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Hey Rosetta! Into Your Lungs

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Another band we can relate these guys to in the severely underrated department is silverchair. We are absolutely astounded how these guys are not plastered everywhere and coming out of everyone’s speakers. Every bit as talented as a mumford and sons, coldplay, radiohead type and seemingly humble about it. They’re having a good time making excellent music and this album shows that. Red heart is the typical “radio song” and it is accompanied by another excellent upbeat a thousand sons (which also has an excellent youtube live version). Some solid ballads like we made a pact and the haunting psalm cap off this excellent work. One of our favorite acts for sure.

It’s cliché to say it, but sometimes there are songs that accompany you while you go places, and sometimes that are songs that take you places. Everytime we play into your lungs we are plucked from the grocery store, or the bike ride home from work, and we are transported somewhere peaceful high above the streets. Kind of hovering over life with the help of beautiful ballads and inspiring songs. Songs like black heart, new goodbye, a thousand suns, and we have been asleep for a long long time, make us pedal faster and feel as light as a feather whizzing past everyone and everything. While the light piano of open arms, the emotional chords of psalm, and the duet in we made a pact. All make us stop and take stock of who we are, what is going on in this life and this world of ours. We never knew hey rosetta before into your lungs, but with an album like this, they have a new fan who appreciates how their music can influence a life.

We were hooked on the canadian police drama, flashpoint, which has since re-aired in the states on cbs. They prominently featured music from hey rosetta, including “psalm” and “we made a pact” (the soaring duet is great); episodes 4 and 7 respectively. Those songs worked to great effect in the episodes, and curious, we checked out the rest of their album. Great stuff, simple melodies, but powerful and emotional. It’s compelling wonderful music.

This is one of those albums that make you wonder why we are fed the same old music, recycled by product after product. Why do t (the music industry), hide music this good. Betcha can’t play it once without a complete replay. Seeing them live was a real treat, energy, atmosphere and talent, a nite we will not soon forget.

Best band we have heard in years. Can’t get enough of their music.

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