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Gloryfeel Lung Cleanse Support Supplement with Vitamin C

Gloryfeel Lung Cleanse Support Supplement with Vitamin C

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Gloryfeel Lung Cleanse Support Supplement with Vitamin C.

  • ­LUNGS CLEANSE & DETOX: Formulated with vitamins, enzymes & herbs for respiratory support. Supports your bronchial system.
  • ­POWERFUL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: formula with Menaquinone, Butterbur, Quercetin, Bromelain, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Stinging Nettle, Cordyceps & More
  • ­ADVANCED RESPIRATORY SUPPORT: The highest standard guaranteed. Made from non-GMO ingredients in an FDA registered & inspected GMP-certified facility.
  • ­ LUNG HEALTH SUPPORT: Helps Detoxify & Cleanse the Lungs

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Gloryfeel Lung Cleanse Support Supplement with Vitamin C.
Consult with your physician before use  Ingredients:  Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)  Vitamin K-2 (menaquinone)  Butterbur 15% Extract (Petasites hybridus) (root)  Quercetin  Bromelain 2400GDU  Citrus Bio ¬‚avonoids 50% Complex  Feverfew 4:1 Extract (leaf)  Stinging Nettle 4:1 Extract (root)  Pine Bark 95% Extract  Cordyceps 7% Extract (mycelium)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Gloryfeel Lung Cleanse Support Supplement with Vitamin C.

Question Question 1

Where Is This Product Manufactured?

It only states: Manufactured for: Glory GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. Not where it was manufactured. we no longer have the box, only the bottle so it may have more info on the box.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Gloryfeel Lung Cleanse Support Supplement with Vitamin C, these might be useful for better understanding.

We bought this lung cleanse because a few years ago, we got pneumonia. It took us 18 months to get over being sick and the ability to breathe better. We still have wheezing and trouble breathing at times. We think the lung cleanse will help us get our lungs back to a healthier state. We have not taken it for long, but lung cleanse makes our lungs feel like it has better circulation and easier breathing from the first night we started taking it. The other thing we like about lung cleanse is that it does not upset our digestion. That is important to me. We will recommend lung cleanse to others. We know a man who has lung problems, and we think this might just help him.

This is a great supplement that helps you see some results right away. It definitely boosts your immune system and just helps will overall breathing comfort as well. We are fan of the natural organic ingredients that go into this supplement. It is also a great source of vitamin c. It does also work its way with common seasonal allergies etc. Excellent detox product overall and great value for money.

This is another great product from a company that we have ordered several different items from. Always with great quality. This has helped to clear up some congestion in our lungs. We have gained control over our asthma naturally. With the variety and quality ingredients in this lung cleanse product we have one more weapon in our defense. This combined with cumin seed oil have healed us incredibly.

We just started using this product. We have noticed that after about2 days of using it ive been able to sleep through the night without having to use multiple pillows to prop our self up so we could breath . We are able to lay down and sleep .

Very high quality product and easy to take. The pills aren t too big and are easy to swallow. We didn’t notice any bad smells and we will continue taking these and share our results.

We are not trying to quit smoking, but we wanted support for our lungs. We have tried several brands and combination formulas. So far, this one has felt the best.

So far so good we are happy with the results so far and we are glad to have found it . No side effects or illfeeling either.

We like this stuff we take it at night and breath easier.

Nice .

Really helps us breathe better.

So far so good, lung repair is always ah winner.

Been having breathing issues for a while now especially at night. This product is helping us breath again we could sleep better too, it s very good.

We had open heart surgery five years ago and following that we had a device to strengthen our lung function. We used it for several months and then put it aside. In january we noticed that we had some shortness of breath if we had to walk up our ramp (disabled from bad knees) a couple of times in succession, carrying groceries into our home. We got out the lung function device and was dismayed to find we had less function than we should have. We ordered these glory feel lung capsules and began taking one every other day with our lunch to see if we could tolerate them and we did the breathing exercises with the device. We noted some improvement after two weeks and after the third week began taking them daily. Our lung function has improved to the point that we can “peg” the little ball in the device, we don’t get winded walking up and down our ramp multiple times and we attribute it to this supplement.

Looking up most of the ingredients individually, they were often effective as antihistamine to treat conditions like hay fever and asthma. Some of the ingredients can thin blood or inhibit the effectiveness of immunization inhibitor drugs, so caution should be used if you take those types of medications. Overall it does seem to have a decent effect for lung health. We experienced no digestive side effects even though we took on an empty stomach. The bottle cautions on use with pregnant or nursing mothers, small children and those with a medical condition, although it does not specify what that might be. We would suggest looking up each of the ingredients before taking this. That said seems to have better effectiveness than many supplements that do little. Supplements that are effective for lung health are few, so this is worth a try. Recommended.

We have had pneumonia a year or so ago, so this lung support supplement caught our eye. In the spring, our allergies start kicking up and that gives us a bit of a cough due to some lower lung congestion. It always makes us start worrying that the pneumonia might come back. This pill is easy to take, though it doesn’t seem to be making any changes yet on the allergy/congestion. It’s not meant to be an allergy pill. Hopefully, it is helping our lungs deal with it. If it strengthens our lungs, we hope to have better resistance to the seasonal pollen in future. The ingredients are menaquinone, butterbur, quercetin, bromelain, citrus bioflavonoids, stinging nettle, cordyceps, etc. After taking this for 2 months, we feel it did help our lungs and we are breathing better. We are ordered more today.

This bottle will last two months for one person or one month for two people. The ingredients are excellent. They definitely help reduce our allergy symptoms as well as helping us breathe better. We feel confident that the ingredients in the supplements will help our lungs continue to heal and feel better and keep us healthy. A list of the ingredients below. They are also great for improving your immune system as well. Ingredients:vitamin c (calcium ascorbate)vitamin k-2 (menaquinone)butterbur 15% extract (petasites hybridus) (root)quercetinbromelain 2400gducitrus bio?avonoids 50% complexfeverfew 4:1 extract (leaf)stinging nettle 4:1 extract (root)pine bark 95% extractcordyceps 7% extract (ourcelium).

We are so happy we got this excellent supplement. We have been taking one every day for only three days now and the very first day we took it, several hours later, we realized how much clearer our lungs felt and we took a truly deep breath and it felt great. Now on the third day it is as if we wiped out a few years of smoking, we breath as freely and easily as we did when we were younger. This stuff is amazing and very inexpensive for a two month supply of something that makes us feel so much better. This will be in our daily regimen for years to come. Exceptional. Thank you.

This time of year our allergies really make it hard for us to breathe. We have a lot of inflammation in our lungs and suffer whenever we have to go outside and usually just have to grin and bear it until we come back in and use albuterol. After a few weeks of taking this, we can say that we have noticed a difference. Best of all our dry cough has been reduced and when we do cough it seems more productive. We can’t say for sure that it is because of this as it would take more time, but so far we are impressed. Best of all no heartburn or any other digestive problems.

Works well but we advise against taking it before the onset of illness. A lot of people are freaking out about covid-19 and taking this in advance on the supposition that it will prevent your getting it. No, you will get it. We would rather take it the minute we start to get symptoms because it’s not meant for taking it when you feel healthy. It’s not a preventive medication. Except for this caveat, it has a good number of ingredients to help your immune system from respiratory illnesses.

Our entire family have been hit with a bad cold and cough; our lungs needed some help. We’ve been taking mucinex which helps loosen it a bit but we also have been taking this in addition. We are not sure what’s in it but we’ve been coughing up good sized balls of mucus and breathing a lot easier. We also love that it has vitamin c in it. Great to have on hand for overall respiratory health as well as to assist lung function during an illness. Will purchase again.

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