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GENIANI Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of GENIANI Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.

  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY – Risk Free Purchase.
  • NO NOISE – JUST FRESH AIR. Geniani humidifiers fills your room or office with clean and fresh air and makes your work and daily activities much more pleasant and efficient.
  • 3L WATER TANK. Even a large room or office (on the high mist setting) will be full of fresh and clean air for 12 hours. If you have a smaller room (on the low setting), 3 liters is enough to produce air moisture up to 24 hours.
  • NIGHTLIGHT FOR BETTER SLEEP. Geniani cool mist humidifier helps you have a better relax at night with the soft light.
  • AUTOMATICALLY TURNS OFF. If during the night a humidifier happens to be out of the water, you can sleep tight – it automatically shuts down and turns on after you refill it.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on GENIANI Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.

Question Question 1

Can You Shut Off The Nightlight?

Yes, you can shut off the night light.

Question Question 2

Are Dimensions Really 28X16 Inches(Not Cm)?It Sounds Humongous For A 3L Humidifier. Or, Are They 28Cm X 16Cm?

Diagram in photo on product page says 4L is 13×8 inches. 3L is 12×8 inches.

Question Question 3

Can You Reach All The Areas On The Inside To Clean?

No, you cannot. You can reach opposite the opening in the tank. It s blocked by the center tube.

Question Question 4

How Do You Spread It In 2 Directions Simultaneously?

You can direct 360-degree nozzle in the direction you need.

Question Question 5

Can You Use Tap Water Or Does It Have To Be Distilled?

We recommend bottled or distilled water.

Question Question 6

Normal Humidityis 40 To 60 %, Our Apartment Is Always 10-39%, Even With This Humidifier On??

Might need a bigger humidifier

Question Question 7

The Unit Is Suppose To Turn Off Automatically But When The Water Is Low A Red Light Appears. So Our Question Is, When Does It Actually Shut Off ?

The humidifier function is turned off, power is still applied to the unit so the Red light and night lights will stay on.Misting is stopped and not powered.Hope this helps.

Question Question 8

What Color Is The Nightlight And Is There Multiple Color Options For The Night Light?

The nightlight is blue, there is no multiple color option.

Question Question 9

Can You Use Tap Water ?

yes, we have used tap water, however have we got our reverse osmosis filters changedwe went back to thatwe do have a softener and that works. The little thing is so helpful as we have electric heat in our lower level and our furniture will shrink if we do not use it,automaticshut off & that helps. yes, we have used tap water, however have we got our reverse osmosis filters changedwe went back to thatwe do have a softener and that works. The little thing is so helpful as we have electric heat in our lower level and our furniture will shrink if we do not use it,automaticshut off & that helps.Good luck, we also use one on main floor too, really helps maintain humidity level in winter time.

Question Question 10

Our Humidifier Stopped Working Yesterday After 1 Year. How Can We Get This Replaced?

Here is a link, although you should be able to pull this up under your orders. If you look under where it says “add to cart” you will see “sold by”, click there and you can contact the seller. https://www. .com/gp/aw/d/B07KLXK4DJ?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

Question Question 11

Is This Made Out Of Bpa Free Plastic?

Yes, the humidifier is made of BPA free.

Question Question 12

How Do You Fill This, What Is The Size Of The Opening?

Easy unscrew the fill hole and add distilled water(preferred) or tap. DO this in the sink. Size about 2.5″ across. our hand can not fit in it.

Question Question 13

How Many Square Feet Will This Unit Handle?

we use it in a very large bedroom, but close the door at night and it seems to work fine

Question Question 14

We Have Had Mine For Less Than A Week. Worked Great For The First Few Nights But Now No Mist Is Coming Out, And We Have No Idea Why. Any Ideas?

Did you use distilled water or tap water? Unfiltered water contains minerals which can build up and cause the humidifier to malfunction. Read the owner’s manual for suggestions on how to clean and operate your humidifier effectively. we love mine but have to take precautions to ensure that it continues to work for many Did you use distilled water or tap water? Unfiltered water contains minerals which can build up and cause the humidifier to malfunction. Read the owner’s manual for suggestions on how to clean and operate your humidifier effectively. we love mine but have to take precautions to ensure that it continues to work for many years. No one wants to have to keep replacing these things year after year. we wish you well.

Question Question 15

We Just Used Our Humidifer For The First Time Last Night.All Went Well.This Morning When We Tried To Change The Water The Base Was Full.Any Ideas?

The water from the tank goes to the humidifier base where the transducer evaporates the water into the air. It’s normal that some water is in the base.

Question Question 16

Free Returns?

we don’t know if it’s free returns but we have no intention of returning mine

Question Question 17

We Have Lost The Mist Nozzle.Can We Get A Replacement?

Search the unit and it should tell you where you can find replacement parts.

Question Question 18

Can You Use Filtered Water? We Have A Reverse Osmosis Tank Under Our Kitchen Sink?

Of course. You can t use hot water.

Question Question 19

What Is The Power Supply? 110V Or International Voltage?

The USA has a 120 volt power supply to regular household outlets, which is the voltage necessary for the humidifier

Question Question 20

We Saw Mold Buildup Around The On The Top Where The White Plastic And Blue Plastic Connects. Anyway To Separate Them And Clean It?

There’s no way to separate them that we know of.we use a soft mushroom brush and dish washing soap to clean the outside. we would think that a few drops of bleach would work on the inside making sure to rinse thoroughly. You could probably bend a bird feeder brush to reach the section you are talking about.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on GENIANI Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, these might be useful for better understanding.

A humidifier that humidifies, and that s truly an understatement. It turns your room into an jungle. We are very impressed. This is our third humidifier, we used vick s starry night and some fancy european one that showed temperature, humidity ( that didn’t last long), changed colors, and needless to say this one is so much superior. You know when your humidifier works is when you fill it up before you go to bed and it s almost empty in the morning ( no worries genianwe shuts off automatically if it gets too low). We have two toddlers and one of them has asthma, so having a good humidifier was obligatory. We initially purchased one but ended up changing the one in our daughter s room as well. There is nothing fancy about it, sleek design, pleasant color, a knob and a light button (nothing digital, no crazy functions) and it is utterly perfect. Because it works great.

It’s the third humidifier we ordered from . We were recommended to get one by a doctor but have been pretty disappointed with our previous picks. We had to refill tanks so often it got tiresome and the cleaning has been a living hell. This one is exponentially better than others. The tank is pretty big so we don’t have to refill it so often. The nightlight is amazing – a little detail that makes everything seem cozy and romantic. We like the relaxing feeling we get from using it.

Before getting a genianwe humidifier, we have already had one in a different room which, in our opinion, worked well. However, as this one was delivered, we realized it words times and times better. To start with, it’s extremely quiet. With the first model, we could always hear the noise of a humidifier working which got annoying when we were trying to get a nap. This one produces no annoying dizzing which we are excited about. We refill the tank about twice a day – once in the morning and later in the evening so that it works overnight. We have a big house so we turn the high-level moisture on and it fills the place with air very well.

The humidifier is definitely worth purchasing. It’s not too expensive, the water tank is big enough to blow mist the entire day. Not too big, fairly quiet, and the nightlight feature is a great touch. Nozzles are always nice if you want your mist to go in a particular direction. Also, it’s great to not have to take out and clean the filter.

We have been struggling with flu all over the last year. A humidifier helps a lot with recovery – running nose and coughing have almost gone away after two weeks that we have been using it. It’s also a great gift for any family member – we bought one for our parent’s house as well.

The main reason why we decided to settle with this humidifier for our baby’s room is the automatic shut-down (obviously, our little kid wound’t know how to turn off the humidifier when we are not at home). It fits for a drawer which is good cause you’d want a humidifier to be inaccessible for a toddler. Also, the mist spreads across the room which wasn’t the case for a previous humidifier that left all the mist on the floor. We are glad that we got it rather than anything else. It’s a good working choice for a nursery.

We were worried that the humidifier will only be moisturizing the area close to it. However, it’s in no way the case since it produces enough mist for the entire room. A piece of advice though; while placing a humidifier, choose a spot elevated from the ground, like a table or a nightstand. If you just leave it on the floor – the carpet and the floor itself might get wet. The air disperses pretty well on its own, yet, if you want it to be more efficiently, try using nozzles – they help a ton.

We struggle with dry skin problems on a regular basis. We have tried a few humidifiers but eventually liked none of them. The 3l humidifier from genianwe is the best we found. It’s quiet. Easy to adjust and clean, works for many hours straight, and the tank is quite big. Also, the humidifier puts out a lot of mist so we don’t even have to keep it on for a lot of time. The design is elegant, the humidifier doesn’t use much power. We hope it lasts for a long time. But if something should happen to it, we would get another one without a second thought.

So this humidifier works well, but has a few quirks:pros:-works well-wider than usual opening for reservoir, which should make it (a bit) easier to clean-fairly silent operation-adjustable mist (but see below)cons:-yes, the mist is adjustable, but on the lowest setting it still seems to have a pretty high outflow, especially if you’re placing it right next to your bedside. Using it overnight depletes approximately 50% of the 3l capacity, meaning if you’re planning to use it on a regular basis at night you’ll have to refill the reservoir every 2 days. -the directional flow adjustment is angled much more vertically than horizontally. This means that while yes, technically you can adjust the direction of flow, the output only extends about 2 feet in any direction from the unit. So it’ll have to be pretty close to your bed if you want it to reach you. -there is an extremely bright led light that they’re using as the power indicator. It’s unnecessarily bright, especially if (as we would imagine most people are) you are planning to use this at night, next to your bed. [note: we are not talking about the nightlight feature. We are talking about the super bright power indicator above the adjustment dial. ]if we had to do this over again, we would go with another unit. As it it, it works for the time being, but we will probably end up replacing this with something else a bit down the road. If you’re planning on using this as a free-standing unit, not next to your bed, to humidify an entire room/apartment, it’s probably an excellent choice.

We were surprised by the size of this humidifier, the tank is really big. It can hold a lot of water and run for the entire day. Setting it up is easy as well, all you have to do is to remove the tank, fill it with water, put it back, and turn the humidifier on. We would suggest you wash the tank before using it for the first time. When the water runs off, a humidifier shuts down automatically. Also, it words quietly. This is well-done product.

So far, so good. It’s super quiet and puts out a significant amount of vapor at half power. We know it’s supposed to be more for a room, but our house is small, so we figured we would test it out in our livingroom. It raised the humidity by 8% within two hours, so not bad. From the reviews we read, the chief complaint is that it stops working after a few weeks, so time will tell. So far, though, it’s been a great little machine. Also, the light feature is decent. Not “too bright” like some say. And. There’s an on/off button for the light, separate from the controls for the humidifier.

Easy to clean, gives off a direct mist upwards without saturating the area. We placed on a plate as recommended, not really needed. Doctor recommended, due to dry eyes from lack of sleep. After two weeks of use, we find ourself sleeping, restfully through the night. We wish it held more water. We clean it twice a day. Night light is definitely a plus. Update: we purchased a second, larger one. We love how we are able to use it longer before refilling ????.

This is a great little humidifier. It cranks out great humidity, pull yourself up a circulating pedestal fan and you have the entire room humidified. A couple of bonuses: this humidifier also has a tank that can be illuminated with the touch of a button, which would translate into a great night light for the little ones- night light and humidifier. The top is detached but sets into it perfectly allowing for you to harness the mist in a 360 direction. The only drawbacks (and this is why we did not give 5 stars): is the unit stopped working just outside the return date- it operated for 2 months before shutting down and left unresponsive. However, we called ‘s tech team; that was a humorous waste of time, but on the flipside, once they couldn’t troubleshoot past unplugging and plugging the unit back in, they shipped us out another qith lightning fast delivery. We are happy about that, which is why there are not more stars deducted. The other drawback that deserves mention is the tank alignment. If you dont set the tank perfectly in a puzzle piece fashion directly aligning the tank and the unit, you will have spills and frustration. The trick is to align the unit label on front with the tank, this will allow optically for you to obtain a better fit. This is always frustrating but the unit does last for a very long time between refills; you may or may not get used to it. All in all, we bought 3 different units/brands for 3 different rooms; we would rank this between 1 and 3. We like it and dont regret buying it. Not a bad product, hopefully the first tank kill was a fluke. We would buy from these guys again. Seems to have good customer service attached, but it was cleaning up after the mess.

The problem with humidifiers is they don t really make good looking ones that can live in plain sight without looking like an out of place device of some sort. For example we have unifwe wifwe access points for wifwe at home. For the best signal you d ideally want your modem out in the open. But you don t want to see all the blinking lights, antennas and wires on your living room table. So unifwe ceiling mounts out in the open and looks kinda like a smoke detector. We have a baby now and when sick the doc said a humidifier would be a big help. We looked and looked but all the nice looking ones that we wouldn t mind leaving out not only were $200 and up, they also got terrible ratings. We mean, if we are going to spend $350 on a good working, aesthetically pleasing humidifier it better be a 4. 5 to 5 star rated product. Maybe we are crazy but we want good stuff if we are shelling out that kind of money for a humidifier. A built-in unit for central heat is that kind of money. Since what we were looking for didn’t exist we came across this little guy. While it s not exactly inconspicuous, it got great ratings and it did a good job for us and what we needed it for. It holds about a gallon and will shut itself off when it runs out of water. The lowest setting still dumped out a good amount of mist and was more than adequate for our needs. It would last about 10 hours being used like this. If you re not crazy like us and you just want a good humidifier and a good value for your money, get this one and save yourself some time searching like we did.

Good for a small or med sized room. Can really crank out the mist. If the room doesn’t have much airflow, you have to have it a few feet off the floor or condensation will collect all around the unit and then you have a puddle. So it definitely works. The led light is nice so you don’t bump into it at night. Filling the unit is pretty easy, the tank pops right off, no spilling. Unit is pretty quiet, occasionally gurgles but not any louder than an aquarium. On full blast it can run through the tank pretty quickly, but it definitely will raise the humidity.

We absolutely loved this product the first four days that we had it. On about the fifth or sixth night, it just stopped working. We would have given it a five star review if it hadn t been for this. We processed our return with . After getting the box to repackage it for shipping return, we discovered a cleaning process listed in the instruction manual. We soaked the unit in vinegar as described end it is working beautifully again. Though the unit itself is absolutely worth five stars, having to soak it in vinegar every four to five days is our reasoning for the four stars. Yes, we are sure this could be resolved by using distilled water, but who has time for that? for the record we are on city water, not well water. Even giving it a four star rating we would still recommend this product if you don t mind cleaning it every few days.

We wish we would have bought one of these sooner. We always use a humidifier when one of us is sick. They help tremendously. We bought one for our daughters room when she was born, a frog shaped one from target. We had to turn it up all the way practically to see the steam which we always thought was normal. This one, we kept it on the lowest setting all night and the vapor was still very strong. We filled it up almost all the way, not completely and overnight it did use up almost all of that water on the lowest setting so we are interested to see how the water ratio will go when we get more use of it. We love that the tank is clear, and we also love the blue light setting which can be turned off, or on. This tank just looks so clean, we are very happy with every thing it offers.

One of the best ones we have ordered, quiet and produces great powerful mist, but – if you want it to work for 16 hours, which as they advertise is true, it must be on low. Otherwise if you want it on medium, you’d wake up with a wet pillow and a red light on, meaning we have no idea when it stopped and our nose and our mouth is dry. So yeah, 16 awesome hours on low, which is probably enough, because this ones’ low is another ones’ full blast. But we wish it went 16 hours on medium blast. That’s all, other than that it’s perfect. Cleaning should be easy too.

After dealing with a nasty sinus infection we decided to invest in a humidifier for our apartment. We searched for a couple hours and eventually settled on this one because it had great reviews and it was quite affordable. Originally we wanted to get a whole house humidifier, but the price for a really good one is more than we can afford right now. Compared to the humidifiers we have had in the past, this one rocks. We have been moving it from the living room to the bedroom where it sits on a stand right next to our bed. It definitely makes sleeping more comfortable. Filling it is a snap. We will say that if you’re going to run it all day / all night, watch the setting. The higher it is, the more water it uses. But what a difference in our apartment. We like this one so much we just ordered a second so we don’t have to constantly move it. It’s well worth the price.

We discovered that we breakout more when the air is colder/dryer. We are not sure of the science behind it, but when we use a humidifier, our acne improves. Our husband thinks it a placebo effect. But it works. We found this out when we went on vacation to jamaica. One week there and our skin cleared up. Ever since we have been using a humidifier. The tank on this one is very large, and keeps it operating for longer periods without having to get out of bed to refill it. We usually just run it at night. We are glad we bought this one, it is bigger and cheaper than the one we had before.

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