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Product Description2009 debut album from the hotly tipped UK outfit fonted by Florence Welch. Lungs, produced by Paul Epworth, James Ford and Steve Mackay, is an intoxicating mix of delicate fragility, dark humor and twisted Tim Burton style fairy-tales. From the live favourite ‘You’ve Got The Love’ to the raw Blues-tinged ‘Girl With One Eye’ to the beautifully painful ‘Between Two Lungs’, the album is crammed with crowd pleasers. Also boasting fresh tracks like new single ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’, ‘Drumming’ – with its epic denseness, the terrifyingly brilliant ‘Howl’ and ‘Hurricane Drunk’ with it’s paradoxical charms of heartbreak, love and loss, Lungs promises to leave us wanting more of the insanely captivating Florence Welch.About the ArtistLet’s talk about magic. Because music, at its best, is a kind of magic that lifts you up and takes you somewhere else. “I want my music to sound like throwing yourself out of a tree, or off a tall building, or as if you’re being sucked down into the ocean and you can’t breathe,” says Florence Welch. “It’s something overwhelming and all-encompassing that fills you up, and you’re either going to explode with it, or you’re just going to disappear.” Florence writes her best songs when she’s drunk or has a hangover, because that’s when the freedom, the feral music comes, creating itself wildly from the fragments gathered in her notebooks and in her head. “You’re lucid,” she explains, “but you’re not really there. You’re floating through your own thoughts, and you can pick out what you need. I like those weird connections in the universe. I feel that life’s like a consistent acid trip, those times when things keep coming back.” Florence herself is a mass of contradictions: she’s tough yet she’s terrified, a bundle of nerves and passion, of darkness and pure joy. “I feel things quite intensely, which is why the music has to be so intense. I’m either really sad or really happy, I’m tired or completely manic. That’s when I’m at my most creative, but it’s also dangerous for me. I feel I could write some good songs, or break some hearts. Or tables. Or glasses.” As a performer she can seem fearless, but she’s also far too quick to pass judgement on herself. This is the woman, after all who got into Camberwell art college by making a huge floral sign telling herself `You are a twat.’ She says she’s a geek, who loses all control when in love. She’s also something increasingly rare and precious in a time of karaoke pop: an artist who has found her own, authentic voice. Her soaring, epic vocals, quirky melodies and self-contained musical world have already won her the 2009 Critics Choice Award at the Brits. Some compare her to Kate Bush. You’ll also find touches of Tom Waits and Nick Cave in her dark visions, and if you heard a little of Bjork too, she’d find it a compliment. But mainly, Florence is out on her own: an exhilarating place to be, she points out, but also a little scary. Her debut album `Lungs’ is made of harps, choirs, drums, elevator shafts, bits of metal, love, death, fireworks, string quartets, stamping, sighing, strange electronic wailing, lambs, lions, sick, broken glass, blood, moon, stars, drink, coffins, teeth, water, wedding dresses. and the silences in between. The songs are full of Gothic imagery, of fairytale flights of fantasy, and although much has been read into her lyrics, Florence says it’s usually simple. “Everything is about boys.” she laughs. “The whole album is about love – and pain. People see my lyrics as crazy, but to me it’s an honest, heartfelt album. I didn’t set out to be wacky. I just want it to be emotive.” Florence grew up in Camberwell, south London, the oldest of three children. One of her earliest musical memories is standing on top of the trunk where her dad kept his vinyl collection, dancing with him to the Rolling Stones. She started singing along to Nina Simone and Dusty Springfield at home, expanded her vocal range with arias, then became a pre-teen skatepunk before getting into drum’n’bass and dance music at squat parties. It’s an eclectic mix, but for her, the common thread is always the emotion. “Anything that has real feeling in it always excites me. Sam Cooke’s `A Change is Going To Come’, Eva Cassidy singing `Wade In The Water’, even Rhianna’s `Umbrella’ – I’m obsessed with music. I’ll play Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Bob Dylan’s `Hurricane’, Bruce Springsteen’s `Going Down’. I can’t stay in one place or genre. That’s why I had to make my own genre.” After her parents had separated, her mum fell in love with one of their neighbours. The two families moved in together and at the age of 13, Florence was suddenly one of six teenagers “I grew up in a weird brady bunch family, it was more like a tribe of teenagers than a regular upbringing. I had to share a room with my sister and my little brother had to sleep in a cupboard. Now, it’s nice having a big family. But then, it was a completely fraught environment. No wonder I went off the rails, because there was never any space at home. In that sort of situation, you have to become an individual.” Florence found her own space by going out to clubs and pubs, by singing onstage and in her bedroom. By the time she left school, she’d already written songs like `Kiss With A Fist’, and knew she wanted to make music but not how to go about it. So after a year working behind a bar she went to art school, making tents under the desk to sleep off her hangovers while trying to convince her tutors she was an installation. It wasn’t until she wrote the haunting `Between Two Lungs’ that it all came together. Instead of percussion, Florence pounded the studio walls with her hands. She built the melody on the piano even though it’s not an instrument she knows how to play, and recorded the backing vocals first, before writing the top line. It’s bonkers and totally unconventional, but of course it is also glorious – a strange but yearning song about losing yourself in love. “I’d found my voice, and I just felt euphoric,” she recalls. “It’s been a real process of me learning that the way I wanted to do it was the right way. This whole album has been about having faith in myself.” As for The Machine, it’s a flexible beast. It can go right down to Florence and a drum kit or a piano, but right now it’s a seven-piece band including long-term collaborators Rob Ackroyd (guitar), Chris Hayden (drums), Isabella Summers (keyboards) and Tom Monger (harp). “I’ve worked with most of them for a long time and they know my style, know the way I write, they know what I want.” Live, Florence and The Machine become an entirely different beast. No two performances are ever alike, and clad in clothes often culled from local second-hand shops that day, Florence goes at it like a woman possessed. “It’s just this sense of total freedom,” she says. “It sounds so cheesy, but I want to touch people. Not in a weird way. I just want to help them feel what I’m feeling.”

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If you want to buy it then you are probably already a fan, so we want to dispense with artistic critique and address something often not mentioned enough in customer reviews. The sound quality is top notch ,very well anchored vocal center image in the sound stage. We found it crisp, clear and not imparting too much boom or treble shrill. Not overly boosted in the mic’s vocal level and well balanced accurate instrument reproduction that seems properly neutral,but just a touch of a live ,or small venue feel from what was almost certainly a studio (we did not research it). An example of how a great album deserves a great level of recording quality.

Flo is all new to me, even with this lungs being 2009. Just got this lungs in oct 2016 here on . Impressive by any standard. Florence really is amazing. A very different type of music, and vocal ability too. Our brother just cannot appreciate this cd at all, but you really gotta listen to it carefully, over the course of a week, cosmic love is outstanding, but this cd does not have some great songs of hers (breaking down, breath of life, and “heavy. ” . Outstanding quality of her musicians, and mixers behind the music on the boards. Backup vocals are good, but are pale only because of her vocal power. Highly recommend this anyone even thinking of flo. We put this cd off for about 3 years, and wish we had not waited. We are getting her 2 cd pack, the digipak at about $19 here, which has many more of her newer, really good songs. Enjoy. She is all brit, and really amazing. Queen of england: florence welch.

Overseas act florence + the machine truly hit it big following an outstanding performance of ‘the dog days are over’ on the vma’s. It was the best of the night, and itunes downloads of the single surged accordingly. ‘dog days’ has a plinking introduction that bursts into a rooftop shouting chorus, stomping beats making up the backbone of the lyrics. Surprisingly, ‘the dog days are over’ is one of the weaker tracks on ‘lungs’. It’s difficult to comment on specific songs, due to the overarching togetherness that the album has, but there are definite standouts with not a weak track to be heard. The whole album has a very grand persona that permeates everything about it, with florence singing her heart out on the majority of these tracks. When she isn’t doing that, she is injecting the songs with a mischievous tone or singing over a beat as though she has all day to get the track recorded. All of these things add up to a fully formed persona for florence as an artist, something that rarely happens on a debut album. Highlights of the album include ‘howl’, a roaring anthem of a song, ‘girl with one eye’, a tension-laden girl fight, and ‘blinding’, an explosive track that has a killer chorus. The very centerpiece of the album, however, is ‘cosmic love’, the musical equivalent of the the first fourth of july. The beats pound with an urgency that is only exemplified by florence’s impassioned delivery, which all adds up to an epic single that could hold weight a decade from now. Most artists set out to create a foundation for their style with their first album. Florence has managed to burst onto the scene as a full-fledged artist with only one album. Combining alternative, indie, opera, rock, and pop into one distinct sound, florence + the machine has harnessed a sound all her own.

Florence + the machine are one of the few groups that are able to perfectly straddle the line between art and pop. The group’s debut, lungs, is a demonstration of great songwriting that is immediate, accessible, earnest, and streamlined. Starting with the beginning ukelele strums in “dog days are over,” to the closing howls of vocalist florence welch in “you’ve got the love,” this album is consistently good. Not only does f+tw straddle the art/pop line, but the music also strikes a great balance of natural rhythm and electronic instrumentation. At times, the music is tribal and energetic (like the opening track for example), and at others, the rhythm section is completely electronic (like in “howl”). The best songs on the album come from when the group tries to incorporate multiple musical facets into one track. When the group shoehorns their song into a defined genre, the results are middling; “kiss with a fist,” for example, is interesting for its punk-rock departure, but it isn’t the brightest spot on the album. Florence welch’s vocal delivery is mostly pretty good, however, there are few times when her voice wavers or falters (particularly in “we are not calling you a liar. “) her voice would become stronger with the follow-up ceremonials. Lungs is a great album, and a fantastic debut from a group that is worth watching. Rarely does a band deserve the mainstream attention it receives, but florence + the machine have been able to reach massive audiences with their brand of music. Standout tracks to sample/download: “dog days are over,” “rabbit heart (raise it up),” and “hurricane drunk. ” highly recommended.

It is rare to find an album in which every song speaks to you. Rarer still, that each song speaks to a different part of you. Florence + the machine’s eclectic style is seen in each song. “the drumming song” is a progressively exciting song, while “our boy builds coffins” is a new take on a seemingly mundane subject (and quite deep, we might add). Her voice lends well to the melodic music, but the use of instruments and background vocals adds to the depth of sound. For artists of all types looking for an inspirational atmosphere, playing florence would do the trick. Her songs have a way of dragging you into them and letting you frolic through the notes without knowing you are there. We often find ourself disappointed as the last note of a song plays only to be rejuvenated when the next one begins. They are by far one of the most overlooked talents in recent times. While finding comfort in a small following, the band re-released the album into a more accepting public and now find themselves growing in popularity. Another release of the album comes in december 2010 with a special edition containing songs from this version as well as ones never before heard. They also are planning on making an appearance on snl in november 2010. It is our hope that they will maintain their eclectic feel while finding great success in their new found popularity. For anyone wanting a different sound in their ears, this is the album/band to do it. Our hats off to florence.

We wrote this review for the b-sides cd but it applies here as well. Florence + the machine have been on our “to buy” list for some time now, but we have always been a little reluctant to take the plunge. However, today we did, and we are thoroughly impressed. We are not sure what we expected, but they are better than we expected. We believe we read a review that compared them to paramour, that’s not even close. F+m have far more musicality. We sense aspects of lady gaga, even though we are not a fan of hers, but it’s very subtle, probably more in the theatrics than anything. However, we do hear shades of annie lennox and certainly aspects of chrissie hynde and the pretenders, not only in the vocals, but in the music as well. The nod to robert palmer’s addicted to love is priceless. Needless to say we are pleasantly surprised and have been wearing out the grooves in the mp3 album since we downloaded it. This part only applies to the b-sides cd:we might also add that this is the first download we have gotten from that came with the digital booklet. So what’s up with that ? we see these digital booklets offered with a multitude of digital downloads and this is the only one that it came with the download. We think you’ve been holding out on us. Tremendous thumbs up to f+m for making this happen. The digital booklet is a great extra, vivid color photographs of florence and the band as well as lyric annotations to the images and liner notes. Thanks for thinking of your fans, because you have a new one in us and we are looking forward to the next release.

“lungs” by florence + the machine is a diverse and very magical debut album. There is a little bit of everything on this disc, baroque pop, punk, alternative, rock, and even shades of bluegrass. Florence welch proves she’s a talented vocalist and songwriter. Her lyrics are cryptic and quite powerful especially on the track “cosmic love” in which she proclaims to her emotionally disconnected lover, “and in the dark we can hear your heartbeat, we tried to find the sound but then it stopped, and we were in the darkness – so darkness we became. ” we can honestly say that “lungs” and her follow-up album “ceremonials” are worth every penny. Her music is so poetic and sometimes tongue-in-cheek such as “kiss with a fist”. “you hit us once, we hit you back, you gave a kick, we gave a slap. You smashed a plate over our head, and then we set fire to our bed. ” we love all 13 tracks, especially “rabbit heart” (raise it up), “howl”, “you’ve got the love”, “between two lungs”, and the smash hit “dog days are over”. The best track on “lungs” is “blinding” which is produced by paul epworth who would go on to produce “ceremonials”. Florence welch is definitely a force to be reckon with. We highly recommend this beautiful, timeless album.

Florence + the machine are simply phenomenal. Please, if you haven’t yet, listen to the samples that so kindly provides. Now, keep in mind that we did this very same thing ourself, but still wasn’t entirely convinced on this album. But with so many glowing reviews, how could so many people be off base? so we bought it on some partial listening and the faith of the masses. And we were not let down at all. These songs are unique enough to stand out in today’s crowded music scene. They are well crafted, blending powerful drum beats, melodious keyboards, and soothing harp chords (harps being in our opinion one of the most underutilized instruments out there today). And over it all, florence has a set of lungs that can knock your socks off, which leaves no question in your mind as to where the name of the album came from. But above all else these songs can best be described as majestic, which is in part why the little snippets don’t do it any justice. These songs are suited to big sound and an enveloping atmosphere. Florence + the machine is now the band to watch for us, and will certainly occupy a favorites spot for us on any playlist.

We first was introduced to flo + the machine from the eclipse soundtrack. Their track heavy in your arms was hauntingly beautiful and one of the best on the album. We then saw their live performance on snl and was easily blown away. We bought the album the next day and have not gotten it out of our head since. Upon first listen we thought each song brilliantly different, each with its own hook that made us move, and we knew then they would all eventually grow on me. But instead of the norm with the sounds seeping into familiarity with repetition, this album inhabited us very much like a fever. Low grade at first, then bursting to flames especially once we realized each lyric. Florence welch’s lyrics are profoundly bold in their honesty, laced with morbidity about love and loss which makes them that much more demanding to be heard. Almost scary that someone so young has experienced so much, but we chalk it up to raw talent. And that is what makes florence + the machine one of the top artists to watch out for from this day forward. As life evolves for miss welch, we are eager to hear how it unfolds in her lyrics and told by her voice, not unlike a great novel.

Don’t even questioning buying this album. If you like any of the singles from florence and the machine, you will hear nothing but more of what you like. This album has not a single dull song: we expected at least one poorly-executed, boring, obligatory electro-chanteuse number, but we are disappointed. All of the songs are positively engaging and the lyrics are brilliant and provocative. We write away quoted this is spinal tap, saying “every song on this record is a hit. ” but we weren’t kidding. “kiss with a fist” is probably the worst song on this album and it is awesome. We also expected the album to sound as dry and non-musical as most recent recordings. Instead the production and recording are superb, with clear keyboards, the harp and the awesome, loud drums. We are on the verge of not being able to listen to this while we work since we find it so captivating. As we said, if you like “dog days” or any of the other singles, you will only hear more excellent, well-performed and well-recorded songs. We already think florence is brilliant and we can’t wait to hear her next work.

We usually stick to book reviews, but lungs is such a strong album that it deserves all the praise it can get. As debuts go, we would rate it up there with those of torwe amos and tracy chapman. (though in fairness to amos, the starkly personal nature of her lyrics in little earthquakes would give it a slight edge over lungs. ) the lyrics are poetic, and the music is energetic and gripping–a blend of amos, sarah maclachlan, and kate bush, all seemingly fired up on a six-pack of red bull. There isn’t a weak track on this album, though the blazing gems of “dog days are over”; “rabbit heart”; “drumming song”; and “cosmic love” stand out. The only thing missing would be a ballad suitable for slow dancing in the dark, though arguably that would be inconsistent with the album’s energy level. All in all, this is a great one for almost anything–a gray day in the office or an open sunswept highway. We are hooked. 4-1/2 pulsing white-hot stars.

Good quality pressing. Single lp black vinyl in a semwe gloss gatefold. Inner sleeve is high gloss inside and out, printed with song credits on one side and a picture on the other. Comes with a download code on a small card.

Finally, a cd to be excited about. Florence has the power of dolores o’riordan and the ethereality of the cocteau twins. All of the tracks are great, but nine of them are phenomenal. And six of them absolutely give us goosebumps every time we hear them (dog days, rabbit heart, howl, hurricane drunk, cosmic love, and blinding). There is something about the power of her voice, paired with unique percussion that surpasses anything else we have heard in the last few years. It’s seemingly of another time and place. From the land of kings and enchantment. That sounds corny, we know, but it is rare that an album, in its entirety, has that kind of power to transcend the here and now. The music is eery, haunting, sonorous and stentorian. Each song has a (heart)beat that brings it alive. We love it, love it, love it. It’s definitely not more of the “same old same old. ” saying it is highly recommended is a gross understatement. Florence is the new “it girl. “.

We are not a music critic, so we won’t try to impress you with fancy words or about the deeper meaning behind any of the songs on this album. We very rarely share our opinion, but we felt compelled to do so for florence and the machine. We have a very limited attention span and generally listen to about 30 seconds of a song before it bores me. However, this entire album is fantastic. Miss florence’s voice is amazing. We can put this entire album on repeat. Our personal favorite on the album is “girl with one eye,” which is a breath of fresh air. Although a tad morbid, the idea is original and the vocals are passionate and superb. We are sure we have received many looks while stopped at a traffic light as we sing our heart out to this song. Of course “kiss with a fist” and “howl” are the songs that most are familiar with (both great), but be sure to also check out the florence’s vocal range in “rabbit heart (raise it up)” and the unusually peppy “our boy builds coffins. “we are only sorry that this is her debut album. We want more.

Love florence. We collect and play vinyl, we have wanted this album for a while, but when our fiance’s birthday was approaching (she is a bigger florence fan than i) we decided to give this album to her as a birthday gift (win win for us), well she was super happy, we threw it on the turntable immediately, as good as florence sounds on the radio, her voice was nearly haunting coming off of the vinyl. Get this album, you wont be sorry.

We purchase this cd because of wandering through f+m youtube videos. Her voice is sometimes soothing and may, at other times be an octave too high for some. The cd quality is not the best. Maybe engineering or compression issues. We would like to hear this as a flac file. We have a wide variety in our taste in music, & enjoyed most of the songs. A lot of the melodies were haunting, (some call it ‘dark’). We thought the rest of the band are good compliment to florence’s unique style. The songs vary in their type. Some are calm, others invigorating. We think she is an artist that is better live, because the cd can’t capture her stage presence. As neil young has said; “live music’s better. Bumper stickers should be issued”.

Pipes and lyrics, to boot: we highly recommend the album, aptly-titled “lungs” by the band florence + the machine; especially the song “dog days are over”. The artist’s incredible, lilting voice, combined with the biting lyrical witticism of her music, makes for addictively hypnotic listening – you’ll want to play it again and again. The quality of florence welch’s serenading is stunning, and her vocal range is immense. The originality of the music, combined with its incredible pace and rainbow-like auditory layering, makes us feel like we are in the middle of the coolest rock concert ever – right in our own living room. Thank you for sharing this music with me, matthew. – chipper f. Xavier, esq.

We don’t know if it is unhealthy to listen to each song a cd hundreds of times and still not be sick of it, but regardless this cd is fabulous. Everything and we mean everything about it is perfect. We were a small fan of florence+the machine, having heard a few of her songs before, but now we are huge fan. Her music is strange, sometimes a little creepy or weird, in a really enjoyable way and we love that an artist has gone out of boundaries and made something that does not sound like every other album. Her voice is beautiful and soulful sounding as well, overall a very fresh sound. Also we are dancer and have found a lot of her songs to be choreography worthy and can’t wait to see what we can come up with. If you like one of her songs then we are sure you will like her whole cd, it is really that good. Happy listening.

We heard of florence from our english girlfriend. She showed us the rabbit heart song. Kinda liked it and for some reason, we started browsing her songs on youtube and we started liking most of her songs. Eventually falling in love with it. So we bought this deluxe cd/dvd set. Most of the songs are really amazing. She has a really beautiful voice. We don’t think anyone would regret buying her cd. We don’t really know what or how to explain it but if you like a fine frenzy, you’d love this too. Only difference is that florence is louder. More of a renaissance feel. Expect harps, piano and drums like huge drums in most of her songs. Her lyrics are beautiful too. Mostly about. Hmm. Like guilty stuff? you can tell by just reading some of her song titles. And we are pretty sure you know why she called her cd “lungs”. By the way, we love the dvd, it’s so clear. Or maybe it’s just ’cause we play it on bluray. 🙂 but yea. Florence is awesome. :).

A friend sent us a link to youtube to hear florence & the machine and once we saw that we had to watch many of the videos. At 59 we are probably not her hottest market age but we love her music. That day we ordered “lungs” and her second cd at the same time. We got the bonus edition so we could get as many of her song as are released. Fantastic flow of music. We can’t understand what the lyrics are so we looked on-line to read them. Strange. But nothing objectionable to me. She isn’t singing about blowing up the world or killing your neighbors. We play her music on shuffle & repeat all day long while working and it keeps us going. Two thumbs up and all.

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