machine auto stops due to low water level. > night light – we personally like sleeping in complete dark so we turn this off but we see the appeal of having a nice soothing glow> performance – this machine successfully maintains a humidity level near 40% (versus an average of 20% with no humidifier) throughout the night however this is only for a 160 sq ft room. We would say that if you have a space > 200 sq ft to look for a more powerful unit. > appearance – this is definitely sleeker and more modern looking than a lot of competitors so that is a nice touch by the manufacturer/designer. One downside however is that the plastic body is a fingerprint magnet. Cons:> refill design – there were some questionable design choices made here. In order to refill you remove the upper portion of the body and have to turn it upside down to unscrew the cap to the reservoir. However, after it has been running there is condensate (mist that has condensed back into water) in the top and when you flip it over this will all spill out so you either have to deal with that fact or unplug the entire unit and carry it to your sink. In fact the bottom is also wet from sitting in the bottom portion of the unit (which holds the water that is about to be ultrasonically misted) so both sides ends are wet. So no matter what you do you will have to deal with spilling some water somewhere. > cleaning difficulty – the opening to the removable tank is too small to fit your hands and therefore scrubbing the interior is impossible to prevent mildew which requires the use of cleaners or something like vinegar. The decorative top is also difficult to remove and was definitely a form over function choice. At least the bottom reservoir and the ultrasonic atomizer are accessible to be directly cleaned. We have had very little “dust” form around this humidifier due to using filtered water from our brita pitcher. People seem to have a stigma that ultrasonic humidifiers are unhealthy due to atomizing water along with all the minerals contained in said water but don’t seem to realize they breathe in thousands of particles of junk each day (smog, vehicle exhaust, dead skin, plant matter, pollen, spores, and a million more things) so in the grand scheme of things using regular filtered water is more than adequate.

Well it seems to work, and we are not having any leaking issues like some. We do have hard water, so am seeing the white film it seems all ultrasonic humidifiers are prone to. But there are couple design issues which are annoying. The top is difficult to remove to access the handle for carrying, it needs tabs or a lip to grasp to pull them off. So we just don’t bother getting a tool to pry them off. And no handle for carrying while full upside down makes it cumbersome to flip back over to set on the base, and while holding it under faucet to fill.

Loved this when we first bought it. Quiet, holds a lot of water, great essential oil tray. Then after a few weeks it started to leak- out of the base, and where the power cord went into the machine. This is probably because we accidentally filled the water in the top and you re not supposed to do that so water overflowed everywhere. We took a break for about 2 weeks and have since used it and things seem fine. Cleaning can be a pain, you need to dump out the water in the base- we do so after every use, just to avoid overflow. And hardwater builds up quickly so be sure to use purified water or clean everything every few weeks. Lastly, the tabs on the essential oil tray have broken off, so now getting the tray out, which is very small btw, is a pain. We still really enjoy this and it has helped so much with the dryness in our home, especially when we sleep.

Believe it or not, the everlasting comfort (sic) ultrasonic mist humidifier works. It’s plastic, it’s made in china, and its essential oil tray features a thin piece of sort-of-white, absorbent fabric that could very well have been produced by a maritime recycling scheme involving discarded clothes in little used ports of call. However, it, the humidifier, puts out a fine volume of hypersonically stimulated vapor that appreciably raised the humidity in a large room suffering from dry heat. It may even have stopped one or two piano keys from squeaking, which was the ominous development that motivated this purchase. It drips, but not a lot, when you have to refill the tank; we use ro water, so we have no idea how often you have to de-scale the machine. If you take the decorative top and vents off without knowing their purpose (and that you need to put them back, securely, before you run the machine) you will probably increase dripping by a lot, maybe exponentially, but this will likely help your humidity problem even before you turn the thing on. It features a blue night light, cutely (according to our daughter) named “led” that shows how much water remains in the tank.

It has done what we bought it to do. We have (15) orchids of different varities in our home office (we work from home) and needed to raise the humidity from the 40% – 43% range it was normally to at least 50%. The unit does that as long as we fill it twice a day and keep it running. It will stays between 50% & 53% in the high position of the knob. We have not experienced any white dust forming as some have mentioned. In response to some of the critical reviews we saw, we would caution new owners to expect some water to drip out of the unit when you lift the tank off the base and flip it over to refill. We deal with this by placing a small towel on the top of the unit to cover the vents, lift it straight up and rotate it up-side-down quickly. Then carry it to the sink, refill with water from our berkey big boy water filter. We will also just use tap water at times. We live in norther colorado and the water quality is pretty good and not too hard. We are very happy with it after the first week of use. We trust this will continue.

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