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This cd is rather amazing. Even though there are no keyboards, at least the way kovenant fans know them:), you will be rather amazed with what this band can do. First and foremost, this cd is 8 tracks and falls under the 40 minute mark. Next: the title track (cd’s opener) is absolutely amazing – one of our favorite non-keyboard songs. It will draw you in for sure. Also, the singer (grunter, growler, screamer, whatever. ) isn’t too extreme. You should enjoy it. One of the main things to talk about is the bonus disc. It is longer than the regular album. There are also 8 tracks, but it contains some live stuff. Oh shoot. It’s 6 and 2, but we don’t know how many of which – concert or studio. We think 6 live songs and 2 studio songs. Sounds right. There are 2 video clips (hope ya know how ta watch ’em. ). We have only watched one of them, and jeez. It is about as fast as we think a computer can go. The song itself is pretty good. No, we haven’t wacthed the second one. God dethroned’s blastbeats are something to listen to. They are really are treat to the ears. The last song particular has great blastbeats, where the title track has none. We know this isn’t one of our better reviews, but it should be enough to say “go out and get this album”. When we think of more to add to this, we will do so. Just a few minutes ago, we edited a review we wrote in july, so we do do it. We’ll see. Do check out our other reviews (not much other black metal yet – mostly melodic and power) and say if they are helpful to you or not, please. All in all, this is a cd that most fans of metal doom through, mabye even power metal, should enjoy. It’s the slightest bit repiticious – you’re not getting elements part i, here – but again, it is still very enjoyable. Except when you have your relatives around, which somehow is always when we listen to this cd. Coincidential, huh? enjoy.

This album marks the beginning of a shift in god dethroned’s musical style. From black death to more a melodeath structure. That being said, it is very well done. Each track features expert song structure. Great vocals from henri. It is in no way less aggressive than their previous efforts. Maybe a bit more guitar oriented. But very well done. 4. 5 out of 5. Buy this. You won’t regret it.

God dethroned’s vocals can sometimes lack in quality, but their amzing riffs make up for any lost. This double-disc offers many quality black/death metal songs. Warkult is the song that we get hooked on the most. We suggest listening to them on the metal blade site before you buy it, just incase it isn’t what you expected.

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