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Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • shirts closure
  • Machine Wash
  • 1″ high

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Lounge in it. Romp in it. Or throw on some leggings and walk in the park in it. Our pretty wear around goes practically anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt.

Question Question 1

Will This Fit A Size 3X?

This comes one size fits all.we wear a 1X and it fits great.However, we don’t think it would be comfortable for a size 3X.sorry.

Question Question 2

Will This Fit A Plus Size Woman?

we believe it would. we wear an XL and it’s a little big. we are 5’5 and weigh 175lb. we would say, if you’re under 200 lbs, it should fit

Question Question 3

We Are About 315 Pounds How Will It Fit?

we are 4’11 and 170 and it fits. we do not think it will fit you unless you are tall. It does stretch.

Question Question 4

Im 5’4 And 120 Lbs. Will This Be Way Too Big For Us?

we are 5’6 170 so fit us perfect. Will be longer on you probably to mid calf. If you like big t shirt nightgowns would be perfect for you.

Question Question 5

Do You Have This In Long Sleeve?


Question Question 6

What Is Length Back Of Neck To Hem?

we laid the garment out on the bed.The measurement from center back neck to hem is 36 inches.we have washed it two times.This is a good length for us, we are 5’2″.Hope this is helpful.

Question Question 7

Are They Colorfast?Can You Bleach Then?

Not colorfast, do not bleach.

Question Question 8

We Am 5Ft 1 “160 What Size In This Nightshirt?

we believe it is a one size fits all however we always go for larger sizes for nightwear so one or two sizes bigger than we normally am

Question Question 9

Did It Ship Pretty Fast?


Question Question 10

Is The Material Thick Or Thin? Does It Make You Hot While Sleeping In The Summer?

It’s pretty thick, like a good quality t-shirt. On hot summer nights we would switch to something lighter like a loose tank.

Question Question 11

Are These Cotton Knit Or Woven?The Knits Are So Warm This Time Of Year.?

Not sure what exactly you’re asking about. The nightshirts are t-shirt material. If that’s too warm, might we suggest a tea towel and a bootlace?

Question Question 12

Im 5 Foot 3, 198. Will It Fit Me?


Question Question 13

We Are 5’7 200 Lbs Will This Fit Us ?

It will fit but not fit you loosely.we are 5’5″ and 150 lbs.It’s rooour, comfortable and long enough for us.we don’t think it will fit you the same way as it fits me.If you don’t mind a tighter fit, it’ll be fine.If you’re looking for something that is rooour and loose, it may not meet your expectations.

Question Question 14

We Are 5′ 2″ And Weigh 100 Pounds.Would We Swim In This Night Shirt?Thanks?

we think on you it would come below the knee and would be comfortably rooour. For your weight this would NOT be tight or form fitting .we don’t think it’s designed to be. It’s something you can lounge around the house in as well as sleep in. There is also some shrinkage when you wash and dry it. It’s like a big, long , l we think on you it would come below the knee and would be comfortably rooour. For your weight this would NOT be tight or form fitting .we don’t think it’s designed to be. It’s something you can lounge around the house in as well as sleep in. There is also some shrinkage when you wash and dry it. It’s like a big, long , loose tee shirt. It should fit you like it does on the model. That’s about the best we can think to tell you. we hope this has helped you. Theresa

Question Question 15

Does This Night Shirt Have All Cotton Thread Or Is It Sewed With Polyester? Please Let Us Know. Thanks.?

What an excellent question.And what an education we got about COTTON, of all things; amazing.The Hanes Wear Around is sewn with polyester thread.This answers our own long-standing question about why some t-shirts leave a rash around our neck and upper arms, especially when it’s humid.we wore the Wear Around to bed What an excellent question.And what an education we got about COTTON, of all things; amazing.The Hanes Wear Around is sewn with polyester thread.This answers our own long-standing question about why some t-shirts leave a rash around our neck and upper arms, especially when it’s humid.we wore the Wear Around to bed last night, and had absolutely NO rash whatsoever this morning.It was VERY comfy to sleep in, and didn’t end up all twisted around me, as so many “Sleep Shirts” have a tendency to do.Anyway, we hope this information helps; we bought two of these, and we are going to order a couple more.You asked an excellent question, and now we know what to ask the next time we order anything in the T-shirt department.Thanks for asking, and please feel free to write ANY time you have questions about any of the other items we both like.Sincerely,Ekko

Question Question 16

Has Anyone Tried To Tie-Dye These Shirts?

we did not tie-dye mine, but we are sure it can be. It’s just like any other tshirt, it’s just oversized. we say “Go for it.”

Question Question 17

What Does “Shirt Closure” Mean? It Looks Like It Just Pulls Over Your Head.?

It does pull over your head.It is just a long, baggy tee shirt.Perhaps shirt closure means that it is hemmed at the end like a tshirt?

Question Question 18

How Long Are These From The Neck To The Bottom Hem?

38 inches from shoulder to hem.

Question Question 19

How Long Is This Nightshirt?We Are 5’2″.?

It’s about 33″ from shoulder to hem. we are 5’9″ and it hits just above our knee; guess it would come to mid-calf on you.

Question Question 20

What Is The Overall Length?

The overall length is above the knee.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt, these might be useful for better understanding.

We just got it today and we are going to turn around and buy another one. We are 5’2″ 155lbs. Omg our white legs. Lollipop.

We love this we gave it 5 stars because of the price and quality. Im getting ready to buy it in all colors. Im 5. 5 and 175 lbs and its fits big. We believe if you go up to a 1x or 2x in size this would still fit. We posted a picture so you can see how it fits a me.

Initially we purchased one of these for our mother as a night shirt. She lives in a senior home. The person doing her laundry hung it up in her closet. Next day we see our mother wearing this as a dress. Instead of pointing out her mistake, we accessorized it with a brooch, added a cardigan. She got many compliments. It washes well. If hung after drying it is ready to wear. Light iron is needed at most. No piling seen. Mom being in her 80’s wears a slip underneath it. But, in our opinion slip is not needed. The fabric is heavy enough so it hangs well and is not see thru. A great comfortable dress mom can put on herself and feel good about her appearance. We ordered her a few more in different colors. Budget and mom very happy. Even bought one for ourself. Mom is 5 ft 4 and 175. If fits loosely without looking too big. It comes to below her knees. We are 5 ft 7 and 225 lb. (50 bust, 42 waist 50 hips) it fits with 1 to 2 inches of ease. Please do not take these dimensions as shirt dimensions, we have washed and worn this numerous times. It can be clingy in us out of the dryer but stretches when sitting and moving without bagging. We have no problem wearing this as as a casual dress around home and grocery shopping.

This is huge which is exactly what we wanted. After (failed) back surgery, we can’t stand for anything to touch our back or fit snug on it. We weigh 110 and we think two (or three) people our size could fit in this lol. We are definitely going to be buying more to wear around the house. We could even go to the door with it on because it covers everything (modest abe here). We bought this as an add-on for less than $5 and you really can’t beat that for a hanes nightshirt. Hanes is a brand we trust and this mega comfy nightshirt is exactly what we were looking for.

Great shirt. Now, there’s no point in telling you what size we are or where it falls to on our knees no matter what our height is — and we don’t understand why people think that’s helpful – just give the measurements. That goes for shoes too. The 3 black shirts we ordered came individually wrapped, tag says 100% preshrunk cotton, they looked and felt great, good quality, not too thin, and not too thick and heavy. We immediately threw them all in the washer, set on warm, then dried them, then measured them:approximate measurements:length (shoulder to hem) = 36″arm pit to arm pit = 25″sleeve (measured underneath) = 5″the shirts are very comfortable, not thin but not thick, and good quality. As for the picture, if you’re the size of the model, it will fit you exactly like that. ;).

We found this item to be smaller than we expected. We are 5’10” and 200 pounds, and it fits us well but is not rooour on our frame. We were looking for rooour since we were going to use it as a nightshirt. We do wear it around the house, though. To be fair, this is the first “one size” item we have found that does fit like a 2x.

We wanted something that feels like our favorite tee shirts, only big enough to sleep in. And that’s exactly what we got with this purchase. It hardly makes any kind of “fashion statement. ” but it is perfect for sleeping comfortably, for anyone like us who tends to overheat at night (100% cotton is the key there). Just as important to me, we can also step out of our bedroom while wearing it, without feeling like we are putting on a peep show. We usually wear a size xl in basic women’s tee shirts; the fit of this nightshirt is nice and rooour from top to bottom, hitting just below our knees in length. The fabric is soft, with exactly the right weight for *both* cool comfort and opaque coverage. It comes out great from machine washing and drying, with no shrinking. The seams are solid, the tag isn’t scratchy, the neckline isn’t binding — we really can’t think of a single downside. All in all, we are very glad we followed our hunch and bought two of them. We will probably pick up a few more to see us through the upcoming summer.

And she loves it. It’s as long as it shows on the picture and it’s just perfect in width and softness of material. It’s not shrinking during laundry either if you go by instructions. Just add some vinegar to the load to fix the colors even more for some additional protection of fading.

This t-shirt styled night dress will serve the purpose of night gown or day dress. The fabric has the weight of a heavier weight t-shirt and is very comfortable. We are 5 4 1/2, wear a size large and we have plenty of room to spare. It s hangs about an inch below our knees. We purchased several of these as a night shirt, to lounge around in the house, have the ability to go outside perform chores and look decent in case family or friends drop by. This item serves these functions very well. Once, we put on a belt and made a quick trip to the store. We bought several and at least 2 in certain colors at the $7 price just in case there was a problem with shrinkage, etc. We have not washed one yet so we can t report on that yet.

For the last 3 weeks we have had an allergic reaction to our husband’s respiratory virus resulting in huge relentless hives all over our body. We needed something that didn’t touch, itch or constrict us in any way. Got it. They went straight from the delivery bag to the washer and dryer – a small amount of shrinkage but we expect if you hang dry them they might stretch larger. They are thick enough to not be transparent but not so thick that we are hot. For the “one size” – we should wear a 10-12 but usually order 14 because we like loose clothes. These shirts fit like 18-20 but don’t feel sloppy. They hit about our knees @ 5’5″ and the sleeves come almost to our elbows. If these hives don’t stop soon we are going to order a whole truck load of these shirts – for now these 3 are perfect..

We love them. We had gotten one before holidays and loved it so much we get 2 more. They wash and dry well. They are so comfy. We love the bright cheery red color. We washed in cold first time with vinegar to set color. Don’t think that we needed to as they don’t seem to bleed. We wereh them with dark, or like colors and they have not faded. They shrank a small bit and are still a great fit and comfy after multiple washings. They are well made. We have no split or seams coming apart after all the laundering. We would purchase again in a heart beat.

This is a very good night shirt at a great value. Let us be honest. We only purchased this top so we could respond to a horribly degrading review by a creepy “mr. ” who proclaimed that “the average woman is a size 0-6 & up to 130 lbs”. Really? really?? we happen to work in a hospital with more than 2 dozen educated, beautiful american women. The only one there under 130 lbs is also under 5 feet tall. She’s a nice lady but she resembles a child. We do not look like an unhealthy supermodel, or the victim of an impoverished country (0-6, 130 lbs. ) we work hard & we swim regularly. We stand at 5’9″ & weigh over 200 pounds. We are strong, healthy american grandmother. And. To our surprise. This nightgown fits us well. And even goes to our knees. It will not fit every woman, because one size does not fit all. But it will fit many women, & it is made well of soft, good quality fabric. We are surprisingly glad we purchased this night shirt.

Birthday gift for mom – we got her 2 to try to see if she likes them. She really does. These are great for all ages. Mom is 80 and was sleeping in some old t-shirts. We thought she should have something new and nice. We are surprised and pleased that she really loves these. She’s about 5′ 1″ and they come down below her knees a bit. She says the fabric is soft and comfortable. She loves the purple. We also got the blue and am ordered 3 more for her now that we know she likes them so much. It was cute, she was excited about them and put one on right away after we gave them to her. We tossed out the old t-shirts she was wearing. Everyone else gave these good reviews so we figured we would get them. Glad we did. We do wish the pricing was more uniform across the board from the various sellers, though.

We really hate that you get such a varying difference in prices and from different sellers. So, with that, we went to the hanes website and found that they’re selling these for cheaper, more selection on colors, and we managed to get free shipping, all on promos/sales. It pays to shop and look around we guess ;)our order showed up the other day. We tried it on before we werehed it and it hung down just below our knees. After washing it falls just above our knees, and fits more snugly than what is described. What’s described by the seller/hanes as a 2x/3x, we would describe more as an l/xl which is fine for us, but if you’re a little more round, this might not work that well for you if you plan on washing it.

Fits as expected for us, and we are little bit on the heavy side . So if your a smaller girl, then this is not for you unless you’re just using it as an around the house dress or night gown. We bought it to wear as an actual dress. It worked perfectly.

We love these. Just ordered #5. We are 5’5″ 130 lbs. Little large, but exactly what we like. Lots of room. More like a dress on me. The fabric isn’t see thru. At least with the black, red and blue colors, which we have. Holds up very well to washing. We wear all the time around house, bathing suit cover up, and cleaning. Bleach is our eneour ::blush:: we wear with leggings in winter. Ordering more for xmas gifts. Like the fact one size fits all. Gifted to 5’2″ 200 lb woman and it fit. Hard to go wrong with size. Great addition to a bath or relax gift basket. Red with rose, purple with lavender etc. What about having kids do fabric paint hand prints? hmm, believe we will send supplies and ask for this. This grandma would love it.

Updated 09/08/18: after a few washes and lots of softener, it’s softened a lot but we still wish the material and the stitching were a little softer. We lounge around the house in it, in pants and slippers. Looks a little funny since it hits our knees but it’s so much easier. When it’s time for bed we just pull off our slippers and pants and crawl into bed and we still have something that covers us if we take a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If you’re willing to be patient, it’s a pretty good nightshirt. Very long for short people, but we don’t go out in this so it doesn’t really matter. Older review: for a long while we have just been looking for a plain long tee to wear to bed, but we didn’t want something that looks like a dress or a nightgown. We are not girly. We wanted something that looked like we were wearing our boyfriends tee. When we got this we weren’t expecting it to us so very long, but then again, we are 4’10”. It’s very loose and we imagine could be very comfy, but we had a big issue. When we got it, the threads on the inside, especially the inside of the sleeve edges were so incredibly itchy. We have sensory issues, so we might be more sensitive than others, but the entire thing felt really stiff, itchy. Like it had been starched or something. It sounded crispy moving in it lol. We have it in the wash now with loads of fabric softener. Fingers crossed it helps. If there’s an improvement, we will edit our review. If not, well we will have to keep looking for a nightshirt.

Been wearing these for years. Great for a nightshirt or just lounging around the house. Cool enough for summer. We are tall and it reaches just above our knees so we usually wear light sweats or sleeping pants with it. These are very large shirts and would fit most anyone. Doesn’t shrink, holds color well, and is very durable. Only have to replace every couple of years after daily wash and wear.

We have these hanes wear around nightshirts in a half-dozen colors. We purchased them over three years ago, so they ve undergone many washes and time in the dryer. We were seeking to order 3 or 4 more when we received an email from featuring these amazing nightshirts that, as a retiree, we live in all day. Just received our new black version a couple of days ago to replace our original, now slightly faded one. Quality cotton fabric, these nightshirts should be washed in cold or warm (permanent press) water and warm (not hot) dryer temperature. Can t beat this price.

This soft tee is 25 inches across the chest when laid flat. We are only 5 ft 100 pounds and it is huge on me, and we love it. It goes down to below the knee and the shoulders are halfway to our elbows. But the loose softness is just what we were looking for. We knew it would be this big from the description, so it fits as expected. We think we are going to buy another one. Perfect for lounging as well as sleeping.

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