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HALLS Sugar Free Honey Lemon Flavor Cough Drops

HALLS Sugar Free Honey Lemon Flavor Cough Drops

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HALLS Sugar Free Honey Lemon Flavor Cough Drops.

  • Consists of one 180 ct. bag of HALLS Sugar Free Honey Lemon Cough Drops.
  • HALLS Sugar Free Honey Lemon Flavor Cough Drops: Eliminates Coughs, Relieves Aching Throats, Cools Nasal Passages.
  • Each drop is sugar free.
  • HALLS is readily available in a variety of tastes, cooling experiences, and sugar free ranges.
  • Cough and aching throat got you down? Get relief when you require it.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HALLS Sugar Free Honey Lemon Flavor Cough Drops.
Product DescriptionHALLS is here to rid the world of inflammations, one cough and aching throat at a time. Whether it is a scratchy throat or a cough that will not give up or if you simply desire something to assist you improve your body immune system, HALLS has you covered. HALLS can be found in a range of tastes, consisting of sugar free ranges. Examine out the whole HALLS choice to find the HALLS that matches your needs.Manufacturer Contact InformationMondelez Global LLCEast Hanover, NJ 07936 USAQuestions? Call 1-800-524-2854

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HALLS Sugar Free Honey Lemon Flavor Cough Drops.

Question Question 1

Anybody Know If These Drops Contain Xylitol ?? Thanks?

No. They consist of sucralose.

Question Question 2

How Much Menthol Remains In This?

There appears to be the exact same quantity of menthol as routine halls cough drops, simply sugar free.

Question Question 3

Does It Consist Of Phenylalanine Or Aspartame?

It does consist of aspartame. See Drug realities at Halls website.https:// www.gethalls.com/products/ halls_sugarfree/ halls_sugarfree_df. aspxHope this assists. Patrick

Question Question 4

Does Worth Pack Can Be Found In Honey And Lemon With Sugar?

Do not keep in mind

Question Question 5

Is This Product 2 Bags?

we are unsure that we comprehend your question.But what we can inform you is that there are 180 independently covered lozenges in each bag

Question Question 6

Do These Contain Aspartame? If Not What Are They Sweetened With?

No aspartame.Sucralose obviously is the sweetener according to the label.

Question Question 7

We Consume These All The Time And Simply Recognized They Have 5 Calories Each. What Are The Calories From Precisely, Considering that They Just Have Sucralose & No Dextrose?

Most Likely from “the flavors”

Question Question 8

Xylitol Active Ingredients?

we recommend that you look it up in the computer system under Xylitol.It is a crystalline sugar utilized as a sweetener.It is found in some plants walls.

Question Question 9

Where Iss The 50% Off Voucher?

we did not find some thing like that.

Question Question 10

How Lots Of Carbohydrates Remain In Each Drop?

we do not understand any information about carbohydrates per drop, however the business has an 800 numberforquestions It is 1 800-524-2854 Open M-F 9am-6pm EST.

Question Question 11

Do You Have Honey And Lemon That Has No Menthol In Them?

No. we do not understand if anybody makes cough drops without menthol. Maybe there is sweet made with simply lemon and honey.

Question Question 12

What Is The Exp Date?

Mine is November,2018 we purchased them in February,2017 So they most likely have an expiration date of 18 months or more.

Question Question 13

Are These Vegan?

It is not noted as Vegan _ honey is not noted as a component. The active ingredients noted would comply however the word “flavoring” is utilized and not specifier. Among our Vegan pals has utilized mine _ we do not understand how strictly she complies. All the other products we utilize state the wordVegan we keep kosher so we comprehend your It is not noted as Vegan _ honey is not noted as a component. The active ingredients noted would comply however the word “flavoring” is utilized and not specifier. Among our Vegan pals has utilized mine _ we do not understand how strictly she complies. All the other products we utilize state the wordVegan we keep kosher so we comprehend your issue.

Question Question 14

Kid 12 Paquetes Con 25 Pastillas Cada Paquete. O Es Un Paquete Unico Con 180 Pastillas? Cual Es El Que Envian?

un paquete unico con 180 pastillas

Question Question 15

How Is This Sugar Free? Sucrose Is Sugar?

Sugar replacements are usually not originated from carbs. Just sugar originated from carbs are limited from sugar free labeling. Describe FDA food nutrition label policies and AMA & CDCclassifications. Describe trusted main sources at your public library.

Question Question 16

Were Can We Utilized Ebt Or Food Stamps?

You can utilize food stamps at generally any supermarket.In our region Kroger’s Grocery store accepts food stamps.

Question Question 17

How Do We Get Rid Of An Add-On Product?

Glad to be of aid.

Question Question 18

How Much Menthol Remains In This?

7.6 mg per drop

Question Question 19

May To October Shipment? Is That Right?

We have restricted numbers in stock now, need to provide in a week.

Question Question 20

What Is The “Best By” Date Printed On The Upper Back Of The Bag? Thank You.?

Will taste the best prior to that date.It does not nescesaarily indicate you should not utilize after offered date

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on HALLS Sugar Free Honey Lemon Flavor Cough Drops, these may be helpful for better understanding.

When you feel as though the reaper has come specifically for you. Isn’t it great to get a big@ss bag of cough drops right to your door?seriously hassle-free. We have no hint how the rates compares to bulk shops, and we do not care. Staying at home and struggling with pester in personal? not needing to brave the masses? worth every cent.

Excellent worth for a fantastic product quickly provided. This is the low expense option for dry mouth in the evening. We were utilizing the routine halls honey-lemon every night at bedtime for dry mouth. Our oral hygienist went nuts and advised a much more pricey product. We purchased the sugar-free halls, and voila. No more dry mouth. No early morning mouth. No taste of sweetening agent. Delighted hygienist. We like this product and will purchase once again.

We reside in san francisco and we do not have numerous shops. We went to a few walgreens and very markets and these weren’t readily available. First thing we did was check as constantly and found these at a fantastic rate. They’re our favorites. Tney taste terrific while considering that slie burn to relieve aching throat. They’re a big aid when we are on a diet plan cuz a few of these contol our hunger huge time. They go terrific witth a glass of iced tea on the side or perhaps diet plan coke.

We typically get a dry hacking cough throughout the winter season and these aid keep our throat oiled, decreasing the cough. We like that they are sugar free so they wear t rot our teeth. We removed one star due to the fact that we utilized to be able to get a cough drop (no longer readily available) by another business that worked extremely well when we are ill and have a severe cough. This one is not as reliable for strong coughing.

We utilize halls for coughs, congestion and to assist with our aching throats. They constantly assist no matter what. Reduce coughs, open respiratory tracts, and/ or relieve our aching throat. We have allergic reactions so we have the congestion/ aching throats all through the year and we constantly keep a stash of halls on hand. We are thankful we found the sugar free variation of these halls, after utilizing these for a month we have pertained to the conclusion that they work simply as well as the original halls. We now keep these on hand regarding not have the calorie consumption that we had with the original halls.

We utilize numerous cough drops every day and we were thankful to see that offers the 180 drop bundle. It makes it much more hassle-free to buy these bigger bags. What issues us is that the plans from do not look like the plans we have acquired in your area of the halls sugar free cough suppressant. The printing on the front and back has the exact same information however not the exact same graphics and print. We can’t assist however question why the product packaging looks so various. P. S. We simply saw that the product packaging printed the words”new look” We are sorry for that we had neglected that notification and now comprehend it is not’s duty for the modification.

We are most likely partly addicted to these halls cough drop. We pick to get the sugar-free and vitamin c types due to the fact that we typically take them even when we do not have a cough (have had no adverse effects) as we do enjoy their tastes. We have utilized them for a cough, and they do assist.

So thankful they made these sugar-free. The honey-lemon flavor is our preferred due to the fact that of its moderate sweet taste, plus we like practically anything with lemon in it. The worth pack is a fantastic buy and a better offer than stores. Certainly a life time user. They work at reducing our cough and we constantly feel relief when we have an aching throat. Tis the season so stock up now. We keep these in our drawer to share with colleagues in requirement.

Halls cough drops is among the earliest brand names out there who understands how to make cough drops. If you desire a sweet like cough drop with a tip of suppressant action we ll this isn’t it. This is the genuine offer and it truly works like a cough drop is expect to. Buy a plan and find out for yourself. You won t be dissatisfied if you are looking for a genuine cough drop.

We * believe * we had covid-19 (could not get evaluated), however at any rate had a nasty influenza with a ruthless dry cough. We were never ever a cough drop individual, however our relative had these due to the fact that she’s a vocalist. What a distinction. Soothed our throat which was raw and scratchy from the cough. We instantly went on and purchased 2 huge bags, and will never ever lack them once again.

These have 7. 6 mg menthol per drop. Numerous others have just 5. 8 mg per drop, although some “extra strength” ranges go as high as 15 mg per drop. For the majority of people, menthol does not have an enjoyable taste, however the taste is bearable, and most notably, these are the most reliable. We choose reliable medicine to sweet. Although these might be enhanced with a little bit of camphor and eucalyptus in the mix, they are rather excellent as is.

Sugar- free was the top priority for mama who is diabetic. We did our typical research of products and halls is most likely the very best maker of cough drops for a long time. The taste is truly excellent and quality extremely remarkable. We like the choice to buy the cough drops wholesale with a fantastic rate and on with prime subscription’s free shipping. We extremely suggest this product.

As we grow other, we got things in our system. Our daddy utilizes them and we utilizes them. The very first time you attempt it and you feel it clear your sinuses and you have the ability to breath once again. Now whenever we consume something that troubles our throat or when we awaken and it likewise troubles our throat we pop one in. This is a fantastic rate and amount. We might not get this rate at online or physical shops.

We reside in texas. The air, these past few weeks, has been filled with mold, and cedar. We had attempted other medications to assist us breathe and eliminate an aching throat. None worked for us. We attempted our first sugar free halls cough drop. Our sinuses cleaned up, and coughing stopped. Not stating it will work for the exact same for you. It sure deserved the cash to me.

We like halls, particularly the honey lemon flavor. The flavor itself is truly terrific if you get tired of the entire thing being exceptionally and overbearingly minty due to the menthol that remains in it. A fantastic sized bag to keep around your house and even handle the go in our bag. These work terrific if you have an aching throat too, however personally we utilize them mainly to prevent coughing excessive when there’s a tickle in our throat.

These halls honey lemon flavored lozenges work rather well. They have an acceptable taste and are extremely soothing at those times when we experience a cough or an aching scratchy throat. We have utilized halls products for several years. This is a business that we understand and trust and we will certainly acquire this product once again.

We purchased these for hunting. We are thankful we found them. It’s so budget-friendly that you simply can’t be a scrooge. It’s the exact same quality as those that you buy in a little bundle and pay about 30 x the expense. However you still require to practice small amounts and avoid sugary foods to prevent diabetes.

This truly assists with our cough and throat irritation however -and this is a huge however. The greatest “wow” bonus offer is that it manages our hunger. How???? not even j/kwe are on a diet plan to drop like 5 pounds and its been a fight we couldnt win now we have a battling possibility. No concept how however it truly does assist reduce hunger.

We have never ever acquired food from and we can state we were truly happy. We had been stuck inside for 2 days with this lil bug that was walking around so we required some soup, juice, crackers, and so on. We got our numerous products within a 2 hour window. Products remained in good condition.

Extremely yummy cough drops. Our brother-in-law and we like them to keep our throats moist in the evening. They’re terrific cough drops likewise.

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