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Herbs Etc. Allergy ReLeaf System - Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement

Herbs Etc. Allergy ReLeaf System – Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Herbs Etc. Allergy ReLeaf System – Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement.

  • Contains one 60-count bottle of Allertonic softgels and one 60-count bottle of Quercetin AllerReleaf tablets
  • America s #1 Selling Herbal Allergy Formula* (*health & natural foods industry)
  • Complete formula for seasonal allergies and dietary challenges
  • Ensures a healthy response to pollen, food, and dander
  • Promotes maximum comfort of skin, respiratory, and digestive tissues

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Herbs Etc. Allergy ReLeaf System – Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement.
For over 8 years, Herbs, Etc. s Allergy ReLeaf System has provided a safe and effective herbal and nutritional solution for seasonal allergies and dietary challenges. It is the convenient and complete combination of botanicals, vitamins, and nutrients you need in one box. Contains FRESH (never dried) herbal extracts and critical nutrients essential to stabilize and maintain healthy respiratory passages, eyes, digestive system, and skin. Promotes normal secretions of sinuses, nose, eyes, throat, and lungs when challenged by airborne pollen. Soothes and strengthens digestive linings challenged by food sensitivities. Supports adrenal gland function and promotes healthy secretion of cortisol, a key hormone that ensures a healthy inflammatory response. Used proactively, it stabilizes immune cell function.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Herbs Etc. Allergy ReLeaf System – Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement.

Question Question 1

What Are Ingredients?

mostly quercetin.This ingredient can be found in apples, pears, and other fruit. we don’t use this product anymore. Over a period of time, it no longer worked for us.It’s not cheap at all, and it had gotten to the point we were popping those pills like candy.

Question Question 2

Is The Gelatin For The Softgels From Bovine Or Pig?

The bottle does not say. Every thing else is plant based except for some beeswax. Best to contact the manufacturer directly we think.

Question Question 3

Will This Get Rid Of Itchy Hives?

we tired this for our nasal allergies. Do not know about hives.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Herbs Etc. Allergy ReLeaf System – Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement, these might be useful for better understanding.

We use this for our allergies. This is our second year using these pills. We wish we knew about it sooner. They definitely work a lot better than claritin, allegra or any other allergy pills out there. We have tried everything in the market. We fall short of having the steroid shot. We are allergic to dogs, cats and anything green (except money). So, this includes trees, grass, flowers and the country side. So, we don’t camp and we hate the country because of our allergies. We have a bad case of allergies from late winter/ early spring until fall. We sneeze non-stop and we have itchy watery eyes. Our allergies get so bad that sometimes, our face hurts from all the sneezing we do in a day and we can’t eat or talk. Most days we pass out from the injury we have caused our face and our throat. Our husband knows when we are in pain because we skip meals and lie down on the sofa until we fall asleep.

This stuff works. Our symptoms were so awful that we didn’t think anything would work. Sure enough, 15 minutes after taking it, we started to feel relief. We say we that includes 2 of our neighbors, our nephew, our 8 yo daughter, our husband and ourself.

Not kidding when we say we are allergic to everything. We have been taking zyrtec and flonase for 15 yrs. Our allergies are all year long and we were having sinus issues and found this free sample we rec’d a while back. We tried it and it cleared up our symptoms. We bought the box and have found our allegies are at bay most of the time with these. This system works and we will continue to use it. We occasionally take our zyrtec when we are really needing it. We highly recommend it.

This is the only thing that works for us. We have tried all sorts of “natural” allergy remedies, they will work for one year then the next they don’t, we have to find something else, been using this for 4 years now and each year it works, can’t go wrong with this.

For allergies this product is great. You need to take the product prior to the season for about three weeks. The product works well for congestion and sneezing. You may still have itchy eyes however. We have used the product for five years. It is better than over the counter remedies like clarition and allegra.

Great product delivered lightning fast. Would definitely do business again. This product is great for allergies. Dries you up without drying you out.

We have been using this product for sometime and it helps us with our allergy symptom of sneezing effectively and fast. We are very pleased.

This is another product that has changed our life. It mentioned mast cells on the box. We bought two products from the nearby sprouts both containing quercetin. The other with higher doses did absolutely nothing. Thanks dr. Daniel gagnon. This formulation is truly bioavailable. Goes to work within minutes for us.

This really works well for juniper allergies. Because its herbal you can take it frequently if need be. After being on this for 1 year we now do not develop allergy related illnesses such as bronchitis.

We have tried every prescription and over the counter meds for non-drowsy purposes and many herbs and this is what works. If we take it twice daily, we are good day to day. If allergies get bad, we take more and it fixes any sinus infection in a couple of days.

Have had allergies our whole life took allergy shots for 20 years this is the best results we have ever had very good product people with allergies should try would never take another antihistamine again.

Stuff works great and is fast acting. Love it during the time of year when our regular meds aren’t enough.

Didn t really help to our daughter. Had a big hope for this.

The supplements really helped us a lot, & we have severe allergies.

We have very bad allergies and was taking zyrtec everyday. Our sister ordered us this product. We have been taking this product 2 times a day for 2 weeks and we love it. We are off the zyrtec and our allergies are under control now.

It works with no side effects at all. However, it still does not work as good as zertec, and it does not calm the symptom fast like a benedryl. . You need to take a lot of them and quite frequently to feel the difference.

We like this product as we suffer with constant allergies. The one thing that is necessary is to follow the directions carefully. In the beginning, the every couple of hours is crucial to get it going in your system. Other than that, no side effects and it works.

During allergy season this is great, works well for us and no side effects. We would recommend to all.

Awesome product for those looking for a medicine alternative.

This product has helped our allergies better than any other over the counter product we have tried. The fact that it has natural ingredients is a bonus.

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