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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Father Johns Liquid.

  • cough relief
  • temporary relief
  • due to minor throat
  • Alcohol Free

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Where Can We Find Fatherjohn’S Near Naperville, Il (60565)?

you can buy it on

Question Question 2

Where Can Father Johns Be Purchased In Michigan?

Where can we find Father John’s near Naperville , IL(60565)?

Our Insights:

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Grew up on father johns (mom gave us a tablespoon every night before bedtime) and was so glad to find it again. Our 93 yr. Old mother lives with me, and we started giving it to her each night before bedtime to, hopefully, keep her from getting a cold through the winter. Seems to be working well, and is bringing back warm childhood memories for her as well. Definitely “multi-purpose”. 🙂 taste hasn’t changed much. We hadn’t started ourself on it, and caught a nasty cold. The cough was terrible, and kept us up all night, so we started taking father johns at bedtime. Worked wonders, and we slept like a baby. Worked better than any other over-the-counter nighttime medication out there, without the lasting side afftects.

Remember taking father john’s cough medicine as a little boy found it on ordered it thence decided to stock up on it for the winter great product.

The product was very late. It was a great deal for the product though.

Love this stuff. It keeps our 9 year old healthy. This was a go to medicine when we were growing up and we started using it immediately for our son. It smells like fish oil and reminds you of licorice.

We love the idea of being able to order our father’s john syrup online. The cost was around the same price we would find it in the store in our city, but we would forget to go before the drugstore closed. Great product to take during the cold weather season as it will keep your throat oiled.

We were raised on this syrup and we keep our kids on it and we rarely get sick.

We have been using this product for fifteen years. We make sure every winter morning our children take a spoonful.

We prefer these ingredients as opposed to today’s cold medicine ingredients, especially for children.

We ordered this for our entire family. We grew up in ohio and used it every winter to fight off that ohio cold. Best cold medicine in the world and was glad to see that it was still being made.

Our grandmother use to use this stuff. It tastes great if you like licorice. It really works, too.

Our mother use to give this to us growing up. It is a great cough syrup with positive results.

Our mom use to give us this when we were a kid, now we are giving it to our kids. Works great.

Order was delivered in a timely manner, package was wrap well price was good. Thank you.

It work on our cold.

Medicinal purposes.

Our 4 year loves the taste of it. We don’t, but it works for her coughs, so we love it.

Old time remedy.

Our sister loves this medicine. She has been using it every since we were kids. Thank you for keeping it in stock.

We have been taking this medication since childhood and we were glad to find it again. Great taste.

Our parents gave it to us when we were a young boy we gave it to our kids and now we make sure our grandkids take it.

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