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Haha Lung Mind Penetration – The Ancient Art of Mental Mastery

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The renowned martial arts master and author of Mind Fist and Lost Arts of War shows readers how to achieve total mental domination over enemies.   To read the mind of your enemy, to manipulate his psyche to serve your purposes, and to claim victory without ever landing a blow—these are the secrets of I-Hsing.   To become a master of the Mind Fist, the greatest weapon of I-Hsing, is to gain more than a competitive advantage, it is to gain complete control over your foes.   In Mind Penetration, Dr. Haha Lung distills the essential skills and techniques behind I-Hsing s seemingly supernatural ability to smash your enemy s mental defenses and bend anyone to your will. Comprehensive and easy to follow, this guide invites readers to: Explore the origins and history of mind manipulationDiscover its practice in the ancient Far East and in the modern WestLearn how to control the minds of your enemiesGain confidence and knowledge through clear descriptions and helpful illustrations

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Huge fan of dr. Lung s work. We have found his books to be super helpful and am on a quest to own them all.

Reviewing “mind penetration” by dr. Haha lung”mind penetration” was recommended to us by our friend dr. Desmond oon who lives at redondo beach in california. Desmond is a world master tennis coach, and he has adapted many of the techniques of eastern mind control to the mental aspects of championship tennis. He created the program “spiritual tennis” and authored two books, “soft tennis” and “can eastern wisdom improve your tennis? you bet. ” presently, he is producing an educational video titled “tawe chwe tennis. “desmond made his suggestion as he was aware that for the past year we have been heavily involved in trying to get people out of the grasp of a cult which has 25 congregations spread around the states of australia. “mind penetration” was highly relevant reading in understanding how cults and cult leaders manipulate the minds of those whom they enslave, and particularly useful for helping us to get inside the head of the cult leader to neutralise his influence, thus allowing the people we are trying to help to break free of his control. So much for the “why” of how we came to this book, but the “what is in it” is more germane to this review. Essentially “mind penetration” is both a review and a synthesis of as many as ten other books on oriental mind mastery either written by haha lung himself, or jointly, or under pseudonym. Such mind mastery is intimately connected to the physicality of martial arts. So, just as desmond oon had shown to us through tennis, haha lung unites body and mind directed towards mental mastery, without necessarily requiring us to take up any of the variety of physical martial arts. For us this was waging battle against an opponent by dominating his mind, and so negating his power. Lung starts his review in india and shows how so much of what the west regards as chinese/japanese wisdom originated in india well before the buddha was enlightened. The buddha himself was raised in this wisdom, and through the spread of buddhism this mind mastery knowledge went first to china and then to japan, to take the forms which westerners most easily recognise in our times. We were fortunate in that before we heard of this book we had already read machiavelli’s “the prince” , sun tzu’s “the art of war” and the much more recent “thick face, black heart” by chin-ning chu, and these are referenced in “mind mastery”. Our mental set was ready for what we read. The best analogy we can suggest about this book is that it is like taking a helicopter ride over a landscape of peaks of wisdom about how to win in the real world, especially against opponents who appear invincible. On each peak which the helicopter can hover over there is a succinct statement of principles needed to tackle specific aspects of the engagement in the battle. However, if one wished to get out of the helicopter on the peak to go down that particular mountain to get the fine detail of what is said then that is fine, but not really necessary. However, this would be the characteristic western response dominated as it is by a rational scientific paradigm, and reluctant to accept the accumulated wisdom of human experience. For us it is enough to accept the distillation of wisdom on the mountain top and use it to tap in to both our past experience and our present circumstances to then shape our thinking on how we will deal with this cult leader we are out to outwit and defeat. We are dealing with an emperor who has no clothes and our intention is to catch him butt-naked in the glare of reality for all his followers to see. However, we are savvy enough to realise that those who follow him are just that — “followers” — and not all of them will want to see the reality of their fraudulent leader, and will prefer to stay enslaved. But if those we are seeking to get out of the clutches of this man and his cult are broken free it will have been worth it. Using the operation of a wide variety of secret societies running in parallel to religious cult behaviour haha lung demonstrates the structure, power/control dimensions, and affect levels of being inside such groups to then tackle the problems of dealing with them and defeating their power. His advice is concise and terse, almost to the point of sounding like one-liners, but this is to be expected as it is the aphoristic style of asian thinking. These maxims act as triggers to line up our thinking with our situation, accepting what fits comfortably, adapting near misses, and discarding the “not needed on board”, so that we are not overloaded and can operate swiftly and flexibly. In our case it is adapting what he has to say to a form of guerrilla warfare in which our opponent and we may never meet, but he will always suffer from what we do. This much we have learnt from “thick face, black heart” which is currently the preferred book of strategy for china as the sleeping dragon comes to life in the 21st century. His style is racy, colloquial, down to earth, easy to read, and more like we are involved in an active conversation rather than being involved in a literary exercise. One of the ways we asess the value of something we have read is from the number of pages we have turned down a corner for future reference or reconsideration — “mind penetration” has many of them. This was a book we were ready for, and has been very helpful to us to confirm our direction and intention as well as reality testing to avoid possible pitfalls and hubris. So if you, as a potential reader of “mind penetration”, are open to stepping outside the square of western rationalism, willing to think beyond what you think you know, and open to wisdom which has a pedigree of more than three thousand years of development, then you stand to benefit from the experience. Nothing inscrutable about it — just refined to the minimum of expression to embody the maximum of meaning, and not for lazy thinkers.

Good read.

Great writer.

This is one of the most understated treatises of our times. The author knows his stuff, has done his research and talks about stuff that works. We think he would sell more copies if he revealed his identity.

This book is another of dr. Lungs great works on black science. A wealth of imformation for combative strategy as well as applications for daily life.

We thought mind penetration by lung was wonderful. Lots of stories and great incite on human behavior. Worth the read.

Excellent recipe book for usntal mastery. It’s a real page turner. We can’t wait to try this stuff at home ; ).

Haha lung books are good ancient wisdom, not only just fighting but reality and wisdom of life. Good book ill rekommend.

We felt like a genius half way through the book.

Bought it as a gift and recipient loves it. We wish there was more we could tell you, but we haven’t read it.

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