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In this groundbreaking book you will find the very best of both worlds, bridging the space in between traditional and holistic medicine. Cough Cures is not almost coughs – it has to do with natural options for prescription antibiotics, cough syrups, discomfort and sleeping medications, even antacids. Dr. Gus Ferrer a popular pulmonologist and Burke Lennihan RN, a certified professional in holistic medicine, bring you a book jam-packed with natural cures and guides to the very best over the counter drugs for intense and persistent cough.You will likewise learn more about acupressure, breathing workouts, and other strategies. The suggestions for natural treatments are recorded with more than 200 research research studies, so that both moms and dads and doctors can feel great in utilizing them. COUGH CURES has the answers you ve been waitingfor Discover: • Why prescription antibiotics wear t work for most colds and coughs • When and how to treat something securely in the house • How to conserve time and cash dealing with coughs, colds, and influenza • How to prevent unneeded (and perhaps damaging) X-rays • The top natural holistic treatments and best drugs for coughs, colds, influenza, sleeping disorders, heartburn and discomfort relief This cutting-edge book supplies an impartial technique to the very best over the counter drugs and natural treatments for coughs, colds, and numerousmore The book supplies easy-to-understand directions while securing customers from being drawn by incorrect ad claims. Its information is important to both the public and doctors. – Dr. Elena Rios, President, National Hispanic Medical Association “We ve needed this book for years, not only to treat coughs but also to live a healthier life. Useful for health professionals and lay people alike, it reads easily, and the shortcuts guide the reader to key points. I learned much and I plan to use the information in many new protocols. The appendices alone are worth buying the book as they provide the scientific research. I recommend it, not only to treat cough ailments, but also to live a healthier life.”  -Ret. Major General Bernard Loeffke, PhD, Author, Speaker & & HumanitarianOrder a copy today and begin sensation better quickly.

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Cough cures is a book that ought to be on everybody s bookshelf. Initially glimpse, a reader might be inclined to believe that this book will just assist with figuring out treatment for persistent coughs, however that would be a huge understatement. Cough cures will assist readers to comprehend and self-treat comprehensive signs of the acute rhinitis with treatments that might even be found right in your own kitchen area. In truth, we might even presume regarding state that bewaring of all of the health and way of life suggestions in this book might even avoid or drastically lower the occurrence of getting ill. The author s qualifications, as both a granted medical physician in the field of pulmonology, and a homeopathic professional, make this book a relied on source of suggestions that is composed in a manner in which everybody will comprehend. Dr. Gus perfectly bridges the worlds of conventional contemporary medicine and homeopathic medicine with clear descriptions of the benefits and threats of otc medications in addition to thorough, research- supported natural treatments that have been shown to work even more successfully than the popular top quality otcs. The book is an efficient manual for self-treatment of the acute rhinitis. We especially found it practical to have boxed summaries called faster way guides at the end of areas which in-depth several home-remedies and homeopathic brand names offered for sale. Other secret information is likewise boxed within the chapters. In another chapter, devoted to understanding typical otc medications, we were shocked to discover that of the over 3000 otc s on the marketplace, 60% fall under 2 groups,- antihistamines and painkiller. This chapter consists of a helpful table to assist understand the active components in typical otc s, consisting of trademark name, functions, efficiency, and adverse effects. The book consists of over 20 helpful faster way guides and tables which will be our go-to guides from now on. Dr. Gus offers readers a well balanced guide to dealing with coughs and colds by notifying them of the very best, shown treatments, in addition to when seeing a medical professional is suggested. This book has made an area on our kitchen area bookshelf and we understand that we will be much better prepared the next time somebody in our household gets ill.

This sort of medical book returns balance to healthcare management. Dr. Gus offers reasonable credence to granny’s treatments consisting of supplying descriptions of why much of them work. Easy medicine in a complex health care world. A fantastic referral guide for making the very best options in today’s over-saturated, over-medicated market. Greatest discovery was early on in the book. The quantity of unintentional acetaminophen overload that much of us have experienced without even understanding it. Not that we wish to get a cough, however we practically can’t wait so we can utilize this book to identify what kind it is and how to assault it. A guaranteed need to have for your house library.

As a pre-med trainee, it is revitalizing to check out well looked into proof based cures for the cough and acute rhinitis that are not straight incorporated with basic medications however rather a more healthy and natural technique that really work. Not just this however it is extremely easy to check out and breaks all clinical principles down in a way that makes it very easy to comprehend. This book is eye opening for those people whose immediate idea is to make a bee line for over-the-counter medications and prescription medications from our physicians. We likewise liked that it discusses way of life options and enters into preventative care which the majority of people entirely neglect and do not understand effects their health more than anything. There is absolutely nothing like sensation empowered with understanding and options on how to treat typical conditions that both you and your household might experience and this book supplies simply that. Excellent read, left a real effect on us and we will be sharing it with everybody we understand.

We are so glad that we found this book. We so frequently find ourself in the circumstance laid out by dr. Ferrer; wandering the drug shop aisle searching for the right over-the-counter medicine to treat our signs, all the while questioning if an herbal treatment would serve usbetter We like that he names credible herbal supplement brand names since in a market filled with imposters it is so hard to pick sensibly. Dr. Ferrer approaches the subject from the viewpoint of a partner and a doctor utilizing humor and medicine to make this book a needs to check out for everybody.

What to do rather of prescription antibiotics? as a medical care doctor, there have been a lot of times we have seen a client annoyed by a cough and desperate for anything to assist it disappear. Prescription antibiotics are hardly ever a great answer, however clients naturally desire something, specifically when it’s impacting their lifestyle or their children are ill and up half the night. This book uses genuine solutions for clients and doctors – supplements, herbs, homeopathics, and more, with numerous research research studies mentioned and security information which will make doctors feel more positive advising them. We have had excellent success with some of the products suggested in this well-written book.

As creator of the center for integrative treatments in pharmaceutical care at massachusetts college of drug store and health sciences and planner of the course, a study of complementary natural medicine, we had burke lennihan as a visitor speaker each year and found her to be a fount of understanding in alternative medicine. Her previous book, your alternative medicine cabinet, has worked to our medical professional of drug store trainees who do a clerkship with us in our naturopathic integrative practice. Cough cures guarantees to be an even more helpful resource as it evaluates over the counter medications and supplies comprehensive research to record its suggestions for alternative medicine. Extremely suggested for healthcare specialists and trainees in addition to for house usage.

Wow, we never ever understood heartburn might trigger coughs. This book is chock loaded with all sort of information and uses a variety of house treatment choices. Extremely understandable if you wish to dig in otherwise simply avoid to the faster way guides/summary charts. A great referral for this dr. Mommy to keep on hand.

We liked every element of this book. The writing was easy to comprehend in addition to using such a variety of approaches to dealing with coughs. It was specifically intriguing to check out methods of dealing with fevers and discomfort. This book is a should have on hand at all time kind of book.

Cough cures: the complete guide to the very best natural treatments and over the counter drugs for intense and persistent coughs is an outstanding resource that would be an overall possession to every family. We valued the balance of conventional medicine and homeopathic treatments. We matured utilizing much of the natural home remedy (fresh garlic, honey, oral hydration, mist therapy, etc). As an adult we ended up being mindful of the value of our health and that of our household one in which we need to be extremely associated with. For that reason, understanding the value of putting the best food/supplements in our bodies, getting appropriate rest and daily workout as a well balanced and holistic technique to health has been our mission. We ended up being a trainee of knowing more about herbal treatments and their location. We prepare to utilize much of the ones discussed in the book. Our household and we have selected to include natural health in our way of lives for the the past 10+ years. We feel that by looking for a medical physician who is open to natural approaches equates to optimal health. This book was not just well composed however covered numerous useful elements of the “cough” that can be followed by anybody wishing to inform themselves on a well balanced way of life to better health. We extremely suggest this book.

Cough cures: a should have book in any kitchen area counter. It supplies a terrific quantity of information you would wish to keep close by. The author s make this one an easy read, assisting readers comprehend the distinctions and results of natural treatments and over the counter drugs for intense and persistent coughs. As a mom of 2 kids, we have felt the desperation for a fast and easy repair with otcproducts Now, we can lastly feel rather informed in this field and make better options for our household. Thank you dr. Gus.

We delighted in reading this book, not just for the helpful information it supplies, however that it restored memories of the natural home remedy we matured utilizing, and still utilize today: saline gargles, saline nasal rinse, herbal teas, chest rub, and obviously the tender caring touch of a mom. It offers information on things we believe we understand about, typical cold/coughing/ treatments, however when remain in the minute of requirement forget everything about. It is an important resource for discovering over-the-counter medication utilized in typical cold, and the risk of the results of a multwe part product. And obviously, alert us when to go see a medical professional. We will keep it in our kitchen area cabinet to have it convenient when required.

What a wonderful resource. As a fellow natrual health professional and homeopath we are extremely delighted to see this thorough, however easy to utilize and efficient book diving into all the numerous natural methods one can successfully treat coughs of every type, whether it is an easy cold or part of a more severe disease. Burke lennihan, a professional and experienced homeopath, offers us an useful guide to the homeopathic treatments utilized for coughs, and the very important question of how to pick which one to utilize. Select the appropriate treatment and the outcomes can be significant and quick, pick the incorrect treatment and absolutely nothing occurs. This book will conserve you a lot of time and anguish.

A should have book, very informative. We even put granny’s dish to the test. Our employer had a cough for a very long time and we made him this dish and it relieve the cough. It’s basic read and extremely practical to make us knowledgeable about appropriate treatment. Thank you for sharing.

Our household has been through its share of consistent coughs. Now we have the resource to understand what to do– what really works, what does not and what’s downright hazardous. We like that this md/homeopathic nurse mix, both with comprehensive experience at excellent organizations, understands both allopathic and natural solutions and understands what really works finest.

In times where there s basically a tablet for whatever (and a laundry list of prospective adverse effects), it is revitalizing to have a book that informs the general public on how we might have simply the best medical treatments for our acute rhinitis and coughs right in our house kitchen area and cabinets. We enjoyed this book quite– it s an easy read, the story excerpts are relatable and personalized, and they even have some diagrams/pictures for visual-learners like me. We like how the book is performed utilizing a story-like format– loaded with anecdotes and mentor points. Think about it as a cookbook of alternative medicine– one that we would most absolutely attempt first prior to needing to make a consultation with our medical professional and squandering cash on medications shown inefficient for that nasty cold and cough. What we found most intriguing was on the subject of the threats of otcs and how quickly we can overdose on them. We were stunned by the situations provided in this book in concerns to this subject those clients might have been our grandparents. Thank you for making us more mindful and mindful with what we pick to take for the acute rhinitis. Our company believe this book should have everybody s attention, from moms and dads to physicians. It made us value and acknowledge that those chinese natural home remedy that our own grandparents so swear by really works with support from research research studies to back it up. Absolutely worth your time.

Cough cures by dr. Gustavo ferrer and burke lennihan, rn, cch uses the layperson a wealth of information for diagnosing and handling coughs associated with respiratory conditions. Both authors bring years of experience in their fields to the conversation of how to deal with medical concerns that face us several times each year. They lower much of the intricacies of medical lingo and drug active ingredients so that the typical reader can comprehend terms that we frequently avoid over in lack of knowledge. Allergic reactions, colds, influenza, cough, and fever force us to speak with doctors and count on authoritative or over-the-counter (otc) medications. At the same time, we frequently experience treatments that are ineffective, and that might trigger unintentional adverse effects. Typical otc drugs are taken a look at in cough cures to reveal what real research has shown concerning their efficiency and their medical effects. Frequently recommended prescription antibiotics, for example, are developed to cure bacterial infections however they are inefficient versus viral conditions such as the acute rhinitis or the influenza. Numerous otc medications utilized customers in dealing with respiratory conditions really attend to just one of the several stages through which these conditions development. Otc medications go through much less energetic screening and guideline than authoritative ones. Those people who reside in the united states are far more reliant on authoritative and otc medications than individuals in other nations. A history of alternative treatments is examined to demonstrate how to lower our dependence on some basic medications or how to supplement them. These treatments can frequently supply better outcomes than those gotten from the druggist, while lessening adverse effects. Coughs cures supplies comprehensive documents and illustrations to permit the reader to make his own choice about the medical diagnosis and treatment of typical respiratory conditions. There fast summaries throughout the chapters that permit the reader to scan a subject or a list of subjects without needing to go over thoroughly. Easy concepts for utilizing alternative treatments exist so that the reader can execute them with a minimum of time, effort or expense. Knowing how to reduce or prevent the results of colds, influenza, and so on. Is a genuine advantage for anybody who reads this book.

“cough cures is an overflowing well of living waters of information for our health. It examines carefully all pertinent sources dealing with the subject of coughs and much more. We can now share with our clients what and what not to keep in our medicine cabinets. ” miriam ramirez, director, capstone healing center, salisbury, north carolina.

The cures were great and we have attempted some and intend on utilizing more for ourself and household and pals.

Splendidly composed and helpful book with natural treatments that are constantly our first option. Gustavo ferrer, md and burke lennihan, rn, cch enhance each other to bring us a terrific book with important natural home remedy and more.

Constantly great to find a book that cures coughs. We attempted a few, they worked.

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